Pixel Pop-Up Heart Valentine's Printable

They are really minimal (which I love) and take about 20 minutes to make (that includes the card, insert and envelope).

How to

1. Download the popup insert template and print out. I used paper but a thin card would probably be OK too. Using some scissors trim around the edge of the template.

2. Using a craft knife and ruler cut and score your card. See diagram below for more detail.

Cut along the black lines and score the grey lines.

3. Make the four valley folds as show below (thin yellow lines shown in fig. 3).
4. Slowly fold the top of the card inwards and the bottom half of the heart should begin to push out. (You don’t need to tape it to the table…I did because I was taking pictures at the same time!)

5. Fold card completely in half and smooth down
6. Make outer card and glue/tape popup insert inside. I just used a plain piece of paper which measured 4.5″ x 7.5″ and then folded it in half.

7. Print out the envelope template. Cut, score and fold.
8. Pop card inside and tape envelope shut (I added some pixely confetti too)!


3/100 days of productivity. Killed my French speaking class this morning, done lots of annotations on readings for English Lit (+ used a v. useful readings printable by @theorganisedstudent , so thank you!), but now I’m heading back to school to collect my English lit mock result, which could be awful or could be great !?(・_・;? x x UPDATE: 24/25 aka A* aka happy Mia !!!!!!!!

Studycrab’s First Printable!

When I first started bullet journalling I really struggled finding some good font references to model my fancy titles etc. on so I went out looking! These are 9 of my favourite fonts for my bullet journal and I’ve made them into little charts with the captialised and regular alphabet, as well as numbers if they have them. They are A5 in size and all fonts can be found on dafont.


minimal wallpaper | download

so i know this is pretty random/not what i normally post, but i’ve been trying to get more into photoshop as i am SSS!! so this happened!! i actually had this wallpaper for the month of january, and i thought i’d share the february version just in case anyone wanted it maybe?? hehe also i was inspired by this wallpaper! happy february everyone~

I was incredibly amazed and humbled this morning to find that studytwice has reached over 20,000 people. Guys, what even <3 

As a thank you, I made a small gift: a daily planner printable. It’s roughly based off what I track every day. On the left you’ll find one larger, lined box you could use for time planning (e.g. “7 AM - get ready for school”)!


Enjoy - and thank you so much for being here ♥


I made myself an actual daily planner to go with my monthly tracker, that way it’s cohesive ^_^ so feel free to download these as well.

I’ve dated them and added a little quote at the top to start my day off right :) It has a place for goals because I like to make myself think of 3 things I want to accomplish each day. There’s a place to record the amount of water you consume to help you achieve those eight glasses a day. I had to have a section to record what I’ve eaten just to make sure it’s healthy, and not too much or too little. Then, of course, the section to put the daily tasks. I left a little space on the left-hand side of the lines to add different bullets to make it a little more customize-able. At the very bottom is a “notes” section. This way you can use it for whatever you want. Personally, I sit down each evening, and write a few things I’m grateful for.

I’m putting up 8 per download, so it’s not a huge file. It also allows for people to print it double sided if they so please. As well as, help out people who don’t have direct access to a printer. I’ll put the rest up for download in the next couple of days.

I will mention that there is a little bit of clipping with the “n” in 2nd and the “5″, and I’ve tried everything I could to fix it >: ( Other than that I’m pretty happy with the results.

I hope someone else finds these as useful as me :D
Download here.


this printable is for all your pre-interview needs! if you’re like me and tend to freeze up on the spot, this is perfect for you!

i find it especially handy if you’re doing a phone interview because you can keep it with you, but if it’s a live interview, this is a perfect way to prepare for common questions beforehand!!

this printable is useful for job, internship, and volunteer interviews!!

you can download it here!