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Quick story (if you have the time...)

i went to the eye doctors today and they had to dilate my pupils. When they do that, you become really sensitive to any light, so they gave me these puppies

they’re fucking amazing, right? anyway, I had to run into walmart and of course i left them on because ~fashion/~ 

(and because i practically hissed at every light I encountered without them on)

So, I immediately went to the teeny bopper magazine aisle to read up on my 1D gossip, as you do, and came to find out that I can’t read the small magazine print becuz of dem damn dilated pupils!! So I had to hold it at arm’s length away. Also, it is worth mentioning that I had hiccups at this present moment. 

So imagine this: 

a 20-something year old girl with plastic eyepatch sunglasses in the middle of a walmart store (i.e. there’s no fucking sun in a fucking walmart store), holding a j-14 magazine at arm’s length away, reading about what Harry would do if he were invisible for a day, all while I had very loud and abrupt hiccups.

but seriously–I honestly didn’t give a shit what anyone thought about me…until five minutes later when this happened: 

I wanted to, yanno, see if there are any posters I could buy to hang in my room because I am a working, functioning human adult now and can do whatever the fuck i want wiTH MY ROOM MOM

and I saw this one

and i JUST HAD to take a picture. Well, I have this habit of talking to myself, so when i took the picture, I audibly said aloud “ugh, no they don’t”

little did i know that those “sunglasses” somewhat acted as horse blinders because I had no idea that there was a fucking MAN standing a few feet away from me who asked, “what?” My head snapped to look at him and I was like, “wait nonononono…I was just– no I wasn’t talking to anyone.” to which he awkwardly brought his attention back to his gun magazine.


I went to check out all of these magazine so I could read the articles in peace and at a time when my eyes weren’t so fucked up

and i got in line behind a nun, not thinking anything about it when it turned out to be my old high school principal, Sr. Kathleen Mary. (yep, I went to an all girl catholic high school run by nuns. fight me)

and she was asking me about my life– I told her that I graduated from college and have a stable career and I’m living on my own and whatnot… Oh yea, and all-the-fucking-while I have a fucking STACK of teeny bopper magazines in my arms while i’m telling her how grown up I’ve become since high school. Did i also tell you that I am still wearing the plastic eyepatch sunglasses and i still have the goddamn hiccups? yea… (I guess I’m just glad that I wasn’t buying condoms? there’s a plus?)

needless to say, I left that Walmart in shame following closely on the heels of Sr. Kathleen Mary who I’m sure– just like my mother– thinks I need Jesus back in my life.

That’s the story of my trip to Walmart today. Happy weekend everybody. I’m getting drunk in the dark and crying, using the one direction magazines to wipe up my tears.


Twen Magazine: 1959-1970

Many designers will be familiar with Twen magazine as much has been written about its pioneering design. I wanted to collect together a few of my favourite layouts.

Twen was published monthly throughout the ’60s. Not shy of nudity, the slick German magazine was aimed at “people in their twenties, from 15 to 30” (hence it’s name), the first generation to grow-up after the Second World War.

Willy Fleckhaus (1925-1983) art directed the title throughout its lifespan and took on much of the editor’s role. Fleckhause’s design principle was to ‘illuminate words’ which he achieved through ground-breaking typography and bold picture usage. The ADC him as:

“…a master of visual montage. Each, through selective cropping, framing, reducing and enlarging, were able to elicit specific editorial and emotional responses from readers and viewers alike. Power of this magnitude was indeed a stroke of genius!”

Its stylish typography and bold photography still look innovative today. Every layout tool is being used and every page-busting design turns your head and teases you in to look closer.

Further Reading:

Emily Andrews

Clifford Ross’s Wave Mechanics

This year, May 14th marks the beginning of summer - that is, the summer of Clifford Ross. At Ryan Lee Gallery, the noble and light-footed nephew of the late Helen Frankenthaler will showcase two series of silver gelatin photographs from the late ‘90s in “The Abstract Edge,” beginning with his “Grain Series,” perhaps the most abstract and spare photographic works in Ross’ expansive but under appreciated catalogue.

See more here

Preview: Adonis Bosso by Dana Scruggs for SCRUGGS Magazine (cover shoot)

Please Donate to help print this men’s fashion magazine, which is being entirely shot by a Black Female Photographer. Thank You!



Selektor Magazine 2 : Shane Lynam, disponible immédiatement, out now

C'est là. Shane Lynam x Selektor Magazine, en versions numérique et papier. Profitez dès maintenant de la présentation en ligne de son travail et pré-commandez la monographie exclusive au format magazine que nous avons préparée ensemble.

It’s here. Shane Lynam x Selektor Magazine, digital and paper versions. Take advantage of the online presentation of his work and pre-order the exclusive monograph in magazine form that we prepared together.

Selektor Magazine

Following Your Senses & Emotions – Deriva Magazine

Our photography contributor Marta Vargas has just launched a new print magazine, Deriva. Based on three concepts - dérive, flâneur and oasis - the magazine sets out to guide you through a variety of new journeys through a city and to make you follow your senses and emotions on the walk.

You can pre-order the first issue on the Deriva website now.


8 Faces #6 is coming…

 If you could only use eight typefaces for the rest of your life, which would you choose? 

8 Faces Magazine poses this question (and many others) to eight leading designers from the fields of web design, print design, illustration, and of course type design itself.

If you’ve been waiting patiently for the next issue, you’ll be excited to know it goes to print next week and will be ready by the end of April.  

Eighty-eight pages of in-depth interviews, critical essays, and inspiration from the very best in the business.

Printed on heavy stock with a foil-blocked cover, each issue is a true collector’s item and 8 Faces will be more at home on your bookshelf than in your magazine rack.  Who said print is dead?


Selektor, magazines & monographs

# 1  :  A L E X  C R E T E Y  S Y S T E R M A N S

76 pages


30 colour photographs

Offset printing PEFC and FSC certified

Cover: Munken Print 300g/m2

Artist’s name printed in embossed foil lettering

Inner pages: Inapa Imagine Silk 90g/m2

PUR binding



# 2  :  S H A N E  L Y N A M

84 pages

21 X 28 cm

44 colour photographs

Offset printing PEFC and FSC certified

Cover: Condat Silk 300g/m2

Inner pages: Condat Silk 150g/m2

Thread sewn binding



B U N D L E  :

Issue 1 + issue 2



B U Y  O N L I N E


Hey everyone! I am so so so over the moon about this endeavor we have been working on at the Textile Arts Center for the past few months …TAC Magazine! I am bursting at the seams because I have never been more proud of anything like this before; this is something I saw as a possibility back in September, and thanks to the team at TAC…we have made it into a reality! 

Pre Sale Subscriptions are happening now! 

Please help spread the word so we can make this amazing print publication happen!! 

Check out our BLOG for more information, as well as our Indiegogo.

Any questions/requests for more information on wholesale or advertising can be sent to or to me at!