✨  back to school printables bundle  ✨

back to school season has started, yay! As a ‘thank you’ to all 1000 people who followed me I made this printables bundle with everything you may need during your school year. I’m on uni so this is more of a ‘back to uni’ thingy, but I bet hs students will make a great use of it too! Anyway, thank you for following me and here goes!

Click one of the links below to download a PDF file:

▪️  grid note taking sheet  [prev]
▪️  lined note taking sheet
▪️  to do list
▪️  keyboard stickers
▪️  2017/18 school calendar
▪️  class schedule  [prev]
▪️  term+definition sheet

[A BUNDLE DOWNLOAD] - a zip file including more colors & PNG files!

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Free Moon Card Printables

For anyone who was interested in the moon cards I made for my moon journal, I’ve created a digital file of my hand painted moon phases which are each labeled and state a focus or intent for each one. You can use these to study, put them in your grimoire, or just use them for decoration. If you share, please credit me/link.

Light and Love Witches!

#optomstudies here with my very first weekly scheduler printable! 🍵 Reblog and tag me with #optomstudies if you use it!


I received an ask recently so I had a look around the studyblr again for some weekly printables, but they all had the same format (either equal space for all days, or half the space for Saturday and Sunday) which is why I don’t actually use the weekly printables that I see around studyblr.

As a result, I decided to make you guys a printable based on what format I would’ve preferred if I was in high school and also what I prefer now as a university student, which is a weekly schedule with more space for Saturday and Sunday. (I haven’t seen this idea around tumblr, so I’d like to claim it as mine for now hehehe)

This is because once I got home from school/uni I would only have like 4 hours or so available to study, vs. 12 hours+ or the whole day available for Saturday and Sunday. I never understood why people would use a weekly printable with a tiny space for Saturday or Sunday, unless they were in primary school or full time work. The printables out there just don’t really suit what high school students and college students need.

Hopefully this will be more helpful than the printables you find around studyblr. I made it pretty and cute but minimalistic too, so that it suits a lot of different people’s tastes. I’m working on making it available in a variety of colours at the moment :) I decided to go for a simple square checkbox so that it suits both regular users and bullet journalists who prefer to code their tickboxes. And I decided to leave the space around the header blank for those who like to self-decorate :)

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Grade Tracker Pack 1.0!

I was already making these when an anon asked for them!

  • Comes in 5 versions: for the class itself, and for its classwork, homework, quizzes, and tests
  • Box to write what class the printable is for
  • Box to write notes in
  • Chart to the left to name the numbers and write out the grade %s
  • Chart to the right to dot-in grade percents and see how they change
  • Comes in landscape A4 and letter page size
  • Comes in PDF and JPEG file format

Rules & Information

  • Please do not steal, claim as your own, or redistribute; basic rules apply. Read more on my printable page
  • As a thank you to my followers, this printable doesn’t use AdFly :)

Download here!

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So, I’ve decided to make a Project Planner Printable!
(Available in A4 and Letter-size!)

This is kind of just a helpful sheet to get all of your project’s most important information all in one place! It’s useful to refer to for quick questions and, with the different sections, it can help keep track of things that you may need to include in your process book (such as how many phases were in the project according to the schedule, what was due for those phases, and your briefs).

I’ve also put some color to it, but there is also a blank version available for you to decorate yourself!

  • Google Drive folder for the files
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  • If you’d like any changes to the printable, send an ask!

Hope you find this useful!

Hey guys! Sorry for the inactivity; I’ve been super busy the past week organizing a student council event, but I’ve finally gotten around to making printables for April. This time, I also made a monthly organizer sort of thing, which has the following features:

A goals list to list down your goals for this month.
A section for major events so that you may plan for them ahead of time. This would also be convenient if you have trouble sorting out your events on a calendar planner.
A vision box for you to write your, well, vision for this coming month, such as how you wish to change, what you can improve, what you should stop doing, etc.
New habits you’d like to try out this month, or even old ones you want to keep doing.
A space for notes
A quote by Albert Einstein (which frankly I spelled wrong at first because of my blog’s name hehe)

The calendar planner is the same as other months, but I’d really appreciate it if you could tell me how I can improve it or what features I should add.

Download them here in my studyblr google drive!

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Made a set of simple printables, because I was missing some things before the start of the school year. 






Some new printables I’ve uploaded to my Etsy shop :-) Here are some quick links:

- ̗̀ study-isms; first printable pack -

Hi everyone! This is my first printable pack. It’s a basic daily to-do that comes in three different colors. It consists of: 

- a daily task list

- a statistic sections [ mood, weather, meals, water tracker, ect. ]

- a ‘currently’ section

- “day at a glance” select and label different moments throughout your day

You can download all three colors [ here ]. Please like and reblog if you use, and feel free to tag me [ #studyisms ] if you do print out and use them !! Enjoy! 


Good afternoon! Before the semester starts I wanted to make sure that I will be more organized than before, so I decided to make some printables for myself. A lot of you guys asked me to share the files on tumblr so that you can use them too. I have made the monthly overview for 2017; 

you can find the complete file here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByU4KjFSiwIiSFRtTFhDVDBXMnM?usp=sharing

Disclaimer: these printable are all made by me (credits to the font makers though). Feel free to use them for personal use, however if you upload them I’d be very happy if you credit/tag me. :D Please reblog if you’re going to use it c: Please don’t redistribute without asking for permission. I hope you guys like it 💕

studygram: @natastudies

Academic Calendars Printables

Fall 2017 Pack + Available in 8 Colors

I have returned with a new printable! Unlike some of my printables, this is a whole set meant to be available to you at anytime this fall semester. It’s rather simplistic and generally geared for college students but is also just as usable for high school students! Printable includes:

  • Full Calendar
  • Due Dates
  • Exam Dates
  • Notes



A few new printables available on my Etsy shop! :-) Here are the links:

Use ‘student10’ for 10% discount on any purchase (no minimum spend!) :-) xx

Formula Sheet 2.0!

I’ve decided to revamp some of my old printables that I plan on using myself into a more simple look! :)

  • Comes in 2 versions: small lines and big lines
  • Box to write what class the printable is for
  • Column to write the name of the formula
  • Column to write the formula itself
  • Comes in landscape A4 and letter page size
  • Comes in PDF and JPEG file format

Rules & Information

  • Please do not steal, claim as your own, or redistribute; basic rules apply. Read more on my printable page
  • As a thank you to my followers, this printable doesn’t use AdFly :)

Download here!

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