Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty | MoMA

It’s the final day to see Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty. The New York Times calls it a “thrillingly intimate” look at “the modern Degas you haven’t seen.” If you visited the exhibition, we hope it made you consider Degas in a new light! 

[Installation view of Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty at The Museum of Modern Art, New York (March 26-July 24, 2016). Photo by Martin Seck. © 2016 The Museum of Modern Art, New York]

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friends, pals, i designed a shirt!! 

you can get this baby in two colors (my two favorite colors surprise surprise), they’re made with a discharge screen-printing process so the design won’t crack over time, and shipping within the U.S. is free!

you can preorder it HERE, or pick one up at SPX in September at the Out Of Step Arts table, where I’ll be! 

“Fragment from Balustrade of the Temple of Athena Nike, Acropolis, Athens” by William James Stillman

c. 1882

albumen silver print from glass negative

Gillman Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art

anonymous asked:

I'm watching old videos of the boys and I'm so sad now. You can literally see louis going from a beautiful flamboyant boy to a still quirky but much calmer one. He obviously grow during the time but it's not about maturity, they just cut his wings.

Oh, I agree, there’s nothing natural about what happened there. I still am not sure if I’m more bothered by 2012-2014 silenced, cornered, subdued Louis or current exaggerated, slightly trashy, poorly average laddy lad, fake smiley Louis. I’m not good at stomaching either and I really really hope he’s able to come out for who he really is soon enough. That boy has such a catching, beautiful, warm smile, a contagious enthusiasm, an enderaing demeanor and to see him shut down is the most painful thing I had to witness here.

Whenever we get to catch a glimpse of genuine Louis or to be reassured he’s been able to protect his real self when out of the public eyes, I just couldn’t feel happier and more proud :’)

my drawings may look a little different because I’ve been developing a different style and I found a new brush that I now use for everything (and I’m maybe crying a little bit because my art is so much better than it was when i started home and I’m so happy because this means the last drawings will be the best of the collection and EMOTIONS)