DIY 32 Geeky and Fandom Valentines Free Printables from The Dating Divas.

All credit for finding these Valentine’s Day cards goes to Jen at EPBOT, who posted about them this afternoon.

Find the “Talk Nerdy to Me” Printables HERE, and the Fandom Valentines HERE.

For over 300 hundred Valentine’s Day DIYs go here.

The free Valentines’ Printables include: 

  • Harry Potter Valentines
  • Star Wars Valentines
  • Star Trek Valentines
  • Lord of the Rings Valentines
  • Super Hero Valentines
  • 12 “Talk Nerdy to Me” Valentines

Study Sanity’s Planner Pack!

link to the google drive folder / link to my printables page

  • minimalistic, simple, relaxing, and printer friendly layout
  • common formatting and fonts across all pages
  • completely cost free, without any watermark
  • simple and clutter-free in order to allow for personalization

In the planner pack: (*shown in preview)

  • Weekly pages* (two styles - next week/weekly goal)
  • Daily pages* (half and full page available, multiple variations)
  • Monthly Overview
  • Stress Relief/Self Help Page (many variations)
  • Notes (12, 14, and 18 pt line spacing)
  • To-Do Lists Template*

~my printables will never have a watermark, as long as I get credit through reblogs - I hope you guys like these and please reblog~

Note from creator: Hello hello! I’ve been playing around with new ideas and themes, so I decided to completely revamp my calendar printable for this month (and onwards if they get a good response). What’s new and what’s gone? There are alternatives to each month view, and the original list layout has (unfortunately) retired, but the second version is still up! I’ve also thrown the colors out, so it’s easier to print in black & white and still look aesthetic on your wall. Since I’m still experimenting with new ideas, feel free to send in feedbacks + requests !

Terms and Conditions


The printables are in PDF format. To download, click on the links below to be directed to Dropbox. Just click the download button, open it up on your computer and hit print! *Make sure you minimize the margins (or change fit to full page on Macs) so the calendar’s side doesn’t get cut off!

+ See more printables here


Rounding up all our papercraft boxes + printables

I just realised that over the last few months, we shared quite a few paper craft boxes, printables and templates. So, for this week’s roundup, I’m rounding them all up, for you to check out in one go. Including my favourites - the coloring triangle boxes (I don’t know what they’re actually called. Tell me if you know)

Here are the details

Have a great weekend :)

DIY Science Valentines Free Printables from Evil Mad Scientist.

Every year I look forward to Evil Mad Scientist’s DIY Science Valentines, which I’ve been posting since 2014. 

This year’s set of six new cards features a note about warming Pluto’s cold heart, at least one embarrassingly bad pun, and the perfect card for your robotic expression of love.

Below are 2015 DIY Science Valentine’s Day Cards Printables from Evil Mad Scientist.  2015 featured hearts, arrows and love in their equations. 

Below are the 2013 and 2014 Science Valentine Printables here. 2013 was equation heavy and 2014 was symbol heavy.