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Here is a temple for the eye makeup from my Amaterasu cosplay from The Wicked + The Divine. First, I want to say that there are many ways to do this makeup, I have seen some awesome Amaterasu done with eye shadows or face paint, but I suck at drawing on my own face, so I found using temporary tattoo paper to be the easiest for me. I recommend using Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper, which you can buy on Amazon for about 2 sheets for $10.  You can download the image above or as a Pdf here.  You have to print it out on temporary tattoo paper using an ink jet printer (laser jet will not work).  Cut out the design, including and the dark blue circles to make eye holes. Apply the adhesive following the packaging directions.  Apply the tattoo to your face using warm water just like a normal temporary tattoo.  After applying to your face fill in the eye holes with a matching blue eye shadow or eye liner. When you are done cosplaying, it comes off pretty easily with soap and warm water. I also recommended applying a moisturizer to your face, since the tattoo will dry out your skin a bit.

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How to Make a T-shirt Using Transfer Paper

What you will need: One sheet of transfer paper, an iron, scissors, a blank shirt, an image from the internet or just any image that can be printed out, and an INK JET printer. I’m pretty sure all brands of transfer paper have to be printed on an ink jet printer.

P.S. You can get transfer paper at places like Office Max or Office Depot. Make sure you get the right kind of paper for the right kind of shirt. For example, there is special paper for white shirts, and another kind for black ones. The instructions I am making might be a little different from the ones your box tells you to do, that’s fine. When in doubt, follow the manufacturer’s instructions instead. This is the kind I got from Office Max:

So let’s get started

Step 1) Find the image you want on the shirt. I’m going to steal an image from the internet:

Step 2) Now when you go to actually iron on the image, it will go on backwards. So to get our image the right way, we need to flip it before we print it. I use to do this:

Step 3) Open up your flipped image by itself as so:

Step 4) You are now ready to print! But you need to test it out first to make sure the resolution is good and that the image is big enough. You may also need to do this to see which way you need to insert the paper so that it prints on a specific side of the sheet. You can just make a mark on one side and then see which side it printed on. So go ahead and print out on one piece of normal paper.

Make sure you unclick the “Fit Picture to Frame” box or else your image might get cut off. You should also try to find a “Iron on Transfer” paper type if you can.

I only printed off part of the image to save ink. But as you can see, the quality is good and the letters are backwards as they should be.

Step 5) Now you can finally print on your transfer paper! Take all the paper out of your ink jet printer and put the transfer paper in by itself. If you got the kind of paper I got, the white side is the side you want to print on, so lay the paper inside accordingly. If you have a different brand, the packaging should tell you everything you need to know. Print!

Step 6) Now cut off all the excess paper. You’re supposed to leave a little border around it, but it doesn’t really matter.

Step 7) We can now move on to the actually ironing part. Get you an iron, and dump all of the water out. Absolutely NO steaming while you iron! Now turn it all the way up and let it warm up. While it’s doing that, get a nice thick stack of paper and put it inside the shirt like so:

You do this so that the image only transfers on one side; so it doesn’t go through the front onto that back and then you can’t even put it on. Make sure you use ONLY a big stack of paper. Most everything else won’t work.

Step 8) Iron out your shirt so that there are absolutely no wrinkles in it. If you transfer the image on wrinkles, they will be there forever.

You can now lay down the image face down on the shirt:

(make sure that the PAPER is face down, but that the IMAGE is not upside down)

Now my box came with instructions on how long to iron according to size.

Full page-180 seconds

Half page-90 seconds

One fourth page-30 seconds

These should work for pretty much all brands, but again, check your own instructions.

Step 9) Iron! You might want to set a timer for the right amount of heat time because if you go over, it WILL burn! trust me, I’ve done it before. Iron in little circles working from the outside in.

Step 10) Now it is important that you let it cool. Don’t try to peel it off right away. But hey go ahead and blow on it, or fan it if you’re impatient like me.

Step 11) Once the sheet is completely cool, go ahead and peel it off. make sure you don’t accidentally peel off the image itself. Go slowly. (You can also take that stack of paper out of the shirt now)

Step 12) Done! Now just make sure you keep it in good condition. Don’t stretch it out, because it will crack. Do not wash for the first 24 hours, and then wash it by itself that first time. Always wash it inside out and in cold wash setting. Remove immediately after washing or else it might bleed. Then tumble dry at a warm setting. Do not iron over the image ever again.

Thanks for reading! Have fun and tag me if you make one!

Image credit not to me. (Not sure who made it)