So at my school there is a printer in the library and everyone can print off anything they want from any computer anywhere in the school, and me and my friend went to go print stuff off for a class right, we go down to the library and someone printed off a bunch of photos at once and I look and I’m like what is this???

It was 20+ different photos of Patrick Stump


HOLY PRINTERS: The printed object


Holy printers is a visual study of the printer machine and the action of printing but also a visual response to the question: IS PRINT DEAD? Proposing the functional object as a symbol of the culture it’s involved and how it’s being glitched out of it.

Holy printers is separated in two projects: one is printed and the other one digital in order to create a dialogue between the computer and the printer. This is the tangible part of the project.

watch the digital part here: holy printers: the audiovisual

Printed in riso green and black