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i totally forgot i had this suuuper soft tropical-ish print polo shirt bc someone left it at my house once…..someone’s sleeping in style tonight

Laxus and Mirajane: The Music Lovers

As if the chemistry existing between Laxus and Mirajane isn’t enough already, it’s also a fact that they are both music lovers. They are the only Fairy Tail mages known to own magic headphones. Heck this screencap from the wikipedia page even got me squealing:

I have this headcanon that it was actually Laxus who taught Mirajane how to play the guitar. Might I add that yellow (Laxus’ color) is such a beautiful color on Mirajane. 

In episode 20 (Natsu and the Dragon Egg), teenage Laxus was already spotted wearing magic headphones, while Mirajane was still in her wild child phase and during the time, she does not even seem to be the type to be inclined to music whatsoever. This leads me to believe that Laxus might have influenced Mirajane’s interest in music, seeing that he’s the first shown to be a music lover. This is also considering the fact that young Mirajane seems to embody the rocker angsty chick kind of image, and will probably take a liking towards any of Laxus’ interests. And I dunno if it’s just me, but considering how Laxus spends most of his time alone when he was younger, he seems to be the type who enjoys music by himself. I can totally imagine him playing the guitar when he’s in the mood. Oh god try to picture him playing the guitar askjdsjdfnskl

Just imagine the two of them, bonding over jamming sessions. <3 With the inevitable sweet moments while he teaches her how to strum the guitar. My heart skips a beat whenever I imagine it that way. I think Mira always had a soft spot for Laxus, even when she was still such a rebel. And as pointed out by some of my fellow Miraxus shippers, the song Mira wrote for mages in missions definitely sounds like something she wrote for Laxus. As the other Fairy Tail members pointed out, Laxus is rarely seen in the guild since he’s always out in missions. The lyrics of Mira’s song definitely contained some romantic context, which I personally think does not generally apply to mages in missions hehe :) She definitely incorporated some of her own personal feelings there <3 As a songwriter, she must have searched deep within her feelings to actually have come up with the lyrics. And if Laxus really influenced her interest in music, it just makes sense that she’ll feel inspired enough to write a song for/about him. The lyrics of her song right here, I find really sweet and romantic:

Gently stroking the table where you’re no longer by, today I’m alone by myself again
Looking up at the sky I make a wish, that you and I enjoy the same moonlight despite being so far apart

When I can’t help but cry and tremble
When I suffer setbacks in the dark
I still can’t forget
That I still have my home
That I still have people waiting for me

Those words that I asked you that day keep meandering by my ears, your smile that day keeps appearing before my eyes
All this keeps growing within my heart, you and I now enjoy the same moonlight despite being so far apart

All the suffering up until now 
Crying because of an unknown tomorrow
I still can’t forget
That I still have my home
That I still have people waiting for me

Only trying harder and harder to fly higher 
I believe in you so
Starting from now let’s weave our beautiful memories together

(I got the English lyrics from thedemonanddragonslayer) <3

When Mira sang this in Chapter 103, she was wearing a leopard-print dress:

And I find it cute and sweet that Laxus also sported a leopard-print polo during his return two chapters later in Chapter 105, which he also wore during the Battle of Fairy Tail:

Also in OVA 3: Memory Days, Laxus was a part of Mira’s memories. This was shown near the ending credits where each Fairy Tail member was reminiscing: 

This even strengthens my hunch that Laxus really played a major part in Mira’s past. It just amazes me how he can elicit extreme emotions from Mira. He made her angry. He made her cry. He made her smile. He made her jump for joy. Heck he even made her blush. He just really has this huge effect on her without even trying so hard, you know what I mean? <3

There’s just something about Mirajane and her memories. I think there’s a strong correlation between the two. I even had to highlight the last line in her song. Also in the fourth ending theme of the anime where Mirajane was the main character, the theme was about memories as well, with pictures and photo albums.

I think who Mirajane is now, she gives credit to her past for it. These precious memories of hers keep her going, keep her moving forward. She may not be so self-conscious about her physical strength and her powers now compared to before, but she sure holds her memories and past in high regards since these led her to become the person she is now. This is what makes her a stronger person, which I find really admirable. 

Anyway, their love for music is just another item to add to the continuously growing list of why Laxus and Mirajane are so perfect for each other. I also like the idea of Laxus being so cutesy and childlike, asking Mira to sing him to sleep, to which she will tease him at first but will eventually oblige to willingly. Mira’s angelic singing voice is just another addition to her endearing qualities, which will inevitably tug at Laxus’ heartstrings. <3

And It’s just so fun to imagine them dating in fancy restaurants around town, dancing, enjoying good music, and just basking in the beauty of each other’s company <3

some joly headcanons for you:

  • joly dresses like a very trendy fifth grader with outer space backpacks and animal print polo shirts and weird socks and this makes him courfeyrac’s favorite (as much as courfeyrac could have a favorite considering its courfeyrac)
  • joly is the shortest (also why he’s courfeyrac’s favorite) but he quite likes it because it means he gets to be carried everywhere he if whines hard enough or feigns his leg is acting up again (sometimes it is and he genuinely needs a piggyback ride but he’s not above abusing this power)
  • joly has three different canes: a fancier one that’s sleek and black and with a silver raven’s head for the top (it makes him feel like poe so he likes it, wears it with a top hat when he feels fancy); a daily one made of a nice dark wood (scratched by now of course), riddled with grantaire and jehan’s doodlings, with a hollow on the inside (weed and candy) and a changing topper (he has an octopus, giant eyeball, and saturn); and another daily one, metal and sturdy and slightly boring except for the cat head topper.
  • joly is excellent at cooking because he is a medical professional and he does everything precisely. This mean it takes forever for joly to make cookies or bloody marys or literally anything, but its always worth it because whatever he makes is delicious. (this annoys grantaire to know end who cooks like an artist, all messy countertops and flash and random measurements but bossuet is grateful because honestly surprises arent the best in his life anyway)
  • joly manages to find bandaids of the weirdest designs, like seriously where do you even find a robot riding a dinosaur in space bandaids?? sometimes joly gets blank ones and lets grantaire and jehan and bahorel and courfeyrac decorate them however they want (courfeyrac was suspended from this for a short while since he was putting glitter on all of them and bossuet nearly got an infection from it)
  • joly’s hair is impossibly neat and impossibly straight except for a few tufts at the front that stick in weird directions if he doesnt constantly comb them
  • sometimes people at the hospital think joly’s a little kid playing dress up and sometimes they treat him that way but joly loves his job so much and he’s so good at it
  • joly used to work at the hospital on rotation in the kid’s ward but he took a job at a small pediatrician office instead so he could get to know the kids better and watch them grow up and get to joke with them. the office is in a refitted house and all the exam rooms have a different theme and joly is a favorite because he’s so great at talking with little kids and gets genuinely excited about the same things as them
  • joly seriously loves disney and pixar movies and goes to the premieres with bossuet and courfeyrac and grantaire whenever he can
  • joly loves museums so much, and the foundation of his and combeferre’s relationship is based off going to history and science museums together and spending hours there talking until the security guard tells them its closing.
  • joly likes art too but he doesnt always get it but he makes sure to go with grantaire every month (bossuet doesnt do museums much, just to be safe, but he meets up with them in the cafe and listens to everything they saw)
  • joly eats toast with jam and half a fruit every single morning without fail. he’s a morning person and its unfathomable the way he can just spring up and be perfectly awake and content like that
  • joly loves cats. so much. he loves animals in general and if you take joly to the zoo he’s going to be so so excited, but joly is a cat magnet, they just seem to find him wherever he is. and he always talks to them
  • sometimes joly doesnt have much time to read so he has jehan or chetta or bossuet or grantaire read something out loud to him but he usually falls asleep after a few minutes
  • joly is notorious for falling asleep after a few minutes of anything
  • joly’s favorite part of the day is dawn, when the moon is still up and the sun isnt visible yet but everything’s all pastel and grey and lavender and just about to burst into gold, and its all quiet and melancholy and still and its just joly and his toast and fruit and the neighbor’s cat
  • joly loves drinking. he loves it when its him and bossuet and grantaire all crowded together at one of the tiny round tables of their favorite wine cafe, just like old times when they all first met, sharing two bottles between them and listening to grantaire ramble or bossuet tell jokes or joly switching between philsophy and whatever happened that day at work. it makes him feel grounded and safe and warm all over because he just loves them so much
  • joly is an excellent tenor, a fact he’s always sure to share at any opportunity. (the barbershop quartet is a real thing that happens sometimes, if you get chetta drunk enough and grantaire happy enough)
  • the only artistic ability joly possesses is the ability to draw a wickedly detailed skeleton
  • joly gets migraines a lot, invariably, some of them are bearable but some of them leave him lying in bed trying not to move or think or exist because it hurts so bad. combeferre thinks its a vertigo thing, but its all very unconfirmed
  • joly edits webmd articles to be more accurate
  • its not that joly googles symptoms and is a hypochondriac, its just that he’s a really really good doctor and he knows about even the most rare and obscure diseases or ailments you can get, incredibly specific stuff even combeferre’s never heard of. (often he’ll just ramble off a really long latin-sounding word and say that’s what you have when really it just means you have a cold but joly likes to fuck with people sometimes)
  • joly (and bossuet and chetta) is really, really good at sex. he’s proud.
  • joly doesnt really listen to much music and he owns just one cd and its of jazz.
Acoustics and Coffee

Characters: Jungkook x You

Jungkook steals glances at you as he busks with his guitar, and you’re an art  student looking for something to draw. (1 660 words)

Genre: Fluff 

“One hour passes by faster than the people who stop to listen. Jungkook pauses after singing his rendition of Tori Kelly’s Paper Hearts. He bends down to pick up a bottle of water over his guitar. His jaw strikes you as he tilts his lips to the bottle. Too focused on hastily sketching down his features you feel your heartbeat choke when you notice his eyes on you. Your throat tightens. Flustered, you look around and pretend to draw the general scenery, causing him to chuckle as he screws the lid back on.”

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bokuaka’s over here!


who confessed first: what do you count as a confession? do you count the time they were seven and oikawa declared that he only ever wanted to marry iwa-chan? do you count the first “i love you”, when iwaizumi absentmindedly said it at the end of a phone call and the line went dead silent for a moment before oikawa started laughing and iwaizumi went beet red and slammed the phone down and oikawa teased him about it for a week? oikawa counts the first time iwaizumi swatted him hard in the back of the head and knelt down to wrap his knee because oikawa’s face was contorted with pain when he tried to bend to do it himself. iwaizumi’s old-fashioned, so for him, it was when they perfected their crosses in their third year alone together in the gym at nine pm after struggling with them for years, and their victory hug was just a little off-balance and turned into a victory kiss, and their victory kiss turned into staring at each other like they were seeing the face of god, and staring turned into more kissing (and a little bit of crying on oikawa’s part) and even when they were separate over the next few days and months and years they ultimately lived their lives as the stretches of time between kisses

what does their home look like: there’s paintings of the sea and decorated shells and those cliche signs that say “this way to the beach!” even though they live a solid hour away from the ocean, there’s a shelf of their favorite movies, there’s a corkboard with pictures of their teammates and their families and cut-out magazine photographs of all the places they want to visit someday. oikawa spends ridiculous amounts of time and money making those pinterest ass projects like those ping pong ball christmas lights and custom lampshades (iwaizumi thinks it’s kind of ridiculous but he’s picking his battles here). also, iwaizumi has a big fluffy samoyed that he wrestles with and goes for runs with all the time. oikawa is neutral about the dog but insists that it stay off the couch. (he regularly comes home to iwaizumi curled up on the couch with dog in lap and oikawa is just like UGH)

their mini mixtape: one week (barenaked ladies), king (lauren aquilina), remember the name (fort minor) (for pre-game pump-up)

what happens on date night: they don’t often have time for dates, because there’s volleyball and classes, and later in life there’s work and maybe kids. but when they do: sci-fi movies, themed diners, aquariums, museums, and sometimes iwaizumi’s embarrassing shit like mini golf and concerts for bands that were cool forty years ago. occasionally, they double with matsuhana for karaoke (once iwaizumi is drunk enough he’s willing to deliver some absolutely iconic renditions of shania twain songs; matsuhana have never been so happy in their lives)

what are their shopping trips like: oikawa is really into fashion so he gets things like swishy miniskirts, pastel skinny jeans, soft baggy sweaters that cover his hands, sharp business blazers, thigh high stockings, boots from forever 21. meanwhile, iwaizumi buys one of those six-packs of identical socks and two new pairs of boxers and is ready to go home. (but sometimes oikawa can convince him to try on long skirts and crop leather jackets like he’s in the fuckin yakuza and he looks dangerously good and oikawa is like “actually never mind you’re too powerful go back to your weird pineapple print shorts and polo shirts”)

trivial fact about them: when iwaizumi is stressed and frustrated he tends to clam up and get prickly/snappy and oikawa often reacts to this by teasing the shit out of him in the most puerile ways (stepping on the back of his shoe, “did you know if your hand is bigger than your face it means you’re sick” “wait really” [slaM], etc) and it works it fucking works iwaizumi is eternally pissed that it works but it does, it makes him feel like things are okay and reliable and steady like nothing else ever does. oikawa knows this and he’s smug as shit about it. iwaizumi suffers

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Roadtrips are better when you’re with rossenzo and when you’re wearing Lilly (that he gave you)