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Daily Prompto Doodle: 06222017
Stormblood Prompto is kinda my fav prompto right now! I had way to much fun drawing this! I’ll be going back on this later when I have more free time and making it a complete product!

The BOY/BYE kickstarter is live y'all, so now I can share this print alongside other rad stuff I’ve been working hard on! 

The BOY/BYE series is here to celebrate women of color as we know them: badass, in solidarity…..and sitting in shopping carts? In our first 24 hours we made it ¼th of our goal, became a Kickstarter Project We Love, and got supported by the creator of Ms. Marvel and the artist of Batgirl/Motor Crush. Help us keep going by sharing and pledging so we can bring BOY/BYE series to you! 

Hey lovelies! 😊 I wanted to share something colorful on this sunny day! 😀🌈💖 gotta love how happy color and sun can make ya! 😘 This rainbow girly is my oil painting “Bettas on My Mind” 💖 she’s a brand new print I’m releasing online at 🐟🐠🌈✨ If you couldn’t make it Calgary Expo this past weekend to grab her, no worries! 😉 On Thursday May 4th at 6pm PST I’ll have her plus more new prints going up! 😸 plus new totes and postcard sets too! 💞 If you want to take a look at some of the items going up, check out and sign up for my newsletter! 😊 Hope this adds some brightness to your day! 💖 Hugs 😁😙❤💛💚💙💜