cfbg tips; has a redbubble store if you’re interested and a few of you asked and I’m kinda broke so why not give y’all what ya want.

So if you want prints, posters, shirts, stickers, tote bags, journals, etc then check out and purchase from the store because you get what you want all while helping out a starving black female content creator/artist continue to generate content for y’all! Mmm~


I was fortunate enough to get to see Gen Y’s production of Heathers: the Musical in Orlando twice, and after loving it the first time, I was inspired to make this typographic illustration of one of my favorite quotes from the show. I was able to give some prints to the cast, and they really seemed to love them! So thank you to thatsthat24, nicolemlvisco, and candied curves​! You all are lovely and so, so, so talented!

If anyone else is interested, you can now get this design as a print, tote bag, pillow, and phone case, here on my REDBUBBLE!