I’ve updated my RedBubble!! I decided to do another TSoA sticker/transparent, which I am sooo buying once I save up xD. I also did a fun little print for cups and mugs for my fellow bookworms~ Lets see if we’ve read all the same books~ (mind you… some books on that pattern I haven’t finished yet… still working on my massive to-be-read pile).

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as a girl who was basically outed, was kicked out of her parent’s house, and was homeless for a stretch, lemme tell you that you don’t get over that quickly

but as a girl in love with another girl who didn’t experience so many of those Young Gay™ things, i can also tell you that there’s a lot you can emotionally put aside to make your girl smile

superduperandyeah  asked:

Owari, try and remember what you told Souda: "We all did horrible things under despair. If you’re able to forgive us for that. Then we can forgive you for what you did. And we will all shoulder this guilt together." Your friends love you and are here for you.


They are right, you know. You were there for me and I will be there for you too. And I’m not the only one, every one want to help you.

I know how you feel. You don’t want to be forgiven, right? And sure, we can’t be the one who will forgive you. But we still accept you. And we will help you. So just know that we are here if you need to talk.

….Thank you.

“A-As for what type of Changeling I am, most people only know of Chrysalis’ subspecies, Buprestidae, and has given the other subspecies bad reputations.. However, my subspecies is far different from theirs. While the Buprestidae feed on love, my species, Eriosomatidae, feed on the sap from trees and plants. W-We try not to cause any problems for gardeners and farmers by planting our own trees and plants, but many ponies still fear us for being Changelings anyway.. B-But you see, my subspecies is rather new.. I was the first of my kind, and it’s actually named after me. My real Changeling name is Eriosomatidae, or Erios for short.”

As for hobbies, Astrid loves singing, drawing, sewing, gardening, making herbal remedies, and gaining useless knowledge among many other things.

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