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“I’m banging you tonight” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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Road trip through Canada.

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photo by Nicolas Le Moal

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"Aspen! I made my decision!" He was grinning, happy as hell as he yelled from downstairs, acting like he had made up his mind. He was back. His blond hair? Visible and existent. His smile? Printed on his face. Him? Alive. ((~purple-boy-mark))

Aspen was curled up tightly, heaving broken, sobs. He was hidden under all the blankets, whimpering and clinging to a pillow. When he heard Mark he sniffled, sitting up slowly and keeping his head down. “Y..You have..?” He said in a muted voice, tears still sliding down his cheeks.


Ho ho ho! It’s me Santa and my lil’ helper here! Wishing you all a merry Holidamas for a hundred years! (If you so happen to find Doc not celebrating, it’s cause I covered this year. Also he’s got a time car, can’t expect a guy to pay attention to everything.)

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Shoot + poi/pushing daisies au. BRING ON THE FEELS

my girlfriend is a trashy nerd and this was supposed to be a headcanon ask meme but i’m sorry its just…too perfect so u get a fic instead. part i is with shaw as the pie maker and part ii is if root were.

and basically if you never saw the show, the pie maker can touch dead things to bring them back to life for a minute with no consequences and if he touches the alive again thing again then it goes back to being dead. so. yeah. thats all you gotta know basically.


You knew this was a bad idea, God, it’s only been five minutes and she’s already giving you those stupid one liners. Five. Minutes.

You would know. You’ve been counting. Five minutes and seventeen seconds past the minute you were supposed to have given her.

But come on, what were you supposed to do, really? She had just been lying there, so pretty and…well, nice looking. And fucking smirking. Because of course even Death couldn’t wipe that smug look off her face.

How could any human person not cave, just to hear one more round of flirty banter from those stupid smug lips?

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