principles of deceit

A Flowchart for Thwarting Flywaymen

If your carriage is hijacked en route to finishing school (as carriages so often are) by flywaymen who aim to rob or kidnap you (as flywaymen so often do), this flowchart will help to define your fate.

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Beware the highwaymen of the skies! Even a properly finished lady thinks dark insults at these ill-mannered men—the type of slander learned from stable lads.

If you find that your classmates have suddenly metamorphosed into a giggling throng of feminine sighs and uncontrolled titillation, you can be certain it’s because you’re about to begin lessons with Captain Niall.

Under Captain Niall students will cover weapon concealment and how to draw a knife without mussing the trim of their dress. They will learn some hand‑to‑hand combat, subversive attacks, and, of course, how to throw.

Also, if you happen to notice something odd about this man, aside from his being adorable, it’s because he happens to be of the, erm, supernatural persuasion… Debuts will only have him for lessons on an irregular basis, but never when the moon is full.

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Introducing Lady Linette de Limmone, our instructor of music, creative arts and physical culture, which includes battledore, shuttlecock, croquet and the challenging art of tumbling in petticoats, one of our most difficult lessons.

Lady Linette is responsible for instructing students in intelligence gathering, principles of deceit, fundamental espionage, and rudimentary seduction—which does not happen until next year (so please, contain your excitement).

She is known for her liberal hand with accessories and rouge, as well as her beauty. We at the Academy stand by her post, though we encourage you not to ask after the “lady” in her title.

*Download the desktop wallpaper here.

And other professors’ portraits here: Prof BraithwopeMlle. Geraldine, Prof. LefouxCaptain NiallSister Mathilde