I’ve decided to start selling my work as prints on Society6! 
Please check it out and keep checking back as more will be added soon.

제가 만든 그림을 지금 온라인 가게에 팔리기 시작했습니당! 

Now, several people have asked me if they could donate or send some Paypal or Patreon funds my way. I feel extremely awkward about this because it was never my intention to ask for money. I tried to be truthful to my reality in order to explain how I live while I come across my name printed on tote bags I cannot afford.

To all the responses regarding my last piece about feminism and appropriation — Medium

The responses to my piece about the commodification of my work have been very touching and emotional. Many people have reached out with support, offers of donations and comments. Since it would have been impossible to respond to each comment individually (and it would have mostly been a copy/paste of the same response), I wrote one single post addressing all of this (and including a link to the tip jar requested by several people).

I got a Society6 account

AND I’ve decided to put up my KLANCE art for sale as different sized prints and more. 

My Society6 -> Go here for various print options, including mugs, tote bags, pillow cases etc. 

Here’s a preview of my Klance hug art as an iPhone skin that I really liked this. You can check/purchase that out HERE

This is my first time doing this so I would love to see this generate some interest. If something catches your eye, or if you have questions & concerns, do not hesitate to message me. Otherwise, please SIGNAL BOOST and promo an artist ^_^

I hope to add more stuff to my shop after I chug out more artsies (•̀ᴗ•́)ノ *:・゚✧

These three little original paintings have just been listed for sale on my website (link in profile; They’re created with acrylic paints on cradled birch wood panels. Parasect and Spoink are 4"x4"x1" and Wailord is 6"x6"x1.5". These are some of my favorites in the series!

Love the art, but short on wall space? I’m happy to offer these designs printed on canvas tote bags through Redbubble (! I own a couple which I use to carry around my Pokemon TCG goodies. Word on the street is that they’re also good for packing snacks/water/other necessities for your Pokemon Go adventures!

I’m also happy to take commissions for custom paintings or other works. Just get in touch via email ( or Etsy ( to discuss the details.

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3rd Gym All-Over-Print Tote Bag from Studio TipTop
A Haikyuu all-over-print tote bag featuring two different illustrations of some of Tokyo's finest cops and Miyagi criminals. One side features Akaashi, Bokuto, Kuroo and Kenma taking donut break, whilst the other features Bokuto and Kuroo on the job, having rounded up 3rd gym's worst criminals, Hinat

Believe it or not, we finally got our bags up on storenvy! You can check them all out at here!


Fearful symmetry

what immortal hand or eye
dare frame thy fearful symmetry

Anyone familiar with William Blake’s The Tyger poem knows it’s the perfect capture of feeling we get when face to face with a beautiful, but ferocious, beast. But tigers aren’t the only animals whose symmetry is admirable. Here are several different animal portraits drawn by different artists, each looking dead-on at the viewer. Some are more artistic and interpretive, others are frighteningly realistic.

Available as art prints, shirts, tote bags, mobile phone cases, and more. Go here and click on your favorite image to explore.

Want to add your art to the growing Feral Findings collection? Share your gallery with us here.