print clutch

got my heartbeat racing

“I’m pretty sure this is a fire hazard,” says Eddie, watching Richie warily, a superman print cased pillow clutched to his chest.

They had gathered all the blankets and pillows from Richie’s room and the spares from the linen closet and strung them along the threadbare couch, mismatched chairs, and soda ring stained side tables in the Tozier family’s basement.

“Get your ass in the blanket fort, Eds,” Richie replies, pinning the final quilt between the arm of the couch and his father’s favorite lazy chair and stretching it across the furniture to drape the other side over the table lamp.

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You kept it after all this time?

Part three to ‘do you miss him?’
Stiles x younger sister! reader

Request for part four!

Originally posted by stallingdemons

“No.” he said, shaking his head. You went to speak, but he stopped you, “Not without me.”

Clutching the printed list in your hand, you were deadly silent. How could he be back in Beacon Hills after that night…after he left you in your room to break, and now you were going after him, to save his life. Stiles glanced at you from the drivers seat, “Hey,” he mumbled, placing a reassuring hand on your shoulder, “We will find him, alright? Let’s just go pick up Scott so he can help, hopefully he still has a little bit of his scent…and if he’s not dead.” he stated, mumbling the last part, but you heard him. You heard him loud and clear.

Driving up to Scotts house, Stiles jumped out and you followed, almost racing to get inside the house. “Scott?!” you exclaimed up the staircase, seeing his disheveled hair, as he groggily walked to the top. “Y/n? What’s…What’s wrong?” he mumbled, until he saw Stiles follow in behind you, his hands in his pockets. “What happened?” Scott asked, and Stiles bit his lip, “Lydia cracked the third code…” he claimed, and reached for your hand to take the list out of your hand,, but you had a death grip on it, the only proof that he was here. Stiles raised an eyebrow, and softly unleashed your fingers from the paper. You barely noticed, you stayed quiet, your breathing heavy as Scott came down the stairs stopping at the two of you. “Well?” he asked, ripping the paper out of Stiles’ hand, the sound of the paper being ripped on accident grasped your attention. You let out a breath, and started at the paper, Scott cocked an eyebrow, looking at you, then to Stiles. Stiles sighed heavily, “Isaac’s on the list.” Stiles said, watching your reaction, seeing you shudder slightly.

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every time new overwatch content is released or predicted just imagine the scene cutting to a quick shot of me, crying on the floor and clutching a printed out screenshot of the time Michael Chu said he would love to expand on hanzo’s lore

popstar AU drabble

something i scribbled at work during the water shortage

(rose’s and dirk’s handle abbrvs are the same and i can’t use their colors but it’s pretty obvious in the narrative when the switch happens) 

Strider: Have A Fashion Emergency 

TG: my god this is asinine
TG: youd think with a wardrobe the size of a manhattan apartment and a team of professional stylists and a gazillion labels sending me free shit all the time id actually have something decent to drape over my meat puppet

TT: You’d think.

TG: what do you even wear on a date rose
TG: i dont go on dates im not a date guy

TT: Are you asking what I wear on dates specifically? Because I am not lending you another dress.
TT: You are catastrophically hard on clothes.

TG: you mean that time at the grammys because that was not my fault

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