Robotic Extrusions

3D printing method developed by Ji Shi uses robotic arm and biomimicry, where the output form is inspired by the structure of spider web for greater strength:

Most of today’s researches and applications of robotic fabrication are limited to replicating human labor and raising efficiency of manufacturing. However,  in the project of Robotic 6-Axis 3D Printing, we developed a fabrication strategy learning and emulating the law of nature (referring to Chinese philosophy “师法自然 ”). By studying the material and structure performance of 3D form in nature, we figured out a way to incorporate biomimetic fabrication strategy into 3D printing process. And by designing the special robotic-end effector (Tooling) and utilizing the great flexibility and accuracy of KUKA robotics, the biomimetic fabricating process has been fully realized.

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Designer of the week - 12/05/2014:

Amy Joycey    |

Amy is a graphic designer based in Montreal, Quebec - Canada. She is focused on graphic design, print design, illustration and web design.

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Printed Web #4
“Public, Private, Secret”
June 2016
40 pages
Print-on-demand newsprint, PDF download
14.75 in. x 20.5 in.
ISBN# 978-0-9840052-8-4

Printed Web #4 presents projects by Wolfgang Plöger, Lorna Mills, Molly Soda, Travess SmalleyAngela Genusa, Eva and Franco Mattes, Anouk Kruithof, Elisabeth Tonnard, and Christopher Clary, with a text by Rhizome Artistic Director Michael Connor (“Folding the Web”). Each artist contributed work responding to the concept of privacy in relation to contemporary self-identity and public visibility. The 40-page print-on-demand newsprint publication is co-published by Paul Soulellis with the International Center of Photography Museum on the occasion of “Public, Private, Secret” (June 2016 – January 2017), the inaugural exhibition at the museum’s new location at 250 Bowery, organized by curator-in-residence Charlotte Cotton.

Printed Web #4 will launch at Miss Read, Berlin Art Book Fair at Akademie der Künste, Berlin (June 10–12) and at ICP Museum, New York (June 21–27).

Printed Web #1 and Printed Web #2

The first publication devoted to web-to-print art and discourse. Issue #1 features 64 pages of new work by artists who use screen capture, image grab, site scrape and search query. Nearly all of the artists use the search engine for navigation and discovery, enacting a kind of performance with data. Presents mounting evidence of a web-to-print practice forming around the artist (as archivist), the web (as culture) and publishing (as both an old and a new schema for expressing the archive).

Features: Joachim Schmid, Penelope Umbrico, Mishka Henner, Clement Valla, David Horvitz, Chris Alexander, Christian Bök, Benjamin Shaykin, and Paul Soulellis. Texts by Hito Steyerl and Kenneth Goldsmith. Issue #2 contributors include Constant Dullaart, Daniel Temkin, James Bridle, John Zissovici, Cheryl Sourkes, Brian Droitcour, Tan Lin, Angela Genusa, Webdriver Torso, Rafaël Rozendaal, Olia Lialina and Cory Arcangel.

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If you can’t think something nice… An anonymous fear submitted to Deep Dark Fears - thanks! The Deep Dark Fears book has been nominated for a 2016 Eisner Award, so if you are a comic artist (web, print, etc) or work in a related field, I’d really appreciate your vote! You can vote at - thank you!


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A photoset isn’t enough to show you all the files that are included in the package, but the whole package includes: 470 Vectors packs, 925 vector illustrations, 102 High Res Textures, 123 Photoshop and illustrator Addons, 67 photoshop brushes, 15 Tutorials, 110 Web & Print resources and UI Kits, 60 T-shirts designs, and 25 Family of Fonts. You will use this resources in the projects of your entire life.

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Sorbet    |

“Art direction & editorial design for Adé, a small online collective of hand picked trinkets for modern day apartment space living, based in Sydney, Australia.”

Sorbet is a multidiscipline design studio based in Auckland, New Zealand. We help brands gain clarity, value and a collective vision through design.

The motto is simple: tell your story, and tell it well. They help their clients establish a clear direction and identity, then match that with a strong design aesthetic that encapsulates exactly what their brand is about. Each project is meticulously researched, every avenue explored, with a bespoke visual language being the end result. It’s more than just a logo to them, it’s your story.

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Philippa Rice’s Soppy finds goodness in the little gestures (full review and more pictures at the link):

‘Soppy is a collection of Philippa Rice’s striking red, black, and white comics featuring herself and partner, cartoonist Luke Pearson, as they meet, embark on a relationship and move in together. Rice originally began publishing these comics online in 2013 and in print in the form of a couple of mini-comics, to incredibly popular reception, and this volume collects all those strips and new material. It’s interesting to note the slight change in delivery in the transition from web to print in relation to the culture of each; this is presented chronologically with a more traditionally liner narrative, where online the strips were shared on Tumblr in chunks, easy to share and digest, without need for greater context. The book captures the evolution of Rice and Pearson’s relationship as they get to know one another a little, go on holiday together and decide to move in, all communicated via small everyday tasks, gestures, and interactions: assembling bookshelves, receiving their first letter addressed to the both of them, arguing over whose turn it is to make the tea, changing sleeping positions over the course of the night. From silent sequences, splash pages, to nine-grid pages, Rice charts a sweet, appealing, and warm portrayal of two people, their lives and their love.’

A fear submitted by Carleigh to Deep Dark Fears - thanks! The Deep Dark Fears book has been nominated for a 2016 Eisner Award, so if you are a comic artist (web, print, etc) or work in a related field, I’d really appreciate your vote! You can vote at - thank you!


Northern Lighting is a Norwegian company specialising in design and manufacturing of lamps, and their designers include both young up-and-coming talents and aknowledged designers. We helped them redefine their core values and translated them into their new identity, website and latest product catalogue.

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Gruber Family Foundation branding by Perky Bros

“The Gruber Family Foundation was established in 1987 as a small philanthropic entity that has grown, over the years, into a larger family foundation. We worked with the foundation to create a minimal, but highly-crafted solution for their identity redesign. The foundation does not accept proposals, but seeks out organizations of their own choosing. The brand’s mark is intentionally understated to speak to this modest philosophy.”

Established in 1883 and 2009, Perky Bros now exists to help brands gain clarity, value and distinction through design. They create visual identities, websites, packaging, print materials and any odd or end necessary to create an authentic experience. Working with startups to more established brands, they like to keep their approach flexible. Regardless of what they’re tackling, they strive to offer solutions built on plain-spoken, ambitious ideas - always grounded in research and meticulously crafted in their execution.

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