Hello all you beautiful Swen!

I have a favour to ask of you! If I started selling my SQ/OUAT fanart, who would be interested in buying it? Illustration is what I’m studying and what I would hopefully like to do for the rest of my life, so what better time to start than now? :D

I am also up for taking commissions! 

I have a society6 store set up already for prints and products if people are into that, but I’d also like to start making things like badges/buttons and other things! Commissions will be done digitally, and I will work out a pricing system for them! 

Please send me some feedback here (x) It would mean the absolute world to me if people are interested! You have always been so supportive of my work in the past, I couldn’t think of any better group of people to be my very first buyers :’) 

Yours, Hatti



Recently, I’ve started working on this project called “On The Road”, which is basically a new series of digital illustrations inspired by two people I feel a deep connection with: Jack Kerouac and Tom Rosenthal.

The final prompt/boost came with the latest music videos made by Tom Rosenthal (especially “Watermelon” and “Run for those hills, babe”). What I’m trying to do is translate that kind of nature and genuine aesthetic into a series of simple illustrations, applicable on different design products like pillows, tote bags or phone cases.

The project consists in 9 different landscape illustrations and will be uploaded in 3 steps.

All that nice stuff (and more) is now available on my Society6 store!
Also follow/bookmark me on Bēhance, if you haven’t already!

This is the second upload! If you’ve missed the first one, click HERE!


Hey guys! I’m selling bookmarks for $3 a pop! Right now I’ll only be open for domestic shipping (US) but when I get enough/the courage I’ll open to international!

It is a PRISM bookmark and so the front is glossy and has random little sparkles. The back is just a matte finish. It’s 7 x 15 cm ( around 2 x 6 in )! 

If you are interested send an email to or if you would like to risk it, an ask on tumblr! Of course I’ll be open to questions nonetheless so feel free to contact me! uvu

EDIT: I won’t be attending the rest of AX! I’m sorry QAQ


Introducing DDM PRINT…Above are just a few examples of print products (business cards, flyers) that we at Dustbowl Digital produced in house. 

Here is a full list of what we can do for you!

contact us at,, or 405-215-9826 for more information, pricing, etc. 

You can also follow us on Twitter @dustbowldigital and contact us there or on our Facebook page at


Cute Little Boxes™ presents: The Wedding Boxes

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Are you ready to celebrate and share your special day?
Presenting a creative way to spread the news of your wedding day, these personalized boxes can serve as an invitation or a party gift to pass out to your guests to let them know when and where.
Not just limited to bearing the invitation message, these Cute Little Boxes ™ make the perfect accent to your wedding reception tables.  We offer many different colors to choose from so you can find a perfect match for your wedding theme.
Discover the Best Pavement Signs for Your Business

Pavement signs are a great advertising tool for any business. They draw customer’s attention to your business and can be used to entice them in by announcing special offers and promotions. Pavement signs are particularly useful for businesses whose premises is situated in an area with little passing traffic as they can be placed in busier areas and point passers-by in the direction of your building. Red17 are leading providers of signage products and understand that it can be tricky to choose the right pavement sign for your business. Read on as we discuss the different types of pavement sign and how they can work for you.

A Frame Signs

A frame signs are ideal for businesses who require a larger pavement sign solution. These large, freestanding pavement signs are double-sided, meaning it will catch the attention of traffic from both directions and the large surfaces mean you can make the post of bright, eye-catching signage to reel your customers in. The A Board Sign is a high quality, fixing-free A frame from Red17. Made from lightweight aluminium, it is portable but durable making it easy to bring the sign inside out of trading hours if necessary. This pavement sign is ideal for large, weather-resistant vinyl posters and is powder coated for a sleek, easy to clean finish.

Swing Signs

Swing signs are another option for businesses looking for a large, double-sided pavement sign. Unlike A frame signs, swing signs only feature one graphics panel making them a slightly more compact option. The panel is only attached to the frame at the top, allowing it to swing in the breeze and draw the attention of passers-by. Red 17’s Swinger 4000 is a great option for businesses who require a high quality sing sign. This steel tube frame features a top-opening poster pocket with magnetic seals, making for quick and easy poster changes whilst protecting your sign.

Forecourt Signs

Forecourt signs are designed to withstand the testing conditions the outdoors brings. It is not always possible to determine the weather or any other factors your pavement sign might have to endure, so it’s important to ensure your products are ready for all conditions. The Sightmaster Pro Forecourt sign from Red17 features a water-fillable base making it strong and sturdy. It has built-in wheels making it easy to move and an anti-glare poster protector sheet to enhance visibility of your signage. This product is incredibly durable with heavy duty mounts and the sleek all-black finish compliments any business’ branding.

Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard signs are a convenient way to share information with passers-by. They are ideal for businesses who need to change the information they display frequently, making them ideal for pubs and catering establishments who wish to entice potential customers in with their daily specials. Chalkboard signs also look very different to most other types of pavement sign, meaning they stand out and give your business the competitive edge. Our Traditional Chalk Board is a wood-finished A frame pavement sign suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. When used in conjunction with chalkboard pens the advertising opportunities are endless. Displays can be changed in a matter of minutes and can be created to complement the business’ branding.

Poster Display Signs

Poster display signs are specially designed to display printed posters on the pavement. They feature protective sleeves to shield your signage from harsh weather conditions and are a great tool for reinforcing your brand and attracting new and existing customers to your place of business. Red17’s Booster poster display sign is an A frame poster display sign with a semi-circular header. This means there is room for your business logo or any other branding you wish to display along with the poster. Easy to use, posters can be changed in a matter of seconds with a hidden release panel and the locking side arms ensure your poster will stay standing and on view for all the passers-by to see.  

Red17 are suppliers of a wide range of high quality signage and print products, with a large selection of pavement signs on offer. Take a look at our extensive online catalogue and contact us today to get your business noticed.