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Hey y’all! I’ve started uploading some of my portfolio onto Redbubble and Society6. If you’ve ever wanted prints from me, hit up the links below. Alternatively - I’d happy to offer custom Artist Proof prints. Just send me a message!

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30. December 2016 .:. The year is almost over! I spent a lovely week at my parents’s house. After falling sick for some time, I extended my deadline for my master’s thesis and now I have to hand in a bit later, early in january 2017. I sent the hopefully last draft of the thesis to my advisor two days ago, hoping to receive a reply soon. Then editing, proof reading, printing, handing in.  Definitely looking forward to that day!

I just came back and enjoy hot chocolate with almond milk, do some journaling in my new moleskine for 2017 and I will probably start coloring a bit later tonight.

And here’s the cover for Act 7! =^.^= I’m still working on finalizing the chapter for printing, but since I’ll be taking off for three weeks in March/April for a trip to Asia, with the time required to print proofs I think I probably won’t get around to making the printed copies available until mid April at the earliest, after I get back from my trip.

I’m also still working on the script for Act 8 the penultimate chapter!, but I’ve hit a wee bit of a snag and am still in the process of trying to decide whether or not I should include a particular bit of plot.

Shipping update and more proofs

Hi everyone!

We’re really sorry to announce that our shipping dates will have to be pushed back approximately 5 days due to a small issue with printing. The issue is completely minor and fixable, but unfortunately it’s cropped up just before the weekend and so our printers are going to have to wait until an engineer can be sent out, which can’t be done until Wednesday.

We’re trying to produce the best possible zine for you all, so we hope you don’t mind waiting a few extra days!

In the meantime, though, we’re excited to be able to share a small video of the printing proof!


Someone has been a busy bee. Between learning/locking down printing through DTRPG, ordering proofs, freelance writing, freelance graphic design, Red Markets successfully funding, Kickstarter prep, GenCon, and just general 9-5 employment things have been a little hectic. 

So rather than leave you all out to dry I wanted to give you a sneak peek at something we’re working on. Granted, the text is CRAZY rough and hasn’t even been edited once yet but just look at the pretty pictures, pretty layout, and those darn pretty (and balanced) racial stats.

Nereun is something you will (hopefully) be seeing a lot more of in the coming months! It’s a mountainous, arctic, cursed hellhole of a world stalked by immortal Horrors and Cursebeasts. If you like your dark fantasy to be actually dark without going full grimderp then boy oh boy is Nereun for you.

We threw all the core races in the garbage and completely rewrote what most people assume is humanity’s greatest edge in addition to creating five all new races (the zajec being the most vanilla of them all) that live with horrific curses due to their hubris. Isn’t that swell?

The art is by the absolutely wonderful Michael Sanchez (who despite my protests still lacks an internet presence).


So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their support! 
My ‘Delicate’ A3 print will soon be up at @studiofezilla and can be purchased there. But will be giving away one Artist Proof print on Instagram!

To enter, please like, repost and tag @lunaaaluc and you’ll go in the draw! Giveaway ends on the 5th of April at 12pm EST! Good luck Amigos!

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Lynn and Cat from my forthcoming novel, @threadcaster!

So my print proof is on it’s way to me, and my ebook version is approved and ready to go with one button click. Threadcaster, after 11 years of working on it, is finally ready to publish! Getting the ebook together was unnecessarily difficult for all the stupidest reasons. In the end it turned out really good though, and all you ebook readers STILL GET ILLUSRATIONS HURRAY!

The book will be available for everyone to purchase on March 11th. If you buy it soft-launch day and send a note to threadcaster at gmail dot com I’m going to be sending out free prizes, so mark all your calendars! 

Snoqualm II (Mount Si), 2016


35mm photograph (Nikon FE2)

Captured Mount Si at sunset on a recent adventure in North Bend, WA (aka Twin Peaks).  According to Snoqualmie legend, Mount Si is the body of Snoqualm, the God of the Moon, who fell to earth while chasing Blue Jay and Fox after they had stolen the secret of making fire and daylight from his celestial abode.  His face is still visible in the peaks of the mountain (visible in profile on the top left).

Limited Edition, Signed, Artist-Proofed Giclée Prints are also available through the Artist.  Please contact me for pricing and availability.

© Bryan Paul Patterson 2016

speechbubblehead  asked:

Omg Ella pls. Go follow Rebecca Guay on Instagram (of you have one)! She posts progress images all the dang time. She's been my all time fave since forever. My very first Magic card was one of hers: Commander Eesha. I was even able to support her Kickstarter a few years back. Got a sweet art book, two prints, and an artist proof with a doodle on the back. :v


Sea Goddess Carrying Roman Helmet Amid Sea Creatures and Flying Angels

Artist/maker unknown, French?

Early 19th century
Etching and engraving (trial proof printed from the unfinished plate)

Philadelphia Museum of Art