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Harry for The Sunday Times Style magazine | May 11, 2017

Charles Jeffrey bespoke suit & Roker Atelier custom-made shoes 

_charlesjeffrey: Harry wears bespoke Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY suit in Scarlett doeskin on the cover of The Sunday Times Style Magazine keep your eyes peeled for custom LOVERBOY x Roker Atelier boots 

_charlesjeffrey: Custom lining print for my first bespoke client, thank you to Harry Lambert for making it happen! (photo one | two)


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Kara sighed as she looked out across the cafe she was currently seated at.  Of course she hadn’t expected Lena to up and cancelled her meetings for the day, but she also hadn’t banked on the boredom that came with being alone in a foreign country.  She could take some photos for James, she could finish her coffee (which was spectacular)… She could update her instagram, and brag to Alex and Maggie that she was sipping coffee in a Roman piazza.  

She glanced down at the text that had arrived from Lena, and frowned.  “Really?”

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Maybe twin flames is a fitting name for us. After all,
nearly every poem I’ve written about us has gone up
in flames. Just like that bridge. I called you home out
of instinct, and now I’m learning that maybe the
Universe really had it out for us.

Set us up for collision. Dropped us in Fate’s hands
and said, yeah, this one should be fun. Put Distance
as the Unconquerable factor. Even lined up the stars
just right.

Read us a horoscope that screamed PERFECT MATCH,
didn’t bother with the small print at the bottom:

The Universe dropped us in Fate’s hands.
Said, we’re bored of star-crossed lovers.
Give us something we can root for
—  TWIN FLAMES, angelea l.
Horrible (Nick)Names || Hank McCoy x Reader

Authors Note: Based off a headcanon I made to piss @haankmccoy off months ago, enjoy.

Originally posted by hardyness

Hank rubbed his eyes, trying to clear the sleep out of them. He’d woken up with a rather bad headache and as he put on his glasses he noticed a glass of water and an advil; along side a note.

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Pairing: Taehyung/Reader

Summary: What happens when the school’s player ends up taking an interest in you?

Length: 8.7k words

“I don’t know Ji-yeon I don’t think I’d make a great partner for that.” I said shutting my locker and throwing my books in my bag. “Can’t you find someone else?”

“Come on Y/N the grand prize is almost $3,000, imagine if we win,” Ji-yeon groaned shaking my arm in frustration. “Please I’ll even pay for your fee to enter.” I rolled my eyes about to give her another no in response until I heard the first period bell ring and I shot her a smirk,

“Got to get to class don’t want to be late!” I teased pushing my way through the hundreds of students filling the halls. I heard her shouting over the crowd and I proudly smiled to myself for getting out of another one of her schemes she wanted me to partake in. Although Ji-yeon was my best friend, she certainly always got both of us into trouble. Back in freshman year she somehow managed to convince me to sneak into a bar with a fake ID she bought off some guy she met outside the mall, needless to say it obviously didn’t work and we were both grounded for the rest of the school year. Ever since then her shenanigans have gotten crazier and this idea just sounded like trouble to me. I made it to the English building and found my classroom, I made a beeline to my desk and got all my materials I needed for the period as the final bell rang signaling the start of class.

“Good morning class please turn to page 147 on your book, you will be working on this worksheet today,” Mrs. Kim announced, “Also I have the flyers for this years Senior Assassin competition, the prize is pretty big this year so take advantage.” My head shot up from my book and I waited patiently for a flyer to get around to my desk.

This is what Ji-yeon was talking about…

Grabbing it I scanned it reading the rules and details.

Senior Assassin Competition

Rules: You and your partner will be assigned two targets and you must eliminate them by shooting them with a nerf gun, you must do this outside of safe zones. Last team standing wins the cash prize.

Safe zones: School property, jobs, homes.

Please turn in the fee to participate by Friday. Targets for each team will be released on Monday. Good luck everyone!

“You gonna do it?” My classmate Yerin spoke up next to me getting my attention. I shrugged my shoulders, “I’m not so sure, Ji-yeon wants me to be her partner but I think I’ll pass.”

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Being the new girl in school was hard, especially when it’s in another state. Your parents decided a change would be good for you and so they decided Beacon Hills, California was the best place to live.

You walk through the front doors of your new school, watching as other students fill the hall, chatting with their friends. Looking down at your schedule, you keep going to find your locker. It took you several minutes but you did find it, a few other kids rummaging through their lockers. You look back down at your schedule where your locker combination was printed at the bottom, moving your hand slowly to not mess up the combination. A small grin curved your lips when you successfully opened up your new locker, reaching into your bag to put some things away that you wouldn’t need for your first couple classes.

As you stood at your locker, you felt as though someone was staring at you. You turned your head right and left to find no one looking at you, so you turned your head to look behind you. And diagonally from you stood two tall boys with brown hair at a locker. One had a crooked jaw and tanned skin, talking avidly with the one you were sure was staring at you. Brown hair styled in a quiff, pale skin and wearing flannel. They were both very attractive but the pale one appealed to you the most.

His eyes roamed your figure and instead of feeling uncomfortable or disgusted, you felt flattered. When his eyes went up to your face, eyes connecting, his cheeks reddened when he realized you caught him staring. 

Just as the bell rang, neither of you breaking eye contact and his friend who stopped talking was looking at us back and forth with a tiny smirk, you smiled softly at him which he returned. But you winked, closing your locker and waved a little at him as you ventured down the hall.

Maybe this move won’t be as bad as you thought.



“Each more of a Judas than the last…”

The boys of Supernatural or how I would take a cast photograph for GQ.

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Creepypasta #1093: Hide And Seek

Length: Super long

This happened just a few hours ago, and I’m still shaking. I don’t know if I should tell my wife what just happened, or if she will think I’m insane and that I can’t be left alone with our daughter anymore.

We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. My wife and I have tons of relatives in the city, so it’s going to be a full house. We’ve never made a dinner to this scale before, but my wife, Stephanie, wanted to show off our new house. Well, it’s new to us but in actuality the house is over 100 years old. It’s located in the quiet, historical neighborhood of our city, where the houses aren’t within whispering distance of one another and have large yards with huge trees. We bought the place over a year ago but weren’t able to move in for the first 8 months, as it had needed almost a complete renovation.

Anyway, back to dinner. We’d spent most of our free time over the last week cleaning and organizing the house, making sure it was fit to host a dinner of close to 30 people. My wife went nuts making sure everything was spotless. 

We got up fairly early this morning, for a holiday. I made a quick breakfast for us, put the turkey in the oven, and then Steph was out the door to go into work for a few hours. Steph’s a lawyer and she’s angling to be made a junior partner within the next few months, so she’s been working like crazy.

“Ok, everything is chopped and ready to go,” said Steph, pulling on her gloves, “I’ll be back by 12 or 1 at the latest, and then we can get cooking.”

“Sounds good. I’ll try to keep Kenzie from making a mess. See ya later." 

Steph gave me a quick kiss, picked up her overflowing shoulder bag and then shouted "Bye, Kenz, I’ll be back soon!” to our five year old daughter Mackenzie. 

We heard a cheerful “Bye, Mom!” in return. I opened the front door for Steph, letting in a gust of freezing air. The sky was a dark grey color and flakes of snow were starting to drift down. 

“Be careful driving, OK?” I called to Steph. She waved at me, then got into her car and backed out of the long driveway.

I shut the front door and then went back into the kitchen to find Kenzie sitting at her play table, watching Paw Patrol on the iPad and coloring.

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