Met N-J-D yesterday while playing tourist in my hometown. Also went to see the Cash/Dylan exhibit at CMHoF. Very cool. Was compelled to raise my camera to just this one artifact that was part of another exhibit. Awestruck.

Printed key rings East London

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Today in Irish history: July 2nd

1790 - In an election for Speaker of the Irish parliament, John Foster defeats William Brabazon Ponsonby by 145 votes to 105

1798 - Rebels defeat small force of Yeomanry at Ballraheen Hill; they move to camp at Croghan

1800 - The British Act of Union is passed

1819 - Edward Vaughan Kenealy, barrister and writer, is born in Cork

1869 - Birth of one of Ireland’s greatest ever tennis players, Joshua Prine, who won the Wimbledon singles in 1893 and 1894

1874 - Isaac Butt’s Home Rule motion defeated in House of Commons 458-6

1903 - One of the greatest motoring events is held in Ireland - the Gordon Bennett Race, sponsored by James Gordon Bennett, owner of the New York Herald

1957 - Bridie Gallagher reaches no. 1 in the Irish charts with “The Boys From The County Armagh”

1958 - The Industrial Development Act is passed to encourage an influx of foreign capital

1970 - Irish Catholic bishops announce that it is no longer obligatory to abstain from eating meat on Friday

1970 - Following his arrest on May 28 for allegedly importing arms for the IRA, Neil Blaney is discharged

2000 - Joey Dunlop, motorcycle racer and humanitarian worker, dies in an accident during a race in Estonia

2000 - The 25th anniversary of St. Oliver Plunkett’s canonization is celebrated in Drogheda, Co. Armagh

2000 - Navan-born jockey, Johnny Murtagh, rides Sinndar to an easy victory at the Budweiser Irish Derby

2001 - Ireland bids bon voyage to the relics of St Therese of Lisieux at the end of an 11-week tour which organisers claim drew three million onlookers.

You come home late and you come home early
You come on big when you’re feeling small
You come home straight and you come home curly
Sometimes you don’t come home at all
—  John Prine

mcgarrygirl78 tagged me to pick my six favorite albums, which is such an absurdly low number for someone like me. Six? SIX? SIX?!!!  A top sixty, maybe. That might be workable. But six?

I mean, I tried. I started by making a list of all-time favorite albums - ones that I can play over and over and love each and every song or track but I quickly got to around 40 and realized I would just keep going. 

So, I’m just going to list the first six favorite albums that come to mind as I make this post

The Mountain Goats - All Hail West Texas.

Nina Simone - Pastel Blues.

John Prine - John Prine.

PJ Harvey - Rid of Me.

Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain.

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme.

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John Prine and Steve Earle singing Townes Van Zandt’s Loretta = everything I’ve ever wanted to hear. 

Tfw ur about to fall asleep and dad knocks on ur door to give u a John Prine album and ask u if u remember playing a computer game called “The Day of The Tentacle” when U were little

There’s a hole in daddy’s arm where all the money goes,
Jesus Christ died for nothin’ I suppose.
Little pitchers have big ears,
Don’t stop to count the years,
Sweet songs never last too long on broken radios.
—  John Prine

ginnyvos tagged me. I was tagged in another meme thingy too, but the second one will have to wait till I have more time….

Hit shuffle and listen to the first 10 songs. NO SKIPPING then tag 10 people.

1.    Gold  - Sir Sly

2.    His Word Is Not His Bond  - The Waterboys

3.    Glastonbury Song - The Waterboys

4.    Wash Jones  - The Squirrel Nut Zippers

5.    Little White Lies - Fastball

6.    Jimmy – Of Montreal

7.    Everybody Takes a Tumble – The Waterboys

8.    A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left – Andrew Bird

9.    Explorers – Muse

10.  Same Thing Happened to Me – John Prine

Well that is a frighteningly accurate snapshot inside my head… In other words, Brokengrackle needs to acquire some more upbeat music. Also, 3 guesses who my favorite band is, lol.

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Darrin Bradbury Salutes “Bob,” the Corporate Everyman

Working in the folk satiric tradition of John Prine and Shel Silverstein, New Jersey-born singer-songwriter Darrin Bradbury sing-speaks in praise of the average, and the average’s name is Bob.

His new EP, The Story of Bob, opens with the meandering ballad-turned-elegy “Bob,” telling the story (at least what the singer can remember) of a Midwestern corporate everyman. The palindromic refrain “he was just Bob, backwards and forwards …  he was just Bob” shows the singer-songwriter’s understated wordplay, which can take a chorus or two to really click, but when it does… well, listen to the EP’s second track, “All My Best Friends Are Cigarettes.”  Now listen to it again. See?

Click here to continue reading… 

and here I sit

9:00 p.m.waiting. I don’t know what the high was today but it is 81 F in here with the windows open. The humidity in the apartment is 51%. The oscillating fan up on the shelf moves slowly to help move the air. I haven’t shut the windows since the first of May. There were a couple nights that were a little cool but why get out of a warm bed. Yes I have an air conditioner but just don’t turn it on.

Fireworks are going off at the ballpark and I had thought of going to the game but got lost in an empty space in my brain. The Tv is off and Pandora pumps out Bob Dylan, Norah Jones, Lyle Lovett, John Prine, Rory Block and others to help my emptiness.

About 8hrs ago I saw we needed to be on the lookout for bad weather. I looked at the weather map and the only clouds I saw were in the NW part of the state, about 550 miles. I just looked again and the rain coverage area is smaller and about 550 miles away. I guess they needed to tell us so we could be safe but they can’t keep us safe from rain or hail or emptiness. Just got a new alert for the NW part of the state saying not to try to look for the tornado in the dark. Guess those people in Glad Valley and Dupree and Iron Lightning are in for a long night.

I looked at the link above and the warning covers 422 square miles, a population of 86, no interstates, no railroads, no public schools, no hospitals, no airports, no national parks. Hail possible up to 2.75 inches in diameter or basically the size of a baseball. Do you ever wonder what happens to livestock or wild animals if they are hit by a baseball falling from 30,000 ft? I believe it was 2 nights ago when 90mph straight line winds came through the area south and east of there. Travel trailers were overturned in the state park in Fort Thompson and semi’s were laid on their sides on Interstate 90. I hope they will be all right and those further on will be as well.

Guess I should quit rambling but a couple of things I would like to leave you with. 1. No matter how hard the government tries it cannot keep us safe from everything unless we give up all our freedom and they still can’t keep us safe from nature and 2. For all that live on the east coast, west coast, the populous areas of the country, the warning area covered 422 square miles and if we divide that by the population of 86 that equals 1 person for 4.9 square miles. If we put those people into 3 people households we have 28.6 households or one, three person household every 14.75 square miles. I believe my math is correct.

There is a new warning as it moves to the east. Now it covers 1032 square miles and 2180 people and 10 public schools. That would be one public school for each 103.2 square miles. Do You ever feel to crowded and can’t breathe? 

Hope the links are valid after tonight.

Hey look ma
here comes the elephant boy
bundled all up in his corduroy
headed down south towards Illinois
from the jungles of East St. Paul.
—  John Prine

A picture of my muse i recently startes working on it reads “what yoy are doesnt define who you are” this is relating to discrimination in our workd and i though jade was a prine example as when people see her all they think is shes a bloodthirsty demon without a heart but in fact jade is a sweet girl who cares deeply about all life exept for cockroaches as she is scared of them anyway hope you like it

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You must choose. There can be only one Chris crowned!

BUT LIKE FR THO, Chris Hemsworth is packaging a little something something if you know what I mean 😉😏
But like Chris Evans ohhhhh god. Like wtf why all the Chrises fine?
Chris Pratt
Chris Prines
Chripepe like wtf?