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“ The Winding Stream is the story of the American music dynasty, the Carters and Cashes, and their decades-long influence on popular music. ”

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Release Date : 2014-03-15
Casts : June Carter Cash, Jeff Hanna, John Prine, Rosanne Cash, Mike Seeger, Janette Carter, John Carter Cash, Jay Farrar, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Peggy Bulger, Dale Jett, Kris Kristofferson

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Them’s Fightin’ Wurds

i changed my sidebar cause ray thinks he discovered the transformers and that i’m into it because of him and that bugs me

i don’t mind the narcissism but if you don’t think i’m gosh darn proud to have survived my 246 long, creaky years on this planet without being able to tell Megatorp from Optional Prine despite being the original target audience when i was a snot-licking fetus then you are misinterpreting the true nuances of my bad boy (but secretly tender) character.

John Prine 07/13/78
My Father’s Place
Old Roslyn, NY

Download: FLAC/MP3

Spanish Pipedream
Often is a Word I Seldom Use
Fish and Whistle
Crooked Piece of Time
Blue Umbrella
Illegal Smile :)
Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone
The Bottomless Lakes
Sam Stone
That’s the Way that the World Goes ‘Round
Quiet Man
There She Goes
Try To Find Another Man
If You Don’t Want My Love
Pretty Good
Bruised Orange
Hello In There
Grandpa Was A Carpenter
Please Don’t Bury Me
Sleepy Eyed Boy
Treat Me Nice (?)
Sweet Revenge
Lawdy Miss Clawdly
Saddle in the Rain


John Prine, with backup from Marty Stuart and Vince Gill. 

I love this song. It’s about Paradise, KY, a town in western Kentucky that no longer exists. It was lost to coal mining.

Documentary celebrates folk singer John Prine and his timeless music

Growing up in the northern suburbs, Prine was a lousy student, a shy and aimless high school kid when he climbed over a fence at Ravinia one night and sneaked into a concert by Bob Dylan. “And that changed everything. His lyrics touched me, and it was the first time I ever valued words. I decided at the time that I would be a creative person. I just didn’t know how.”

anonymous asked:

song recs?

always  ❤️

some personal favs:

fineshrine by purity ring
wicked ones by dorothy
cigarette daydreams by cage the elephant
zombie by family force 5
devil takes care of his own by band of skulls
old pine by ben howard
the temptation of adam by josh ritter
you will be my ain true love by allison krauss
do it like a dude by jessie j
colors pt ii by halsey
sway by the kooks
adagio in d minor by john murphy
semi precious weapons by semi precious weapons
arrival of the birds & transformation by the cinematic orchestra
paradise by john prine
fare thee well by bob dylan
sympathy for the devil by the rolling stones
holocene by bon iver
tam lin (child 39) by anais mitchell
here by alessia care

that’s a lot more than i meant to list but #yolo

sleepover saturday whenever the hell we want day! 

Mostly Folk Episode 146 (2/4/16)

The Ocean Road/ Runrig/50 Great Songs

I AM AN IMMIGRANT/Jesse Palidofsky/Single

Man Of A Thousand Faces/Regina Spektor/Far

Traveler’s Song            /Mike Hertz & Emily Barns/Closer to Home

By The Rio Grande/Quiles & Cloud/Beyond The Rain

Souvenirs/John Prine/Sessions At West 54th

Last Friend/Ben Rounds/On The Jukebox

Getting Away with Something/ Sally Barris/The Road in Me

Summertime/Willie Nelson/Summertime: Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin

My Guitar, the Man in the Moon and my Heart/Bob Cheevers ON EARTH AS IT IS IN AUSTIN

Love On The Breeze Julie Parisi Kirby/ In Her Dream

Mismo Latido/Paperboys/ At Peace With One’s Ghosts

She Taught Me to Yodel/Elton Britt/Yodelling Hillbilly, Vol. 1

Get Back To Work/Joe Giacoio/I Love Hamburgers

Not Your Jesus/Carla Ulbri

Runrig/The Ocean Road/50 Great Songs

Jesse Palidofsky/I AM AN IMMIGRANT/Single

Regina Spektor /Man Of A Thousand Faces/Far

Mike Hertz & Emily Barns/Traveler’s Song/Closer to Home

Quiles & Cloud/By The Rio Grande/Beyond The Rain

John Prine/Souvenirs/Sessions At West 54th

Ben Rounds/Last Friend/On The Jukebox

Sally Barris/Getting Away with Something/The Road in Me

Willie Nelson/Summertime/Summertime: Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin


Julie Parisi/Love On The Breeze/In Her Dream

Paperboys/Mismo Latido/At Peace With One’s Ghosts

Elton Britt/She Taught Me to Yodel/Yodelling Hillbilly, Vol. 1

Joe Giacoio/Get Back To Work/I Love Hamburgers

Carla Ulbrich/Not Your Jesus/Her Fabulous Debut

Moonshine Holler/Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot/Old Time Melodies

Carrie Rodriguez & Chip Taylor/Big Moon Shinin’/Red Dog Tracks

Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell/Back When We Were Beautiful/Old Yellow Moon

ch/ Her Fabulous Debut

Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot/Moonshine Holler/Old Time Melodies

Big Moon Shinin’/Carrie Rodriguez & Chip Taylor/Red Dog Tracks

Back When We Were Beautiful/Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell/ Old Yellow Moon

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John Prine - Spanish Pipedream - Live - 1980