abare-apple replied to your postit’s so funny how high school newspapers are just…

I really thought school papers were a myth perpetuated by the media I can’t believe they’re real

I have like five of them right here

everyone at my school was really serious about it. the print edition came out four times a year I think and we would all read it. web was updated regularly but I only read it bc I had friends who worked on it. there was this big divide between print and web staff

Grand Prix Finalist Bookmark Set

Please open in a new tab for better resolution! Also if the colors look a little “off” it’s because these are actually the files that have been adjusted for printing, not web viewing.

They’re FINALLY finished! I still have to put them all together for the big compilation print, but here are the bookmarks that will be available of the Grand Prix Finalists (plus Victor because of course plus Victor) at A-Kon next weekend. I’ll be offering a package deal for all of my YoI bookmarks (there’s going to be two more: Eros and Stammi Vicino Duetto).

I am running myself into the ground trying to get all of this done. If I don’t come back from this con sick it’ll be a miracle. X\

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“—So as I was telling you, it looks like Iza-nii…our brother is up to something again.”

“…Shock (I’m so tired of it)…”

Raira Academy’s pool was open to students during summer vacation.

Two girls muttered as they sat by the poolside making ripples in the shining water with their feet.

The one they were talking to—a boy leaning against a wall behind the girls—looked from their backs to other places and back again as he sighed and asked, “…Why are you telling me this?”

Kuronuma Aoba, the boy who was talking in a more frank tone than the one he usually used with Mikado and the others, continued with a confused look.

“Why did you tell me to come here anyway?”

He looked like he wasn’t planning on swimming. Instead of changing into swimwear he still wore a summer coat over a black Kartah shirt that opened at the front and chose to stand where he wouldn’t be splashed.

Orihara Mairu, however, threw a handful of water at his feet.
She had a sports swimsuit on her appropriately worked out body. Next to her Kururi was wearing a bikini with spider web print.

Neither of them was wearing the school’s designated swimwear, but since it was not during the semester, there were no rules saying that they couldn’t.
Raira Academy had an eight-story building that kind of looked like a university’s.

Strangely enough, the pool was located on the sixth floor. The glass ceiling allowed swimming lessons to continue uninterrupted even on rainy days, and the windows on the walls looked over Ikebukuro.

During the summer the pool was open to all students who had a student ID when the Swimming Club was not using it for practice.

It looked like the Swimming Club was not using the pool today. Students were spread out in both the lanes reserved for tournaments and the regular space for free swimming, taking advantage of the pool in different ways.

Kururi and Mairu were of course sitting and splashing water about in the free swimming area. Beside them boys either whistled as they saw the two in swimwear or stole quick glances and immediately turned their eyes away.

Aoba belonged more to the latter category, but compared to the other boys at the pool, he enjoyed the advantage of being told to come by the girls themselves.

But he still did not know what their intention was. All he could do was wait for their response with feigned composure, his classmates’ figures in swimwear making the wait all the more miserable.

Mairu, meanwhile, was smiling as she splashed even more water at Aoba.

“Come on, Kuronuma-kun, aren’t you curious what our weirdo of a brother is up to?”


Aoba smiled slightly at the girl’s words.

“What I’ll say to you is this: I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
For Kuronuma Aoba, the girls’ brother—Orihara Izaya—was one of his enemies whom he despised.

He had confronted Izaya indirectly on several occasions in the past. The enmity had been brought into the open ever since a certain incident took place.

He had told neither Kururi nor Mairu about this, but it seemed that they already knew something.

Aoba was surprised, but not really scared of that fact.

It had only been four months since he first spoke to these twins. But he had made a point to find out what they were.

Compared to your average family, there was next to no communication between the Orihara twins and their brother. However, it seemed that they had their own information network and were surprisingly knowledgeable about the “underside of the city” that Aoba was dabbling in.

“There’s no need to hide things from us. It’s totally fine. We’ll never tell Iza-nii.”

“You can tell him if you want. I’d expect him to know what I’m up to, too.”

After that, looking around to make sure that no one was within earshot except the twin girls, he muttered, “Though I think in any normal family you’d have been warned to ‘stay away from Kuronuma Aoba’ if your family knew what kind of person I am, Kururi-chan, Mairu-chan.”

“When you put it like that it really sounds like you’re obsessed with yourself, you know.”

“You (Aoba-kun)…expect (you’re so interesting)…”

Aoba sighed again at the twin’s relaxed responses and smiled hollowly.

“Sorry, I let me carry myself away.”

“Well, we wanted to see a little bit of your real colors, but we are not going to hate you for it or anything. Not after you helped us out such a tremendous lot, Aoba-kun.”

“You guys are giving me too much credit.”

“Earlier there was this girl who was drawing up a plan to bully us on Raira Academy’s secret posting board, but all of a sudden she disappeared from the Internet, didn’t she?”

Mairu and Kururi glanced upwards at Aoba, who darted his eyes away and tried to change the topic.

“I see I’m no match for you. …So what exactly is your perverted big brother involved in this time?”

“Yeah, this person called Tom-san told us about it…I don’t know if it was a Color Gang or bousouzoku, but he got the girlfriend of one of those groups’ leaders involved. Iza-nii has always walked around with lots of girls. Is he a playboy?”

“Lewd (He’s a libertine)…”

Aoba paused to think after he had heard more from the girls.

It has to do with women.

Would that Orihara Izaya really invite enmity so openly?

…But then I don’t really have a good idea what people would or would not do for women.

Still, he’s certainly not the type to be too infatuated with a woman to properly strategize.

As he was busy being bothered by these thoughts, the attractive twin girls continued their frolicking in the water.

“Kuru-nee, did your breasts get even bigger? At this rate you’ll soon be like Sonohara-sempai, President Kine of the Art Club, or the Vice President Yumikawa-sempai!”

“No (Stop that).”

“You keep saying that, yet you still wear a bikini to the pool, Kuru-nee. You’re so sulky and erotic at the same time! I love you!”

“…Public (There are other people around).”

The jolly banter continued between the girls as the groping went on in the water. Aoba kept his poker face intact, but darted his eyes away with a slight blush.

“…I’m so at a loss as to where to look at.”

His attitude was still kind of childlike just as his face was. Aoba brushed away the pink haze that threatened to take over in his chest and went back to analyzing the doubts he had about Orihara Izaya.


I know that he’s back in Ikebukuro.

If I told Heiwajima Shizuo where his apartment is, maybe I’d at least succeed in harassing him, but…

He’d probably just flee and change his address.

I’d rather stay in the know about his whereabouts than make him disappear again for no good reason.

It’s probably safe to assume that he, too, is aware that I know where he lives.

Aoba believed that having faith in his opponent’s competence was the best kind of vigilance.

Should I try looking into this matter?

It would be better to keep Mikado-sempai out of it at this point…

Someone showered water as forcefully as they could on his body as he thought.

“That was cold—! “

Even his Kartah shirt under the summer coat was soaked. The momentary coldness of the water soon began to turn lukewarm.

As he turned to look wondering what had happened, he saw Mairu slashing the water with horizontally outstretched arms like an elementary school kid. That was how she was able to attack Aoba with a wall of water.

“You’re like an elementary school kid!”

No whistles were blown. She must have done it when the lifeguard wasn’t looking.

“Ahahah! Sorry about that! You were making such a scary face by the poolside, I couldn’t resist!”

“Don’t give me that ‘Sorry.’ Now my clothes are all wet. What am I supposed to do about that? Honestly.”

Did I really let so much of that show on my face? Aoba thought as he complained about his wet clothes and took a step towards Mairu—

But something soft was already touching him from behind.

“Game (We were just kidding)…”


It was a quiet, seductive girl’s voice that had just whispered into his ear.

As soon as he realized that it was Kururi’s voice, he also realized that he was being hugged by the girl.

Eh!? What? Kururi-chan? When did she!?

Wait, this soft feeling on my back…don’t tell me that is…!? Am I in some sort of adult game?

Wait, is she pressing herself against me? Eh, calm down…

Excitement and shock complicated his expression as Aoba turned around while falling into the pool—

He saw Kururi standing there with a deflated beach ball in her hands. Ah.

A beach ball!?

So it was not Kururi-chan’s chest after all.

I don’t know whether to feel disappointed or grateful for that but calm down arghhh—

Aoba ended up landing in the pool next to Mairu without finishing his thoughts.

As he hastened to get back on his feet in the water, the bespectacled girl giggled and Kururi’s voice was asking “Health (Are you alright)…?” “Oi, you over there, stop fooling around!”

The lifeguard must have seen them this time. The voice of warning rang throughout the pool.

“We’re sorry—!”

“…Regret (Sorry about that)…”

“Ah, sorry…but there’s nothing I should be sorry for, really…”

After the trio had apologized in three different ways, Aoba took off his completely soaked shirt and left it by the poolside. Through half-closed eyes he kept watching Kururi and Mairu.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect Kururi-chan to be the type to do something like that.”

“When we pull pranks on people, we’re the same person!”

“Same (Yeah)…”

“Kururi-chan, don’t tell me you got all excited because it’s summer and we’re at the pool?”

Instead of answering Aoba’s question, Kururi got into the water herself and, together with her sister, trapped Aoba in his swimwear in the middle.

“Wait, I’m out of here, I’m out of here.”

No longer able to stand being sandwiched between two girls, Aoba tried to clamber up the stairs to the poolside. His arms, however, were seized from both sides and he was pulled back into the water.

“You’re actually enjoying it, aren’t you? Kuronuma-kun, you always put on such a sulky face just to look cool!”

“…Like (That’s cute).”

Aoba’s male classmates passing by the poolside began to talk in a jealous tone as they saw the weakling of a boy being bullied by two girls.

“Oi oi, Aoba, what’s up with that? Are you really going out with those two?”

“Looks like he’s just being toyed around to me.”

“There’s no way Kuronuma would have the guts to go out with women.”

To hide their jealousy and bitterness the boys managed to remain calm by making fun of Aoba. They were of course without girlfriends.

But Aoba had no retort since what they said was the truth.

Our villain who created the gang called “Blue Square,” who ingratiated himself with Mikado and who was currently plotting something using Dollars’s power had almost zero experience in dealing with the opposite sex even if it was just as friends. Right now he was completely at a loss as to what to do about the twins in front of him.

To his classmates who knew nothing about the real Aoba, however, it just reinforced the image that he was the lucky guy hitting it off with pretty twin girls despite being as useless as he was.

His classmates continued to chitchat as Aoba remained unable to say anything in return.

“But then I’m seriously jealous of that little bastard.”

“Should we go pick up girls later?”

“Speaking of which, I heard that last year there was this Raira sempai going around the city trying to pick up girls until he dropped.”

“Ah, I saw him a lot when I was in middle school. But I also heard that he dropped out of school.”

“For real?”

“Yeah, he eloped with this girl or something.”

“I heard he found a job to save money for getting married.”

“Either way that makes me jealous as hell. He has a girl!”

“…You’re making me sad.”

They were no longer paying attention to Aoba as they walked with lowered heads to the locker room.

Having watched them leave, Aoba plunged his face into the water and sighed heavily underwater as he waited for both his head and his heart to cool.

Had he not done this in time the girls next to him would have made even the evil residing in him melt away.

Somewhere in Tokyo

“…So as I was telling you, that really bothered me. Both of them were so cute. I was this close to just burying myself in Kururi-chan’s chest and letting everything else go screw itself.”

“…I’m going to kill you!”

As he heard Aoba’s voice on the other end of phone, the tall boy ground his teeth loudly and yelled.

But Aoba’s voice remained as calm as ever on the phone.

“I’ve heard you say that line too many times already, Yoshikiri. But the guy those two really have the hots for is Hanejima Yuuhei. They’re not just fans, mind you—they really are after him. I can’t blame them for thinking that they actually have a chance, though, since they know his brother and everything.”

“Aoba, you bastard…did you have to mention the name of that idol who’s like the representative of all popular guys in the world? You did that just to annoy me, right? Right?”

“You may want to reserve your rage towards popular guys for when we’ve finally crushed Orihara Izaya.”

“That Orihara Izaya, is he really that popular?”

“Ever since high school he’s had this following of girls who kind of worship him or something. What is more, Kururi-chan and Mairu-chan call him ‘onii-chan’ or ‘Iza-nii.’ What else do you want?”

“…Great, I see. Since you were giggling when those twins splashed water on you at the pool, I’m going to kill you, too.”

“Looks like I’m getting killed either way.”

Aoba’s chuckle on the other end of the phone infuriated the boy named Yoshikiri further.

“So are you trying to get me mad on purpose because you have a death wish? Is that why you called me? It is, isn’t it?”

“It’s not like that. After I had supper with Kururi-chan and Mairu-chan I looked a bit into that thing Izaya is involved in right now.” “Supper!? With two girls!?”

“That was not my point at all. Just listen. There’s this strange group called ‘Heaven

Slave’ dealing in drugs in Tokyo. They got into trouble with Awakusu-kai.”

“…Never heard of that. So where did you eat?”

“Russian Sushi. …Heaven Slave isn’t really active in Ikebukuro, so I didn’t expect you to have heard of it. Ikebukuro is a relatively safe area in itself, and the one in charge of the places such groups would usually go happens to be Awakusu-kai’s Akabayashi, who’s kind of famous for hating drugs.”

“I see. So basically you’re on a drug-free high from treating two girls to a meal, right? Lucky bastard.”

“No, I was the one treated to a meal. Those two have a lot of money on their hands for some reason.”

“‘I was the one treated to a meal’! Hehhhhhh! If you split the bill it would have been another story, but you let two girls treat you to sushi? You gigolo bastard!! ‘I was the one treated to a meal’! And you had the guts to say that to my face! Hehhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m going to kill you! Die!”

“I know, I know. So this ‘Heaven Slave’ is both the name of their drug and their branch that sells the drug. That is but my own speculation, though. Anyway, it seems that those people are looking for information on Orihara Izaya for some reason.”

“…How did you know such stuff?”

“An old acquaintance of mine works at the nightclub they’re now using as their headquarters… I was asking around about Izaya, and he just happened to know. He said those guys were staying in a certain room in the club and coming out to the hall to sniff around for information on Orihara Izaya.”

“Wait a second. If even Aoba knows where to find them, the yakuza at Awakusu must have been aware of them since long ago. Why have they not crushed them yet? Are they backed by some other yakuza group?”

“I don’t know if there are other yakuza groups involved, but Awakusu-kai probably just thinks now is not the best time. There’s this guy called Shijima among the members…he’s a college student, but it looks like he comes from a rich and powerful family of pretty high status. There seemed to be no way to get information on the group’s leader even if I tried. Awakusu-kai could just have got hold of one of his underlings and made him tell everything. They’re probably waiting for the best time to act to make the job cleaner.”

“I see. So are we going to do anything about them?”

“Just keep an eye on them. I don’t know if and how Orihara Izaya is involved, but it’s better to consolidate our own territory first for now. Of course, we can’t risk letting their moves go unnoticed either, so make absolutely sure that we have our eyes on them at all times.”

“I see. Die.”

“I see you don’t even know what you’re saying anymore when you say ‘Die,’ Yoshikiri… But that’s fine. Anyway, it’s true that certain groups are acting weird recently. I heard that the remnants of the Yellow Turbans are acting kind of weird, too.”

“Is that your brother’s doing?”

“No…I wasn’t talking about the Blue Square people who infiltrated them before…I was talking about the same group of people who first confronted us.”

“Huh. Those guys. That was back in our first or second year in middle school, right?”

“Back then you were already fighting high school students, Yoshikiri. You hardly ever lost.”

“It made no sense at all. They were older than me, yet they were weaker. Is seniority just an urban legend now?”

“That’s not how you use the word ‘seniority.’ Speaking of which, I’m surprised you even know that word, Yoshikiri. Whom did you hear it from? Your grandma?” “…I’m going to kill you!”

“Your death threats carry less and less weight now, Yoshikiri. I’ve gotten so used to them they don’t scare me at all… Seriously, is that all you’ve got in your vocabulary, Yoshikiri? Do you know any Japanese besides ‘I’m going to kill you’ and ‘seniority’?”


The cell phone was squeezed so hard that it began to make cracking sounds as Yoshikiri yelled something that didn’t sound like words.

As soon as he did so, a boy called his name from afar.

“Oooi, Yoshikiri—pass me the phone.”


“I’m finished. All that’s left is him.”

As he heard him Yoshikiri ground his teeth and tossed the cell phone to the boy who just spoke—

And immediately stopped the metal bat being swung at his side with his other hand.

“Hello? It’s me, it’s me. Send some money my way.”

Aoba answered in an even tone to the teasing male voice, “Ah, Gin. Where’s Yoshikiri off to?”

“To finish the last one of them off.”

The boy called Gin was looking at Yoshikiri as the latter kicked a delinquent in the front

teeth with the heel of his shoe.

“That guy’s really something. How on earth does he manage to fight while speaking on the phone?”

As Gin looked again he saw that several more men had already fallen at Yoshikiri’s feet, either unconscious or groaning in pain. It looked like all the while he had been on the phone with Aoba he had been fighting multiple men using just one hand, both feet, and a forehead.

“Seriously, I was having a hard time dealing with just three. Anyway, neither Yoshikiri nor I made it to the fight with the stalker earlier. That stalker kicked several of our Blue Square men’s asses. The shame, man, the burning shame.”

“Don’t say it like that. That stalker was far stronger than we expected. I’m actually more interested in the Yellow Turbans guy who beat two of our people.”

“Well, that is quite embarrassing too since we lost two to one. Shame on our members is shame on us, isn’t it? I’m so embarrassed I gave it my fullest today. Yoshikiri feels the same way. I thought it would be piece o’ cake today since we called all our best men to come, but the Nitari* brothers said there was this anime they wanted to watch so they passed, Neko’s with his girlfriend, Houjou’s sleeping, so we ended up having to beat these guys flat on our own anyway, you know that?”

* Nitari, Neko: Nitari (“fox shark”) and Neko (“cat”) are most likely nicknames.*

Several men were sprawled out on the ground at Gin’s feet. His head was injured. Blood trailed down his face from his temple. From the phone dirtied by Gin’s blood, Aoba’s voice continued regardless.

“Well, Yoshikiri’s good at fighting, not at thinking. All he said to me on the phone was pretty much just ‘I’m going to kill you.’”

“What? Was it something you said, Aoba?”

“I told him that I went to the pool with Kururi-chan and Mairu-chan.”

“Die, you. Just die. Why aren’t you here, anyway?”

Aoba laughed as Gin gave a straightforward reply.

“I will die. I’m human after all. I’d like to live until 80 if possible, though.” “We’ll see if you’ll still be alive after 80 seconds. Shut your mouth.”

“Why is it that everyone in Blue Square has such a nasty tongue?”

“Be grateful that at least we are there to hang out with you. If not for us a bastard like you would have ended up nothing more than a lonely petty criminal for life.”

As he heard the vicious remark Aoba answered as if to get Gin mad on purpose.

“I put on a good show at school, so I actually have quite a lot of friends.”

“Is that so? I get it now. Die. Or, in English, S-H-I-N-E*!”

*“Die” is pronounced “shine” in Japanese.*

“That’s still Japanese. SHINE is English for ‘emitting light.’”

“I was telling you to trigger a nuclear fusion inside you, emit as much light as you want, and die. Just explode already, you fool.”

As Gin kept behaving like an elementary school kid Aoba switched back to the topic in all seriousness—probably because he knew it would be futile to stop him.

“…So, how is it going? Is Mikado-sempai alright?”

“Yeah, he’s alive. But honestly, that one’s not carved out for fighting at all. He fell unconscious halfway so I took him back to the van to let him sleep. He’s almost as bad as you and Yatsufusa. I don’t even know why he insists on coming to our ‘cleansings’ of Dollars himself. Since he’s basically the god on the portable shrine he should just stay behind and smile upon us.”

“No, actually…I don’t think I could have won against him in a fight, either.”

Aoba laughed pleasantly and muttered as if to himself:

“Because I have no idea how Mikado-sempai is going to turn out, really.”

♂♀ After hanging up the phone, Aoba looked at the scar on his left palm and muttered, “I can’t wait to see how this is going to turn out, Mikado-sempai.”

At the same time he was reminded of what Gin had just said.

“…What if there was no one willing to hang out with me? I don’t even want to think about it.”

In his mind’s eye he saw the brother of the twins he rather liked—the man toward whom he could feel nothing but animosity.

“Because the last thing I want is to turn out like that shitty bastard.”

- Durarara!! Light Novel Volume 9

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Jackson text generator and placeholder. And yes, of course the text includes “motherfucker”. - A blog about fashion, style and beauty including helpful tips/DIYs. - Find out how much of your favorite energy drink, soda, or caffeinated food would it take to kill you. - In case you need a profane suggestion for what to make for dinner. - A must-see and unexplainably priceless comic series. The Garfield comic minus Garfield = brilliant. - The most important movie question now answered: does the dog/pet die or get injured in this movie? - Learn the guitar easily. - Need to memorize a lengthy number? Pinfruit analyzes the number and provides all of the options you could want as a mnemonic device. - A simple challenge: Do nothing for 2 minutes. Can you do it? - A slightly unsettling website that uses a Shepard’s Tone to make you feel like you’re falling forever. - A flash game where you use your keyboard’s directional arrows to block Kanye’s floating disembodied head, with “Don’t let me into my zone” playing. - For when you need a while new (made up) identity. - An Amazon price tracker that shows you the price history of anything on Amazon and alerts you when the price drops. - Tells you where the closest USPS mailbox is to wherever you are. - Shows you exactly how to close any social media account forever, not just disable them. - Find complementary color palettes with this Adobe color wheel. - Make printable multi-page posters from any image. - This amazingly simple site that gives you some interactive perspective on the size of the universe. - Write upside down! - A blog full of pretty colors (and their color codes) as selected by the Tumblr community. - Find out when your favorite produce is at peak ripeness. - A handy library of PDF user manuals for almost anything. - Turn any animated gif into a printable flip book. - Take the world’s best courses online for free. - Get through to a real person by entering a company name. - Just a magic place on the internet full of corgis and happiness. - Have fun conversations with artificial intelligence. - A site with communities across the globe dedicated to giving away unwanted things for free. - A website dedicated to letting it’s users discover new and interesting websites. You can search by a category that you are interested in and then “stumble” through the web. - A flash game website with every flash game imaginable. This is an addictive, but fun, way to kill time. - Enter all the food in your fridge and find out what you can make with it. - A continuous stream of 90’s Nickelodeon shows and cartoons. - Play almost every single old Nintendo game imaginable. - Vent about your problems to an anonymous, total stranger. - Find out where a shortened URL goes. - Copy special characters that aren’t on your keyboard. - Find full length movies on YouTube. - Print web pages without the clutter. - An awesome collection of fonts you can download. - To create diagrams and flowcharts in your browser, then export your drawings to Google Drive and Dropbox. - When your friends are too lazy to Google a problem for themselves. - Hire people to do little tasks/things for $5. - Find out if a website is offline or not. - The easiest way to write short text notes in your browser. - Quickly determine the font name from an image. - Bouncing cats! - Discover new sites that are similar to what you like already. - Trending articles and content from around the web. - Interesting facts and photosets posted daily!

workingongoals  asked:

hey! can you say some books for learn graphic design on your own?

Hello! I sure can!

For a short list specifically for when you’re learning on your own:

  • “The Language of Graphic Design: An Illustrated Handbook for Understanding Fundamental Design Principles” - Richard Poulin
    • This is one of those principles/fundamentals books that I always say to get. This is a great refresher on principles, has examples, and has a TON of great information!
  • “Mastering Type: The Essential Guide to Typography for Print and Web Design” - Denise Bosler
    • Anything about typography basics like this book is a required read! Typography is crazy important in anything you do, so it’d be best to get a book on basics, terms, and examples!
  • “Making and Breaking the Grid: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop” - Timothy Samara
    • Using a grid, or knowing when to break it, can help the flow and composition of many design pieces that dictate posters, editorial, and even websites.
  • “InDesign Type: Professional Typography with Adobe InDesign (3rd Edition)” - Nigel French
    • It’s important to have a guide to the programs that you’re using, but honestly, the most complicated program is probably InDesign. This also talks a bit about typography layout so I think it’s a great read.
  • “The Information Design Handbook” - Jenn Visocky O'Grady, Ken Visocky O'Grady
    • For infographics, wayfinding, and things like that this is a great book to look through and read through! Has a bit of history and some inspiration!
  • Graphic Design: The 50 Most Influential Graphic Designers in the World (Little Book of Big Ideas) - Anna Gerber, Christopher Mount
    • This is a cute, cheap little read that can get you familiar with design history pretty quick! It’s great for some context and inspiration. Each designer is dedicated one spread with a short description, what they’re best known for, and a couple of pieces. You could probably read through it in a day and look up everyone in it!

These are some to get you started!

To be honest, I have SO MANY MORE books that I love for different reasons.

You’ve inspired me to make a google doc list that I’ll update from now on of books to recommend and why I like them (or don’t like them). Working on it right now as we speak! (I’m also going to make a post about using books and such so stay tuned!)

Google Drive Design Book Log (currently a work in progress)


Over the past 24 hours I have been notified by several people about pages of Peter & Company and other pieces of my artwork being supposedly “available for sale” through a site called Wallpart (which I will not link in this post, for reasons explained below), and in the same time span I have seen many other artists make journals/submissions/posts talking about finding their own work on there as well. Naturally, the inclination of any artist finding their work available for sale without their consent is to head to the “Report Violation” link attached to every listing and file a complaint to have it removed.


This site already has a bit of a history, and I’ve read several posts from people who dove into their site code and snooped around. Long story short, there are some very devious bait-and-switch tactics going on. Essentially:

- I have not found any confirmation that they are actually selling any of the images/prints that appear on their site. Their “search function” is nothing but scraper software, which essentially just loads up hits from Google Images and displays them within a pre-built “shop” template based on the image’s resolution. This is why every single piece on there has a title that is lifted directly from whatever gallery site (FA/DA/Weasyl) or general website was hosting it. Example: They have my title card from my Kickstarter page for the P&C pilot, with the title lifted straight off the description.
- The dependence on Google Images is also why doing a search for your own name will turn up different results each time, or possibly no results at all, even though the listings still seem to exist if you have a direct URL to them. Their “search” function never actually searches their own listings; it even offers the same real-time suggestions that you’d get from a Google search bar. Confusingly enough, performing the same search multiple times often returns different results at different times throughout the day. I was able to find dozens of P&C pages supposedly for sale by searching my name yesterday, but today none of them show up in search results – even though the direct links to the page forms (which I saved) still exist.
- Their “Report Violation” link is actually a 100% phishing form. If you fill it out, no matter what you put there, you will be sending them a LOT more than you anticipated. This is actually the main purpose for the site’s existence – they completely anticipate artists being upset about their work supposedly being sold, so they developed a system to exploit those who complain.
- Various pieces of malware and other malicious code have been found embedded throughout their pages at different times. This site is just bad news all around.
- The site itself is hosted in Russia, and has already swapped web hosts 4 times in the past few months. The current host is listed as ENOM, and other bloggers/artists have already sent complaints and reports to their contact page, with little luck. It looks like it’s already been branded and caught in the past and is trying to keep itself alive.
- Also, for a site claiming to have “billions of images” available for print, to only have a little over 3,000 “happy customers” should be a pretty big red flag on its own.

So please – DO NOT VISIT THIS SITE. Do not attempt to search for your own artwork in its listings; if your work shows up on Google, it is guaranteed to be on that site. They’re even listing “prints” of web banners and other graphical elements that were never intended for printing. Do not give it page views, and most importantly DO NOT FILL OUT ANY VIOLATION FORMS, EVEN IF THE ARTWORK ON THE PAGE IS YOUR OWN. Instead, there is a petition asking for the domain to be stripped and brought down.

Please share the word around as much as possible so other artists don’t potentially fall into their trap by thinking that their “Report Violation” page is actually what it claims to be. These people are pure scam artists, plain and simple. Avoid them at all costs. 

anonymous asked:

Can you please explain what happened with Trent Reznor & CL? I love Trent, and I found this quote of his about CL the other day, “If she died tomorrow, I wouldn’t shed a single tear. She’s a very evil person.” I've NEVER liked her, and I was curious to know what you can find out about what really happened! All I heard was that she pretended to be pregnant with his baby?

Trent Reznor - The Full Story 

This was fun. From all of the Trent/Courtney related information that I’ve dug up, I’ve discovered that that quote doesn’t actually exist. 

Even though you can trace it back to being used as early as 2000ish, it has no actual source other than being attributed to Trent. No article, no year, no interview mention, nothing. I also tried to find it in every single article/interview in print that focused on Trent between 1994 and 2003. I tried, I really did. I found an archive of Trent interviews on an NIN fan site (god bless those stans) and tried to hunt for the terminology. Found nothing. 

If it was real, a quote like that would be a part of rock tabloid history. You wouldn’t even be able to google their names side by side without seeing it splashed across every print - to - web publication known to man. 

My guess is is that someone made it up thinking that they were condensing all of the drama between the two at the time. No idea. It doesn’t even sound like it has the language style he prefers to use. Not long winded enough. 

The only things that you can find are this abstract that’s been diluted a bit around the net quote wise (this is the original)

- abstract from Details Magazine in 1995

“I thought she was really smart, which you couldn’t tell from her behaviour. But she was obsessed with media and how she’s perceived. What I didn’t realize was that 95% of it was her directly calling editors. She’s got a full media network going on.”

He says that contrary to the impression Love has given, they didn’t have a sexual relationship. “I think if there was an attraction on her part toward me, it was maybe because I showed compassion. The bottom line was, I thought I was around someone who was a victim and somebody who could use a friend, and what I was around was a very good manipulator and a careerist, someone not to be underestimated.”

In this interview (ctrl/cmd + f - “meddling”) he mentions how Courtney basically strained his relationship with Tori. She also has a tendency to do that with women in general who she feels poses a threat to her exploiting a guy she wants. Evidence? See the link below. 

See this information here in case you didn’t catch it and you also have Melissa Rossi’s collection of rumors/gossip that can contextually be backed up by Marilyn Manson about Courtney breaking into Trent’s room on tour and trying to force him into a relationship with her. All in his own words from his autobiography. Also know that (from the previous link) Courtney, stalkeress, exploited the free publicity she gained by planting stories and headlines by concocting little stories online and in Courtney Love: The Real Story about how Trent was allegedly abusive. All of this was because he didn’t want to sleep with her either at all or he stopped when he realized exactly what he was dealing with. She tried to say that she was pregnant with his child and she has the gall to claim or insinuate that he was an asshole? 

In what universe? It’s like what misogynistic dudes do when they’re rejected by women. This is also a part of a sequence of events that caused her to invent a fake anecdote about women that were raped back stage to smite him about it. The one where she said that the girl asked to get raped and she should have ‘known better.’

All of this because she couldn’t have a fucking dude yo. 

Information on Courtney stalking Trent and breaking into his apartment: 

Melissa Rossi - Queen of Noise (1996)

- 1 / 2 / 3 

Marilyn Manson - The Long Road Out of Hell (1998)

- 1 / 2 / 3 / 4


Massive! Magazine 1999

When audiences derided her about Trent she would retaliate with “Nine Inch Nails - more like Three Inch Nails.” Reznor responded with denial claiming Courtney was pissed off “because I wouldn’t be her boyfriend. It just wasn’t going to happen - the romance of the century." 

That autumn, NIN cancelled a show at Madison Square Garden, allegedly because Reznor knew Courtney was planning on attending and causing a huge scene backstage.

Then notice how that matches up with what Marilyn said happened and with what his management told him about her. There’s also this interview (the focus is on Kennedy - start at 3:35) - it’s this journalist, previously MTV VJ from the golden age of the 90s, who recollected the whole thing because she’d been friends with Trent and some celebrities from her network of contacts. According to her, as Trent himself revealed above for Details in 95, he’d been all charmed by her and from her personal history with Courtney (see first 3 minutes), she tried to warn him to get out but he didn’t listen until it was too late. Her impersonation of Courtney towards the end is what nails it for me as factual because Melissa’s anecdote corroborates Marilyn’s which provides the context for Kennedy’s. This is why all of this cross referencing we constantly do is so important. Finally, this early 2000s blogger who was exploring New Orleans real estate talked about how their real estate agent/guide/whomever showed them a property that Courtney tried to buy when she wanted to stalk Trent (ctrl/cmd + f - “courtney”). See how it all connects?

I just found that youtube interview too in the midst of typing this. Between Kennedy’s and Marilyn’s accounts, I think we can conclude that they slept together. Only thing about it is is that Courtney wanted to turn Trent into a Kurt 2.0 with all of the exploitation, bells, and whistles, but Trent got out before he was in too deep. Kurt wasn’t so lucky. She hasn’t had the same meal ticket since. 

She’s also been using Trent’s name for headlines for years upon years. Google their names together. Even though he hasn’t talked about her since the continents shifted and killed the dinosaurs in 2000b.c. with the release of Starfuckers Inc.

Happiness Spell Jar

This spell is to bring happiness and joy to the caster and those around them.

You will need:
○ A small glass jar
○ Gauze or some other perforated fabric
○ Yellow string/ribbon
○ Any stone or crystal associated with happiness (sunstone, citrine, rose quartz, agate, aventurine, etc.)
○ Any [dried] herbs associated with happiness (lemon balm, St. John’s wort, calendula, anise, bluebell, etc.)
○ Any oils associated with happiness (see herbs)
○ Sugar
○ A picture of something that makes you happy (can be printed from the web; this will be FOLDED)

1. Mix herbs together, imagining a very happy moment in your life and putting that feeling into the herbs. Have enough to cover the bottom, you can use more if you like. Put the mixture in the jar.

2. Gently place stones/crystals in the jar. Visualize the good energy from them bouncing around inside the jar. You can sprinkle herbs on top if you want.

3. Fold up the picture into a small square an put a drop of your chosen oil onto it. Place it in the jar.

4. Put two or three drops of oil into the jar, imagining the scent starting to fill it.

5. Sprinkle a decent amount of sugar into the jar, imagining the sweetness it gives.

6. Tape the gauze/fabric over the opening. Tie your string/ribbon around the jar, and as you do, say: “The materials in this jar will spread their joyful energies to myself and those around me, bringing smiles and laughter. For the good of all, harming none, this is my will, so it is done.“

7. Place in an area that gets a lot of traffic, like your home living room, or the lobby at your workplace. You can also place it on your desk or windowsill.

Keep this until you feel it needs to be re-done, most likely in a few months. You can re-use the crystals (charge them) and the picture. The herbs, sugar, and oil need to be replaced.

Was it called Riven?  (looks it up)  Yup!  I did.  I remember spending a happy weekend playing it with a walkthrough guide we had downloaded and printed from the Web (using Netscape) with my best friend at the time.  We did have an honest crack at all the puzzles and solved most of them on our own but were realistic about the fact that we’d never finish the game if we didn’t have help with some.

It was on five CD-ROMS.  You had to change discs repeatedly to keep playing.  The young of today will never understand what we had to deal with.

I don’t know what this has to do with a lava tube that looks like a Scottie dog but I guess the photo reminds you of a scene in the game?  I remember finding it visually enchanting.