Sexual Healing (Enzo Amore x Readet) *smut*

Request: Can I have smutty smut with Enzo Amore I dont care what the plot is. -Anon


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Warnings: Smut (duh), language

Your eyes couldn’t leave Enzo’s body as he fought his way to Rusev. Cass could see it in your eyes that you had something for Enzo and he told Enzo many times to ask you out but ironically Enzo was a bit shy.

As soon as Enzo looked at you, your eyes met with his, making your heart stop for a moment. He smiled in response and gave you a wink. The audience saw what happened which sent them into a roar. Rusev’s leg met with Enzo’s jaw. Enzo laid lifelessly on the mat. Shit! Rusev got out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair in his hand from the time keepers area. He threw it in the ring but the referee tried to stop Rusev but Rusev pushed him out of the ring.

Lana quickly got in the ring as you and Big Cass did. As soon as you saw Lana removing her heels ready to fight you. you quickly ran to her and began punching the bejesus out of her. You and Lana had a bit of a feud back when she started to “flirt” with Enzo. You had matches with her and you won many of them. Her husband, Rusev, used to pull your leg from outside the ring while the referee wasn’t looking. But Big Cass and Enzo had your back.

“Wanna fight me bitch?” You shouted as you slapped her face. Enzo got in between you and Lana while Colin was holding you back when they were done beating Rusev around. Suddenly Enzo was sent to his knees in pain. Lana had just kicked Enzo in his nuts. As soon as you saw Enzo wincing in pain, you pushed Colin back with all your might and continued punching Lana but she was quickly pulled out of the ring by Rusev. Your theme song played throughout the arena.

You and Colin helped Enzo get backstage despite his pain. As soon as you and Colin got to Enzo’s room, Colin’s mobile began ringing. “I have to take this Enzo. I’ll be right back buddy. You too Y/N.” You opened the door so that you and Enzo could get in. You helped Enzo get on the sofa. You closed the door behind you when you heard Enzo grunting. 

You turned around to see what was wrong when you saw Enzo’s eyes black full of lust with a bulge showing from his leopard print trousers. Your eyes widened and tried to act cool as if you hadn’t seen anything. “How are you feeling Enzo?” You walked slowly up to him and sat next to him. 

“I’m a bit…hurt.” Enzo threw his forearm over his eyes as he tried to compose himself. 

“Where?” You asked. You knew that this was going somewhere and you were excited. You could feel the wetness between your legs, your core aching to feel Enzo inside you, filling up every inch of you, to feel his lips on yours and all over your body. 

“Here.” Enzo pointed over his hard crotch. “Well, what would you expect if someone hit you in the nuts?” You placed your hand over Enzo’s chest and slowly slid your hand down until you reached his crotch. His member twitched under your palm and Enzo inhaled a sharp breath in. You gently pressed his member when you decided to slide your cold hand inside his pants. “SHhit.” He groaned at the contact.

You slid his pants down to his knees with the other hand. His member sprang free from his pants. Enzo removed his forearm away from his eyes to see you. His eyes grew darker. You slowly leant next to his member and kissed the tip of his member. His hands found your hair and he pushed you closer to his dick.

You took Enzo in your mouth with a moan, that sent vibrations down Enzo’s dick making him groan loudly. You wrapped your fingers at his base and started to pump him in your hand while you sucked him off. Enzo’s legs stiffened, and his hips thrust against your mouth and his grip around your hair grew tighter. His member twitched as it hit the back of your throat. He released his seed in your mouth as you sucked down on him.

You looked up at Enzo who had sweat running down his temples. You removed your wet underwear and smirked at Enzo. “Mind holding these?” Enzo quickly nodded. “Open your mouth.” You ordered and he quickly obliged. You put your underwear in his mouth, letting him taste your wetness. You threw your legs on either side of his waist and slowly slid down on Enzo’s hard member. 

“Oh fuck!” He cursed loud enough that the whole corridor could hear him. You moaned as you felt him filling you up. As soon as you adjusted to his size you started to slide up and down on his dick, making yourself wetter with each thrust. You could feel yourself coming because his dick was sliding against your g spot just fine. You sped up your thrust, your finger on your clit rubbing it vigorously and you soon found yourself screaming Enzo’s name as you clenched around him, your body shuddering. 

Enzo soon followed groaning your name. His fingers bored into your thighs and his eyes locked into yours. You both took a moment to catch your breath.

“Hey Enzo I’m-” Cass immediately turned to look away when he saw you on Enzo. “I’m just gonna leave…” With Cass turned around you quickly gathered your clothes and put them on. You walked past Cass smiling and giving Enzo a wink. As you left, Cass began laughing. “You finally managed to get under her skin.” Cass giggled.

“Oh Cassy, that wasn’t the only thing that I got under. You know a guy like me needs some sexual healing. How you doin’.”

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Fun and Games

by Justine Graham and Erin Darroch 


“Han,” Leia tugged on his arm. “Look at this.”

Han followed the direction of her gaze and then shook his head, giving her a wry smile. “That’s a rigged game, Sweetheart. Stand here and watch ‘em for a while; you’ll see they change the setup for each species. It’s a racket.”

“No, I mean look at the prizes.” Clutching the neck of her plush TaunTaun in one hand—a trophy Han had won and gallantly presented to her at the last booth they’d visited—she gestured with the other hand at the items dangling around the frame of the stall, then looked back at Han just in time to see horrified realization dawning in his eyes.

“What the hell….” Han murmured, moving past her towards the small booth. “What the—Hey, pal,” he called to the stall’s operator, a burly humanoid woman with piercing yellow eyes and a nest of orange curls framing her broad face. “Who’re these supposed to be?”

The woman gave him a look of incredulity as she heaved her thickset frame off her stool and moved along the front of the stall in their direction. “You been livin’ on some backwater planet for the last few years?” she challenged. “Who do ya think?” She lifted one of the prizes and waggling it at him. It was a soft doll, a little more than a handspan tall, rather simply made of printed fabric that had been stitched into the shape of a Wookiee and filled with plush stuffing. The print on the fabric was crudely drawn and the face appeared a bit cartoonish, but it was still easily recognizable as a depiction of a Kashyyyk native, complete with a stitched-in bandolier draped diagonally across its chest. “This one’s the mighty Chewbacca, of course. And this here is the Princess,” she tapped one of the dangling toys and set it swinging. Judging by the style of white dress and the elaborate hairstyle depicted on the fabric of the swaying doll, Leia realized it must have been modeled on the holo images of herself that had been broadcast around the galaxy just after the destruction of the first Death Star, when she’d presided over the awards ceremony that had followed their victory.

“These,” the woman clarified, gesturing around at the dangling prize dolls, “are the heroes of the Battle of Yavin.”

Leia covered her face with one hand and peeked at Han through her fingers, feeling simultaneously giddy with amusement and utterly mortified. Han cast her a look that showed his own emotions were similarly at war. His mobile face seemed to struggle between expressions, finally settling on a sort of horrified amazement.

“This here’s the Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker,” the woman continued, setting the Chewie doll to one side and then lifting a blond-haired doll whose printed attire featured brown trousers and a buttery yellow flight jacket. “He’s the one that blew up the Death Star,” she informed them, in a tone that said these were well-known facts that every simpleton and schoolchild must already know. “The first one, I mean,” she amended, staring down at the doll for a lingering moment.

“He ain’t a Master yet,” Han muttered, though the woman didn’t appear to hear him.

She cradled the Luke doll in one palm, and fondly poked its soft belly with her forefinger. “He’s a cutie, that one. And he practically saved the whole galaxy with that one shot, don'tcha know.”

“He had a little help, don'tcha know,” Han retorted, looking mildly indignant.

“Yeah, yeah, this guy,” the stall runner poked another of the dangling prizes with her finger and set it swinging alongside the swaying Leia doll. The toy depicted a brown-haired human male garbed in a white shirt and black vest, with blue trousers featuring an approximation of the Corellian bloodstripe along each of the printed seams. “He’s called Han Solo.”

Leia glanced at Han’s face and had to hold her breath and press her lips together so she wouldn’t burst out laughing. He wore that mulish expression, the belligerent one he got when he was gearing up to argue with someone.

“Yeah?” Han prompted. “So what did he do?”

The woman shrugged. “Ain’t ever been too clear on that one,” she admitted. “But the Princess gave him a medal so I guess he did somethin’ important. And now I hear they’re gettin’ married.”

Leia’s eyes flew wide and she choked as Han’s head swivelled in her direction. She tried to draw a breath but found herself spluttering with laughter that could no longer be contained.

“Is that so?” Han queried in a tone of bemusement, cocking a quizzical eyebrow at the princess.

Leia gave him a helpless shrug, shaking her head and trying—unsuccessfully—to stifle her laughter.

“Yeah, that’s what they say,” the woman responded, a dreamy expression crossing her blunt features. She seemed completely oblivious to the byplay between Han and Leia, and it was clear she hadn’t recognized them. Leia supposed that the holo images upon which the dolls’ designs had been based had been taken more than four years ago, and they’d all changed a bit since then. Furthermore, she and Han were dressed in casual clothes completely unlike the garb depicted on the dolls, and Leia’s hair was gathered in a messy knot at the nape of her neck instead of arranged in an elegant braided crown atop her head. Evidently, those differences were enough to obscure any physical similarities between themselves and the 'Heroes of the Rebellion’.

“I’m hopin’ they’ll show the wedding on the Holonet,” the woman was saying, still smiling a little pensively. “It’s about time we had somethin’ nice to think about and look forward to, after all the troubles.”

Han’s expression softened. “Yeah,” he agreed, angling his head back in Leia’s direction and giving her a speculative look. “It’s about time.”

Still smiling, Leia returned his direct gaze, but she felt her heart skip and flutter as they stared at one another. The way he was focused on her now, she knew exactly what he was thinking. They hadn’t actually discussed a formal marriage yet—not in so many words—but it certainly felt to Leia like an inevitable conclusion, one they were moving steadily towards. His changeable eyes seemed to darken with intent as he looked at her, making her feel as if the two of them were standing on the cusp of something monumental.

“Smart guy, hooking up with such a brave, beautiful princess, don'tcha think?” Han addressed his comments to the stall keeper, but his eyes remained fixed on Leia’s face.

“Smart? Maybe… But lucky, too,” the woman opined.

“Yeah, you’re not wrong about that one, pal,” he murmured, his voice so low it was likely only Leia could hear him.

Reaching for Leia, he drew her close and lowered his head to hers. Heedless of the woman’s presence, not even caring if the whole of Hanna City were watching them, Leia stretched up to meet his offered kiss. His lips were warm and soft against hers, and his free hand came up to cradle her face with a touch so tender it made her racing heart pound even faster. When their lips parted, Han slipped his hand down the length of her arm and entwined his fingers with hers. She smiled up at him in unabashed adoration as she squeezed his hand and he squeezed back.

The sound of a throat being pointedly cleared drew their attention back to the stall keeper. While they’d been distracted, the woman had pulled one of the Han dolls down and set it side-by-side with one of the Leia dolls atop the counter that separated the players from the interior of the stand. “Tell ya what, Loverboy, you win, and you can have the pair. Two for the price of one. They oughta go together anyway, I reckon.”

“You're on, lady,” Han released Leia and turned to face the woman more fully. Stuffing a hand into his front pocket, he then withdrew a handful of credit chips in small denominations and slapped them down on the counter. “In fact, tell me what I’ve gotta do to win 'em all.”