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pieck-aboo  asked:

30 or 38 for the meme! :) any pairing! (Snk universe)

Prompt 38: “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” 

my mind just went to jean’s dorkself with that one, so here’s a gothkasa/ badboy jean oneshot! 

Here was reason one as to why Mikasa Ackerman had embarrassed herself in front of her crush.

Wearing black every day was a chore. Especially if her fashion sense consisted of long heavy Lolita dresses, rose-printed shawls, and three-inch plat form boots; sometimes on Wednesdays she wore the web-patterned stockings, even when the days grew warmer, even when the skies were bluer than the ocean, and the sun brilliantly shone without a cloud to block its harsh rays.

Even when she felt ready to collapse right in the middle of Algebra because the AC had stopped working. Mother Nature showed no mercy; and Spring’s early heat wave was really killing her dark vibe. How could she walk the halls of Maria High School when she was sweating like a pig; she was supposed to extrude the aura of the otherworldly.

Her liquid mascara had already chipped, the perspiration on her forehead made her bangs stick to her skin, her wiccan jewelry scalded her collarbones, and her matte lipstick left a black smudge on her water bottle.

PsstHey, Mikasa.” A hand reached out behind, tapped her shoulder. Mikasa glanced behind her, catching Sasha’s attention at the corner of her heavily shadowed eye; Sasha made come closer gesture, her face a desperate call for help.

Mikasa huffed, keeping her voice low, “What is it?”

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etsyfindoftheday | CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN: 2 DAYS | 12.23.15

SPLURGE GIFTS: handmade nakoma shawl in camel by goodcompanyco

i featured the other hues of this boho shawl earlier in 2015, but this camel one is at the top of my christmas list. it’s trendily printed with a native american-inspired design, so each wrap is OOAK, perfect for layering, and ready to rock.

Complete outfit with original painting (shown here) now available on the Best Costume For The Day Etsy shop!

Costume for the day:

- Vintage 1990s Betsey Johnson Chiffon/Jersey Mid-Length Dress with Full Snap Tear-Away Front

- Long Black Shawl Cardigan with Choker Hook Eye Closure

Available NOW!