Hey guys! I wanted to post about the Kickstarter my friends at PrintEco are doing. Here’s an excerpt from the Kickstarter:

The Project

Until now, we didn’t have a feature that optimizes the actual typeface of the document – which is exactly what FontSaver will do.

Simply put, FontSaver will read the text of a document, and determine if ink savings are possible by changing the typeface to an eco-friendly font such as Garamond. If there are multiple different fonts being used, our algorithms will recognize this and suggest a variety of ink-saving fonts to maintain the document’s style. Then a single click will optimize the document with FontSaver, and the user will automatically save ink (and paper, and money, and the earth) when they print!

Okay! So please go check their Kickstarter out, and reblog this post to give it a much-needed signal boost. If you have any questions, The PrintEco guys are super friendly and can easily be reached on Twitter and Facebook. Happy Earth Day!