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Axel, you may want to watch your Prinny Instructor friend for a little while. I left a present for him. -snicker-

“And by present, you mean a little prank.” Snorts. “You devious bastard. I got to say, I didn’t think you would actually have the balls to prank him of all people. Even I have yet to do so, though that’s mainly ‘cause I’ve yet to think of an good one that won’t backfire on me. Thanks for letting me know, Joker. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on him.~” Now, whether he would step in to save Val from the little ‘present’ is a whole another story.

Like Cats and Dogs


Today was the day that Felan would be taking…a sort of field trip with the obnoxious twit’s father. Of course, that very twit had to come along…being his son and all. With mother too busy slave driving other demons to do their volunteer work, and several protests from the Vampire Prinny Instructor…the Dean had no other choice.

See, the Dean and the Instructor were trying so hard to make them get along by this point; with no prevail on either side. Neither Zegan nor Felan would talk to one another and when they did? It was nothing more than bickering and verbal abuse. Valvatorez had taken his notice upon Zegan’s growing misery…being forced to come to Hades with nothing else to do but listen to insults from his own welp. He thought a change of scenery might change things up a little. Today was that first day.

So, Felan had to go with the Dean to the Human World to visit an old friend of his. Gross. With his arms crossed and his stance slumped, pouting and sulking over his misfortunes; it just had to be humid and foggy that day. This was going to ruin his hair…

“I can’t believe I’m being forced to do this…”
But, on a bright side…it really was some new scenery…he’d never been to the Human World before and Ma was permitting him to go! So…take that for what it is…His only quarrel was that…well, he couldn’t do anything on his own…Zegan was there…these days, Zegan is always there. Annoying. So annoying.

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....Prinny Instructor, huh? Here's a Prinny. -sets a Cucco that's painted the colors of a Prinny with the pouch wrapped around its waist in front of him- Have fun training it. -smirk before turning and walking off-

“……..-?! What?

Did you just give me a painted pigeon!? What in Hades is this?! This is no Prinny hide!”

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~{{Can I point out that Val raised Mao for a good portion of his current life, he’s pranked literally almost every day. XD so it’s not strange to him…}}~

[PFFFT. Yes I know, and so does Axel. However, as Axel has said in the post, the only reason why he has yet to prank him is because he has yet to think of an good enough prank that won’t backfire on him. xP]