Dead men tell no tales, but their phones might.

Early last month, two detectives walked into the lab of Anil Jain, a professor of computer science and engineering at Michigan State University. They had heard of Jain’s cutting-edge work in fingerprint recognition and wanted his help in a murder investigation.

The detectives brought the victim’s locked Samsung Galaxy S6 phone and a copy of his fingerprints, as he had been previously arrested. The investigators said they believed his phone might hold clues to who killed him and asked Jain to help them get inside the phone by overcoming the fingerprint scanner lock.

Jain and his team — doctoral student Sunpreet Arora and postdoctoral student Kai Cao — spent the following several weeks tinkering with a solution. This week, they found one that worked.

Police Use Fingertip Replicas To Unlock A Murder Victim’s Phone

Photo: Michigan State University researchers Sunpreet Arora (left), Anil Jain (center) and Kai Cao (right) tried 3-D printed fingertips and 2-D fingerprint replicas on conductive paper to unlock a murder victim’s phone, similar to one in the photo. Derrick Turner/Michigan State University

Some thoughts/recollections from last night

- Cam Avery is a beautiful, beautiful man and his songs are wonderful
- he referred to Miles and Alex as Harold and Maude lmao
- then when TLSP started their set the lights dimmed and the string section started up and it was so beautiful I nearly shed a tear
- They opened with “Sweet Dreams, TN” with Alex singing up in the balcony in what looked like his hotel bathrobe I can’t with this guy
- Miles is a total showman. Like I knew he was a great performer but I didn’t KNOW you know?
- Face-melting guitar riffs from the both of them but especially Miles
- Whenever Miles had solo vocals you could tell Alex was totally vibin’ or else going crazy flopping his arms around
- I swear they both looked at me multiple times and Miles smiled like he recognized me from the pics outside (ohmygod!!!)
- Alex’s new hairstyle is a godsend he looked like an actual adonis and kept running his hands through it making it even fluffier ahdkakslalsj
- Miles tapped Al’s ass several times (icu Miles)
- Miles’ eyes are full of mischief when he performs while Alex’s bore into your soul how is he even real
- there was an older lady in the balcony whom Miles sang to and gestured “call me” and she was all flustered lol it was cute
- Alex put on this posh accent to say, “Ladies and gentlemen, that was Miles Kane with Totally Wired by The Fall” like a radio announcer
- they did “Element of Surprise” and “My Mistakes” and i felt like crying
- there was a guy filming pretty much everything (maybe for a lolla video?) and Milex sang right into the camera often and he went in super close when they shared a mic… where is this footage, the people demand it!!
- Miles kicked over a mic stand then Alex kicked over the same one later and gingerly set it back after the song #endmicstandabuse2k16
- the three covers they did with mostly Miles singing were so lit
- Alex went in front of the barricade and he was RIGHT THERE and so gorgeous ohmy agod
- i died there

Jillian Holtzmann is a former associate professor of paranormal studies at the Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science. A brilliant nuclear engineer, she was once considered for a position at the European Organization for Nuclear Research.
These days, you can find Holtzmann at the Ghostbusters’ headquarters in New York City, where she is Senior Proton Wrangler. Actually, she doesn’t have an official job title- none of the Ghosbusters do. Still, even a made-up job title sounds better than just saying she “dicks around with ghostbusting equipment all day.”
—  Ghosts From Our Past, Both Literally and Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal (Revised Edition) by Erin Gilbert and Abby L. Yates, with Andrew Shaffer