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do you mean can i relive @pika-ace messing with my emotions for 12 beautiful beautiful chapters just to draw a picture???


(psst the last chapter made me cry dont tell anyone)

Con/Signing Schedule 2017!!!


  • Queer Comics Expo — July 8-9 (featured guest; I will be tabling with prints, and also signing & giving away my ATLA/Korra poster!)
  • San Diego Comic Con — July 20-23 (we will have early retail copies of TURF WARS: PART ONE!!!!)
  • Rose City Comic Con — Sept 8-10 (more details to come!)
  • Illusive Comics & Games (Santa Clara, CA) — Wednesday July 26th, 5-8 pm (release day signing!! I will have my Korrasami prints, too!)
  • Fantastic Comics (Berkeley, CA) — Saturday July 29th, 5 pm Q&A, 6-7:30 pm signing (I will also have prints here!)
  • Isotope Comics (San Francisco, CA) — Sunday July 30th, 12-3 pm (and here)

See y’all soon! :)


Hey guys! I will be roaming the Seattle convention center for the next few days for Sakura-con :D I don’t have a table but I made some holographic mini prints to give away if anyone found me. Yay free stuff! ^-^ They look like this:

One is Gaster, the other two are of Asriel and sans. All three are very sparkly!
If you want to find me you can look for my (also sparkly) backpack with my favorite cool dude!
It looks like this:

mnstrcndy is the name on my badge and I’ll wear some of my UT gear too.

Hope to see you! :3


They’re finally here! Seven sticker pages of beautiful aquatic creatures fresh from the home aquarium and onto the page! I don’t have these printed yet and I still have to look into what materials I want to print on and where to get them this time. I’ve printed and sold stickers before though and they turned out beautifully! I’m not quite ready to take orders yet, so in the mean time why don’t we have ourselves a little 300 follower give-away! 

I’ll probably be giving away 3-5 sheets of stickers, so here’s what you have to do!

1) Reblog this post, you can use more than one blog BUT you can only win ONCE.

2) Be following thebettaboys! you can be a new follower, but I WILL be checking!

3) Be 18 years old or older, OR have parent consent!

Winners will get a choice of one of the following pages, they will be on white backgrounds when printed. The give away ends when they’re ready to ship, I’ll notify y'all when that comes around. 

1) Sharks, Gourami, and Tetras/Barbs/Danios/Rasbora (threw all the lil schooling fish together)

2) Assorted Cichlids, Axolotls, and Guppies

3) Oscars, Rainbowfish, and Loaches

4) Arowana, Fancy Goldfish, and Shrimp/Crayfish

5) Bichirs, Plecos, and Bettas

6) Discus, Snails, and Corydoras

7) Puffer fish, Angelfish, and Mollies/Platys

If perhaps you know for sure that you want to order a couple pages or all of them, and want to be sure yours are the first ones shipped out, you can place a pre-order by sending me an email at and sending payment via PayPal to

Prices when they come out should be as follows, but may change depending on the cost of materials, ill try to keep it around this though (plus $5 shipping).

1) $5 for one species/group, separated by color (ex: oscars, snails, plecos)

2) $12 for an entire page (ex: page 1, 2 or 3. includes every species on it)

3) $60 for all 7 pages


So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their support! 
My ‘Delicate’ A3 print will soon be up at @studiofezilla and can be purchased there. But will be giving away one Artist Proof print on Instagram!

To enter, please like, repost and tag @lunaaaluc and you’ll go in the draw! Giveaway ends on the 5th of April at 12pm EST! Good luck Amigos!

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some of the prints im gonna give away at apcc!! (the big genyatta print is what I’ll have gaku sign! )

I’ve got a few more in addition to this (oni/sanzang, sakura tree, and a smaller version of the big print)

I’ve only got two of each but yup, see y'all around n perhaps I’ll be able to spare one for y'all ~


Things I wish I could do at conventions but I can’t for obvious reasons xD
Anyway Astrids coming back to sdcc today! I also have a few more portal prints to give away 💖

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Art Collages made by Queen Alexandra of The United Kingdom (b. Princess Alexandra of Denmark) of her family members and friends

Princess Alexandra had numerous hobbies including photgraphy, painting, writing, and making collages. She would combine her talents to make collages, prints, and paintings to give away to friends as presents. She would take photos and render them, then she would paint backgrounds and stamp them on with crafts.

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See you at colossal!!

freakanature06 said:o/ I’m going to colossal too! I hope I get to see you there, even if just in passing. c:  

 See you guys there!!! 

I know for sure I’ll be at the voltron photo shoot on friday as sailor Keith.   If there was a voltron meetup I would totally go but I haven’t seen one so far, and I tend not to go to panels.  so you’ll probably see me wondering or sitting somewhere! 

I wish I had more prints to give away like I did at Katsucon