printed blazers


Happy tdov from your local trans insect whisperer


[image desc: 3 selfies of me in my wheelchair wearing a button down with a bee print, a velvet blazer, black jeans, and metallic nude lipstick (1) me buttoning the top button of my shirt (2) mr with my blazer falling off my arm (3) me with my head resting on my hand an laughing]

baelishv  asked:

Real talk: which fashion brands would Petey Bae wear? I feel like this is a very important matter

Roberto Cavalli , Alexandr Mcqueen, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Dolce and Gabbana, like if he cant flash the brand name like the nouveau riche mf*cker he is, then he don’t want it. Those Gucci slide on loafers with the fur? He has them. He’s tastefully un-tasteful, like look at this silk pyjama style Dolce & Gabbana blazer covered in peacocks AND lemons like he would buy this fresh off the runway, Petey B would accost the model backstage for this look


Bought a new EDGE (”By WD - NY”) blazer from Nordstrom Rack. Styled with shirt by Nick Graham, vest by Jos. A. Bank, Pixie Pants from Old Navy, corduroy tie from Dillards, watch from Charming Charlie.

Entire outfit (not including shoes) < $200.

Instagram: @mcqueenstyle