Greetings, PrinPan followers!  John - your friendly neighborhood developer - here!

We, the team, have been discussing doing team introductions, and it looks like I’m first up since Severin, our Art Lead, has already been introduced, and we all know Josh already.

I’m Dev and Tech Lead on the project, which means that, so far, I’m responsible for actually programming the game and doing what I can to meet the technical needs of the team, as well as performing organizational tasks centered around the code base.  We are all very busy!

A little personal background, I guess:  I live in Austin, TX.  I have a degree in film, and have a day job as a Unix systems administrator.  I’m also an SF nerd, car nut, try to play guitar, write, and have about a four-day attention span.  That’s my office up top, there.  Not pictured: the impressive array of A!MG, UY, and Eva figures I have scattered around.

Since my work doesn’t produce anything I can Show to everyone(yet!), my updates mostly will break the rule and Tell instead.  May I present for your consideration some choice Information:

  1. Even though we’re still working out the Final Look of things, I can say that characters really will be 100% 2D animated.  Our animation system is already in place, and let me tell you, stuff on that front is already looking Pretty Good.  Our art team rules.
  2. Game logic is being handled through the Lua scripting language.  While we have no plans As Yet, using Lua does provide for a lot of modification potential.  Will YOUR next pony fan-rpg be made as a PrinPan mod?!
  3. We are aiming for HD resolutions: 720p or ideally 1080p if your setup supports it.
  4. Main development is being done on Linux, and we are currently targetting Linux, Mac OSX, AND Windows for the initial release.

Exciting? I think so.

That said, while we have a really kick butt art team, we are running very lean on devs.  Do YOU have experience as a programmer? Have you worked in a scripting language (Lua, Python, Perl, etc)? We are in need of one or two additions to the Dev Team, and perhaps, just maybe, YOU are that addition?  Drop us a line if you think you might be the chosen one!  Contact info is on the main PrinPan tumblr page.