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Soulmate Joshua

Part of the Seventeen Soulmate Series

Your soulmate must have been an incredibly careful person. Incredibly careful. Because you were pretty sure you had barely ever received anything from them. You had grown up watching your friends gasp happily whenever they discovered some new item showing up in their backpack, or when they reached a hand into their pocket, or even materializing under their seat or at their side.

Sometimes, it made you a little sad, to have less of a connection to whoever your soulmate was, but at the same time, it was endearing to see how careful they were.

And besides, you knew they were out there. One time, right before a really important assignment where you had to give a speech, you lost the flash drive with months of hard work stored on it in the form of your notes and your power-point presentation. Right in the midst of your panic and stress, suddenly, out of no where, the flash drive popped back onto the table in front of you.

Your soulmate had lost it on purpose. So that you could have it back. The thrill of the encounter made you so confident that the speech went better than you ever could have expected. You could already feel yourself loving your incredibly careful, incredibly thoughtful, soulmate.

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2d headcanons part 2

• Freaks out when he sees someone else with blue hair
• “did you fall out of a tree too????”
• the poor bloke will just agree with him which always leads to…
• “are your pubes blue?? Mine are…wanna see..?”

• Likes fan art, like a lot
• he’ll even print them out and hang them on the wall
• or on the fridge like a proud dad

• Tries to get every cat to love him
• even when the cat is tearing him to shreds
• he’ll just hold it and brag to noodle about how much it loves him

• Eats his boogers
• this isn’t even a headcanon
• This IS canon
• the lil shit picked his nose (with his tongue mind you) and ate it in the “do ya thang” video

• Plays the drums !!
• on Russel’s tummy…

• LOVES his hair played with
• if Noodle won’t play with it he’ll ask Murdoc to
• which always leads to lopsided pigtails and aggressive hair brushing

• Kisses everyone in the band like Damon does with Graham and Jamie
•noodle on the cheek
•Russ on the nose or his cute bald head
• and Murdoc, well his middle finger
• but knowing our precious blue boy, he kisses Muds finger like he’s satanic royalty

• Pansexual & genderfluid
• wears feminine clothing
• which confuses the hell out of Murdoc because he finds stu pretty and is hella bi

part 1

The Tattoo™

Request: Hi! Could you do a request where the reader gives Joker a tattoo. I really liked your tattoo story, you already did. Thank you <3

Originally posted by moviequotes0745

A/N: Okay I understand I use this gif for everything but ??  ? can I be blamed ? No. Fight me. 

Warnings: Death ment., scary joker stuff in general, tattoos, needles, etc. 

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justabackupforlookingatart  asked:

Can I get that pollination art you did as a shirt? Or potentially a print?

Not sure why you’d want it on your wall much less wear it on a shirt but heres a link to the png and vector.

I’m not ready to start charging people so if you want to print it out, or use one of those custom t shirt sites to put it on a shirt go ahead. That is as long as no one tries to make profit from the drawing.

But if someone tells you “hey uh thats a neat shirt/poster” or “that is completely inappropriate to be wearing at your little sister’s birthday party” you point them my way. Thanks


The miniature journey continues!

I wanted to make an entire bedroom scene, but given how I take photos… decided to split it into several different scenes so as to not overwhelm the viewer :)

This scene is focused on a mini clothes rack where you’d hang your clothes and put any used pieces in the laundry basket. Admittedly, the laundry bag turned out a little more festive than anticipated, but I wouldn’t mind owning one irl if I came across something similar.

Everything is handmade (including Grumpy Mcgrumpface) and the framed print is actually up for sale in my etsy. It’s a copy of an original gouache painting I did featuring some Canadiana, and a larger version for real-sized walls should be available fairly shortly as well.


It’s that time of the year again! Good luck to everyone taking their Final exams! I hope these help you get through it. Feel free to print them out, put them on your bedroom wall or whatever helps you to get motivated


Hey, everyone! I put my two Superhero Pride drawings up for sale as prints at my Redbubble and Society6 shops! If you like them, you can get them to hang on your wall, or in other merch! I think the Redbubble has some other things like notebooks, art boards, etc.

Each picture has men or women for each color of the Pride rainbow! All the characters are actually queer and many of them have same sex relationships or dates on comic pages! For the men we have:

  • Red - Wiccan
  • Orange - The Ray (check him out in Rebirth!)
  • Yellow - Apollo and Midnighter
  • Green - Anole
  • Blue - Iceman
  • Purple - Bunker

And for the ladies, we have:

  • Red - Batwoman
  • Orange - Julie Power
  • Yellow - Karolina Dean
  • Green - Viv Vision
  • Blue - Renee Montoya (the Question)
  • Purple - Karma (New Mutants)

Again, if you’d like to hang these on your wall and can’t wait to see me at cons this fall, check out my Redbubble and Society6 shops to get a print today!

Moriarty x Reader | ‘Always Take The Shot’

Hey! So this is gonna be my first ever Moriarty x Reader fic, I hope you guys like it. (It might be a series…)

Plot: You are a crime scene photographer working alongisde Sherlock, John and Lestrade. You capture something you weren’t supposed to… 

Warnings: None,

Guide: C/N = Client Name


The sound of your camera snapped a photo of the dead body in front of you. You quickly looked down at the screen and blankly stared before it disappeared again. You were a photographer. 

Well… You took a course at university to be a creative photographer but ended up being a crime scene photographer. You also worked alongside Sherlock and John. The two were very famous in the media, Sherlock was a ‘consulting detective’ whilst John was a blog writer and wrote about the two. Sherlock said you were the best photographer he’s ever seen and regularly uses your photos for evidence. John also uses your photos on his blog. It has given you quite good rep in the past. 

But you were just working alone this morning. Sherlock and John were caught up with a particular man called Moriarty. 

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AoEx Casts’ Trip to the Zoo w/ Their S/O! 

(No one requested this but I went to the zoo yesterday ya’ll and yeah XD ^^’ )

Rin Okumura! 

  • practically jumping/bouncing around with excitement!
  • the sharks scare him x’c 
  • but he loves the panthers and the tigers!! 
  • coos to Kuro that Kuro’s better than any panther ever could be tho 
  • (cause Kuro got jelly that Rin was so excited to see a panther XD ) 
  • is just completely in awe of everything 
  • really wants to eat at the zoo cafe

Yukio Okumura! 

  • enjoys strolling around the park with his S/O
  • doesn’t rush around to see anything and always reads the informational signs and stuff 
  • hums quietly to himself and that’s when you know he’s completely relaxed 
  • was honestly surprised at how big the anteater was??? 
  • he had no idea they were so big 
  • also likes to tell you any cool tidbits of facts the knows about whatever animal
  • like: “Did you know that a mantis shrimp can punch with the force of a 22 caliber bullet?” 

Ryuji ‘Bon’ Suguro! 

  • honestly came for the monkeys
  • (they’re his favorite animal to be qh) 
  • he was so excited and happy when he finally got the see the monkeys 
  • he’d acted all tough and silent, holding your hand the whole way
  • but now
  • he’s so relaxed and he’s laughing and pointing and is so excited 
  • you point at the male monkey and is like: “That’s you babe.” 
  • and he laughs and points at the mama monkey: “Yeah? Well that’s you.” 
  • You: “Ew - the one eating the bugs?” 
  • Bon: “Yup. That one.” 
  • You: “Is that our baby monkey?” 
  • Bon: “Yes! That’s our baby monkey!” 
  • ya’ll stand there for a while watching the baby monkey run around and swing about and climb up everything 
  • it was honestly really cute and exciting

Shima Renzou! 

  • is not really interested in the zoo?
  • but since you wanted to goooo
  • there ya’ll are 
  • he laughed and joked about with you and ya’ll got to see a lot of things 
  • and eventually 
  • ya’ll got to the bird house 
  • and he never wanted to leave?
  • it was so nice? 
  • he loves the flamingos?
  • they’re his family
  • *strikes a pose with one leg up like a flamingo so you’ll take a picture of him standing near the flamingos* 
  • probs prints it out later and puts it on the wall 
  • (along with multiple cute pictures he’d snapped of you throughout the day)
  • (one of which is you eating ice cream and trying to get out of the shot - but he was too fast! (its his favorite one cause your blushing and smiling and he thinks its soo cute)) 

Konekomaru Miwa! 

  • “They’re just big cats Y/N!” 
  • you know how he feels about cats 
  • so ya’ll eventually venture to the lions den 
  • and he lights up as soon as he hears the lions 
  • and he takes off running to the edge of the fence and leans on it 
  • (please don’t fall in the zoo pits) 
  • he’s in AWE 
  • he loves them so much 
  • he takes pictures of them on his phone 
  • and he records one of the lions roaring 
  • its so cute to see him be so carefree and happy 

Kinzou Shima! 

  • this asshole
  • got in a fight
  • with a boar
  • it had been sleeping peacefully in the closed section of the petting zoo
  • it was closed off for a reason 
  • (the boar is very ornery) 
  • and Kinzou wanted to pet it soooo bad 
  • so he’s leaning over the gate and he’s reaching and he’s huffing and puffing and groaning and straining to try and touch this sleeping animal 
  • and he grabs the poor thing by the tusk and he didn’t mean to pull? 
  • but he pulled
  • and it woke up startled and pissed off to some blondie almost practically in its pen? 
  • so it just kinda…
  • charges
  • and the pen was just wood sooo
  • it smashed out of there and chased Kinzou all the way back to the door 
  • (he apologizes quietly to you later on for ruining your time at the zoo, its obvious he feels bad about it) 

Juuzo Shima! 

  • was happy to take you to the zoo
  • even if he feels like he’s too grown to be going to such a place 
  • wasn’t in a rush to go see everything 
  • held your hand/put his arm around your shoulder for most of the time 
  • chuckled quietly as he watched you get excited for the animals and whatnot 
  • he thought it was the sweetest thing 
  • the peacocks scared him 
  • they were allowed to roam freely and the followed ya’ll around for a bit just…screaming 
  • it gave him nervous laughter 
  • (which was honestly kinda funny) 
  • ((also he was blushing cause everyone was looking at the screaming peacocks - which means they saw that the peacocks were screaming at ya’ll - which means all eyes on ya’ll which embarrassed him))
  • he really wanted to hold a baby kangaroo
  • really badly (but then the peacocks scared ya’ll away from there XD )

Shura Kirigakure! 

  • isn’t used to going to such a…family oriented place
  • but she shrugged it off nonetheless and kept going 
  • ya’ll went through the aquarium section first 
  • and when ya’ll were exiting someone offered to take ya’lls pictures in front of a green screen 
  • so of course ya’ll do 
  • she holds the tickets for the pictures all day 
  • whether she’s holding them in her hand or in her mouth depends on the situation 
  • but she really wanted the pictures of ya’ll 
  • for reasons she’s not even sure of herself 
  • or just not willing to admit 
  • but after ya’ll look at everything and go everywhere 
  • she finds the photo pick up place 
  • and she laughs so hard at ya’lls pictures (in a happy/good way!) 
  • she pays for them and smiles looking at them when ya’ll are heading home 

Shiemi Moriyama! 

  • is shocked and surprised and so happy but also so nervous??
  • she’s never been to the zoo before..
  • needs a little reassuring that the animals are happy and well taken care of here 
  • but once she’s over that - she starts smiling more 
  • relaxing 
  • she’s laughing and just genuinely enjoying being there with you 
  • she really loves the reptile house 
  • she loves all the snakes and the turtles and the lizards and iguanas 
  • Shiemi: “Y/N~ I made a friend!”
  • You: “Is it a snake friend?”
  • Shiemi: “Yeah~! It’s a rattlesnake - come look! Quick!” 
  • *she leans to one side and the snake follows her and then she leans to the other side and it follows her that way too* 
  • she’s laughing and she’s so happy and its obvious that she really likes this snake 
  • (wants to take the snake home but honestly she knows better so she sadly exits the reptile house with you when you insist that there’s more to see) 

Izumo Kamiki! 

  • its not like she WANTED to go to the zoo or anything
  • (she did and she was really excited the whole time even though she tried to act like she was unimpressed) 
  • honestly she really had to hold herself back whenever she saw something small and cute
  • like guinea pigs or bunnies or fruit bats 
  • she also really liked watching the wolves/foxes/coyotes 
  • she propped her elbows up on the railing and watched them for a while
  • she was completely lost watching them
  • completely dazed 
  • she thanked you later for taking her there while blushing and shoving a gift bag at you from the gift shop 
  • (she bought you a sweater with the zoo logo on it) 


  • really likes learning about the zoo and all the creatures in it
  • HAS to look to everything 
  • never puts his map down 
  • even when he’s looking at the animals to see what they’re doing 
  • REALLY LOVES the touch tank!! 
  • he high fived a stingray?? 
  • it was so cool?? 
  • he’s really excited about it (even if you can’t tell) 
  • he tells his brother all about it later 

Mephisto Pheles!

  • he feels like he’s leading a class field trip 
  • (even tho its just the two of you) 
  • ((Its his natural state of mind now))
  • he amusedly watches the animals go about their day in confinement 
  • and he amused-ly watches you get excited over many things 
  • and it makes him happy 
  • the red panda was his favorite thing that ya’ll saw 
  • it was sleeping tho 
  • so he couldn’t wake it up 
  • but it was good 
  • he got you a stuffed animal red panda from the gift shop
Dating Jun would be like...

Originally posted by soonynqs

  • such a big tease
  • you’re shorter than him? oh, be prepared for the jokes, puns, things placed on the top shelf and him using you as an armrest
  • if your around his height you’re still short :))
  • is a little shit but loves you a lot
  • his hands are most likely going to wander if you cuddle
  • but it’s lighthearted
  • if he notices that there’s something that you’re not confident in (a body part, your drawing, dancing - literally anything) he’s going to focus on giving compliments on it
  • likes outside dates more than spending time inside the house
  • but would be happy if you had time to spend eachother while doing something you both like
  • probably likes the zoo or amusement park kind of dates a lot
  • likes to hold your hand, but prefers placing a hand on your hip
  • he picked up the habbit of putting his thumb or fingers under your shirt,he gently rubs the skin
  • it makes him really calm and relaxed
  • loves tickle fights a lot
  • but don’t get surprised if you get a pillow thrown into your face the moment you step inside the dorm or your house
  • I think he’d like to have big windows in his house/living room
  • actually really picky while searching for a house
  • but he wants the best for you and him
  • it’s a bit into the living together phase when he wants a pet
  • he wants to have enough time for it and he wants to be responsible
  • actually helps around the house a lot, even if you don’t live together
  • probably likes to wash the dishes
  • but only if you’re there and you can talk to him
  • really hates it when you ignore him
  • even if it’s not on purpose
  • might be a bit sulky after it
  • cuddle him and kiss his cheeks
  • if you guys are watching a movie and it’s not funny or entertaining he’s going to fall asleep
  • or so bored that he starts bugging you
  • if you can’t speak Chinese he’s going to be a little shit at first and maybe tell you a slight offensive word and make you say it to Minghao
  • By the facepalm you know that it didn’t mean what Jun told you
  • doesn’t mind if you don’t like dancing, but if he catches you jamming to a song get ready for ‘critics’ :))
  • gets cocky when you tell him you want him to meet your family
  • stays cocky while you’re with your family
  • if there’s a language barrier than he tries to translate as much as possible, as nice as possible
  • but he might fail once or twice
  • I might be wrong, but hee seems like someone who accepts his parents’ advice if they say that they don’t want you two together, but doesn’t work with it
  • obviously doesn’t want a fight with his parents, but if he’s in love with you then he’s not going to break up
  • harsh when you have a fight
  • not with the volume but with the content
  • doesn’t think twice before saying something - he usually does though
  • so some things might slip
  • hates himself for that so much
  • but fights are rare
  • but he might be the stubborn jealous one
  • if something bothers him, let’s say he really has something that makes him jealous and not just some made-up thing - like you talking to another guy, I mean he knows you’re his and he’s yours, some random guys won’t break your bond - then he will confront you about it
  • but before you get to talk about it he already overthought everything, made up way too many scenarios and what ifs in he’s head
  • first to say sorry
  • even if it looks like he’s angry at you he still loves and cares about you a lot
  • if he’s travelling and you can’t go with him he doesn’t want to call you all the time, because he feels like you might be doing something important and doesn’t want to bother you
  • but he thinks about you a lot, what would you say if you saw that? would you like this kind of food? would you like the blue or the white bear he’s about to buy for you?
  • walks around stores in whatever city he’s in, looking for things you’d like
  • wants to spoil you, but he doesn’t want you to feel bad about it.
  • loves to use snapchat/snowfilters with you
  • mostly the ones that make your voice weird, because it’s just so funny
  • probably prints some of the pictures out and puts it on his wall or in his wallet


How Would  a Day With BTS at the Beach Look Like?

Kim Seokjin (Jin)

His first priority: sunscreen! He would never allow for his beautiful, white skin to get burnt. He would probably turn the action of putting on sunblock into a comfortable massage for you. You would relax in the shade for a while, talking about this and that and enjoying an expensive drink. Once it is not as hot anymore, he would go into the water with you and simply float on the waves. His favorite part would be watching the sunset with you, cuddled up next to each other and holding hands.

Min Yoongi (Suga)

This will probably be one of the most relaxing and revitalizing days in your life. Yoongi would stay in the shade and pull out his laptop to work on his new compositions. If he doesn’t feel like working, he would either read a book or relax in the shade while listening to music with you. Eventually, you would drag him to the water and he would enjoy the cool waves more than he will admit. When you are not looking, he would sneak up to you and splash some water onto you, smiling like a little kid.

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)

Since he is the most energetic person in the group, your day with him at the beach would be full of movement and action. He would be so excited to see you in your swimwear and chase you around the beach, splash water at you and barely give you time to rest. Once you are too exhausted to run or swim, he would lay down on a beach towel and cuddle up next to you to enjoy the sun and your proximity. He would pull you closer and whisper into your ear how happy you made him by inviting him to go to the beach together.

Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster)

He would smile like a child the entire day and even the night before. He would make sure to bring a big bag with all the things you might need at the beach, including a waterproof bag for his phone, diving goggles and band aides (just in case one of you gets hurt). The two of you would collect sea shells and look at the small fish in the water. Namjoon would take lots of pictures with you and the scenery, planning to print them out and put them up on the wall of your shared apartment after your trip. 

Park Jimin

He would make no secret of how much was looking forward to seeing you in your swimwear. He would wiggle his eyebrows or wink at you and give you a suggestive smile. He would love for you two to do something active and thrilling, such as playing volleyball, riding a banana boat together or dive in the water. When you had enough and want to rest on your beach towel, he would pull you close and kiss you on your cheek, showing you how happy he is to share this moment with you.

Kim Taehyung (V)

He would definitely turn into a kid, telling you how excited he is to be at the beach and jumping up and down the entire time. After putting down your beach towel somewhere not too far from the refreshments area, he would run into the waves and have a great time making you run away from him by threatening you to pull you under the water. Once he had enough exercise, he would get coconut water for the two of you and enjoy the scenery from your beach towels. Later in the afternoon, he would want to go shopping for some new clothes for your next pleasure trip.

Jeon Jungkook

He would pretend not to care much about going to the beach, but growing up in Busan makes him very excited to see the ocean again. Jungkook would deliberately show off his muscular body and initiate a lot of skinship. He would even walk extra slow to check out your body from the back. Once you are in the water, he would want to compete with you who is the faster swimmer and who can hold his breath under water for longer.

amis (and others) as things done/said by my friends and i

courf: heelyd into class with starbucks and said “what’s up losers”

jvj: wore basically all denim and was dubbed “jad” (jean dad)

grantaire: “i just punched a wall and i wanna do it again fuck yeah”

joly: “no fuck your floor food my favorite sauce is hand sanitizer”

eponine: “she likes me but doesn’t want to date me”, soon followed by “wanna fight just for the sake of fighting.”

bahorel: literally printed out bullshit memes and put them in a trenchcoat, wore it to school, and was the Sketchy Meme Dealer. (i got one of brendon urie and a smaller brendon urie on a bench together)

bossuet: jumped and sprained his ankle

jehan: wore a flower crown and told the teacher to fuck off.

ferre: threw a book at some nasty people

feuilly: stood in the shade to regulate their temperature


montparnasse: “i’m gonna do an illegal”

cosette: gives you food if ur sad

enjolras: “i need to get food… wanna overthrow the government with me?”


gavroche: drew the same weird thing everywhere

Sexier than Doctor Sexy

read on Ao3

At first, all Dean can hear is a ringing in his ears. He’s not used to this kind of hangover and, hell, he doesn’t even remember drinking. In fact, he has no idea what the fuck is going on and he can’t see anything other than blobs of people above him.

Did he pass out? Shit, Sam is always getting on his case about his bad eating habits, maybe the last bacon-cheeseburger he ate was one too many. Apparently, you’re never too young to go into cardiac arrest.

He groans, trying to sit up, when someone’s hand lands on his shoulder. Dean has to focus, hard, but he sees a man standing above him, concern lacing all corners of his face. Dean struggles, trying again to push himself up. He can’t, though, because something is wrong with his right wrist and it hurts when he pushes on it.

As things start becoming clearer, Dean realizes that he’s lying down right by a sewage drain on the side of the road.

“Fuck, I feel like I got hit by a car,” he moans, squinting his eyes in an attempt to get them to focus.

“Oh, thank God you’re alright,” the guy above him says. He has dark hair and strong features and Dean wonders what the hell got him into this position.

“Why wouldn’t I be alright? What the hell happened?”

The other man frowns and helps Dean sit up, the small of his back leaning against the curb. The guy is in light-blue scrubs and as Dean looks past him, he sees multiple other concerned-looking people staring at him.

“I–uh, I hit you with my car,” the man says.

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Jake Dillinger x Reader x Rich Goranski + Fluff

- you meet during the summer after the whole Squip thing
- the boys are d a t i n g finally
- Rich and Jake are looking for books on art because that’s how they learned to get their emotions out in a safe way
- (Y/N) makes an entrance
- it’s the first time since the incident nobody asks about the burns or the wheelchair
- you guys start meeting up every Wednesday at the library
- then outside the library
- you’re like “oh shit I think I love two guys who are already in a relationship with each other fuck me”
- when you help Jake onto the couch and say it was no problem, he’s like “oh shit I think I love two people fuck me”
- you’re just hanging out on Rich’s couch watching a movie and you lean on his shoulder, he’s like “oh shit I think I love my boyfriend AND my best friend fuck me”
- after you leave, Rich and Jake have a conversation about inviting you into their relationship
- so they invite you to your favorite restaurant to ask you out
- “So, Rich and I have been talking.”
“We’ve realized that we love you.”
“Will you join our relationship?”
- you overhear somebody say, “Holy shit, that was fucking adorable. I thought we were the only people on a poly date here.”
- you look over to see four guys at a table together
- one guy has long hair and is wearing all black, the one across from him has a cast on his arm, the one next to Cast Guy has on glasses, and the one next to Emo Dude looks 5 feet tall and has blue hair
- you went from having no boyfriends to having two boyfriends in one day
- Rich is super insecure about his burns
- so you and Jake comfort him about it and he’s crying and everyone’s hugging
- “I fucking love you guys.”
- Jake lets you sit on his lap while Rich wheels you two around
- sometimes you switch
- getting weird looks on the street because of this
- nobody gives a shit because it’s fun and you’re all enjoying yourselves
- timeskip to graduation! You all plan on going to the same college!
- you all pool your money to get a place together
- finding a nice place with a Cool Dude realtor
- “How many bedrooms do you need?”
“One. We’ll all be together.”
“Oh, cool, a poly relationship. I have three boyfriends myself.”
“That’s fucking rad.”
- hanging up everyone’s art on the walls
- Rich prints up memes and puts them on the wall, too
- cuddling together all the time
- nobody knows who owns what clothes anymore because you all share everything

- also here’s some smut because I have zero self control
- I’m gonna go ahead and get this out of the way, because according to the book, Rich has a fucking bellybutton kink
- you and Jake use this against him s o m u c h
- and Jake is a huge tease
- sometimes you and Rich “tease” him back
- by “tease” I mean straight up pranking him during sex
- like you’re on your knees and he thinks he’s gonna get the good succ buT SIKE YOU BLOW A RASPBERRY ON HIS TUMMY AND RICH IS LAUGHING

anonymous asked:

tbh you (and others) need to stop making such amazing art bc i don't have enough devices to have everyone's stuff as backgrounds. tbh i'm just going to have to start printing things and putting them on my wall at this rate (lol jk, please keep up your amazing work!!)

print them all out anon. make a wallpaper. plaster it on everything u own. if you’re passionate about something u gotta commit sir 

Distress Tolerance: Big List of Ideas and Examples for Practicing the Self-Soothe Skill

When using the Distress Tolerance Skill of Self-Soothe, the goal is to create small, physically pleasurable or calming or stimulating experiences for your senses.  Here is a substantial list of some examples of pleasurable or engaging experiences for each sense:


  • If a lot of your breakdowns happen at night, go outside and look at the stars. Sometimes it’s nice to be accompanied by a stargazing app on your phone that helps you identify constellations and other astral features.  This is a personal favourite of mine because you also get the benefit of fresh air.
  • Look at pictures you like in a book of illustrations, a book of artwork by favourite artists, look at the complex designs of adult colouring books (and colour them!)
  • Create and compile a tag on your tumblr or a board on pinterest of calming or visually stimulating images/gifs (or a photo album of good memories or images that remind you of good moments)
  • Go to a craft store and buy one (or many!) beautiful silk flower(s), or, go to a florist/flower shop/grocery store and buy an interesting live flower or plant. Terrariums make particularly calming things to look at.
  • Light a candle and watch the flame.
  • Shake up a glitter jar or snowglobe and watch the glitter or snow swirl and settle (there are many different “recipes” for making a glitter jar so if you’re interested in learning how, just google it and try different methods until you get a result you’re happy with. You can also probably buy one on Etsy if you don’t want to do the DIY thing).
  • Go people-watching.
  • Walk in a pretty part of town or a nice park. Look closely at any interesting architecture or beautiful nature.
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset.
  • Watch the clouds, notice shapes they form that may look like animals or objects.
  • Watch a fireworks display.
  • During holiday seasons like Halloween or Christmas, drive or walk around your area to look at the decoration displays. Look up images or videos of impressive and ambitious and extravagant Christmas light displays.
  • Go to a nature park, bird or butterfly sanctuary and watch the creatures.
  • Watch dance performances on YouTube (there are SO MANY good ones in all different styles, solo or with a partner or in a group, dance battles, street performances or TV performances like So You Think You Can Dance… you can find incredibly amazing things)
  • Watch YouTube videos of martial arts demonstrations (Tai Chi is soothing to watch, Capoeira is really visually interesting, HEMA/WMA rapier or longsword or sidesword drills can also be rhythmic and the repetition can be enjoyable to watch) or some practice or tournament sparring (NO MMA bloodsport, that’s not soothing!)
  • Watch YouTube videos and clips of gymnastics competitions, or figure-skating performances/competitions.
  • Watch sports highlight reels on YouTube or on a sports TV channel like SportsNet, TSN, ESPN, etc.
  • Watch YouTube tutorials: make-up tutorials or hair tutorials, cosplay tutorials, drawing or painting tutorials (or speedpaints or timelapses), etc.
  • Watch cute animal videos or gifs (another personal favourite of mine).
  • Read comics, graphic novels, or manga.
  • Watch a visually intricate, interesting, calming, or stimulating TV show or movie.  Animated movies or shows are particularly nice, like Miyazaki films or some Dreamworks films or the Legend of Korra series are some examples that come to mind.  Movies with a lot of well-done visual effects are also nice, or movies and TV shows that have excellent costume or set design, like the Lord of the Rings trilogy or period movies/shows.  If you download movies and TV shows, perhaps keep a special folder of go-to calming or visually engaging shows that appeal to your sense of vision.
  • Watch nature or science documentaries like shows on the National Geographic Channel (or website), the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, the BBC, etc.  My top recommendations are anything narrated by David Attenborough, and Cosmos narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson. 
  • Watch educational YouTube channels (personal favourite is TheBrainScoop, a natural history channel out of the Field Museum in Chicago).  I know some people really dislike the vlogbrothers, but SciShow and the various field-specific incarnations of SciShow are also interesting to watch and are visually engaging because of high production quality.
  • Put up Christmas lights in your room but keep them there all year around and turn them on/plug them in when you want something pretty to look at.
  • Decorate an area of your room, or make one area of your room pleasant to look at.
  • Re-read letters or kind messages people have sent you over the years.  If they’re online or on your phone, take screenshots of them and keep them in a folder so that you can look through them when you’re feeling down about yourself.  For especially special ones, print a few out and either pin/tape them up on your wall where you can see them regularly, or fold them up and put them in your wallet or your bag (purse, backpack, briefcase, etc) so you can read them anywhere you go if you need to.  (You can also put these in your Self-Soothe Kit)


  • Listen to soothing, invigorating, or empowering music.  Create specific playlists for this purpose.  Don’t include music that makes you feel negative emotions or brings up negative memories.
  • Listen to ambient noise makers, especially ones that are customizable. If you’re having too much of a breakdown to play with customizable ambient noise makers, you can always find 3-10 hour loops of ambient noise videos on YouTube.
  • Pay attention to the sounds of nature (waves, birds, rainfall, leaves rustling, etc).
  • Pay attention to the sounds of the city (traffic, human chatter, street performers, the sound of the wind whistling down streets or around buildings, etc)
  • Sing to your favourite songs and blast your music super loud.  If you have a good sound system, lie on the floor and feel the bass.
  • Listen to the discography of your favourite band or musician or artist
  • Listen to audiobooks
  • Listen to lectures or podcasts (iTunesU is a great place to find free lectures of full university courses or lecture series on a particular subject.  TedTalks is also a good place for this stuff.)
  • Listen to (and watch) educational YouTube channels (my favourite, as previously stated, is TheBrainScoop, a natural history channel out of the Field Museum in Chicago, and previously a zoological museum in Montana)
  • Watch/Listen to documentaries narrated by David Attenborough (his voice is incredibly soothing, seriously, if you watch the Life documentary series, watch the version he narrated, not Oprah’s version because Attenborough’s is much more soothing). The documentaries are also usually a very high quality so they’re visually soothing as well.
  • Listen to musical soundtracks, or watch the shows on YouTube, or watch YouTube-specific musicals like the musicals created by StarKid (Starship is particularly good).
  • Hum or whistle.
  • Call/Skype a friend or loved one to listen to their voice.
  • Play an instrument or learn to play an instrument (you can watch tutorials for this on YouTube too)
  • Make playlists for different emotions or ones that achieve different effects.  One that’s relaxing, one that’s upbeat and happy and makes you want to dance, one that makes you want to rock out or pumps you up, one that’s instrumental (movie and video game soundtracks are good for this), etc. 
  • Make playlists with certain themes, like traveling, or city life, or the sea, or songs that remind you of someone you love.  Include songs that inspire you or comfort you (three of my go-to songs for that are I Stand Alone by Van Canto, Good to be Alive by Skillet, and Battle Cry by Angel Haze, for example) and songs that remind you of your goals, things you want to accomplish, things you still want to do and experience because that can really help you look past the pain of the now and look towards the possibilities of the future.
  • Note: when making playlists, try to only include songs you really like and would want to listen to all the way through.  You don’t want to be skipping a lot of songs, or skipping any at all.  The ideal is to be able to put on a playlist that is at least a couple hours long and be able to just continuously listen.


  • Use your favourite soap, shampoo, aftershave, cologne, lotions, body wash, shaving cream, body spray or perfume.
  • Light an aromatherapy candle or just a scented candle.
  • Burn incense.
  • Make a cup of a particularly aromatic tea.
  • Open a container of loose tea and inhale the scent, or open up a new bag of coffee and inhale the fresh coffee.
  • Put lemon oil on your furniture (I’ve never done this, I dunno what it smells like, but this is listed in the Manual so obviously some people find it beneficial).
  • Bake something, because baking always smells good.  Baking bread is really nice and could be fairly easy if you have a bread-maker.
  • Cook a particularly delicious smelling meal (personally I’m partial to the smell of cooking turkey bacon, but also the smell of onions being cooked always smells good to me).
  • Put potpourri or an aromatherapy oil in your room.  You can get those air freshener/room scents that plug into the wall and put one of those in your room.
  • Rub an aromatherapy oil on the insides of your wrists (I do this and have a few different scents and I keep some in my self-soothe kit)
  • Wear a scent locket necklace (a necklace with a locket that has a piece of fabric inside that you dip in a scented oil so the locket continuously gives off this scent).
  • Boil cinnamon or heat up vanilla.
  • Go to a flower shop and literally smell the roses! (or your favourite flower or herb or choice)
  • Keep dried herbs in your house, ones you particularly like
  • Buy a small spice kit or a travel spice kit and carefully smell them (don’t inhale too deeply because otherwise you might get powder up your nose!)
  • Open a window, walk outside, get some fresh air.
  • Go to a wooded area or a park or a garden and mindfully breathe in the fresh smells of nature.
  • Buy a special soap or face wash or body lotion or body spray just to be used for the times when you need to self-soothe, as a treat for yourself.


  • Eat some of your favourite foods.
  • Drink your favourite soothing drink, such as a special tea, a particularly rich or flavoured hot chocolate, a fancy latte, or a smoothie (JugoJuice is particularly good on the soothing smoothie front).
  • Order a very special and extravagant drink at Starbucks or your coffeeshop of choice.  Make sure it’s an order that you only get on rare occasions so that it remains special.  As for extra whipped cream, be completely indulgent. This is one of my favourite things to do.  Make a list of special drinks and flavour combinations that you enjoy that are not on the standard menu, keep the list in your wallet or your bag so that you’ll be able to remember a more complicated order at times when your memory might be failing you due to too much distress.
  • Go to a fancy bakery (or the bakery section in your local grocery store) and get a slice of cake, or treat yourself to a similarly special dessert.
  • Go out for dinner to a place you enjoy, either a place that’s a special treat for you, or a place that is comforting and familiar.
  • Eat a food or candy that is strongly associated with your childhood (like fruit rollups or dunk-a-roos or gummy bears, or cereal like Froot Loops or Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, for me).
  • Go to your local convenience store and indulge yourself with a chocolate bar.
  • Sample flavours of ice cream at an ice cream parlour. 
  • Buy a special ice cream cone with more than one scoop or flavour, with toppings like sprinkles or crushed nuts or chocolate drizzle. Give yourself permission to have something special and out-of-the-ordinary.  Alternatively, go to the grocery store’s ice cream or frozen yogurt section and buy yourself a tub or box of ice cream in your favourite flavour.  Try to get small containers so you don’t end up eating too much and feeling sick afterwards. That would be counterproductive.
  • Suck on a piece of hard candy.
  • Eat a very chewy candy that takes a long time to eat.
  • Chew your favourite flavour of gum.  Go out and get a special flavour of bubblegum and blow bubbles.  The repetitive motion of chewing gum is also soothing and can prevent you from clenching your teeth and jaw.
  • Brush your teeth and use mouthwash.
  • Drink a carbonated, fizzy drink or put fizzy tablets in your drink and notice the sensation of the bubbles in your mouth.
  • Eat slowly, to savour and enjoy what you’re eating.  Try to eat Mindfully, using the skills Observe, Describe, Participate, and One-Mindful.  Make sure you’re being Non-Judgmental of yourself for eating a treat or something special.  If eating can be triggering for you or affect your self-esteem or will make you feel guilty, then it would be best to not choose this sense to stimulate. 


  • Take a long hot bath or shower, or sit in a hot tub.
  • Pet your dog or cat.  Cuddle with them close, feel their heartbeat, feel their chest expand as they breathe.  Pay attention to the texture of their fur or coat and how it feels on your hands.
  • Have someone give you a massage or a back rub. 
  • Massage your own hands and feet, shoulders and calves, neck and forehead/temples.
  • Rub a lotion over your entire body, feel how soft your skin is.
  • Put a cold compress or damp cloth on your forehead or the back of your neck.
  • Wash your face, either just with water or with a special facial scrub.
  • Follow all the steps of a skincare routine.
  • Brush your teeth, paying attention to your gums, the insides of your cheeks, and your tongue. It can be surprisingly soothing if you do it methodically and take your time and do it Mindfully.
  • Sink into a comfortable chair in your home.
  • Lay down, comfortably in bed, surrounded by pillows (maybe make a pillow fort?), and pull the covers up to your chin or over your head, and tuck yourself in or have someone else tuck you in.
  • Put fresh, clean sheets on your bed.  Alternatively, buy special, high-thread count sheets for you to put on your bed on special occasions like when you need to self-soothe and feel comforted.
  • If you’re going to be out in public and may need to self-soothe, wear an article of clothing that is particularly soft or silky or pleasant to touch (like a scarf, for example), or wear a really soft or crisp shirt, a snuggly hoodie, a very smooth blazer of fine wool, a satiny or silky blouse or jacket, or a garment that has an interesting texture that you can run your hands over (I’m a huge fan of textured fabrics so most of my clothes are made of fabrics with interesting textures precisely for this purpose). 
  • NOTE: Make sure every part of your outfit is comfortable and not itchy or constricting, make sure the tags on the garments don’t irritate you and that the seams are also not irritating or abrasive.
  • If you’re at home, put on your comfiest, softest pajamas or fuzzy socks or fuzzy/cushioned slippers.
  • Take a drive with the car windows rolled down (or, if in a convertible, with the top down), and feel the wind blow through your hair and the feel of the wind on your skin.  This is another personal favourite of mine.
  • Run your hand along smooth wood or leather, or feel the details of a wood or leather object that has been carved or embossed.
  • Run your hand over a worry stone.
  • Grip a stress ball/toy.
  • Play with a fidget toy (like a spinner ring) or a stim toy.
  • If you’re a crystal person, hold a crystal in your hands and feel the energy within it, along with its smoothness and sharpness.
  • Hug someone.  Feel that physical closeness, notice and feel their heartbeat and the rise and fall of their chest while you’re hugging them.
  • Cuddle with someone.
  • Cuddle a stuffed animal, especially a particularly comforting one from your childhood.
  • Hold someone’s hand.  Notice the feel of their skin, the texture, the temperature, how you’re holding hands (are your fingers interlaced? If they are, how so? Etc)
  • This one is kinda weird, but put liquid glue on your hand, let it dry, and then peel it off.  It’s an interesting sensation.
  • I don’t know if this counts as touch, but paint your nails.  Do your makeup.  Style your hair.  Experiment with your makeup and your hair, do something different or wacky or straight up wild, for the tactile experience of working with your hair and the make up.
  • Pluck your eyebrows.  Some people may not find this pleasant or soothing, but I do.  Maybe I’m just weird.
  • Go for a run and concentrate on the feeling of your feet connecting to the pavement or the trail or the treadmill, feel the sweat accumulate on your body, if running outside feel the wind in your hair and on your face.
  • Go for a swim, feel the water on your skin as you move through it.

Other Senses:

  • There are other senses like your sense of pressure. Using pressure like a weighted blanket or a heavy quilt of comforter laid over your body can be a very pleasant and calming sensation and is commonly used by people who experience sensory overload, such as autistic people.  
  • Yet another sense is our perception of temperature. Here you could basically use the T in the TIP skill, or a milder form of the T skill which could be putting a cool, damp cloth on your forehead or the back of your neck.  You could also take a warm bath or sit in a hot-tub.
  • While there are many more, the last sense I’ll mention is our sense of motion. It is soothed by repetitive motions, like tapping fingers or feet, bouncing your knee, or sitting in a rocking chair.  I personally find rocking chairs to be especially soothing.

This list is far from exhaustive, so you might come up with something that isn’t on this list that really works for you.

Further Reading: The Self-Soothe Skill, Intro to Distress Tolerance, The TIP Skill, Intro to Mindfulness, The Mindfulness “What” Skills (Coming Soon), The Mindfulness “How” Skills (Coming Soon)


Chamber of Secrets - Part 4

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

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“Hello, everyone, welcome to Wakanda, my name is Y/N Y/L/N and I will be in charge of this project.” You greeted the four people standing before you, all dressed in formal attire and had their white lab coats on. Everything was finally coming together and you couldn’t be more excited about it.

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