Best Posts of 2016

Earlier this year I added a sidebar for the most popular posts. So below is a list of what I think are the 5 best posts that are not in that Sidebar (as of December 2016):

1. Generators and Async Operations in JavaScript The most major criticism of asynchronous code in JavaScript is that it requires workarounds and a bunch code management to keep it clean. This new feature greatly reduces all of that.

2. Validating Object Property Types Without Setters In JavaScript A more powerful version of operator overloads which is coming to JavaScript with the Proxy API. This is one example, but Proxy could be used to create entirely new JS-like langauges without even having to compile or eval any code.

3. Lazy Objects In JavaScript In JavaScript, it is possible to have self creating objects that store their own state using themselves. This is done by applying the concepts of Lazy Functions to objects.

4. Compose in JavaScript Simplify the sequence of functions by using a function that controls function flow. The compose function is implemented using itelf.

5. Pretty Printing In JavaScript A simple and powerful, but overlooked way of doing pretty printing (Very useful for quick debugging). Built directly into the language.

Best Posts Of 2015

More websites!

Some I have posted before, but I’m too lazy to compare, so whatever.

SuperCook.Com – Search Recipes By Ingredients 

 Privnote.Com – Write Notes To Someone That Will Destroy Itself Once He Reads It. 

Coffitivity.Com – Feeling Alone At Home, Free Murmur Sounds Gifyoutube.Com – Convert Youtube Videos To GIF

 Ninite.Com – Install All Required Softwares At Once Install and update all selected useful programs at once on your PC. 

 CopyPasteCharacter.Com – Copy Paste Special Character 

 Duolingo.Com – Learn New Languages For Free And In An Interesting Way Squirt.Io – Discover A New Way Of Reading

 Shouldiremoveit.Com – Choose Which Software You Should Remove From Your PC  

OldVersion.Com – Find Out Older Version Of Any Software – Send Emails When You Are Dead 

 PrintFriendly – Print Any Web Page In A Print Friendly Format 

PrintWhatYouLike.Com – Print Exactly What You Like In A Page 

 FreeCycle.Org – Find Free Things In Your Town Which People Are Willing To Give Away 

 CouchSurfing – The Name Explains It 

 Wolframalpha.Com – Computational Search For Your Keywords 

SimplyNoise.Com – Just Plain Sounds To Help You Sleep You can also set Sleep timer to stop it after you sleep. 

 CamelCamelCamel.Com – Price Drop Alert For Big ECommerce Websites 

Ptable.Com – Periodic Table Made Easy 

 Scribblemaps.Com – Just Draw And Mark On Google Maps And Share Them 

Mailvu.Com – Send Video Emails Rhymer.Com – Find Rhyme For Any Word ! Cool Tool For Poets

 WeTransfer.Com – Send Large Files Up To 2 GB For Free 

 Wakerupper.Com – Schedule Your Friend Or Son A Wake Up Call 

 Unfurlr.Com – Find Out Which Url Is Behind Any Short 

Url QClock – Find Local Time Of A Place 

PdfEditor – Edit PDF Online

 Projectnaptha.Com – Delete Text From Images 

 Namechk.Com – Simultaneously Search Username Availability At All Websites  

MailDrop – Quick Disposable Email Address To Let You Sign Up At Not So Useful Websites 

 JustDelete.Me – Collection Of Direct Links To Delete Your Profile At Websites 

Sleepyti.Me – Find Out When You Should Go To Bed For Sleeping 

HaveIBeenPwned.Com – Find Out Whether Your Email Is Leaked In Past Hack Attacks 

Sumopaint.Com – Use Microsoft Paint Like Software Online 

 Magastack.Com – Read Magazines For Free 

 FatFingers.Com – Find Ebay Items With Typing Errors And Thus Low Bid 

JoinHoney.Com – Automatically Applies Best Coupons When You Check Out Of Any Shopping Website 

 WornONtv.Net – Find Outfits And Fashion Same As Worn By Stars On TV Shows 

 HotelWiFiTest.Com – Find Hotels And Rank Them According To Wi Fi Speed. Good For Internet Loving Travelers. 

 SkiPlagged.Com – Find Cheapest Flights In Nearest Date Range 

PushBullet.Com – Phone Notification On Your Desktop Corrupt-A-File – Missing Deadline ? Now Corrupt The File From This Website And Send To Your Boss Or Teacher. 

 Wtfsigte.Com – Find Out Your Eating Location Mingled With The F Word 

Documentaryheaven.Com – A Heaven For Docu Lovers Archive Movies – Watch Free Films And Documentaries 

 Pastebin.Com – Paste Any Text Instantly 

 WobZIP.Org – Uncompress Files Online For Various Formats 

 VirusTotal.Com – Scan Files Before Installing. For Suspicious Files 

 Mixlr.Com – Create Live Audio Broadcast Minutes.Io -Quick And Effective Minutes Of A Meeting 

Youtube.Com/Tv – Watch Youtube In A TV Mode 

 Studio.Stupeflix.Com – Make Cool Videos By Just Dragging Pics, Videos Etc. With Pre Made Themes Available 

 Urbandictionary.Com – Find Meanings Of Slang And Modern Used Words Draw.Io – Draw Useful Diagrams Online And Save To Your PC

 Boxoh.Com – Track Your Shipment On Google Maps Mondrian.Io – Create And Save Vector Graphics Online 

 Strangermeetup.Com – Random Chat With Strangers Anonymously

 Ge.Tt – Easily Share And Send Files With Your Friend

 Faxzero.Com – Send Free Fax Online Google.Com/History – See Your Search History 

 Midomi.Com – Remember The Name Of The Song 

The Soils

This is the text of a little mini-zine that I’m working on. I plan to include some illustrations/ a poster as well as a little recommended reading list.

Soil, Earth and Humus hold a deep, intimate meaning for me that is hard to describe. Awe, hope, meaning, a sense of joy, a vastness and mystery similar to that of space or the abyssal ocean.

Soils sustain all plant & animal life on earth and are themselves teeming, darkly vibrant, full of life.

All that once lived will live again through the steady transformative actions of these intricate webs of grains of sand, particles of silt and clay, water, fungal networks, microbial communes, worms and other invertebrates. With time, in eons, even plastics will degrade. The soil is patient.

Resilient and resourceful alchemists, fungi and bacteria produce a stunning array of enzymes & acids with which to break down almost any molecules. They and the mosses and lichens and pioneer plants create soil from bare rock.

Fungal networks, intricate webs of one cell thin strands called hyphae, weave and burrow through the earth, connecting with plant roots, receiving photosynthesised sugars and offering water, vital minerals and protection against pathogens to trees, grasses and other plants. These mycorrhizae connect plants of different species, enabling them to exchange nutrients and information, nursing saplings or struggling plants.

In this mini-zine I can barely scratch the surface of the rich and multi-layered communities of soil organisms, the amoebas, algae and other single-celled life, tiny wormlike nematodes, springtails, waterbears, mites, pillbugs, millipedes, earthworms, snails & slugs, insects and their brood, spiders and centipedes, moles and shrews… breaking down shed leaves, old roots and wood, feeding on each other and on excrements; building humus and a nourishing habitat for seedlings and plant roots, the larger ones important prey for birds, for badgers, hedgehogs and wild boars.

In the soil, death and life are inextricably entwined, one becoming the other almost imperceptibly.

Never sterile, soils and the life within them know no dirt, no waste. Healthy soil communities can degrade and bind toxins, aerobically digest dead things so they won’t putrefy, and hold, store and cleanse water.

I want to call them clean and pure, yet those words are ill-fitting, do not quite encompass the richness of it. And still, all that passes through them will be groomed, will be rotted clean; a wordless quality of dark, decaying purity; a tenderness and grace.

It seems to me that boundaries are fleeting. Plants have endophytic fungi living within their tissues, animals including humans have vast arrays of beneficial microbes in our guts, on our skins without which we could not live. Fungal mycelium weaves through the earth, around and into rocks and roots, with symbiotic bacteria on each uncounted hyphal tip. Who is to say where one ends and the other begins?

Many consider humans to be at the ‘top of the food chain’. This has never made sense to me. Interwoven circles and webs stream to no endpoint and know no hierarchies, hold no one thing superior to others.

The beings of the soil support all other earth life in almost selfless ways, creating ever richer, ever deeper humus in which to digest, almost selflessly, the dead.

To them, we too must seem selfless.