principled uncertainty

And besides, what is suffering? I’m not afraid of it, even if its numberless…I am! In a thousand torments-I am; writing under torture-but I am. Locked up in a tower, but still I exist, I see the sun, and if I don’t see the sun, still I know it is. And the whole of life is there-in knowing that the sun is.
—  Fyodor Dostoevsky; The Brothers Karamazov
Kiarostami … draws attention to the way curiosity grows necessarily out of uncertainty and is indeed its counterpoint: here the spectator’s desire to know and understand is heightened by a conscious sense of uncertainty about even the truth or reality of what seems to be happening. And Kiarostami builds these spectator sensations into the aesthetics of his cinema, so the process of understanding (or not) is central rather than incidental.
—  Laura Mulvey, Kiarostami’s Uncertainty Principle
The Analysts as Quantum Theory

INTJ: Wave function because of their Dominate NI in predicting how the future could likely play out.

ENTP: The Uncertainty principle because nothing can ever, EVER be known for certain in an ENTP’s mind.

INTP: Quantum entanglement because an INTP’s goal is to interconnect everything in the possible to know universe together into one logical system.

ENTJ: Uniform field theory because ENTJ’s must have everything perfectly understood and put together in unison.

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Equation #11: Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

Anyone who is not shocked by Quantum Mechanics has not quite understood it”-Niels Bohr

I agree Mr. Bohr, QM does blow your mind. The uncertainty principle is one of those things that prove that our perception of the world is limited. Anything in the universe can be both wave and particle at the same time and that puts a limit to how accurate our measurements can be.
What that means in our context is that, if you try to measure the velocity(or momentum) of a particle as well as its position at the same instant, you cannot have exact values of both. If you measure position accurately, the value of velocity will have some uncertainty associated with it and vice a versa. 

The reason we don’t observe this phenomenon in everyday life is is that the uncertainty values are very, very tiny. A person moving with a velocity of say, 5 km/hr (+or - 0.05 km/hr) and weighing 60 kg will have the uncertainty in position = 1.8 * 10^-35 meters! That’s smaller than the radius of an atomic nucleus. However, when you go into the realm of lightweight, superfast entities(like subatomic particles), the uncertainties get larger and can have a significant effect on the macroscopic properties of an object. 

The uncertainty principle applies to a number of pair of observables other than momentum and position. Most common example is that of energy-time which explains the working of Strong force, according to some theories.

It is important to understand that this fundamental limit is not due to experimental errors, rather a phenomenon of nature itself.

You cannot predict, even theoretically, the exact values of two so called “incompatible” quantities simultaneously.

For uncertainty principle in action, see

For more clarification, see


Quantum Tunneling 

Quantum tunneling refers to the quantum mechanical phenomenon where a particle tunnels through a barrier that it classically could not surmount. This plays an essential role in several physical phenomena, such as the nuclear fusion that occurs in main sequence stars like the Sun. It has important applications to modern devices such as the tunnel diode, quantum computing, and the scanning tunneling microscope. The effect was predicted in the early 20th century and its acceptance as a general physical phenomenon came mid-century.

Tunneling is often explained using the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and the wave–particle duality of matter. Pure quantum mechanical concepts are central to the phenomenon, so quantum tunneling is one of the novel implications of quantum mechanics.



Numb3rs » Uncertainty Principle | Season 1, Episode 2

“Statistically, you’re dead now. You understand what that means? A man aimed a gun at your head and fired. The fact that you survived is an anomaly and it’s unlikely to be the outcome of a second such encounter.”


Chronicle Books “Great Tumblr Book Search” Submission

Title: Standing in Asia, Looking at Europe, Thinking of New York
Author/Painter: Missy H. Dunaway
Category: Art

Synopsis: I have combined two personal art journals into one book entitled “Standing in Asia, Looking at Europe, Thinking of New York.” This book builds a narrative through painting and poetry to recount two years of solo globe-trotting, giving readers a chance to explore the world through the eyes and heart of a painter.

Eighty paintings guide the reader through a visual journey beginning in 2013 when I moved from New York City to Istanbul alone. Short poems describe a mirroring emotional journey as I leave old relationships, adjust to a new culture, and learn a new language. The book continues into 2014 as I move from Istanbul to Central Turkey, where the cultural divide deepens and the language barrier rises.

“Standing in Asia, Looking at Europe, Thinking of New York” combines female travel writing themes like independence, exploration and alienation with simple poetry and colorful artwork stylistically similar to Maira Kalman’s illustrated book, “The Principles of Uncertainty.” You are invited to view additional pages in this supporting post. Thank you for your time and consideration!

:D tagged by @kirrylovesnarry​ I went through my bookmarks to answer this ❤❤❤ there were sooo many to choose from why are all my bookmarks sexy narry fics asdfghj

1. What’s your favorite Narry chapter fic?

Uncertainty Principle by jibrailis, simply bc of the time-jumping aspect, complexed by the confusion of their feelings. And the quiet retirement-like aspect of it… :D And there’s also I Know This Hurts (It Was Meant To) by  Diaryofanarcissisticgayman, with awesome cop!niall and all the harry intrigue, and Middle of the Night by KirryLovesNarry, bc I love because h/c Harry >:D There’s so much more, but I’d be here all day if I start listing them all.

2. What’s your favorite Narry Drabble?

I love too many of them to list! I read a lot of them, but I fail at giving proper feedback all the time, specially when it comes to collections of drabbles… but if we’re including single-chaptered pieces, I do love Misunderstandings, Madness, and Something Close to Home by KayLeeJohn [or here] bc damn. DAMN. There’s also Break by alwayseven asdfgh and most specially that pre-slash one where Niall’s the only one who can get Harry settled in his skin, Deviate (from the form of nothing) by MourningAugust. If there’s one concept I’d love to see developed over over 500000+ words, it’s from that fic. 

3. What is your favorite Narry picture story or master post/story?

Ooooh.. Anything that has to do with a Hogwarts au, or a genderbent au, or an a/b/o au. Also I know this probably doesn’t really count, but all the picture posts by @narrymusings whenever people ask for the cutest narry moments, or when larries inexplicably come after narry lol.

@canonicalmomentum so reading the wiki, if a hypothetical stable particle of imaginary mass has no (kinetic?) energy (in some reference frame?) it’ll have infinite velocity, right? Which means, what, that it will, in that reference frame, simultaneously exist at every point along its trajectory at once?

That seems weird ‘cause with (my rudimentary understanding of) the uncertainty principle infinite velocity times any nonzero relative error in measurement gives infinite error bars in velocity (thus momentum? wikipedia seemed to imply they had momentum since when this happens they annihilate with another zero energy tachyon with momentum in the opposite direction), which implies zero error bars in position, but here the “error bar” in its position is infinite in one dimension (semi-infinite if it reaches infinite velocity at some point and then continues indefinitely, bounded but potentially very long if it reaches infinite velocity and then annihilates) because it exists along a trajectory, not at a point.

Also how does the relativity work out since energy and momentum are relative to the reference frame for two tachyons to annihilate and not release anything because their momenta are equal and opposite (in all reference frames?) and their energies are both zero (again, in all reference frames?)

Or is energy and momentum being relative a phenomenon of light-or-slower particles?