My latest instalment to my crossover series, To Belong! :D A lot of shit went down, and even more shit will go done in part 4! (^-^)

The amount of masking and manipulation I had to do for this part was ridiculous!! Like seriously! It was insaaaane. Like, the manip of Nala running through the forest (in GIF nr 9) was a nightmare to get together. :P (maybe I should do a Before&After?) But I had a lot of fun playing around with lighting, the refection effect in Mulan’s eyes, the different transformations, etc. 

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John Prine and John Burns - How Lucky (1980)

#452: John Prine, John Prine (1971)

We all eventually become whatever we pretend to hate.
—Chuck Klosterman

There is much more preparing to be done than you once would have expected. Here is what you once expected: to move delicately and with nothing but triumph into graduate school straight from your small southern undergraduate haven. To get into a top-tier writing school. To, you know, have it made the way you wanted it made.

But there is much more preparing to be done, now that the last rejection letter has arrived. I.e.: plan B. I.e.: who knows what now. You start at the basics: you’ve lived in the spectacular, confused Commonwealth of Virginia your entire life up to this point, so maybe it’s the right time to split. To get some perspective. You apply to occupations in all the places that seem the most opposite while remaining U.S.-bound (for family, significant other, fear of the foreign, name it): Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana. Phone calls, applications. Two months later, you’re landing in Missoula, starting work next week.

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Bonnie Raitt : Angel From Montgomery


John Prine with Leo Kottke at the Palace Theatre, Columbus, Ohio - April 24, 2015

To witness John Prine and Leo Kottke on the same bill is to reach musical nirvana.

Each musician is unique is his own way and each was in excellent condition Friday night before a packed Palace Theatre. Over a combined two-and-one-half hours of music, the musicians solidified their reputations as legends in their respective genres of one.

The audience was ecstatic and appreciative. Each player received raucous shouts and applause just for walking on stage and each left to loud standing ovations that lasted until the house lights came up.

Shouted requests and accolades like We love you, John! and You’re an icon! punctured the between-song tuning and Prine acknowledged them with waves and/or nods of his head.

Prine put his quirky blend of folk, country, rockabilly, bluegrass and rock in the loving hands of a versatile three-piece band that played in various combinations including three guitars and bass; two guitars, mandolin and bass; and harmonica, guitar, mandolin and bass among others. Acoustic and electric, six- and 12-string axes, stand-up and four-string electric basses and other implements of music making were part of the mix.

The Palace’s exquisite sound is so pure, attentive listeners could home in on the individual instrument of his choice or sit back and let the ensemble’s playing wash over him.

Over the course of a well-paced, 95-minute performance, Prine and his trio of compatriots turned in renditions of many of the songwriter’s best-loved numbers played and sung with passion worthy of the songs’ pedigree. Two-, three- and four-part harmonies coupled with the innovative instrumentation made decades-old songs sound fresh and new.

Prine and Co. opened with “Spanish Pipedream” and followed with standbys such as “That’s the Way that the World Goes ‘Round,” “Angel from Montgomery,” “Grandpa Was a Carpenter,” “Far From Me,” “Sam Stone” and “Fish and Whistle.”

About two-thirds of the way through, Prine played a short solo-acoustic set. And as his bandmates filtered back on stage and drifted into the song, the solemnity of the music transformed the theater into a church.

If you had only heard - and not seen - Kottke’s 60-minute, majority-instrumental opening set, you’d be forgiven for thinking there were at least three musicians onstage. Playing 12- and six-string acoustics, Kottke peeled off bass lines and lead and rhythm licks and chords and made it look just as complicated as it was.

His left hand moved up and down the fretboard with such speed and dexterity that it often looked like a blur. He played slide without using a slide and when he slipped one on his pinkie finger, the noise he made was otherworldly and outrageous.

Kottke’s right hand, meanwhile, moved in ways not often seen. The guitarist vamped and plucked, strummed, fanned and caressed the strings to produce a sound worthy of a trio.

Sound Bites last saw Kottke in 1986 on the bottom of a triple bill with the Neville Brothers and Spyro Gyra. Although the specifics of that performances have grown hazy over passing decades, last night’s performance was a reminder of why that long-ago opening set still sticks in my mind - Kottke is a force of nature.

Or as Prine said of the opener: When he tunes, it sounds like he’s starting a new song.

Grade card: John Prine w/ Leo Kottke, 4/24/15 - A


John Prine and Brandi Carlile duet on “Angel From Montgomery”.


John Prine-Spanish Pipedream 

Blow up your TV, throw away your paper,
Go to the country, build you a home.
Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches,
Try an’ find Jesus on your own.

anonciate replied to your photo:

Wow albums 1, 3, 5, and 7 are really something! The rest is shit, but!

for every hour spent at a record store you gotta buy a couple of critically acclaimed dollar bin records that you know you’ll never listen to but help you justify spending $12 on a Todd Rundgren album w/ an original die-cut cover

i was pretty pumped to find that John Prine s/t though

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What’s your name: Jai

Nicknames: Jai? (I mean, Goose and I have a number of jokes, but they’re not really full-on nicknames…)

Where are you from: (A Suburb of) Vancouver, Late of York. 

What is your favorite color: Bright ass green. 

Write something in all caps: I AM THE VERY MODEL OF A SCIENTIST SALARIAN.

Favorite artist/band: Gogol Bordello, Harry Chapin, John Prine, Dropkick Murphys and Great Big Sea.

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Crushing on: Goose. (I mean, duh?)

Reason to smile: There’s LARP tonight, and my character got o be a sneaky badass on Sunday. (And Downtimes are coming back sometime today.)

Favorite season: Winterrrrr. Followed by Fall and then Spring. Let’s give summer a miss.

Number: 2

Favorite drink: Ginger Ale, but lately I’ve been drinking a lot of Pink Lucozade because it is what the shop by our house has.

Tag ten people you want to get to know better:

robin-redbreast, jrincewind, theredkite, tehdes, rocktopussy, theanachronisticengineer, thegentlemananachronism else who wants to do this. 

Dear all,

It is with a heavy heart that Inlet Sound has decided to part ways and say goodbye to the last six years of music making together. As life has intensified on many fronts for each of us - with school, work, goals, plans, and people - we felt it was best at this point to move onto our own individual projects and aspirations.

We owe an incredible debt of gratitude to all of the people who allowed us to exist as a band over the last few years: our producer and jack-of-all-trades Laurence Currie; our extended band family of musicians who contributed to many recordings and live-shows - Kate MacLean, Curtis Murphy, Johnny Rowe, Jamie March, Rob McLaren, Andrew Prine, Ian Russell and Matt Cramp; our behind-the-scenes team Matt Fisher, Joanne Setterington, Beth Cavanagh, and many more; our amazing friends and family for constant support and positive reinforcement; and of course all of the music lovers out there who bought our records, came out to shows, and gave meaning to our sweaty uncoordinated on-stage dance moves.

As a parting gift, we’ve put together a 2-song EP titled July / Storm Chaser that we’ve slowly built over the last year between Toronto, Guelph, Kingston, Montreal and Berlin and with the help of some great people in our lives. The songs are available for free download on our website and the gamut of online music sources as of today (April 21st).

This may be the end of Inlet Sound for now, but we all hope to continue to create music in our crazy, fragmented lives and share it with the world from our respective locations.

Love & cuddles,
Michael, Sean, Steven & the spirit of Marion Bojangles.