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Harry for The Sunday Times Style magazine | May 11, 2017

Charles Jeffrey bespoke suit & Roker Atelier custom-made shoes 

_charlesjeffrey: Harry wears bespoke Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY suit in Scarlett doeskin on the cover of The Sunday Times Style Magazine keep your eyes peeled for custom LOVERBOY x Roker Atelier boots 

_charlesjeffrey: Custom lining print for my first bespoke client, thank you to Harry Lambert for making it happen! (photo one | two)

Hockey Gothic
  • Your grandfather tells you “When I was born, Jaromir Jagr had already played 20 seasons.” Your father tells you “When I was born, Jagr had already played 20 seasons.” You look up Jagr on HockeyDB. By the time you were born, Jaromir Jagr had already played 20 seasons.
  • You hum a melody. Everybody hums a melody. You can’t make out the words, but the melody repeats after a short time. “The rest name new can lay, is the foot mold okay name,” it sounds like. You don’t understand.
  • The Leafs are up 11-0 after 2. Tears are running down your face. You know they will lose in the shootout.
  • Ovechkin is loading up his shot. You can see the defense going down one by one. The forwards try to play defense and theydrop, too. They can’t get up again. Ovechkin is still loading up his shot.
  • “Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion,” somebody says. Others are nodding along. The president of the US is live on TV. “Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion,” he says.
  • A toad croaks. It sounds like “parity.” You look at the toad. Gary Bettman’s face stares back. “Shootout,” it croaks.
  • Your team won. You are happy. Somebody is screaming on Youtube. Your team lost. Somebody is screaming on Youtube. You like, subscribe and tell all your friends. You scream.
  • Somebody takes a shot on an empty net. Carey Price is on the bench. He makes the save. The refs skate to the bench to get the puck. You scream.
  • You can’t make out the print on Don Cherry’s suit. It seems to change while you’re watching. It looks at you. “Good Canadian boys,” the suit says.
The Paladin’s Armor                       (A Protection Spell)

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A spell to fight away negativity and darkness. Inspired by the Shield of Faith spell in Dungeons and Dragons.

You will need:

-Paper and pen (or access to a printer)

-A white or black candle (both of them repel negativity, though a white candle also represents peace and a black candle has a stronger ability to repel negativity. If you can, use both a white and black candle. If you have neither type of candle, grey, light blue, and red work to a lesser extent)

-Sun water (to make the ‘armor’ a bit sturdier and more powerful. How to make Sun Water.)


Draw a suit of armor onto the sheet of paper. It doesn’t need to look all that nice. If you can’t or don’t want to draw the armor, a printed image of a suit of armor will work, as well.

Wash your candle in a bit of sun water. Be careful to keep water away from the wick. 

Light your candle and hold the paper above it. Say or think, “Let it be forged.”

Very carefully burn the paper using the candle, visualizing the warm light wrapping around you and forming your armor. When the paper is fully burned, your armor has been formed. 

Blow out the candle and visualize the smoke fleeing from you. Say or think, “I am protected from forces of the dark, and they flee before me.”

Dispose of the burned paper.

The spell should bring a bit of luck and ward off negativity. If you notice the negativity starting to come back, the spell has likely started to wear off and you may need to recast it.

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Hiya!! I live in Indonesia where those cute stationery shops are very rare and even muji is only in 2 very far away malls where I live :c Do you have diy cute stationery posts?

Hi! Here are a few I’ve found:

I’m sure this long list will keep you occupied for a while haha! x