printed knits

pffffuahhhd finally getting around to uploading this thing I did at work last month!!!!

Here’s a little before/after shot of the fabric I painted for the WNO’s Spring 2017 production of Dead Man Walking, with costumes designed by Jessica Jahn!! This printed polyester knit fabric was used for the blouse worn by the character Jade Boucher. It took a lot of samples and experimenting to come up with a combination that would permeate through the knit when applied and remain wash fast, but it worked out in the end!

I painted in 4 yards by hand, used 4 different colors, and including the heat setting this process took about 80 hours to complete. No stencils or stamps were used; all applied colors were free handed on with a paintbrush.

Swearwolf’s birthday is not over, ayy.

Now I feel really mean, so I’m posting some not-so-sad headcanons about him

  • Even though he’s a halfblood, he was raised mostly the muggle way since wizards are fucking awful towards werewolves and his parents wanted to protect him
  • is pansexual.
  • fell in love with Sirius around third year, got together with him the summer Sirius ran away from home. (they lived together after graduation.)
  • Wears knitted jumpers, printed button-ups, skinny jeans patched way too many times. Owns way too many cardigans and band t-shirts.
  •  Has no idea how to actually knit, and is awful with DIYs overall. All of his jumpers/cardigans were made by James/James’ mum (or later on, Sirius)
  • Is actually very punk rock. I HC that he was the one to introduce Sirius to punk in form of  the Clash and Sex Pistols in the sixth year.
  • once tried to get drunk on chocolate filled with liquor. Succeeded after consuming approximately two kilos and almost causing all the other Marauders to throw up.
  • Smokes. Stopped when Lily and James had Harry, along with the rest of the Marauders because it was bad for the baby. Picked up again when living with Sirius after Azkaban.
  • Calls people spoons because a spoon is exactly the opposite of sharp. (I do that)
  • And when he’s pissed off, he says: “wow i thought you were just a spoon, but now i see that you’re the entire set of cuntlery.
  • Has no verbal filter at all. Swears a lot, and it’s a miracle he became a professor/prefect. Comes up with interesting mixes, and knows at least one swearword in every European language.
  • Reads a lot of poorly written sci-fi books. You know what kind i’m talking about, the ones you find in secondhand bookshops, dogeared and with foul remarks written all over with pencil. (he’s the author of said remarks) It’s the kind in which you find poorly disguised political critique and even more poorly disguised dick jokes.
  • Has one ear pierced. Used to wear a safety pin or a silver ring in it, but took it out when he truned 30, claiming it ‘immature’.
  • Has really pretty eyes. They’re round-ish, and golden brown-turning greenish brown on the  edges. They look very bright and bleak green in the summer, or when light shines directly thorugh them. In the winter, or in the candlelight/dim light, they’re amber-gold.
  • His freckles only show up in the summer, but they’re adorable.
  • He has the worst of his scars on his arms, because before they’re fully healed, he picks on them whenever he’s anxious. The ones on his face are nicely healed and thin.
  • His hair. Oh my god. It’s tawny (I don’t know if that’s the exact word to use for the colour.) Reddish-dark blond. Sort of like fudge. It’s mostly wavy/striaght-ish until you get it wet/ it’s humid. Then, it’s a curly mop of adorableness.
  • Wears combat boots, white converse and proper, leather shoes. First ones because they’re basically indestructible and can last almost a life-time, the second ones because they’re cheap, and the last ones because they’re proper.
  • I think that’s all?
  • If I think of anything else, I’ll add on.

I Sell the Shadow to Support the Substance. Sojourner Truth (1864). Albumen print carte-de-viste from the ICP’s Cowin Collection of African-American Vernacular Photography

Sojourner Truth (1797-1883), born Isabella Baumfree to a family of slaves in Ulster County, New York, escaped with her daughter in 1826, a year before New York state’s emancipation. After living in a commune, she converted to Christianity, changed her name in 1843, and became an itinerant preacher. The publication of the Narrative of Sojourner Truth, recorded in 1850 by her friend Olive Gilbert, and “Sojourner Truth: The Libyan Sibyl,” written by Harriet Beecher Stowe for the Atlantic Monthly in 1863, raised Truth’s national profile. She toured with abolitionists Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison and earned money from these speaking engagements as well as from the sale of images. As demonstrated by the inclusion of text on her cartes-de-visite, Truth actively controlled the dissemination of her image as a proper, educated, middle-class woman to support herself and her activist work. An ardent feminist, Truth often had herself represented proudly engaged in “women’s work,” such as knitting.


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(EN) To enjoy the cool climate in Minas Gerais these days, I’ve made a salmon dress, floral print, with blue knitting bolero. Feel free to use! 😄

(PT-BR) Para aproveitar o clima fresquinho que está em Minas Gerais esses dias, fiz um vestido salmão, estampa floral, com bolero azul em tricô. Fiquem à vontade para usar! 😄