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Bendy’s room (& adjoining bathroom)

It’s his dressing room, if that’s not clear. Just a little.. Modified. Not sure what to say about this one. He probably doesn’t need most of the stuff on his bathroom sink, but it’s nice to have anyway. You may notice that not many things are… too high up off the ground.

Forehead and Chill // BTS’ J-Hope

When the two of you go through your skincare routine together.

[A/N] Inspired by this gif set here

Fluff, humour.
Word Count: 1.6k.

“Toner, serum, moisturizer, then sheet mask?”

“Doesn’t it go toner, serum, mask, and then moisturizer?”

You glance down to see Hoseok squinting at the item in question as though it holds the key to the universe of glowing skin. The bathroom of his one-bedroom apartment is fairly cramped, with hardly enough space for a fully grown man and his stack of frog-print towels which he insists on keeping piled in the corner, but you make do with the limited room by standing between his legs as he perches atop the bathtub rim.

“I’m pretty sure Jin said to use the mask first,” he muses almost to himself, “But then we’d have to wait too long for the essence to dry before putting on the cream…”

“You know what, it probably doesn’t matter,” you point out kindly, readjusting the clips holding back your bangs. “It’s all being slathered on the same place.”

He takes one final look at the instructions before pulling away. “Yeah, you’re right,” he decides, shaking his head. A flop of hair falls into his eyes and he absentmindedly pushes it back. Unlike your hairpins, Hoseok’s choice of accessory is a black headband, positioned carefully over his head to reveal an expanse of skin for the lotion’s taking. You can’t help but feel the warm rush of satisfaction (and perhaps the slightest hint of envy) at the sight of it. Jung Hoseok’s forehead, as is the rest of his glorious self, is simply too spectacular to put into words. “Jin’ll complain that I messed up his perfect routine again, but that’s okay. I’m pretty sure he just makes it up as he goes, anyway.”

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Jack Maynard Imagine - Long Wait (SMUT)

To say you were frustrated would be an understatement. And you would be alright if it wasn’t because it was physically killing you, and you could do nothing about it. At least not satisfying enough.

You had been dating Jack for five, long dry months. Turning your best friend into your boyfriend had been harder than you thought, especially because there had been so many feelings involved you didn’t even know were there.

He had struggled as well. Seeing his best friend with other guys, seeing you being touched by hands that weren’t his, had risen something inside him. He didn’t know he was somehow in love with you until your lips touched another man’s, and he boiled with rage. Because you were not only his best friend, you were his princess, his girl, and it didn’t take him more than twenty seconds to drag you out of the club and away from that man’s touch.

You had been confused for a moment, before his lips roughly clashed with yours. You would be lying if you said you had never felt anything, even the slightest crush on Jack. Because he was attractive, and funny, and sweet. And he always made sure you were alright before he even could think about himself.

And so your hands had roamed his body, looking for some clothing to get rid of, right there in the middle of the street. Because you had wanted him for so long, and you wanted him to know.

But he grabbed your hand, pulling it away, and his own travelled their way down your butt and squeezed it. You bit your lip, unable to erase the thought of him lying above you, riding you caressingly “Y/N” he had whispered on your ear, sending chills down your spine “I want to take it slow, yeah?” He said before pressing his lips softly on the skin behind your ear.

Suddenly it all went away, as you focused on his lips gently pressing them against your jawline, and his hands firmly placed on the small of your back “I want to prove you that you’re more than that” he said, whispering again “Because you are one of the people I love the most, and I want to make sure that you know it”

His lips pressed against your neck, and you threw your head back in expectation “Jack” you managed to mumble, as you felt a sharp pain between your legs, and a feeling of desperation as you could do nothing about it “I really appreciate it, but-”

“No buts, babe” his hand cupped your cheek, as he pressed his lips against yours for a moment “I know myself, and I want this to work out as much as you do” he said, and you nodded.

You melted into his kiss again as the idea of not being able to touch Jack in any perverted away aggravated the pain on your core.

Despite having been with only one guy, you missed sex the most. And it wasn’t like he had given you any worth telling orgasms, but for some reason all you wanted to do was to get in Jack’s pants.

Five months passed, and it had been dry as a desert. You had tried to persuade him into fucking you senseless, but that boy was made of stone. Every time things got heated, he would pull away and change the subject into the most random, off-turning topic ever. And you were aching, aching for him.

It didn’t help that he was so fucking hot, either. Whenever you were hanging out at his place and he got out of the shower, you couldn’t help but look at the print on his towel when he wasn’t looking. You could only imagine what it’d feel like.

“Thank you guys for watching, see you next week, bye!” Jack waved at the camera before he got up and turned it off. You were sitting down on the kitchen counter, phone in hand, as you tried to look for that one Chinese restaurant you had loved so much a few weeks ago.

“It’s annoying me to death that I can’t bloody find this restaurant” you told Jack “I mean, it’s like 10 minutes away from my flat. I must be stupid”

Jack chuckled, and you could feel him getting closer to you “Thanks God you noticed, or else I’d have had to tell you” he joked, and you hit his arm.

Eyes still focused on your phone, you felt a pair of hands resting on your hips. You didn’t even flinch, as Jack’s most common place to lay his hands on you was your waist. He said it gave him a sense of protection towards you.

A few minutes later, you let out a desperate sigh, locking the screen of your phone “Fuck this shit, what else have you got in mind to eat tonight?” You asked.

Your eyes then locked with Jack’s, and you were taken aback for a few seconds. His eyes were darker than they had ever been, and you didn’t recognize the expression on his face. The grip on your waist suddenly tightened, and he pulled you closer to him, closer to the edge of the counter.

“I do have something else in mind to eat tonight” he whispered, and before you could understand want he meant, his lips were making love to yours. You wrapped your hands around his neck as his strong arms lead you closer to his firm torso.

Suddenly, his hands roamed the end of your -his, you now had a habit of stealing his clothes- tee shirt, and before he would back up again, you threw it above your head. He let out a small chuckle “In a rush, are we?” He smiled cheekily.

“You have no idea” you said before your lips met his again, your hands instinctively going to the elastic band of his sweatpants as he gently unclasped your bra.

When his mouth finally met your nipples, you melted into his touch. Your body pushed itself against his, longing for full connection. The way he made you feel was unbelievable, and you didn’t know how you could have gone by five months without such sensations.

“Jack” you moaned softly, as your hands went to his hair. His lips trailed their way down the edge of your leggings, before he slowly pulled them down your legs and to the other side of the room.

When his lips collided with your clit, you let out the highest pitched scream you had ever heard. You were already so wet, it was almost embarrassing. He worked his way inside you incredibly slowly, and you couldn’t help but pushing his head against your core to make him go deeper.

“Jack!” You whimpered, as he fastened his pace. You threw your head back in pleasant agony, resting your elbows on the cold kitchen counter. It didn’t take him long to make you come.

When his lips left your skin, you immediately sat up and hurried to the edge of his sweatpants, ignoring the emptiness you were now feeling. You pulled them down slowly, admiring every inch of his length, and imagining it how good it would feel inside you. You had longed him for so long, it was ridiculous.

He gently helped you down the counter, as you went down to your knees in front of him. You admired his length once more as you grabbed it between your small fingers, pumping it up and down before your soft lips wrapped around it. His hand went to the back of your head, guiding your mouth inside his cock as you sucked him dry.

His groans made you wet again, but so was he, and you felt overly proud of your work “Fuck, Y/N” he groaned, his head thrown back as you drove him towards climax “That fucking mouth of yours”

You pumped his length faster a few times before he came all over your mouth. You tasted him and swallowed, purely out of desperation. You had wanted him for so long, and you loved him so much, you wanted to give all of you to him.

He grabbed you by your sides and pulled you up so your legs were now around his torso. He teased you with his tip before he pumped it up and down a few times again, and all you could think of was how fucking good he tasted.

He pressed you down the sofa, legs opened wide, as he teased you at your entrance. But neither of you could wait much longer. When he filled you, you let out the loudest moan that had ever left your mouth. He was ridiculously big and it felt so fucking good, and you could feel was your walls clenching already as he slid in and out of you repeatedly.

He thrusted inside you faster every time, not being able to control himself when he felt how wet you were. He knew he wasn’t going to last very long, especially when he had you at his mercy, head thrown back, mouth open wide in pleasure.

And indeed, neither of you lasted very long. He filled you completely as he groaned loudly, thinking that maybe his neighbors wouldn’t look at him the same anymore. When his name left your mouth, he came again, unable to resist your screams.

He collapsed above you, breathing heavily as he ran a hand up and down your side “You alright, love?” He managed to ask.

You nodded “Yeah” you breathed out, your hands on his hair, as you pressed your lips against his once more “That was amazing, Jack”

“Worth the wait, huh?” He smiled.

“Indeed” you said as he hid his face on the crook of your neck. You kissed the top of his head “I love you, Jack”

“I love you too, Princess” he mumbled, planting a sweet kiss on your neck “Always”


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 9.6.17

watercolor tea towel // eggplant samba print by yaochengdesign

yaochengdesign’s watercolor paintings make beautiful cards, prints, and tea towels — there are abstract and non-abstract designs to choose from, and among my faves are these cute painted fruit-and-veggie patterns. my girlfriend danielle would love this purple design, too :)

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on poly Vanderwood/MC/Seven?

✿ Short answer, yes. 

Long answer, oh my god yes please imagine

  • The goofball idiots 606 and 707 getting into massive amounts of trouble and Vanderwood just picking them both up, throwing them over their shoulder, then going fuck this shit I’m out.
  • You and Seven staying up late at night playing video games and Vanderwood sighing and putting blankets on you.
  • Vanderwood’s birthday is coming up and you’re going to spoil them at Bed Bath & Beyond or Sephora or something but you and Seven walk into the store and realize in tandem “shit i’m a horrible basement goblin who knows nothing about beauty products wtf do i do”
    • You end up going to an employee and ask “please show us any and all of your leopard print products please”
    • You walk out amazed with a full set of leopard-print towels and wash-cloths and you are amazed by human ingenuity. 
  • Vanderwood cooks dinner night: great, you eat well. MC cooks dinner night: Decent, good quality, can consume. Seven cooks dinner night: The house burns down.
    • Everyone cooks dinner night: Hello it’s time for a food fight.
  • Vanderwood is tempted to put tracking beacons on you because you both keep getting lost in the mall and at festivals. In the end you both just end up holding their hands and Vandy is just like ugh while they blush.
  • You and Seven chomping down on fish-bread and Vanderwood cleans your face with their thumb. Seven smooshes his face into his food and tells Vanderwood to kiss it off.
    • Vanderwood dumps water on him.
  • Sometimes Vanderwood gets gloomy and is like “hahahaha man i suck” because, y’know, deeply embedded emotional issues. Seven oozes all over them like a gelatinous cat blob, grabs their face with his hands, and tells them “noooooo you’re amazing”
  • Vanderwood is both annoyed and kinda touched.
  • Vanderwood gets way more passionate about cartoons than they ever expected to be in their life.
  • Seven realizes Vanderwood is genuinely worried over him and has cared for him for a really long time and kind of melts inside.
  • During the period where Seven is all tsundere ‘nooo you can’t love me I have problems and I am sad inside :(’ Vanderwood just picks him up, shakes him, and tells him to talk dammit we care and want to help you.
  • vanderwood feeding you ice cream then smacking seven with the spoon when he tries to steal it.
  • Despite how much Vanderwood likes to pretend they’re a Cool, Competent Person they’re actually a huge loser themselves and they pass out in a pile on the floor with you lot after a late night of binging television dramas.

YOI x Furyu Prize Acrylic Ballchains & Plushes

Original Release Date:
June 2017

Featured Characters (14 Total):
Viktor, Yuuri, Yuri, Otabek, Christophe, Emil, Georgi, Guang Hong, JJ, Leo, Michele, Minami, Phichit, Seung Gil

The whole cast visits an onsen in the acrylics, and most seem quite content (Why so grumpy Otabek, Michele, and Seung Gil??)! Minami is so happy he’s practically ready to eat his rubber duck.

Some cute details: Yuri’s towel has his favorite print, Seung Gil’s towel is an homage to his short program, while Christophe seems to still be downing the same drink from Barcelona.

The plushes feature the main trio in their casual wear, though Yuri gets an extra cat ear headband (He looks thrilled)!

More from the Furyu series!




Fandom : Tokyo Ghoul

Pairing : Touka Kirishima : Ken Kaneki

Rating : M for Smut

Summary : He left because he wanted to become stronger, to keep her safe. But also, maybe because he’s afraid of how she’ll see the changes in him and scare her away. He believes it was the right decision, but can’t help but long for her especially when he’s alone. | She still waits, and feels her heart soar when she finds his scent lingering in her apartment.

Disclaimer : I do not own Tokyo Ghoul, obvious much? Ishida Sui owns Tokyo Ghoul. If I did, I might be rolling naked in money right now. Huehuehue!

Author’s Notes : I’m writing in hopes that I’ll get this pairing out of my system. I’ll be using the manga’s storyline to write this piece. More specifically, the time when Kaneki left to go on his own and become stronger as he said— post-Aogiri. It’s been years since I last wrote— forgive my mistakes in terms of grammar and the specifics of the fandom.

I also wanted to submit this for TouKen Smut Week, but I found out about that too late. Hehehe.

Kaneki might be a little OOC, he’d have to be to do all the things on this fic. I just thought that being on the brink of death would have changed him to be more proactive in his life. Okay, he might be a little aggressive instead of proactive here, sorry about that. I did it to try to remove the awkwardness of having sex for the first time. I’m hoping it worked. LOL

Anyway, I hope you guys like it. :)


Touka stopped at the front door of her apartment, a familiar smell still in the air. Closing her eyes, she concentrated and felt for his presence at the other side of the door— she felt none. ’He’s already gone’, she thought, her shoulders slouching. A piercing ache passed through her chest as she opened the door, relishing the scent he left behind and took her shoes off by the porch then dropped her things in the living area.

This was the third time Kaneki broke into her apartment. How he managed to do so, still baffles her. The only spare key she has to the apartment was with Yoriko, and she said it was still kept safe along with her house keys and even showed it to her. The girl was curious as to why she asked and Touka simply brushed it off as a random question, in which Yoriko no longer persisted.

The first time this happened, she saw a tiny rabbit keychain on her living table, the one she’s using on her phone now. She held it in her hands as she wept, curled up in a ball on the sofa. If it was in anger or sadness or both, she couldn’t tell. The fragrance he left then wasn’t as strong as it is now.

The second time, about a week apart, his scent lingered a little longer. As she sat on her sofa that night, she could tell that he spent a bit more time in her apartment, his scent was strongest on the sofa— now long gone. That got her thinking if he was waiting for her, but she decided to stop since she’ll only hurt herself from hoping that he was. She fell asleep there that night, too tired to cry.

She walked around the apartment, trying to determine where his scent was the strongest, looking for something he might have left behind. He’s been to the living area and the kitchen only briefly, taking note that nothing was touched. Tired as she was right now, she walked straight to the bathroom and took a bath. She wanted to be clean before she falls on the bed to sleep.

Skin flushed from the heat of the tub, with only her pink bunny-printed towel on, she headed to her room to get dressed. She stiffened upon opening the door, noticing that his scent was the strongest here. She looked around to see if he had left anything for her, putting on her black lacy knickers and tank top along the way. Finding nothing among her drawers, and her desk, she flopped down on her bed, the sheets and pillows bouncing along with it.

Her body went rigid when she realized where his scent is originating from. She tossed in the bed, inhaling his intoxicating scent, tears stinging her eyes from the memory of him. It hurts, missing him so much, but there was a small comfort in knowing that he was on her bed, a reassurance making her strong enough to fight the tears.

She fumbled to cover herself with the blanket, engulfing her body in a cocoon of his fragrance. As she waited for sleep to take over, she can’t help but wonder why he was in her room to begin with. Her heart gave a little stutter, a flicker of hope that maybe he missed her as much as she did. Which leads her to question why won’t he wait to see her at least?

Deflated, Touka snuggled further into the sheets inhaling the sweet scent of him. However, as minutes ticked by with each breath she took in, the more restless she got. The smell of him on her bed, was stirring something inside her she can’t explain. Another whiff, and the sensation went down to the pit of her stomach, making her groan in the process. She twisted on her back, dragged another breath, the feeling repeating itself more pronounced this time. She felt her nipples tingle, and felt heat rush from her core, making her moan. Realizing what’s happening to her body, she sat up straight and got up from bed.

Red-faced, she can’t believe she’s been reduced to the same tendencies as that stupid Gourmet! Shamelessly writhing on her own! Deciding that it would be better to tire herself to sleep and cool off, she walked to the bathroom to splash cool water on her heated face.

After opening her bedroom door, she stopped abruptly in the living area, surprised where she saw him standing, his gray eyes staring at her. Was she so distracted inside her room that she failed to notice his presence in her apartment? Or was this another dream? The latter option was more believable, but if it was the former— then she’d be dead in a suitcase if it was an investigator who managed to get inside.

Unable to believe herself, she tested with a weak voice, “Kaneki?”

He didn’t say anything at first, making her think he was only an apparition. “Touka,” his raspy voice reached her after a while, not moving from his spot.

That was all the answer she needed and sped at him full force hitting him with her right fist in the face. She only managed to land one on his left jaw, startling and jolting him from his position slightly.

“Fuck!” She hissed and flicked her right hand vigorously at her side. “Your jaw got harder!”

“What the hell was that for?!” Kaneki winced once he got his senses back, rubbing at his jaw.

“For being an idiot!” Touka yelled at him while still clutching her right hand in her left one, making him shift slightly at the accusation.

After a pause, Kaneki took her right hand in his, pulling her body closer. He clutched her wrist firmly, leaving no room for Touka to take her hand back from him. “I’m sorry,” he told her gently. “I shouldn’t have asked. I probably deserved that.”

“Hell yeah, you did!” She spat vehemently.

Bringing his left hand up, his eyes on their joined hands, he caressed the swollen knuckles with his right one. “I’m sorry,” he says again.

“It’ll heal, forget it,” she said dismissively and starts to pull her hand away but his vise-like grip won’t let her. Her eyes flicked to their entwined hands to his eyes that still looked at her hand. She felt like she should say something along the lines of how happy she was to see him, but immediately remembered the pain she had to go through missing him. She was about to protest and take her hand back but he surprised her by pressing his soft lips on the last remnant of her swollen knuckles, shocking her.

Heat rushed to her face, her body stiffening all the more upon realizing that she’s still only in her black lacy underwear and a flimsy black tank top. Taking advantage of her stunned silence, he grasped her by her shoulders and pulled her closer, tucking her into his chest.

Immobilized, Touka allowed Kaneki to place her head on his chest, near his right shoulder, his face close to hers as he lowered his chin down on her head. His arms wrapped around her body, fully embracing her, tightening his hold on her waist. He nuzzled her hair, going lower, feeling her hands turn to fists on his chest as his trail passed by her left ear and then ending at her neck. He inhaled deeply, taking in her scent, so much better than how her sheets smelled like.

She shivered slightly in his arms as he released his breath over the skin on her nape. He caught another scent in the air— Touka’s, but headier, warmer, and more palpable on his tongue. He wanted more. He pressed a chaste kiss on her neck, causing Touka to bite on her lip to stop a little mewl from coming out.

Wanting to hear her voice, he trailed his nose upwards, one arm secured on her waist, his other hand trailing along her back. His open mouth ghosted hot puffs of air on her skin and stopped below her ear and sank his teeth in.

That did the trick, a little moan escaped her mouth. The burning sensation from her core flared, her scent becoming stronger. He laved the area with his tongue, savoring the whimper she’s trying to hold back. He raised his lips to her ear, his hot breath fanning the sensitive shell, making her legs tremble beneath her.

“I can smell you down there,” he whispered. A helpless cry tore from her throat, her hands burying themselves in his black shirt. He can’t help but be pleased with her reaction, a smile pulling at his lips. “I’d like to see how you taste like,” he added.

That seemed to wake her from her stupor. He didn’t allow her to argue and attacked her lips in a searing kiss. Touka didn’t have time to retaliate, her breath stolen from her as he caught her lips in his, tasting her. He nibbled on her lower lip, sucking it into his mouth, pulling it down and forced his tongue in her mouth.

They both groaned at the sensation. Touka dug her nails into the fabric of his shirt as Kaneki slid his hands inside her top, caressing the smooth skin he found on her back. They parted for air, Kaneki recovering first and taking her mouth in his again. Touka’s right hand fisted in the hair on his nape, her other hand going under his arm beneath his shirt, clutching at the bare skin on his hard back.

He groaned, liking the way her hands feel on his back. The little tilt he felt from her mouth indicated she was happy with his reaction. He paid her back by gliding both of his hands down her body, going inside her undies and giving her rounded ass a tight squeeze, earning him a deep moan from her.

Keeping her in place using his hands on her rear, he ground his hips into hers making her aware of his desire for her. The action caused them to release each other from the kiss with a groan. After taking in a bit of air, he took her lips in another hungry kiss, his right hand digging a little deeper in her undies.

His fingers parted her bottom cheeks, while his middle finger slipped further and found her wet heat. Upon touching her heated flesh from the nub to her core, her legs buckled, her lips releasing his to let out a strangled moan. His other hand was on her ass still supporting her weight.

Their lips sought each other once more, but as much as he’d like to keep going as they are now, he had to consider her comfort. He withdrew his hands from her underwear, a disappointed whine sounded from Touka. Squeezing her ass again, he pulled her even closer to his body and hoisted her up, manipulating her legs to lock onto his torso.

He carried her to her room still engaged in their kiss, with Touka clawing at his clothes, trying to get them off but unsuccessful in her attempts. He laid her on the bed slowly, disengaging momentarily to take his shirt off, allowing her to take a steadying breath. She eyed his body with delight, happily pulling him down to her lips for another kiss, her fingers dragging from his chest to encircle her hands on his back, rubbing her palms firmly on the hard planes.

His hands slipped inside her shirt, pulling it up to take it off. They had to break the kiss to remove her top, as he did, he focused his lips elsewhere. He found the sweet spot on her neck, giving it another nibble, sucking on it after then soothing it with his tongue. The girl beneath him moaning and clawing at his back as he did so; the feel of her nails on her back made him groan.

He wanted her to feel more, trailing his kisses from her neck, down to the middle of her chest. His left hand was buried under her back, his right hand cupped her left breast, massaging in soft, firm strokes, while his warm tongue traced the underside of her other breast. One of her hands slipped in the soft white locks, while her other hand remained clutching to his back holding on to him, incoherent sounds springing forth from her lips.

She gasped as he sucked on her nipple, swirling his tongue around it and then releasing it. He did the same to the other one, replacing his hand. Unoccupied at the moment, his right hand glided from her left breast to her flat stomach, slipping under her panties and reaching her throbbing core. He used his ring and fore finger to part her warm folds and with the use of his middle finger, he traced the outline of her slit. From the sensitive clit, going around to circle her core.

“Ah!” Touka cried, as his finger dipped a little inside, gathering her moisture and spreading it all over her core. He focused his attention on her clitoris, lightly circling the little nub, and eventually adding a little more pressure on to it. He released his mouth from her left breast, and began nipping at the surrounding area of her nipple. He added a little force on his fingers, making her thighs clamp on his wrist, but he still continued to massage her nub, kept stimulating her nipple with his lips and tongue. Her mewls turned into pants, sounds barely coming out from her mouth until she gave out a keening moan. She trembled, and stars danced behind her closed eyelids, her body soaring high, until she gradually came down again.

Upon regaining her senses, she saw Kaneki in between her thighs, his hands on either side of her undies. He gave a little tug, and the flimsy piece of lace gave way, thrown aside and forgotten. If it wasn’t one of the most arousing sights she’s seen in her life, she’d probably decked his face again, but right now, she was too horny to care. She stiffened, surprised to see Kaneki lowering his face to her nether regions.

“W-what are you doing?” She asked shakily, panic in her eyes.

“What does it look like?” Came his rhetoric reply. “I did say I wanted to have a taste didn’t I?” He actually had the gall to smirk.

Embarrassed, she grit her teeth, her hands fisting in the sheets. ’I’ll wipe that smirk off your face soon enough,’ she thought, Kaneki smiling at her defiant face.

“N-no!” Her protests soon died in her throat, as Kaneki pulled her thighs over his shoulder, wrapping his arms around each thigh. He turned his face to her left thigh, not breaking eye contact with her as he kissed the inside of her thigh. He loved the way her breath hitched, the way her body shook, awaiting his attention.

“There was a reason why I tried to avoid you…” He whispered against the sensitive skin on her inner thigh, sending helpless shivers down her spine. “Even after staying here for a bit,” kiss, “…waiting for you,” nip, and she stiffened. “I always make it a point to leave.” Suckle, a moan in response. “Do you want to know why?” Another kiss, lower, closer to her heat than the previous one, and then he stopped.

Panting, she then realized he just asked her a question. “Yes,” she answered breathlessly.

He turned his face to her right thigh this time, still not breaking eye contact with her. “I was always afraid,”he whispered while his lips were still attached to her skin, enjoying the way her body quivered when he did. “I was afraid that I won’t be able to control this side of me…” he breathed, and planted a firm kiss on her inner thigh. Her legs twitched when he did.

“I thought I might scare you away. I’m not the shy, gentle kid you grew to love.” he continued, his tongue peeking out to flick at her skin, shivers skating down her spine again and again with each caress.

He kissed his way lower, “I have always wanted you,” he panted. “This time, I just couldn’t stay away.” Another lick on her heated skin, “not right after hearing the little voices you made in your room.” This time he bit harder at the juncture of her thigh and crotch. Touka’s back arched from the bed, a loud moan escaping her throat.

“Ah, Kaneki!” Loving the way his name sounded on her lips, his hot tongue dove right into her heat, tasting her heady arousal, making her moan louder. He thrust his tongue in and out of her repeatedly, reveling in the high-pitched mewls coming from her mouth. Taking his tongue out of her core, he kissed her lower lips fervently, like he did her mouth. He used his tongue to part her folds, the flat of his tongue rubbing on her clit driving her crazy. He used a finger to prod her entrance, slipping it in easily as he continued to plunder her clit with his tongue.

He added another finger into her core, pumping in and out. His mouth previously laving on her clit now sucked gently on that sweet little nub. Her high-pitched moans grew more frantic as he did so, he sucked a little harder, though not hard enough to hurt her and pumped his fingers in her a little faster. He can feel her coming apart in his hands, and continued his relentless torture until a silent scream fell from her lips— her body quivering like earlier. He timed his ministrations to the pulse in her core, helping her down from her second orgasm.

Her body went limp as he released her thighs from his hold, and set them down the mattress. While waiting for her to catch her breath, he pulled his pants down along with his underwear and settled his body in between her legs. He planted a chaste kiss on her exposed eye, still closed from exhaustion, feeling a little giddy himself from giving her pleasure.

With his knees under her thighs, he supported his weight on top of her, skimming his open hands along her sides. She reacted with a jolt, still sensitive everywhere after her climax. Kaneki continued to skim lazy patterns on her sides, this time going from the sides of her breasts, down to the sides of her thighs— as far as he could reach. Her breath grew rapid, soft cries were expelled after each exhalation.

Kaneki bent his head down and placed the flat of his tongue in the middle of her chest and licked his way up to the column of her throat. She moaned, her weak hands resuming their place on his back she admires. He left open-mouthed kisses from the base of her throat, going to the side of her neck and stopping at her left ear.

He licked her earlobe as he plunged himself inside her tight core in one smooth thrust and held still. She gave a cry of pleasure, followed by a wince of pain, her arms and legs tightening their hold on Kaneki’s body. “Kaneki!” His name, a moan on her lips, he felt a warmth blossom from his chest. He groaned at the feel of her untried muscles doing their best to accommodate his girth.

“Touka,” he breathlessly whispered at her ear. “I’m sorry. Does it still hurt?” His voice sounded strained, it was proving to be difficult to keep his hips from moving.

“No,” Touka half-groaned, pain still etched on her lovely face. Her warm channel pulsing as she spoke, making it harder for Kaneki to resist. “Keep going, I’ll be fine,” she persisted.

He pressed himself harder against her making her wince, a groan slipped from him when her core tightened around his manhood. Wanting to alleviate her pain, he nuzzled against the right side of her neck, sliding his nose from behind her ear, to the base of her neck. His tongue peeked out to flick at the skin he found there, the slight sensation setting Touka’s body aflame with a gasp.

Seeing that it helped, he placed an open-mouthed kiss on her neck, slightly sucking on the skin releasing it with a delicate sound. Her body twitched, a low moan in her throat as Kaneki continued to kiss and suckle on her neck. It was amazing to feel her body quiver, her warm channel pulsing in time with her body, her nails digging onto his back, sending shivers down his spine.

Gritting his teeth, he pulled out a little, and then drove himself back inside. The delicious moan that came from her open mouth was his signal that she’s distracted by the pleasure as much as he is. He pulled more of himself out this time, and pushed back in, repeating the motion, both of them panting, soft mewls joining in with his deep moans.

He pumped slowly, relishing the feel of her walls clamping down on his hardness. It was like every time he pulled out, her core literally sucked him back inside. He loved how uncontrollable sounds erupted from her, how her body relaxed and tensed with each roll of his hips.

Full, complete— that’s how it feels like each time he pushes himself into her. It feels as if she can’t get enough, her nails dug further on the skin on his back, a hiss escaping his gritted teeth. She’s uneasy, restless as he drives into her, pulling him closer to her body for a kiss. Finally understanding what she wanted, Touka released his lips, trailing her hot breath on his cheek to his ear.

“More,” she pants, and he completely understood what she meant, picking up the pace. Kaneki held on to her hips, pumping into her faster. Her soft mewls turning into keening moans, her breath puffing onto his cheek. He pushed into her with a little bit more force along with his pace, the intensity escalating with each thrust, rattling the bed beneath.

He can feel her body tense, the grip of her thighs on his hips grew tighter, the nails on his back dug deeper, most of all, her warm wet core seemed to constrict along with the rest of her body. The sensations were almost too much for her to bear, she can feel her body closing in, like a string being wound too taut.

“Kaneki…” his name came out as a needy moan. He can’t help but slam his hips into her in a frenzy, to fulfill his lover’s needs. That was enough for the string to snap, her body unraveling— her back arched, her mouth opened into a silent scream. The feeling of her body gripping him everywhere, sent him over the edge, his seed spilling inside her hot core, her name falling from his lips.

Exhaustion took over the two, as he pulled his member from her core with a hiss, and a whimper as her response. He let his body collapse on the bed, his right side against the sheets while he pulled her flushed body to his. Touka snuggled against him, aligning her body comfortably against his. With her head on his chest, her right palm over where his heart beat strongly, Kaneki used whatever limbs he could spare to cover their cooling bodies with the blanket.

Their eyes are closed but they’re still awake, his right hand drawing lazy patterns on her skin, her fingers still drumming on his chest.

“You’re wrong you know,” Touka said quietly. Kaneki’s head bent down to see her eyes still closed, a smile on her lips.

“About what?” He asked, with a small smile tugging on his lips as well.

“That you’d scare me away,” this time she looked up from his chest, her blue eyes piercing him with raw emotion making his breath catch. “Just because you’re a little different now, doesn’t mean that your essence has gone, doesn’t mean I’d love you any less.” Her face grew hot and pink at the admission.

He was dumbstruck. He never thought she’d say it aloud like that. As far as he’d known Touka, she’s not one to be blatantly honest about her feelings.

“Anyway,” she continued, fighting off the embarrassment. “You’re still the same deep down,” she paused. “Your hair color might have changed, your exterior a little rough, but you’re still the same nerd inside.” She gave a little laugh at the statement, the smile on Kaneki’s lips growing. “You still care about us— about me. You just have a different way of showing it now.” She looked into his eyes as she said so. “I’m just a little sad that you didn’t care enough to include me in your plans,” she smiled, with unshed tears glistening in her exposed eye.

He pulled her closer in his arms, hugging her tightly and kissing the tears from her eyes. “I’m sorry Touka,” his throat sounded tight as he spoke. “I can’t lose you,” his voice caught on a sob, which he held back. “I know how much I hurt you. But the things I’m doing now, there’s just too much at risk.” He swallowed and started again, “I won’t be able to give it my all if you’re near me. I’ll always be distracted.” He kissed her chastely on her mouth, “Please understand how important you are to me, and please know that I crave for your presence whenever you’re not with me.”

“I understand, I’ll be patient,” she continued. “I’ll wait for you, so please, come back to me.” She whispered, fresh tears flowing from her eyes as she pushed against him for a kiss.

“I promise, I’ll come back to you for sure. I love you too much to stay away.”

He put his lips against hers, kissing her slowly, sweetly this time until they both had to break away for air. Their foreheads touching, another chaste kiss, and then resumed their position snuggling on the bed. This time, Kaneki combed his fingers through her hair, with Touka tracing her fingers on his chest languidly until they both fell asleep, perhaps the most relaxing, since the innocent days of childhood.

When she woke up, he was already gone, his scent still lingered in the air and on her bed. With a smile on her lips, she snuggled into the warm sheets, happy to know that her feelings were at least reciprocated.

At school, Yoriko couldn’t help but notice that Touka looked a bit happier today.

“Did something good happen?” Yoriko asked.

Touka couldn’t control the blush that spread on her cheeks. “Why do you ask?”

“Nothing,” her friend replied a little too quickly, a nervous laugh making its way out.

Touka looked at her suspiciously then. “You’re hiding something,” she said as she sat closer to Yoriko. “What is it?

Uneasy, and a bit guilty, Yoriko confessed. “Well,” she gulped. “You remember the time you asked me about your apartment key?”

Touka looked like she had a light bulb moment. “You didn’t!” She gasped, her exposed eye widening.

Yoriko continued, telling her about the time when Kaneki waited for her after school and asked her to come with him to get the another copy made of the duplicate key, which she agreed to.

“Why did you agree to that?” Touka asked bewildered.

“Because I knew you liked him, and I thought you wouldn’t have minded if you if he paid you a surprise visit.”

The dark-haired girl sighed, “You didn’t think he might have tried to kill or rape me or something?” She asked Yoriko sardonically.

“No,” she replied with a snicker. “He didn’t give off the vibe that he was dangerous.

‘Oh, Yoriko. If only you knew,’ Touka thought.

“Besides, I also don’t think you would have minded even if he made an advance. That’s the reason why you’re so happy right now, isn’t it?”

The full-blown blush on Touka’s face was her answer.

“I thought so!” Yoriko pointed at her face and laughed wholeheartedly.

Touka was a bit exasperated at first, but eventually lightened up and laughed with her. She thanked Yoriko after they were able to calm down. If not for her agreeing to the whole thing, the wonderful things that happened last night might not have occurred.

She wouldn’t have known however, that that would have been the last time she saw Kaneki again— wouldn’t have known that he’d turn into another person. After years of waiting, she almost couldn’t believe he was here, in the coffee shop.

There was no doubt, the white hair, although streaked with black, and his gentle face— this was Kaneki. He grew taller, his frame wider under the coat he was wearing. She paused, to look at him, and got a little sad as she saw herself reflected his eyes. Sad because confusion was there, instead of the love she saw from that one night.

He doesn’t remember.

She heard rumors that he was still alive, but she didn’t believe that he lost his memories. “Please,” she forced herself to smile. “Have a seat.” She gestured for her customers to a table and took their orders.

She got their orders delivered quickly, and stood by the bar, watching Kaneki longingly with his new friends, as they sipped on the concoction, appreciating the taste. Her heart shook as she saw tears in his eyes, crying after he took a sip of the coffee, recognizing the recipe Yoshimura passed down to them. A single tear slipped from her exposed eye as she looked on.

His mind cannot remember, but some part of him still does.

“Sassan, that’s too much!” His companion with the strange hair and even stranger set of teeth exclaimed. “Is this some new kind of joke?!”

Smiling to herself, she quickly dabbed at the tear streak from her face and walked to his table. “Here you go,” she said in the gentlest voice she could muster and offered him her handkerchief.

“Ah, I’m sorry,” he said as he took the handkerchief from her hand and used it to wipe at his eyes; the scent from the little piece of cloth was warm and very comforting. “It’s delicious…” he paused, referring to the cup of coffee. “It really is.” He said, his voice a bit shaky. He couldn’t understand why he was having this reaction.

He looked at her then, a sad but beautiful knowing smile on her face. “Thank you very much,” she had replied and bowed politely, he can’t help but feel a stab of regret as he saw her walk away, back to tending the bar.

The others might have thought he was being strange, so he went back to drinking from his cup. He couldn’t seem to shake off the daze he was in. He finished his cup, the feeling of getting another one not far from his mind, but there were things they needed to do today. He could always come back some other time.

Touka bade them goodbye when their group left, Kaneki’s gaze lingered on her a second later than what’s considered to be proper. A stupid grin was left on her face as she cleaned up the table along with the cups.

“He’s back,” Yomo’s voice cut through the silent air around them. “Although he doesn’t seem to remember us.”

“Maybe not, but there’s still a chance that he will, judging from the way he reacted to our usual coffee blend,” she looked at Yomo then, a smile still plastered on her face. “I want to be here until then. He’ll come back to us for sure. I have faith in him,” she paused. “That’s what I said before right?”

He just gave her a nod as his response. Walking over to where she was to help her with the cleaning.

“Maybe it won’t be as sad a story this time.”


Author’s Notes : I had wanted to just end it where they slept, and maybe finish it off with a bit of humor like I always do with my one-shots. But it felt so insufficient to just stop there.

I had also wanted to finish it with the lingering sadness by just ending it with the first time Haise and Touka clapped eyes on each other. But I thought that would have been too sad. I tried to make it a bit hopeful this time. I still feel a bit sad about the way things are, so much regret. I hope the Ishida Sui comes up with a happy ending favorable to TouKen shippers everywhere!

I read this three times, correcting here and there. I might have left a few holes in it still, I’m sorry about that if ever. :D

You know, I never noticed Touka use Kaneki’s first name. Am I wrong? XD

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Dancing for Infidget prompts? Infinite would have to stand on his toes and Gadget might start bending down to meet him half-way. Also, while waltzing, Infinite would always looks floaty and graceful, but Gadget would keep slipping into a polka waltz. They'd keep standing on one-another's toes, but Infinite can't help but smile a little when seeing Gadget look so energetic and happy. (THIS WAS GONNA BE THE ONE SENTENCE AND I GOT CARRIED AWAY SORRY)

i think i didnt entirely nail this bc im v rusty w my writing rn, but hopefully what ended up tumbling out suffices sdfghjgf i’ll dump it under a read more!! didnt have much of a proper direction so what happened just kinda happened lmao

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Izuku has tons of All Might merch. He’s always thought highly of AM and it seems that, even personally knowing the man, he hasn’t stopped all of his fanboy habits. But I had a thought. What if, Toshinori thinks of Izuku often, too? 

There’s no hero Deku merch so he obviously can’t buy that, but sometimes he sees things that remind him of Izuku. He buys them. 

He sees a green-and-white tie one day and buys it, not even thinking about whether or not he’d wear it but thinking “this looks like a similar green to Midoriya’s hero outfit.” Maybe he actually does wear it to school one day (he bought it, so he may as well!), and people question the atypical color scheme but otherwise don’t pay much mind.

He has a green pen that he uses whenever grading papers. The ink is red but the casing is green.

Recovery Girl is exasperated sometimes, like the time when he volunteered to go on a supply run for her. “I appreciate that you went out to buy some supplies for me, All Might, but I can’t use these green cotton balls. Where did you even get them?”

He finds a green notebook with red and white star accents, and is reminded of Izuku’s note habits. He uses it as a planner.

Tbh he probably thinks of all his students to some degree. Space-related things make him think of Uraraka. He finds an old VHS tape of the Alien movie and thinks of Ashido. Sees one of those squeezable stress toys that has an angry-face and thinks of Bakugou. Anything frog-themed makes him think of Tsuyu. Punk/rock stuff makes him think of Jirou and he ends up buying a rock band T-shirt that he wears around his place. Anything grunge/goth makes him think of Tokoyami b/c he doesn’t really understand those fashions but maybe he’d like them…? When the weather is really hot or frigid cold he wonders how Todoroki is doing.

In general, he finds his life filled with light reflections of his students. It’s nothing noticeable at first, and it’s gradual, but his life gains more color because of it. He wakes up each day with a bit more excitement to see the world.

He never noticed that the world lost color in his eyes, always too busy in his efforts (not enough) to protect. He was so focused on trying to save the hearts of others that he neglected his own.

I’m old, he used to tell himself. It comes with age. He’d accepted (resigned himself) to such a thought. But his life still gains color.

His desk at Yuuei holds many things. A green notebook, a galaxy-print towel, an angry stress toy, a frog bobble-head, glittery streamers, a snowglobe, a spiked bracelet, a blue racecar replica, a cup with lightning bolts on its surface. A taiyaki-shaped eraser, writing utensils with birds and cowboy hats printed on them. He even has various merchandise (one for each, at the very least) themed after each of the heroes he works with, and more.

No one seems to notice the specifics of his habit. The teachers he works alongside watch with wide-eyes as his collection continues to grow, but otherwise don’t say much about it. Students dropping by the office stop and stare. When they ask, he laughs and replies: “I collect things sometimes.”

One day, Nedzu comes into the office. He stops right at Toshinori’s desk and tilts his head to the side, glancing between the unexpectedly festive workspace and the others’ with a knowing gaze.

“I’m glad you’ve adjusted well, All Might.”

Toshinori smiles.

He’s happy, too.

A Long Day.

A/N: this is a short smut story. first time trying 1st person POV. let me know what you think. also, Im taking longer than usual on my next fanfic but it’s almost done. expect it to be out this week. (: enjoy.

Not Requested.

Warnings: daddy kink, swearing

No Summary.


I had been waiting for hours for J to get home. it was the worst. all I did was watch Netflix all day. I couldn’t really leave the house. Boss’ specific orders. He did have Frost keep an eye on me though. it wasn’t very fun since he didn’t really talk. or blink. or breathe for that matter. it was weird.

it was night time when J finally got home. he looked pretty bad. maybe a deal gone wrong?

what’s new.

he and his henchmen were covered in dirt, sweat, and blood. what an endearing sight.

he walked through the door with a busted face and his eyebrows furrowed. he looked pissed.

“J, baby, you okay?” I cooed, trying to make him feel better.

I walked towards him and tried to wrap my arms around his neck. he blew me off.

“not in the mood.” he snarled.

he stormed up the stairs and into our bedroom.

I can fix that. I thought to myself as I smirked.

I followed him into our bedroom and didn’t see him anywhere. I heared the shower running, so I assumed it was him taking a shower. it gave me an idea.

I took my clothes off and left myself in only my bra and panties. they were both black with lace.

his favorite.

I crawl into the bed, but don’t cover myself so I would be on full display for him. I can hear him turn off the shower and getting out.

I start touching myself and make sure he can hear me.

I arch my back as I start to moan his name. “J.”

he steps out of the bathroom, wearing only a towel, and takes in the sight before him.

“bad girl,” he growled. “you know you can’t touch yourself without daddy’s permission.” he walked towards me and aggressively took my hand out of my panties. my fingers were soaked.

“I’m sorry, daddy,” I breathlessly reply. “but if you won’t fuck me, then I gotta get the job done myself, don’t I?” I seductively say as I suck my fingers clean. I can tell he’s aroused. I can see his print through the towel.

“want a taste?” I whisper.

he growls and he tears my panties off. I chuckle and sigh as he starts to kiss and suck my thighs, avoiding the part I need him the most.

“Mmm, daddy, please.” I beg.

“please, what, baby?” he continues to kiss my thighs.

“taste me.” I moan.

“No,” he snarled. “bad girls don’t get rewarded. they get punished.”

I giggle. “even better.”

he gets to my stomach and starts sucking and biting me, leaving bruises behind. he takes my bra off and starts to suckle on my nipples. I moan louder.

he flips me over so my back is facing him.

“get on your hands and knees. now.” he demanded.

“yes, daddy,” I obeyed. I made sure to leave my legs wide open. for him to enter later.

I did as I was told and as soon as I did, I was rewarded with his fingers. he starts to rub my wet clit profusely. my moaning and grunting intensifies.

“good girl.” he whispered.

with his other hand, he took off the towel. he pressed himself against me so I’d know how hard he is. he was rock hard. I sigh at the feeling of his dick pressed against me.

he then places his dick against my slit. not inside, so he can tease me. I start grinding against him, earning a few grunts and moans over my own.

I can feel my orgasm build up.

“I’m go-gonna cum, daddy.” I panted with pleasure.

as soon as I spoke, he stopped.

“not yet.” he growled.

I sighed as I impatiently waited for him to pound me.

“daddyyyy.” I whined. “come on, I know you want it, too.” I seductively responded as I kept grinding against him.

he sighed as he finally gave him. he usually kept me waiting longer but he couldn’t hold back either.

he slammed into me with no warning. I cried out in shock and pleasure, not thinking that he would actually give in.

he thrusts back and forth without letting me adjust. I can feel his grip getting tighter on my hips. that’ll bruise later for sure. I moan louder and louder as he starts to go in faster, deeper, and harder. his grunting going over my noises as well.

I’m beginning to feel my orgasm build up again. I can feel him getting closer too.

“J, I’m gonna—”

“no! not yet.” he panted.

I pant as I try to hold back. his thrusts start to get sloppy.

“I-I can’t hold back any longer!” I moan.

“now!” he grunts as he fills me up with him cum.

I let go and throw my head back in ecstasy, letting out a loud moan.

he pumps in a few more times before coming to a complete stop.

he slides out of me and collapses on the bed beside me. I turn around and lay down with him. he puts his arm around me so I can rest my head on his chest.

“you sure as hell know how to make it easier for me to come home.” he said as he kept panting.

“it was hard before?” I replied in confusion.

“no, I just thought you would give me shit for coming home so late.”

“oh, come on, J, you know I understand. you gotta do what you gotta do.” I say, nuzzling him, getting a smile out of him. “I just get bored.”

I start to fall asleep but J notices.

“are you falling asleep?” he got back up, breaking my comfortable position.

“well, I was, but not anymore.” I reply annoyed.

“oh, no, honey, we’re just getting started.” he grinned.

I laugh. “do your worst.”


Ask meme: Bathing Beauty edition

Tastes a little more Earth-bound: What/who makes you say OHLALA?

Took a little trip: Where do you want to visit next?

There was no place to change!: Do you go to to the beach to swim or to lay in the sun?

Hello!: Describe the outfit that makes you ready to take on some summer fun.

What a cutie: Who is your style icon?

What a peach: Who is the sweetest person you’ve ever met?

Posing under her parasol: Do you sunburn easily?

Checks!: Playing outside or playing a board game inside on a hot day?

Stripes!: What is your perfect beach towel print? (Solid color? Striped? Covered in a cartoon character? etc.)

Dots!: Describe your ideal bathing suit.

See her practically glow!: What makes you glow with happiness?

Wearing a smile: Do you smile for selfies?

Coney Island: Have you ever been to an amusement park? If so, what was the best part? 

Bathing Beauty: Finish this statement any way you like “Bathing Beauty, say _____”


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 1 | 10.23.15

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ameliemancini’s minimal illustrations are ideal for tea towel — and linen napkin, and infinity scarf, and placemat — screen printing. choose from several earthy and botanical designs in many different hues!