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popstar AU drabble

something i scribbled at work during the water shortage

(rose’s and dirk’s handle abbrvs are the same and i can’t use their colors but it’s pretty obvious in the narrative when the switch happens) 

Strider: Have A Fashion Emergency 

TG: my god this is asinine
TG: youd think with a wardrobe the size of a manhattan apartment and a team of professional stylists and a gazillion labels sending me free shit all the time id actually have something decent to drape over my meat puppet

TT: You’d think.

TG: what do you even wear on a date rose
TG: i dont go on dates im not a date guy

TT: Are you asking what I wear on dates specifically? Because I am not lending you another dress.
TT: You are catastrophically hard on clothes.

TG: you mean that time at the grammys because that was not my fault

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anonymous asked:

imagine going back in time and having to explain the tiny!burr au to the founding fathers

The 19 year-old lad stared at the people in the room clutching printed posts and art, ready to praise @burreos, @narwq and @badromantics‘ work. Well if they didn’t kick her out of the Congress room, arrested and burn her for sorcery for popping in during a government meeting first… Or ignore her for being a woman in the late 80ies but HEY!

“What’s up founding fuckboys? So this is an alternative story about a mouse-size senator Burr taking place in 2015-2016 derived from a sort of operette about Alexander Hamilton and-”

“I left a 200 year-old legacy”, Boasted the Treasury Secretary, “Beat this Jefferson!”

Erupted shouting so coordinated it seemed only a one voice instead of twenty had spoken:  “SHUT UP HAMILTON!”