Study Sanity’s Planner Pack!

link to the google drive folder / link to my printables page

  • minimalistic, simple, relaxing, and printer friendly layout
  • common formatting and fonts across all pages
  • completely cost free, without any watermark
  • simple and clutter-free in order to allow for personalization

In the planner pack: (*shown in preview)

  • Weekly pages* (two styles - next week/weekly goal)
  • Daily pages* (half and full page available, multiple variations)
  • Monthly Overview
  • Stress Relief/Self Help Page (many variations)
  • Notes (12, 14, and 18 pt line spacing)
  • To-Do Lists Template*

~my printables will never have a watermark, as long as I get credit through reblogs - I hope you guys like these and please reblog~

hey guys! i just hit 1k and i thought that i could do something nice for you guys! i’m really fond of printables because they’re helpful and free!! (who doesn’t like free stuff right?) so that’s why i decided to make this masterpost, enjoy!! ❤️ 🐥

daily printables

to do list

20 to do lists

even more to do lists!!

to do list by @hexaneandheels

daily planner

cute cute cute

even cuter by @hellorestless

pastel printables by @studyblrbunny

pomodoro planner by @thestudiousstudent

daily planner 1.0 by @theorganisedstudent

daily planner 2.0 by @theorganisedstudent

task list by @theorganisedstudent

weekly printables

weekly productivity tracker by @hexaneandheels

weekend planner by @hexaneandheels

weekly summaries worksheet by @hexaneandheels

v cute planner by @study-well

the greatest weekly planner by @tchnologic

pastel printables by @studyblrbunny

colorful planner!! by @nikkijp

pastel planner by @studypal

weekly planner by @theorganisedstudent

24/7 weekly planner by @theorganisedstudent

colourful timetable

semester printables

semester planner by @hexaneandheels

semester planner by @theorganisedstudent

month at glance by @theorganisedstudent

exam printables

exam study pack


cornell notes method by @hexaneandheels

note outline printable by @studygene

reading notes by @study-well

cornell notes grid by @study-well

definition of terms by @marialearns

definitions by @theorganisedstudent

cornell notes by @studygene

assingment printables

college and highschool assignment planner

grade tracker

assignment tracker by @theorganisedstudent

topics to study by @theorganisedstudent

readings by @theorganisedstudent

essay plan by @theorganisedstudent


create your own calendar!

2016 calendars!! by @gracelearns


iheartorganizing calendars

february calendar by @marialearns

so pretty!! by @polishladyisstudying

calendars by @theorganisedstudent

february calendar by @studygene


custom planners!

free planner by @hexaneandheels

make your own planner 2016 by @plantstudies

passion planner printables


print on post it notes! by @study-well

stickers masterpost by @study-well

post-it notes printables by @mcthematics

sticker printables! by @hitthebookss


7 free printables for budgeting

college budget template


mood tracker by @hexaneandheels

don’t break the chain by @karenkavett

medication planner!

habit planner by @burymewithmyplanner

student planner by @burymewithmyplanner

periodic tables ! by @ennui-for-me

how to make a printable by @kimberlystudies

verb conjugation sheets! by @apamexico

goal getter by @theorganisedstudent

other printables masterposts!

cute printables! by @geekvitamin

more free printables than you’ll ever need by @haes-and-studying

planner masterpost 

printables masterpost by @studyign

CUTE AF printables by @cmpsbls

CUTE AF february printables!!! by @cmpsbls

happiness printables and 2016 planning by @thehappinessplanner


Well. Here’s a big’un. I finally had time to work on printables so I decided to make a new version of the exam pack printable. Hopefully this helps with exam season.


  • IFTTT - Write down rewards for accomplishing important tasks! Motivate yourself!
  • Exam Schedule - Keep track of all the deets for up to 18 exams! (dear lord, I hope you never have to suffer such a fate…but in case you do, I added a couple rows, just for you). Check off your exams as you take them.
  • Monthly Calendar - Keep track of important exam dates. Plan up to 6 months in advance, like the extremely prepared student you are/aspire to be. Comes w/ legend if you like color coding ‘n stuff . :D
  • Major Topics - Keep track of topics covered on your exam(s).
  • Scoreboard + Graph - Keep track of your exam scores as you take your exams. Visualize your progress. There are enough graphs to record exam scores in 6 subjects.
  • D-Day Calendar - Figure out your study schedule in the context of how many days you have left until your exam. Each page has 36 days.
  • Weekly Calendar - Keep on top of your study schedule; you can plan out your days or just write about your study plan for the week. Also serves as daily planner.
  • Self-Evaluation - See how you did on certain topics on an exam. Helpful when you’re reviewing past exams or mock exam results.

Click HERE to download the printable (PDF).

For suggestions on how to use the printable, click HERE.

Good luck on your studies, everyone!!

Postscript: Unfortunately, this printable isn’t available for editing. Because of this, I’m opening up my ask box for feedback regarding some small edits you might like me to make on this printable. This means that at a later date, I will aggregate your feedback and try to make an even newer (possibly better) version of this printable! So all’s well that ends well.

Hey guys, so I recently hit 2000 followers and I’d like to show my appreciation by giving something back to the studyblr community!

I made these printables using Photoshop CS6 and Microsoft Word, and yeah I hope you like them :D

Daily planners

Weekly Planner

Assignment Tracker


Note: all these printables are US letter-sized


free weekly goal planner (click the title to download)

i’ve been using this myself throughout the year, thought I might share it around! please let me know what you think - if you like it i’ll be posting a couple more soon so follow for updates! > my to do list is here

would also love some requests and feel free to ask if you’d like alterations :)


Printables Masterpost

I just hit 100 followers, so I thought I would make a printables masterpost. Enjoy!

Planner Printables

Daily planners

Weekly planners

Monthly planners

Semester planners

Yearly calendars (2016)

Language Printables

Apamexico’s conjugation sheets 

Tracker Printables

Topic, assignment and test trackers

Study timetables

Note Taking Printables

Normal paper

Cornell paper

Other note taking printables

To Do Printables

I’ll update this post once in a while so be sure to message me if you have any suggestions or one of the links isn’t working, or even if you just wanna talk :)


Hello! I’m Nicole and these are some printables I made! These are just pictures, so they aren’t the best quality on here.

The link to download/print them for free (noncommercial use) is here:  https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bz3i4KODEWprRGktUFoxTGJpOG8&usp=sharing

(btw on the study organizer printable, the “time” column symbolizes how long I’d estimate it’d take me to do that assignment. I like estimating so I can decide which assignments to do first & which ones to do last if they take the most time)

If you use my printables & like them, I’d really appreciate it if you take a picture and link my url/blog in your caption, or simply just mention me to your followers! I’m a new studyblr and I hope to connect with more studyblr’s as well :) 

Have a nice day everyone! 

(btw if anybody has suggestions as to how I can make the printables better/more convenient, feel free to send me a message on here and I will upload an updated version to Google Drive!)

I have always talked about how pomodoro method can greatly increase one’s effectiveness. Therefore, as requested by sophie-marite, I have made a daily task planner / pomodoro planner here. It has a clear description of how pomodoro works, and it allows you to track your daily-todos and your productivity every day.

You can download the printable here.

For more of my printables, this is the page. If you have any further requests (e.g. personal copies or future printables ideas, please message me about it or email your request to strivefordabest@gmail.com.


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧  as mentioned earlier here are the printables (+ sticker pack) as a gift!! thank you all for following me and i’d like to give back & also my holiday breaks are about to end so i think this is the best time to make something for you all! <3 happy new year and may all of our resolutions, wishes and goals be completed this 2016!! may you find these printables (& stickers hopefully) useful! <3


i’d like to thank the ff people who have inspired me (+ complimented my work thank you all) & putting up with my changing design + “r u sure its ok” questions: @melbstudent (thank u for the ins huhu) @cortisols @studybuzz @notcpad (thank u for giving me the idea about the water bottle sticker!)

DIY Star Wars Valentines Tic Tacs Printables from The Idea Room.

For more Valentine’s Day DIYs go here. 

***Could you do me a favor? If you find a broken link on any of my blogs, could you please message me with the craft and the name of the blog? There are so many dead DIY Blogs, that I can’t keep up with the broken links.***


FREE Student Planner January 2016

Hey everyone! As a thank you to my followers for their wonderful support throughout the years, I am sharing with you guys free access to January 2016 plus the student planning worksheets! Get your free access here. Check out my videos on how to use it here (more will be uploaded soon).

This is a planner specifically made for students by a college student. I’ve worked very hard to make sure it fits the needs of most students. I hope you will agree!

So what’s included in this planner?

Planner Pages:

  • Yearly Overview
  • 2015 Year in Review
  • Goals for 2016
  • Course Information Sheets
  • Grade Tracker Sheets
  • Goal-Oriented Monthly Spreads
  • The “Get It Done” Weekly Spreads
  • Monthly Reflections

Extra Worksheets:

  • Exam Prep Evaluation Insert
  • Rainbow Daily Page Insert
  • Weekend Planner
  • Course Weekly Summary Sheets
  • Semester Course Planner
  • Semester Reflections
  • Master To-Do List Sheets
  • Extra Notes Sheets

I strongly believe that useful resources should be more affordable to us students. So if you like the planner, you can get the whole year planner for $0.99 using the coupon code 2016STUPLAN on Etsy here!

If you have any questions, please ask! If you want to provide feedback by a review either submit or review directly on Etsy. Your feedback will help me create a better planner next year!

I hope you guys enjoy the planner! 

– Melissa (@hexaneandheels)

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Hey there! I can’t believe we’re just a couple of months away from 2016. To help us prepare, I’ve put together a set of monthly planner printables for the coming year. Keeping a monthly plan is a great way to see what events / deadlines / exams you have in both the short term and long term, which makes it easier to schedule your studying and see what you need to do and what time you have to do it. Here’s 2 examples of the printables…

If you fancy downloading these printables, they’re all available in my GOOGLE DRIVE FOLDER... all you have to do is click that link and download the one(s) you want. Enjoy! xo

50 Free Printable 2016 Calendars. Roundup from Lolly Jane.

An excellent roundup of more than 50 free printable 2016 calendars from Lolly Jane. There are calendars here for everyone - artistic, practical, desk, 3D, and organizational calendars.

Here are Some of the Calendars from Lolly Jane’s Roundup

I posted this DIY 2016 3D Dinosaur Calendar Free Printable from Digitprop here.


okay so this isn’t my printable but there wasn’t a tumblr share link !! so i definitely do not claim this but i desperately had to post it because ohhhmyyygoodness. how cute are these free printables?!??!

anyways, the original posts are by simple as that ( here and here ) which you should check out because there are some tips on making schedules and organisation on there!!


Hello everyone! (◡‿◡✿) I am back with more printables!!! (◕‿◕✿) Here are the calendar printables for february with : heart stickers w/ nerdy pick up lines to giv to ur crush / urself bc self luv is nice & a daily to do list version 2 taken fr the jan printable (∩_∩)!! i’d like to thank all of you who used my printables, liked it, reblogged it and sent me messages about them thank you all so much for the love! I hope you find these useful as well :~)

before i continue, i’d like to thank the anon who suggested the heart stickers & the quote used on these printables tysm & here they are! (/^▽^)/

FEBRUARY PRINTABLES!!! | 2 types: .png & .pdf

  1. CALENDAR V.I (VERTICAL) : .pdf (both) | .pngs [b&w] [dirty white]
  2. CALENDAR V.II (HORIZONTAL) : b&w pdf & png | dirty white pdf & png
  3. TO DO LIST + STICKERS : pdf (10 pcs stickers & 4 to do lists)
  4. DAILY TO DO LIST VER.2 : pdf (4 pcs) & png
  5. HEART STICKERS : pdfs (20 pcs) & pngs (10) i added 1 more heh

there you go!! feb printables please do tag me with #cmpsbls or mention me if you’re using my printables i love seeing them!! if you have any problems, concerns, suggestions for my next printables pls do drop me an ask! (^▽^)


Printables: February

Tag me as #boligraff so I can see results :)!

These are my first printables, and I decided to make a calendar and a to-do list for this next month! They are letter sized and come in three different colors. The pdf contains all the versions and the individual pngs are for the calendars.

You can download everything here. If you have any suggestion or commentary, be sure to ask me in my inbox.