printer art


I was so absorbed in the Valentine’s Day spirit today that I sketched up some more, this time for classic literature (because plays are heckin rad)

It’s never late for this meet the artist thing! I did my best to keep my handwriting readable and to not have the dislike list too long and of course Photoshop crashed during this because everything involving me usually malfunctions somehow. What can I say, it’s good to know what to expect from life.

I irl tagged @sariannearies, @yonetee, @jislovka, @darthfikus, @storchlight and @yeronym so at least one of you guys should do it :>

Inktumber day 3! I missed it because I was bad and not taking care of myself but after lots of naps and eating something, I am back! And happy to bring you the first inked thing I’ve been really happy with in at least a year.

@dustmetal AU black belly Sans and Grillby! I couldn’t resist after talking with @frankpanioncube yesterday lol. Can I emphasize how much Sans secretly loves twirling his fire hair? Cause he really does.

pls excuse the plain as heck window, but @silvervictory…. HERE’S DA PROOF.