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Folks are always complaining that modern ship names - in the fandom sense of the term - are too complicated and obscure, so here’s a little game to really piss ‘em off: name your ships backwards. Pick a theme, make a list of titles of notable works of art and literature matching that theme, then take your favourite fandom and come up with a ship for each candidate ship name. You can drop “The” or “A” from the beginning of each title if it flows better as a ship name that way.

For example, if our theme was “Continental Existentialist Philosophy”, we might come up with a list like this:

  • Being and Time
  • Beyond Good and Evil
  • Concept of Anxiety
  • Fear and Trembling
  • Gay Science
  • Identity and Difference
  • Principle of Reason
  • Twilight of the Idols
  • Will to Power
  • Works of Love

Conversely, if we picked “stories by Philip K Dick” as our theme, we could end up with something like this:

  • Breakfast at Twilight
  • Cosmic Puppets
  • Divine Invasion
  • Game of Unchance
  • Owl in Daylight
  • Penultimate Truth
  • Preserving Machine
  • Trouble With Bubbles
  • Turning Wheel
  • Strange Eden

Now pretend that each one is a ship name and tell us what pairing it refers to.

The Rule of the Self

The universe has no preferences, these are universal truths. You are inferior to no one, superior to no one. We are innately equal in our independence, individuality, and humanity. We all innately have the right, power and responsibility of self determination. Only our perception of them alters. But these facts are self evident.

You are an individual. You are not your beliefs, you are not your skin, you are not your shape, etc. The collective is imagined. Similarness is not sameness. We are all individual.

You are independent. Dependence is an illusion. You need nothing. No one makes your choices for you. You can choose anything. Your purpose is yours, it comes from you, no one else.

One’s self determination is one’s own. Self determination is a right, power, and responsibility. You and your actions yours, the responsibility is yours, and the power goes to whoever you give it to.

No one belongs to anyone but them self. Your life, choices, and fate are rightfully yours. To determine the life, fate, and choices of another is to take what is rightfully theirs, it is to violate them.

Rule none other, and be ruled by none other. Give your power to yourself, show others their power is theirs. Be independent, not pulling on or standing on others. Don’t be imperial, do not rule others. The power that was taken from the people should return to the people. We should incentivize

There are no monsters, only people. Fear is from the self, not an external force. Fear nothing. There are no kings, other than those we believe in. Power given by the fearful, desperate, beguiled, and those commanded though the illusion of dependence.

Don’t be incompetent or lead by incompetence. Leaders who need leaders are not leaders. Do not be part of a chain of command, break chains. Do not carry the orders of another, only those of the self. If you are not in charge, no one is in charge. If your leader is not leading, no one is, and no one is responsible. But really, everyone is responsible. Don’t scapegoat, don’t pretend to be dependent, don’t make others pretend. Be true. Fear nothing. Take responsibility.

Be what you want others to be. All play is practice, pay attention to what you practice. Fear breeds fear, hate breeds hate, reason breeds reason, love breeds love, in your enemies and allies alike. Conflict resolution is not achieved by giving to conflict. Break vicious cycles. Give your adversaries the option of peace without price. Do not be the leader of your enemies’ antagonism. Do not be defined by your enemies, do not live or believe in reaction to them. Give yourself power. Be valuable, make others valuable. Empower others, not punish. Create and transform, don’t destroy.

Criticize yourself as much as you criticize to your enemies. Understand your enemies as well as you understand yourself, truly. Understand your enemies in the same way they understand them self. Listen and consider the perspective of your adversaries and third parties. Do not fear the unknown, the other, or those more powerful than you. Fear nothing, question everything, even yourself.

You can chose anything, your own pain, death, loss, or starvation. Give these things no power over you, and no one may take power from you. No one makes your choices for you, not even under threat. If you must, wait for the pivotal moment to defy. But know, compliance incentivizes threats. Don’t incentivize conflict and dependency.

Think and compete. Competition refines, it makes quality. It can bring us all great wealth if we are self empowered people. We should make an example of those who wish to enslave, incentivize slavery, or make us compete with the enslaved, and of those who wish to hold a monopoly of power, economy, or ideas. Without competence, your ways die. Make something meaningful, make your ripples mean something. Without meaning, your life is just a clock ticking. Demonstrate the use, value, and veracity of what you believe in. If you do not believe in yourself or your ideas, why should anyone else? Challenge yourself and others on their ideas. Challenge yourself and your ideas against others’. Challenge yourself against yourself. Pit ideas against each other. Compare and contrast. Question everything. Fear no thought. Think completely freely, think critically. Almost all your ideas are wrong, so speak your mind now, not later. Spout all your ideas out in the open so that others may criticize them, it’s the fastest way to learn. Use your mind, power, and actions to create quality in this world.

You are equal, you are free, now be and achieve.

One of the principle reasons I don’t think anything can come from Rey Skywalker is because of the narrative law of raising questions in the first act. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it’s a grounding one. For instance, Anakin Skywalker was a known entity in ANH. Even though the writers didn’t know the exact details of his past, Luke knew that Vader had killed his father, and all the elements for the later reveal were already in place. In the first POTC, we know Will’s father is Bootstrap Bill, and his complicated feelings about being from a pirate family are already in play when he meets his father again in the second film. In both these cases, the heroes don’t know their fathers and KNOW they don’t know them. They hunger for information, even if it’s information they don’t end up liking.

Rey knows her parents. They are not a mystery to her, only to the audience. The only thing she needs to know is where they went and POSSIBLY if they were doing anything she didn’t know about (Harry and the Baudelaires: our parents were involved in some freaky scary shit! But they were definitely our parents). It’s purely the audience pulling out hidden messages about the identity of Rey’s parents, but if that were the question, we’d have raised it in the first movie. By the way, Rey, says Unkar, those people you’re waiting for were just some traveling slavers! They told me they just found you alone! Or Han says, wow, you look just like these pilots I knew in the Rebellion! Hell, you look just like my brother-in-law!

The reason this stuff needs to come up early on is because it makes for the perfect Refusal/Response to the Call motivation. Rey has a real family somewhere? Do tell! In fact, I’m so curious that I’ll leave Jakku! My parents are trying to find me? My parents were Force users? I’m a Skywalker? I don’t want to be a part of this myth, I want to keep looking for my family! see ya! (Runs off to the woods)

Writers don’t leave out the incitement for a character to ask more questions because it makes for more drama. None of the questions Rey has in the first movie lead her to suspect anything about her parentage. It would have been soooo easy to drop in a suspicion, but we get nothing.

I’m typing this on a phone but I can elaborate later. I just…

“Our thirst after knowledge augments with our incapacity for belief. There comes a boiling-point in the scale of all intellectual development, at which all faith, all revelation, and all authority evaporate, and we claim the right to judge for ourselves; the right, not only to be taught, but to be convinced. The leading-strings of our infancy have fallen off, and henceforth we demand leave to walk alone.”

- Arthur Schopenhauer, On the Principle of Sufficient Reason (1813)


Of the Puritan-Yankee equation of virtue with well-being, Negroes had excellent reason for doubting that money was made or kept by any very striking adherence to the Christian virtues; it certainly did not work that way for black Christians. In any case, white people, who had robbed black people of their liberty and who profited by this theft every hour that they lived, had no moral ground on which to stand. They have the judges, the juries, the shotguns, the law—in a word, power. But it was a criminal power, to be feared but not respected and to be outwitted in any way whatever. And those virtues preached but not practiced by the white world were merely another means of holding Negroes in subjection.

It turned out, then, that summer, that the moral barriers that I had supposed to exist between me and the dangers of a criminal career were so tenuous as to be nearly nonexistent. I certainly could not discover any principled reason for not becoming a criminal, and it is not my poor, God-fearing parents who are to be indicted for the lack but this society.

—  James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time
Felicity Jones Rebuffs Nicholas Hoult's Getaway Driver — For Now — in Exclusive 'Collide' Clip
A getaway driver finds himself fleeing his own employer after a heist goes wrong in this Friday’s Collide, an adrenalized action film starring Nicholas Hoult as the wheelman on the run from his oh-so-bad criminal boss (Anthony Hopkins). Set across Germany’s high-speed Autobahn highway, director Eran

In the clip, Hoult’s Casey Stein tries to woo Jones’ Juliette Marne at a pub, where he confesses to have previously seen Stein. That means she also knows about his line of work, and while she makes it clear that she doesn’t object to his profession on principle — for unknown reasons, given that he’s a criminal — she also isn’t interested in getting involved with a man who operates on the wrong side of the law.

Looking to entice moviegoers in need of an action-movie fix before Logan claws into theaters the following weekend, Collide debuts this Friday, Feb. 24.

the witness is just a terrible version of the talos principle

both involve a lot of puzzle solving that utilize a lot of the same elements (line puzzles in the witness, lasers/etc in the talos principle; both games have increasingly complex puzzles with only a handful of tools at your disposal) but where talos principle gives you a reason to give a shit immediately and fleshes it out as you go with the console, with milton, with all the archives and Alexandra’s recordings, the witness gives you fucking nothing. the witness gives you no reason to care at all and i don’t.

here’s a bunch of line puzzles. they increase in complexity and sometimes they open doors. sometimes other things happen. who the fuck knows why and who the fuck cares

Race realist SJs and alt-right basically don’t have any principled disagreement the only reason they don’t work together right now is bc of trust issues

Relatedly, I want to remind the ENTIRE INTERNET that what gets called “logic” in Vulcan culture is actually just their random, fictional alien religion

References to “logic” on Star Trek are typically appeals to miscellaneous moral or social principles such as impulse control, altruism, and suppression of emotions, and not to any basic principle of reasoning.

I sometimes think that this is part of what drives the underlying misunderstandings here. Tons of us identified with Spock as maladjusted geeky kids and thought that this automatically made us “more logical” than anyone else. That’s sort of like identifying with House and thinking that means that you’re a medical expert.
Why Isn't Anyone Lobbying For Climate Change?
BY SENATOR SHELDON WHITEHOUSE - Washington's dirty secret is that even the American companies that are really good on sustainability put net zero effort into lobbying Congress on climate change.
By Capital Flows

“Throughout the American corporate sector, corporate leaders I’ve talked to about this problem uniformly assert fear of retribution as a reason to stand clear. The Republican Party is now so intertwined with the fossil fuel industry, and so dependent on it for “dark money,” that fossil fuel interests can deploy Republican politicians to exact retribution for lobbying on climate…

In my experience, plenty of Republican members of Congress would like to get to work on climate change, for reasons of principle, or because of constituent demands, or from simple fear of being appallingly wrong on a vital issue. But their immediate calculation is that the fossil fuel industry will punish them if they dare, and they won’t have a single trustworthy friend at their side.”