print levis

yep, another print done to desucon

do you just…”accidently” draw stuff in anime art style? because i am not sure if i just did

The Ink Bond - Part 1

Fairy Tail

Word Count: 2470


Summary: In this world, when you turn 18 you are sent an envelope with the name of the one person you must meet and get to know. And though Levy’s been searching for hers for a while, but she might not like who she finds.

Read at AO3 or FFN.

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I’m sad so here are some modern Thug Trio headcanons.

  • Farlan is super into Greek mythology
  • Isabel will do the Igloo Australia freestyle just to annoy Levi
  • Isabel vines all of the time
  • Isabel is a total weeaboo and goes to cons and cosplays
  • Farlan is good at making props and helps her out
  • If Isabel begs enough Levi he will cosplay stuff with her
  • Levi is hella into dubstep
  • Farlan listens to Fall Out Boy
  • Isabel loves Ke$ha and Cobra Starship
  • Farlan (and sometimes Levi) will go around the house singing Lonely Island
  • Levi has a neat stockpile of junk food in his room ”for emergencies”
  • After Isabel and Farlan tricked him good last year, for April Fool’s Day Levi prints out a whole bunch of memes and replaces all their school papers with memes
  • And yes that includes the script of Bee Movie
  • Levi can’t stand Frozen so Isabel makes a point of singing “Let It Go” a lot
  • Levi has an ace pride flag hanging in his room

My wall of weebaboo goodness continues to expand. I’ve added art from @thepapermice, @daydream24-7 and a Hamilton print that I purchased from @twistedcaliber. THANK YOU!!!

Also thank you to @fandeuci for the Levi print. I love it so much! He’s been framed and is staring at next to the devastating handsome Erwin Smith by @50plusotaku