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Society 6: Product Review and Sale Code

Hi Everyone!

As some of you know, I recently started selling prints and other items through online retailer Society6. Society6 uses digital files provided by artists to print various products on demand, including art prints on giclee and canvas, tote bags, phone cases, pillows, and tons of other stuff. 

I was originally a bit hesitant to sell through them, since the printing and shipping would be completely out of my hands, so I was concerned that someone would order my art and get a poor quality or damaged print. So after I started selling there, I ordered a few of my own products to see what the experience would be. 

To start with, I ordered a large giclee print of my “Pink and Pearls Mermaid” and a tote bag with my “Octopus Mermaid”. First thing: these took quite a long time to get here. I live in Canada, and the tote bag took about 3 weeks to arrive, the print took a little less - I assume the delay is due to the print on demand nature of the service, buuuut if you’re shopping for a last-minute gift, this may not be the way to go. :(

The wait was worth it though, because when the items finally arrived they were gorgeous! The pic above is the giclee print. I ordered the 17x22 inch size (medium), which comes with a 2" white border for framing, so the image itself is more like 12x15 inches. The white border will be handy when framing, but just be aware of what you’re getting - it would be disappointing to order a large size and then find the image isn’t as big as you thought it would be. 

The print was shipped in a VERY sturdy tube - seriously, look at this thing: 

There’s basically no way this can be damaged in the mail, so the chances of getting a damaged print are low to nonexistent. Very happy with that. 

Because of the tube shipping, the print has a slight curl to it (hence the weighing the edges down in the pic), but that’s quickly relaxing out.

Society6 describes the printing as:

Gallery quality Giclée print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks.

I have to say, I’m extremely impressed with the quality of this print. The colors and detail are identical to the original art - it’s flawless. The paper is thick, matte, and velvety. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out - just so luxurious and beautiful. Even though it’s blown up from the original size, the details are crisp and totally faithful to the original painting.

So in conclusion: A++ for the print and shipping, B for the waiting time, but hey, you can’t have everything. I’d highly recommend these prints as a representation of my artwork - I’m actually ordering a whole bunch more so I can have them on hand at conventions and shows. I’ll still be offering the lower cost digital prints of course, but if you want something a little more luxurious then these are the way to go.

To make things even better, Society6 is having a sale right now until April 13 where you can get $5 off any item AND free shipping (international too!!) - follow this link to get the discount. Seriously, you have to follow the link, or it won’t apply, I tried. 

Happy shopping - send me a pic if you buy something! I’ll be posting a review of the tote bag next, so stay tuned! 



We’re testing the waters for new products with a few tote bags!

We’ve been wanting to do totes/makeup bags/something of the like for a while now, and we’ve finally found a printer with GREAT printing quality on canvas!

These totes are amazing.
18 x 18", sturdy material, and surprisingly nice printing quality.
We’ve printed too many of them for our own use no seriously it's becoming sort of ridiculous.

Please check our current available tote bags on our Etsy!

Quality example totes available here:
Sailor MoonDoctor Who
Bioshock Infinite


Triumph of Hope is now available for purchase as various sizes of art prints (framed or unframed), canvas prints, tote bags, wall clocks, laptop and iPad skins, and iPad cases! 

Check it out at my Society6 shop here:

Perfect for Christmas gifts! 

Thank you again for all your support and encouragements! Please follow me at fiona-tang or for constant updates! 

Been totally spending time on RED BUBBLE and contemplating on getting stuff. If you don’t know yet some of our ARMY Artists here have red bubble shops and you can buy their art on a canvas or a tote bag or a shirt.

Yeah totally not looking at the tote bags, canvas prints, this tote bag, this iphone case, pencil skirts, and hard cover journals.. if the shipping isn’t so expensive I’d buy all the canvas prints /cries

If you’re thinking about it I highly encourage you to buy from those who made the art as opposed to those who just posted the official photos or fantakens of the boys… those are supposedly not allowed to be sold so… ALSO! If you buy the fan art designs you help fellow ARMYs too!!! ^_^ Also as you can tell I’m a huge fan of fanarts~