i watched him love me less every day. the thing about that, about loving someone and knowing that they don’t love you back in the same way: you can’t stop it. you forgive them the sin. you want to kiss them and you want to cry and it’s dancing a tricky circle between loving someone entirely and losing yourself in the process. and i lost myself, but that was okay, because who i was, he didn’t love anyway.


Charlie Immer x Supersonic x 1xRUN.

Artist Charlie Immer currently has a very limited edition print (top, above) through a Supersonic curated print series on 1xRUN.  Alongside Charlie’s brand new print is an original work of art (above, bottom) that is also available for purchasing.

These prints and artwork are only available for a few more days, then they’re locked away.  So don’t miss your chance at owning either, hit up 1xRUN.


As geektastic cakes go, this transforming Optimus Prime birthday cake is extra-super awesome! When the son of YouTube contributor Russell Munro requested a Transformers-themed cake for his 6th birthday, the boy’s impressively geeky parents got to work on something truly exceptional. Russell Munro used a 3D printer to create a transforming frame for the cake that moves on small servo motors and his wife made the segmented Optimus Prime cake itself.

When assembled the actual cake conceals the mechanism that moves it. The leader of the Autobots speaks one of his most famous lines: “At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall.” Then he rises rises, transforming from a truck into his standing robot mode:

Here’s the video of the cake’s transformation process from truck to robot and back down to truck:

For a better look at the mechanism itself, this video shows the 3D-printed frame without the cake:

[via Gizmodo and psfk]