hey everyone! I’ve decided to put together some free printables which you might find useful for your studies. I’ve made a daily planner for in depth, day to day planning and a weekly planner. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I’m always recommending that people use weekly planners - it made sense to make my own! let me know if you guys like these and if you have any other printable requests! 


TO SAVE AS PNG IMAGE: click on the planner you wish to save, and then once the image is enlarged right click and choose ‘open image in new tab’ - you can then right click on the photo you opened to save it to your computer!


Dave Letter Set

Make sure you open them in a new tab at full view because these puppies are huuuuge! Also make sure you print them out at 100% scale so they fit correctly on the paper. If you print them any smaller, then they will be too small to legally send them in the mail.

And then just cut out, fold, and use a glue stick.

They are free to use. Do not sell these or repost them anywhere.

Send your friends letters, yeah? Nothing beats snail mail.

This is a poster, you can download it and hand it out here. This is disturbing when you think about the reality of that.

Go out and grab five trans women. If your sample is truly random, you know two things:

  1. That, probably, three of them are survivors.
  2. That it’s nearly statistically impossible for one of them to have NOT attempted suicide.

Let’s spread this like wildfire.

DIY Vampire Vodka Recipe and Printable from Quinton Wench. To fill your Vampire Vodka Bottle there is an easy recipe for cherry infused vodka. Here is another easy recipe for Cherry Infused Vodka from Girl Cooks WorldPitted cherries in vodka. Set aside a minimum of 1-2 weeks (1 month preferably). Go to the link for the full how-to.

DIY Harry Potter Book Spine Printables from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! I just downloaded these and they are so realistic and detailed. This is part of the 2 week Wizarding Wonderfulness event from Rae Gun Ramblings.

  • Magical Me by Glidereoy Lockhart
  • History of Magic by Bagshot
  • Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit
  • Flesh Eating Trees of the World
  • The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore by Rita Skeeter
  • The Muggle Conspiracy,
  • Advanced Potion-Making
  • Godelot’s Magik Moste Evile

hey again! after the success {thank you!} of my free printable daily and weekly planners, I’m back after several requests with printable monthly planners. I’ve made one for every remaining month of 2015, and here’s how they look - 

For your ease, I’ve made a Google Drive folder containing A4 size PDFs of each monthly planner. When you’ve opened the folder, just choose the one you want and press download {the arrow with a line under it on the top bar}. Enjoy! please feel free to send other printable requests my way - I’m working on more ones to share right now.

***                    CLICK HERE FOR THE PRINTABLES!                ***
***                    CLICK HERE FOR THE PRINTABLES!                ***

Printable Cornell Note Sheets

I couldn’t find too many templates that I liked online because they did not necessarily suit my needs, so I made different versions! Nothing spectacular. Just something to get the job done. Use the right panel for notes, the left to write prompts or questions (to use in quizzing yourself later), and the bottom for a summary. I think my favorite part about making these is that I can print them double-sided, which isn’t a new idea, but I could not find for the life of me any Cornell Note notepads that were double-sided. I hate wasting paper.

Please feel free to share!


Printable Wrapping Paper Round-Up!

1. Watermelons from Brenda Bird Design || Download [mint], [pink], [teal]

2. Pineapples from WhimseyBox  || [Download]

3. Halftone and Gemstones from minieco || Download [halftone 1], [halftone 2], [gemstones]

4. Halloween Wrap from minieco || Download [ghosts], [rain], [lightning]

5. Pink Polka Dots from toffee magazine ||  [Download]

DIY Guardians of the Galaxy Mix Tape Box Printable from 30 Minute Crafts. When I first saw the this I thought it was a printable that went in an old cassette tape box - but it’s not. So all you need is cardstock to print out the mix tape box. First seen at Geek CraftsTIP: If you see something you like, download the printable now. Lots of blogs have disappeared along with their free printables.

DIY Witch Spell Book Printable from Chicabug. The Crafty Witch’s Enchanted Book of Spells Potions and Everything Magical. I especially like the back cover: A Witch’s Work is Never Done.  This printable started out as a custom order and she then made it available in this antique finish and also with a plain white background. *If you like this, download it now because from experience printables just seem to disappear.