Jean Pierre Rambosson. Prinicipal Phases of Saturn as Seen from the Earth, Recomposition of Light, The Phenomena of Tides, Eclipse of the Sun, The Moon’s Phases, Eclipse of the Moon, The Earth as Seen from the Moon, Phenomena of Refraction, The Passage of Venus Across the Sun. Astronomy. 1875.


Kaminari and Mina’s fight is against the prinicipal Nezu and we get to see what his quirk is along with his past and his kind of psycho personality as a result.

This both funny and a little sad to think of the things Nezu went through to become like he his. This also makes me wonder HOW he became the principal of UA. And also his age. He was the principal when All Might was going to school so how old is he?

Confessing to your TC

During my time in the teacher crush community I’ve seen a lot of posts going around that said “I want to tell my TC about my feelings”, “I’m going to confess to him/her soon” etc. To be honest, I have thought about telling my TC how I feel too but I didn’t do it.

So, here’s my opinion on telling your TC how you feel:

Don’t do it while you’re still a student at their school. It’s just going to make things awkward and if you’re a minor, your TC might tell your parents, your guidance counselor and/or the prinicipal. 

If you’re graduating, think about it carefully - do you really want your TC to remember you as “the student that had a crush on me”? Your feelings are probably going to fade once you’ve left school and won’t see them anymore.

I realize everyone’s situation with their TCs is different and this is just my opinion. Ultimately, the decision is yours but at least wait until you’re leaving so you won’t have to see them again if things get awkward.

Agents of Mayhem won the “Boom, Headshot!” E3 Curse award for craziest weapons!

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Unser Soloklarinettist Andreas Ottensamer als Solist im Klarinettenkonzert Nr. 1 von Carl Maria von Weber.

Our prinicipal clarinet Andreas Ottensamer played the solo part in Carl Maria von Weber’s clarinet concerto No. 1.

Photos: Monika Rittershaus

Quiet Before the Storm

Title: Quiet Before the Storm - Kidge Week Day 3 Prompt Fill
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Keidge; mention of Hance
Summary:Post-series fic that is Keith-centric. Specifically Keith dealing with an unresponsive school staff and comforting he and Pidge’s lil’ grumplings.
Standard Disclaimer: If you read and enjoy this, please give it a like/ reblog so I know if I should write more.
AN: I kinda cheated with this one, admittedly, and it’s a bit shorter than I would have liked, but I want to post my other prompts before Christmas so hopefully this will suffice.
Shoutout of thanks to @justthankless for granting me custody of the Kidge children we thought up together for the sake of this fic. She is a phenomenal person and deserves all the great stuff~!

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General James Longstreet was a famous American Civil War general for the Confederate side, which fought in defense of the right to own slaves, which they believed was guaranteed to them because states’ rights were greater than federal rights. After the war, he retired to New Orleans. But that’s not the interesting part. General Longstreet became a Republican, the party of emancipation and Abraham Lincoln. He endorsed Grant, the hated Union chief general, and attended Grant’s inauguration ceremonies. Longstreet was appointed major general in command of Louisiana’s militia and state police forces by a Republican governor, and (in)famously led Metropolitan Police, city policemen, and African-American militia troops against a mob of white supremacists which was two times the size of Longstreet’s men. This from the man who was the prinicipal subordinate under Robert E. Lee, who was nicknamed “The Old War Horse” by the head of the Confederate troops!

EXO in Highschool

Xiumin: Muscle guy. Use to be a fluff ball. Got buff over the summer. Is now a heart throb. Doesn’t know how to handle it.

Luhan: Pretty Boy. Secretly dating the English teacher. Doesn’t know what acne is. Voted most beautiful in the male and female category.

Kris: Basketball Star. No one knows his real name. Has an Android Galaxy phone. Too cool for school.

Suho: Rich Kid. No one really likes him. Tries to buy love. Fails. Nice guy. But usually ignored.

Lay: Druggie. Only weed. Doesn’t like conflict. Disappears randomly. Does his own thing.

Baekhyun: Bully. Always getting in trouble with teachers. Never listens. Loud. Makes up words in his spare time. On a first name basis with the Prinicipal.

Chen: Class President. Nice to everyone. The teachers love him. Always does everything right. Lives In a permanent sunshine mode.

Chanyeol: Class clown. Always joking. Pranks went viral on the internet. Pulls the fire alarm every morning. Tall enough to play basketball. Can’t.

D.O.: Loner. Thought about joining the glee club. Remembered he hated the world. Didn’t join. Wishes he was homeschooled.

Kai: The player. Swimming in women. Also secretly dating the English teacher. Can talk his way out of anything. Takes ballet lessons after school.

Tao: The Karate kid. Always wanting to show off his martial arts. Rarely succeeds in looking cool. Scared of everything. Would rather be shopping than studying.

Sehun: The Celebrity. Got cast in a local car ad. Fame went to his head. Signs autographs during lunch. Wears his shades indoors. Judges everyone.


Long-time South Park watcher (I still maintain that it is one of the smartest shows on TV) and long-time Tumblr user, and yes, like many of you, I, too, am one of those ‘social justice’ people. I strongly believe that both sexism and racism are still alive today in more subtle ways and the sexual orientation, despite the claims that we are all accepting, is obviously still a confusing and messy subject for some.

Now, I get that a lot of people are turned off by South Park’s latest episode, Stunning and Brave, thinking it’s mocking people who are defending their rights, thinking it’s the equivalent of dudebro trolls calling a woman a ‘feminazi’ when she is merely stating her point.

I can understand where some of you are coming from, especially for a first time South Park watcher. At first glance, it may seem like they’re mocking Tumblr people and all ‘social warriors’.

But let me ask you this: of the ‘politically correct’ extremists you saw on the show last night…which one of them was actually a POC? Or a woman? Or showed any indications of being anything other than heterosexual?

That was South Park’s point. As a long-time South Park viewer, I can tell you that irony is one of their finest and reoccuring themes. The irony is that sadly, many ‘social justice warriors’ are a lot like the PC fratboys: they say these things to fit in with the social ideals, yet their actions completely contradict their words.

You’ll find a lot of them, in and out of Tumblr. The ‘feminist’ slut-shaming the local popular girl for sleeping with more than two guys. That one guy who preaches about homophobia who will say things like ‘asexual lol that’s not a thing’.

What makes these people unlikeable is the fact that they use social justice as some kind of special pass that justifies their behavior because they have ‘good intentions’.

For example, they harass Kyle, who is a little Jewish boy, for thinking that Caitlyn Jenner is not a hero to him (shout out to Kyle Broflovsky who has literally voiced everything I have thought about the Caitlyn Jenner issue but that’s another story). When Cartman nearly blackmails the PC Principal for sexual abuse, the PC Principal is more focused with connecting Cartman’s words to sexist issues that don’t even make sense than his actions. 

The idea was never to piss off people who genuinely want to point out the issues and fix them. It’s the equivalent of a conversation that goes like this:

Someone: I don’t really understand why women don’t like being seen in underwear but are fine with going out in bikinis. What’s the difference.

And someone can either answer…


Or they could answer…

A Good Feminist: The difference is that when women are in bikinis, they choose to be seen like that, whereas a woman in underwear being seen implies an invasion of privacy. 

So you see, kids, South Park was mocking people who would probably answer like the PC Principal. If you are one of those people, then I heavily suggest sorting out your priorities because you can’t preach one thing by just calling everyone stupid. Instead, you’re reinforcing a negative stereotype that portrays us as ape-like extremists. That’s not to say someone who supports these things can’t be angry. But you can’t be unreasonable.

If you need proof that South Park is, in fact, a show that is actually very intelligent when it comes to social issues, take a look at one of my favorite episodes, The Hobbit, where young feminist (and arguably one of the only sane characters along with Kyle) Wendy Testaburger is fighting against photoshopped images giving young girls unrealistic expectations regarding their bodies. Warning: The episode is rather sad, but it does give a brutally realistic ending. 

Going back to episodes like this and ‘Starvin Marvin In Space’ also acknowledges the mistreatment of African cultures by missionaries and the irony of Christian education and their colonisation.

Now, let’s all take a deep breath, calm our shits, and go home to fuck our hot wives, K?

anonymous asked:

Nice blog. What would the Mercs teach if they were teachers, do you think?

AU where they’re all gossipy teachers at a high school.

Scout is the coach for most of the sports teams

Soldier teaches PE 

Pyro teaches Home Ec

Engineer teaches math

Demoman teaches chem

Heavy teaches history

Medic teaches science

Sniper’s the prinicipal, somehow

And Spy teaches every foreign language. Like every single one.

I just realized I have a lot of interesting stories I could tell about my high school days. I mean, my high school was pretty weird in general because it was a tiny, “second chance”/”alternative” school. It wasn’t even its own building, it was a unit in a shopping center that the prinicipal rented. There were only two teachers, and my graduating class was 3 people (counting me). We had no cafeteria or gymnasium (P.E. classes were held in the parking lot). There were no school buses (when we went on a field trip, the entire student body was divided into three or four different moms’ vans). We didn’t even have a mascot (although there was a petition to make a senior named Kevin’s nose our mascot once). Here’s a sampling of random incidents that happened during my four years there:

-The time this kid named Sal got his phone confiscated because he was texting in class, so he found another phone somewhere and used it to call the police and report a “phone theft”. The police actually showed up, sirens blaring and everything, and were super pissed at Sal for wasting their time. 

-The time I was helping the principal answer the “office” phone in the morning and this other kid, Travis, called in and said he wouldn’t be at school that day because he was in the hospital. I asked him what happened. He said that the previous evening, he’d gotten “really f***ing high” and he and his buddy had stumbled upon an electric fence. He watched his buddy sit on said fence and electrocute himself. Then, he proceeded to remove his pants and sit on the exact same fence. He was in the hospital for electrical burns on his ass. 

-The time a kid (I don’t remember his name) somehow got a pencil eraser stuck in his ear. I remember five or so guys standing in the bathroom, with the door open, clustered around this kid trying to figure out how the fuck they were going to get it out. Eventually this stoner kid named Aaron got the fucking thing out and started running through the hallway with it, screaming, “I’M A FUCKIN’ BRAIN SURGEON, MAN!”

-The time the same kid who had the ass burns shot fireworks off in the parking lot and set the Dumpster on fire. 

-The time a teacher asked this kid, Elijah, to staple some papers for her and somehow the staples wound up in Elijah’s leg.

-The time everyone got sick of Elijah’s habit of randomly bursting into dreadful renditions of 80′s pop hits, and, so, while he was singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” in the bathroom, someone decided to lock him in. When he realized he was trapped, he proceeded to headbutt the door. It fell off of its hinges and nearly crushed the person standing in front of it. 

-The time this one kid, Jordan, got sick of everyone taking off their shoes during class, so he would steal people’s shoes and hide them random places, like a bookshelf, or the roof.

…..I’m sure I could come up with more, but this post is getting long. Sorry, I just figured a lot of this shit was “famous textpost” fodder.