principle dancer

I’ve followed her for many years now and was almost brought to tears when I heard the news of her becoming a principle dancer for ABT.

She is not only drop dead gorgeous but the most sensitive and well spoken role model we have for young girls today. Her life story is so compelling and makes me strive to make my life better. Cheesy as it sounds, this woman has inspired the hell out of me.

I cannot wait to see what else is in store for her in the future.


Enemies to Lovers Masterlist


More Than He Bargained For - Yuri made one mistake. One. But, since it resulted in police bringing him home, his parents put their foot down. Now, he’s being sent away for the summer to learn his place. He’ll be staying with the Altin family and learning from their son, Otabek.Aka, the one where Yuri is a rebellious shit and ends up spending the summer with Otabek and falling in love and shit.

the taste of ash on my lips, sweet bruises on my hips. (TW) -  in which Yuri is burning himself out, and Otabek can’t help but be drawn to the light like a moth drawn to a flame.

Sold My Heart to Dance, Now I Want it Back -  Yuri is a principle dancer in Russia who has lost his motivation. Luckily for him, Victor and Yuuri are starting their own company and they want Yuri. The only problem is they don’t want him to dance alone.


Edges of Morality  - The war between avians and humans is at its worst when Yuuri begins working for Metro-Sig’s Avian Detention and Research Center, thinking that he can help end the war through non-violent means. It’s all black and white until Yuuri realizes that the prisoners of war in his care are actually being tortured and experimented on.

Cinderella is a Fucking Thief - An infamous professional thief of Russia known as Eros was given a mission to steal the queen’s crown. But, fate always brings him to meet the famous detective and Eros’ no. 1 enemy, Agape. Who knew that these two foes would have their darkest secrets hidden from each other especially about their true identities as they slowly unfold the pages of secrets of their story?“So, we meet again, Eros.” A lingering smile was present under the white mask of Agape as he looked at Eros’ expression; which was smirking back at him, chuckling softly under his black disguise, “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Wherever I go, you are there. Don’t tell me your eyes are on me?” Agape smirked, “What if it is?”

My Heart is Strong (The Warrant’s on my Head) - Viktor has grown used life on the wasteland; though he lacks company, his notoriety serves as a warning to enemies.Upon the arrival of a lone, dark-haired rogue, his position changes drastically.(In which Viktor is a known enemy to the totalitarian government, and really can’t afford to form any bonds with… Well, with anyone.)

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches - A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.

to be a star is to burn -  There was just something about the skater that always got under Viktor’s skin, that had him itching, and what was worse was that Yuuri seemed to know it. He seemed to be able to look through Viktor and within a second pinpoint every flaw, fear, and anxiety. It grated on him, especially as Viktor was known for his feather-light disposition and natural confidence. Yuuri’s endless brown eyes always seemed to be appraising Viktor, and something in the set of Yuuri’s jaw made Viktor feel like he failed the assessment somehow.

it’s not like i’m falling in love - Victor Nikiforov and Katsuki Yuuri are private detectives.But they’re not just that, no, they’re mortal enemies. (Victor’s pretty sure his hatred originated from the several occasions on which Yuuri had basically stolen his case – why the hell would Celestino give a murder case like that to a fucking rookie, anyway?)And when they’re both assigned to the seemingly mysterious (and practically unsolvable) case of Guang-Hong Ji’s sudden disappearance, all hell breaks loose.


The Folly of Fate - Guang-Hong - heir to his family’s underground vigilante syndicate - is chosen as a sacrifice to the gods, but what that entails, no one seems to fully understand. What exactly is waiting for him in the heart of the forest?(Or - The Mythical Creatures AU Absolutely No-one but the Author Asked For)

Michele Crispino/ Seung Gil Lee

Mickey Always Sucked at Gay Chicken -  Michele would take a bullet for his sister, even if that bullet was the hot, vaguely sociopathic Korean skater who Sara had a major crush on.

Seung Gil Lee/JJ Leroy 

In the Motions -  The last thing Seung Gil would welcome into his life is an epic, international romance worthy of Korean drama adaptation.
He doesn’t want it. Doesn’t need it.

shortcuts -  A year later, back in Moscow.


Lessons We Learned - Love didn’t come easily for him like it did for people like Yuuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov. Yuri had been abandoned more than once, he wasn’t stupid enough to his emotions or those of others lead him astray.A look at how Yuri Plisetski learned to want more from life than just victory.

unadulterated loathing -  Yuri glares at him, hands clenching, daring JJ to close the distance and give him a reason to connect his fist with that chiseled jaw. He receives a smirk for his trouble and JJ draws back. It’s a long moment before he finally breaks the silence. “You’re every bit the force of nature I knew you would be,” he says, almost reverently.

Otayuri Fic Recs!!

some of my favorite otayuri fics to start r end your year with a bang. all from ao3 ranging from general to explicit. will also be adding some notes on what i think 

Golden Days by Ren


“Yurochka, I wish you wouldn’t spend so much time with him. He looks like a delinquent.”

Yuri’s grandfather doesn’t approve of his grandson being whisked away by strangers on motorbikes, so Yuri introduces Otabek to him.

Status: g, oneshot, complete

this is just so cute honestly, plus gentleman! Otabek and protective! grandpa plisetsky

what hoodies are made of by pissedofsandwich


Let it be known that Yuri Plisetsky is killed by his first friend, and possibly, if given more time—and if he could just admit it deep down in his heart that yes, he has a crush on Otabek the size of St. Petersburg—his first boyfriend, during the exhibition gala of Trophee de France.

Oh, what’s the murder weapon, you ask?

The goddamn hoodie.

Or: Otabek dresses sexy for his EX Gala and Yuri loses his shit.

Status: t, oneshot  

love me some sexy, fearless Otabek. you’ll really feel for Yuri in this situation

Leopard Print  by notyourmumsfanfic


Yuri dresses up for a date.

Status: t, oneshot 

this is not a drill !!! long haired Yuri Plisetsky in a pencil skirt and loubotin cute and sexy oneshot at the same time.

Baptism by InsominiacArrest


Yuri Plisetsky has been waiting to lose his virginity to his boyfriend (and also take his boyfriends virginity) and on his 18th birthday, he gets his wish.follow up: Otabek and Yuri have been apart for a couple months and finally get to reunite.

Status: E, twoshot, complete

one of the best smut of this pairing. you’d be dead before 2017 starts. very realistic and the characterization is perfect. also a bit of humor to top this masterpiece off.

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shingeki-no-survivors  asked:

I don't know much about ballet but I will talk about a ballet AU

I never thought I’d get this far YES *cracks knuckles*

So Phae and I came up with an au a while ago where the basic premise is that Annie is a principle dancer with a big company and Armin just got promoted to soloist (which is a lower rank) and they’ve been paired up to dance Aurora and the Prince in Sleeping Beauty. Annie’s been doing ballet since she was 3 like it’s basically her entire life and she’s. Not surprisingly kind of cynical about it all lmao. Armin’s been doing it since he was 8 but with a far less pushy parent and is a bit more fresh faced. He’s really admired her from afar since joining the company and absolutely jumped at the opportunity to be her partner. She’s just like yeah okay who tf is this kid

It’s honestly such a cute au lmao like Armin really helps Annie in bringing back the joy and excitement she used to feel while dancing. It’d been such a chore for her for years, and his infectious enthusiasm really gets to her. What she really likes is how his enthusiasm isn’t naive. He knows how the industry can be sometimes, and he’s seen her rehearse till her feet bled. She in turn has watched him struggle as one of the physically weaker people in class, but one of the best based on technique and acting alone. His jumps aren’t the highest, his turns aren’t the fastest, but his movements are fluid and he has amazing lines. Also a lot of musicality. He makes up for his short comings and she can’t help but respect him greatly.

Also they totally kill it on stage together like. They were originally paired up due to their heights but holy hell that chemistry. When they’re performing Swan Lake, it’s so easy to forget how silly it may seem for the characters to fall in love after one look and dance but they totally pull it off. I can’t help but imagine Gillian Murphy and Angel Corello’s performance, which is one of my faves!

On the technical side of things, I can’t help but imagine Annie being very similar style wise to Svetlana Zakharova. Like, ridiculously high extensions and all lmao. Flawless foot work. I also think she’d be a great jumper, and though critical of her turns she’s a lot better than she thinks. 

Mikasa’s a principle and she can turn like no other! She’s often partnered, of course, with Eren. Probably a principle too. He’s kind of sloppy in a lot of ways but makes up for it in pure determination and power. His jumps are great! He sometimes scowls when performing just because he’s so focused lmao. Levi, their couch, has to yell at him like “are you kidding me Jaeger ur playing a man in love and you look like ur smelling shit.”

For some reason I always imagine them performing Giselle really well. Mikasa and Annie have a lowkey rivalry after Mikasa won gold at a grand prix and Annie got silver when they were like 13 lmao. She never 4got, especially since Papa Leonhardt gave her an earful after.

Mika finds out Annie and Armin (her SON lbr) are becoming more than just partners and she’s like. Knife emoji. Annie can physically feel Mikasa glaring at her during class the next morning lmao. 

…I’LL STOP HERE THIS IS ALREADY REALLY LONG. I apologize for being so extra WOO. 

So, remember how I said SamBucky AU ideas have been ruining my life? Well guess who’s back to cry about the first one. ME.

I’m not sure how this one started, all I know is that one day I sat down and thought, “Sam is really great at twisting and moving through the air, I love him,” and that morphed into, “SAMBUCKY BALLET AU.”

I dragged @softurl into this one and I even drew a half-ass ballerina Sam so my claws are IN THIS ONE. I’m not letting it go. Anywho, back to my point:
Sam is the ballerino, graceful, a literal black swan. He’s probably not the principle dancer though because in the real world black dancers aren’t given anything nice unless they work for Beyonce, and this company has its flaws.

Bucky’s place in this AU is a toss up. But I think what Carla and I came up with was that he’s the disgruntled stage hand/manager. And if I remember correctly he USED to be an equally gorgeous dancer in style, but after whatever gut wrenching and heart twisting accident I decide to put him through he’s kind of unofficially booted from the troop.
Now whether that’s because he physically CANT dance in the way ballerinas are required to or because he’s insecure remains to be seen.

Anyway! Sam and Bucky meet when Sam becomes one of the new dancers. He’s kind, but sharp and maybe a little full of himself at times. He totally rubs Bucky the wrong way - I mean look at this kid. All fresh faced with a little less humility than Bucky cares for, and far too perceptive. Especially when the company wants beauty not brains. He won’t last.
But Sam does, and soon enough they’re seeing more and more of each other and Sam has no idea what to think of this jaded and cynical stage helper guy with the wiry metal arm that blends right in with the pulleys. Doesn’t quite like how he melts out of the backdrop, moving silently around the edges of the stage during rehearsals. Sure it’s his JOB, but does he have to be so creepy about it?

So the two of them tolerate each other at best, trade pointed glares and quips. But they don’t get close until Sam starts to truly see how ugly the business can be.
Sam is used to endless hours of dedication, the blood, the hard work that shows in his wrapped toes. But what he’s not okay with is the way people take Bucky for granted or treat him like shit when he does EVERYTHING to make sure their shows go on without a single hitch. Ever. Bucky deserves better, even if he’s kind of a dick. And Sam’s feelings for the company are only worsened when he performs a piece flawlessly at an audition only to lose to that pale kid with the high cheekbones and narrow frame AGAIN even though the guy screwed up at the last show and nearly dropped his partner. All of it is starting to eat away at Sam’s patience.

Of course Sam tries to talk to his ‘friends’ in the company about it, but one by one they give him the cold shoulder and tell him to shut up and deal like everyone else. He’s new, he’s the low man on the ladder, suck it up. So maybe he makes some offhanded comment to Bucky (who now gives Sam the time of day ever since Sam verbally gutted this one guy for being a dick, like there may have been actual tears), and Bucky LAUGHS.
Holy shit he laughs and Sam’s heart stutters because first of all, he had no idea Bucky’s face could light up like that, and second - the sound is gorgeous.
And fast forward because this got long, Sam sees Bucky practicing after hours (maybe Sam was going to do the same to get aquatinted with the stage or whatever, who knows) and it’s tense for a few days after that because Sam kinda pressed the issue too hard. But eventually Bucky at least admits the he was a dancer once and that he’s rusty and he stays despite the shit everyone gives him because he MISSES IT.

Anyway I’m making myself sad please just give me a SamBucky ballet AU where these two idiots fall in love and dance together and kiss each other tenderly but hold each other tight enough to bruise. I am a simple woman, and this is the one thing I need

anonymous asked:

I was going through your Spot hc tag, and the post was from this summer, but ballet dancer Spot? Please?

Okay dude I never finished this hc train did I? Well I didn’t give up on it either let’s release the storm.

  • Smol boy is good
  • he’s such a good dancer
  • he’s naturally flexible and has great reaction times so ballet is what he chooses to focus on
  • his parents do not like that he dances because ballet is “for girls”
  • he doesn’t give two shits and pays for his own classes which is FREAKING EXPENSIVE and he’s not even sure how he manages
  • he starts dancing when he younger, maybe like ten? but never stops
  • by the time he’s in high school he’s really good
  • he totally plays the prince in Nutcracker one year
  • he likes to show off by being more flexible than the girls and he’s low-key bitter that nobody will teach him to dance en pointe because there’s this one girl he wants to beat because she thinks she’s the best at everything
  • she annoys him
  • anyway, he’s good
  • he’s one of those people who, as soon as he’s dancing he’s super graceful and knows exactly what’s going on but if he isn’t dancing he falls down the stairs on a regular basis you know the type
  • my boy does not know how to express emotion like at all
  • 0 emotional expression
  • but when he’s dancing, especially if he’s also acting like in nutcracker, his emotions are displayed for the world to see and it’s crazy
  • all the straight girls have crushes on him because he’s beautiful but he doesn’t reciprocate (cause he gay but they don’t know that he didn’t even know that until he was like 15)
  • so he dances throughout high school and he doesn’t tell people because he learned in middle school that if people who didn’t already know it didn’t end well
  • so he has his friends (and rivals) from dance and his sister but other than that he doesn’t really talk to people
  • and he really wants to go to school for dance and his dance teachers want him to go to school for dance but his parents don’t want him to be dancing at all let along would they help him get through school for dance
  • so he applies to a few knowing he probably won’t get in and even if he does he won’t be able to go
  • and of course because he is a really good dancer after auditions he gets into his top two schools for dance
  • he keeps the acceptance letters just to have some kind of bragging rights
  • but he goes to school for business
  • he meets the gang but doesn’t tell them that he dances because he’s nervous
  • and then by the time he knows they won’t care it would just be awkward
    • “Oh yeah, by the way, for all the year and a half you’ve known me I’ve secretly been the principle male dancer at the local ballet.”
  • The only one who knows is romeo because he also dances and he’s jealous of Spot but in a very supportive kind of way
  • nobody understands why Spot and Rome are so close when they’re so different and it’s because of dance
  • (they have their own nicknames for each other but that’s none of my business)
  • ((spackle and romanov))
  • anyway
  • Spot is the prince in nutcracker again and he has to bring his costume back to his dorm because there isn’t enough storage space and Race finds it
  • which is how Race finds out Spot dances and also how Spot ends up with a VERY LOUD and VERY SUPPORTIVE audience for act one
  • (they get told they’ll have to leave if they don’t quiet down for act 2)
  • Race realizes that he’s crushing on Spot while watching him dance 
  • he’s all blushy after the show and Spot has makeup on and glitter on his face from the snow and Jack thinks it’s hilarious it’s so obvious that Race is gone on Spot
  • Spot has a very high emotional iq and he picks up on something being ff but he can’t pick out why Race is acting different
  • Race doesn’t realize how obvious he’s being
  • after that performance it takes a little more than a week for them to be dating and it’s great
  • race finds out that Spot’s*ahem*flexibility is very attractive and useful
  • anyway
  • Spot graduates and cuts contact with his parents and moves in with Race
  • and he’s working some normal job but still dancing on the side
  • and every once in a while he auditions for a company hoping that maybe they’ll take him
  • then one day a famous company needs somebody RIGHT NOW
  • somebody who can learn choreography quickly because the show is in two weeks and one of the guys just hurt himself really badly
  • so Spot shows up thinking, “Oh, this is Dimitri, a bet tons of guys who went to school will be here, no way will I get it.”
  • but because it was so short notice he got it
  • quits job, rehearsals all day every day, he’s tired, sore and grumpy but happier than he’s ever been
  • and he ends up getting to stay because of circumstances and he proposes to Race with choreography after bows closing night of a show and the whole company is in on it and it’s great
  • and yeah he dances professionally until he’s too old and then he opens a little ballet studio
  • he teaches little kids and he loves being able to tell little boys that dancing isn’t just for girls
  • it’s really great

“Ballet is definitely one of the biggest passions of my life. I think because it was introduced to me at such an early age, and I fell in love with it. I lived, breathed, dreamed ballet. Of being the Prima Ballerina, of being lifted in the air by the handsome principle dancer. I’ve had countless dreams like that. Ballet is passion. It’s art, in the most beautiful human form. There’s so much emotion, that you can express without a single word. Being a model, you are doing the same thing. You are seen, and not heard. There’s a story to tell, a character to tell, that you are portraying through movement. It taught me so much that I use today. I owe my career to my background in ballet.”
~ Karlie Kloss on ballet at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014


Part1  Part2 Part3

    You walked into the almost empty coffee shop at about twelve in the afternoon.  ”Hey there, Coffee Prince,” you said, grabbing a gourmet brownie off the counter and picking at the wrapper. “Hey, Klepto. Watch it; these things are expensive and my boss would kill me if he thought I was giving out freebies,” Jongin replied, reaching for the chocolaty treat.  You leaned away, smirking as you tossed five bucks onto the counter.  He raised an eyebrow as he picked up the money to put it into the cash register.  ”Since when does penny-pinching, ramen noodle-for-dinner _____ buy gourmet brownies?”  ”Hmm…Since Gi-Gi gave me a raise,” you said, biting a huge chunk out of the brownie.  ”Before the performance?”  ”Yeah, she said it should be motivation for me to do even better, not to mention I get to keep any tips I make.”  ”Well you usually score on tips anyway.”  ”Not nearly as much as the dancers do.  I saw that desperate housewife slide you and extra $25 the other night,” you said accusingly.  He raised his hands in defense and said, “No strings attached and no sexual favors. I’m just eye candy.”  ”And Gi-Gi seems to have quite the sweet tooth,” you teased, taking another bite of the brownie.  ”Yeah, I kinda noticed she has a thing for me,” Jongin replied, taking off his apron and hanging it on a rack.  He hopped over the counter, chuckling at his boss who scolded him.  ”Going on my lunch break, Sir! See you in about an hour!,” he called, grabbing the last piece of your brownie and tossing it in his mouth.  You were about to protest, but he cut you off by grabbing your hand and saying, “C’mon!”.
    ”So, of all the places to work, why’d you choose a burlesque club?,” “Well, you take what you can get.  No other place would hire me and I wasn’t getting any call-backs, so…,” you replied, taking another bite of your sandwich.  ”I don’t understand why, though.  I’ve only seen you practice and I know you’re an amazing dancer.”  ”Thanks…But I don’t know…My plan was to join a company, become a principle dancer, travel the World—,” you sighed before continuing, “but maybe I should just pack up and head back home…”  ”I knew it.”  ”What…?”  "That you weren’t from around here.”  You gave him a confused look, urging him to go on.  "You were never like most of the people in this city who just gave up on life.  You had dreams…goals…ambition.”  ”Well, isn’t this the city where dreams are supposed to come true?”  He let out a somewhat bitter chuckle and shook his head.  ”Apparently, this city is where dreams come to die. I had really high expectations for you, though.”  ”Not exactly the pep talk I had expected…”  ”You don’t want a pep talk, _____; you want a pity party, and I’m not going to give that to you.  If you want to just give up and waste your talent, then go ahead.”  You felt anger rise up to your throat, but you weren’t sure of the cause of it; the fact that Jongin was saying these things…or the fact that he was right.  However, you refused to admit the latter.  ”Well, what about you?,” you retorted.  ”What about me?,” he challenged. “I seriously doubt that a cheap burlesque dancer, barista, and whatever other stupid job you have were part of your dream.  You want to judge me, but you have the potential to be a lead dancer in any company, and  just look at where you’ve been for the past three years!”  He just scoffed with a smirk and stood up, tossing some money on the table.  ”See you tonight, _____,” he said, sticking a fry in his mouth before leaving you alone in the restaurant.
    You sighed, fixing your hair as you stared at your reflection in the mirror.  'Maybe Jongin was right…’  Just then, there was a knock on the door frame of the dressing room.  "I’m coming in, so I hope you’re decent,“ Jongin said with his hand over his eyes.  "About as decent as you can be dressed in one of GiGi’s costumes,” you replied, tugging at the hem of your uncomfortably short shorts.  He chuckled, removing his hand and taking a look at you.  "Eh, she went easy on your pride this time.“  "Gee, thanks.”  "_____, you look great.  Don’t worry about the costume, or anything else for that matter.  Just go out there and do what you love: dance.“  You looked up at him and nodded.  "Well…I only came in here to wish you luck, so..good luck,” he said before turning to leave.  You got up and grabbed his arm.  "Wait…Jongin, I’m sorry…for snapping at you earlier.  You were right.  I just wanted someone to justify me being a quitter. So, thank you for not doing that.“  He just smiled at you and gave a quick nod before saying,  "Break a leg,” and leaving to let you finish getting ready.
    Taking a deep breath, you stepped out on the stage.  You moved with the music, feeling the pure adrenaline pulse through your veins.  The entire room was watching you; women in envy, men in lust…But none of them mattered.  It was just you…the stage…and the music…until a pair of smoldering deep brown eyes met yours.  


Nancy Drew: Mystery at the Ballet φ Dream Game 

“It’s an old theater Nancy. Things go missing and it goes bump in the night, but that’s no reason to assume it’s a ghost. That’s a little too Phantom of the Opera for me.”

A New York ballet company has undertaken the lavish production of Petipa's The Sleeping Beauty. The world famous choreography drew dancers from different corners of the globe and is set to be a huge success. That is, until the company books a supposedly haunted theater and things start to fall apart. As the company gets closer and closer to opening night it becomes clear that if things keep going at the rate they are, the stage is set for disaster. 

There are whispers in the company that the supposed theater ghost is to blame and mentions of sightings, but that wouldn’t explain the things that go wrong in studio rehearsal. Pointe shoes go missing, dancers are getting injured, set pieces are turning up damaged, and costumes are disappearing. The ballet mistress, having too much riding on opening night and tired of her company panicking, calls in Nancy Drew to help solve the case. But one wrong move and The Sleeping Beauty might meet a bitter end.

Characters in order of appearance:

  • Cosette Desrosiers, originally born in France, has been a principle dancer for the company for years. She’s demur and quite, but at the same time she very much knows how to get what she wants. You just might not realize it at first.
  • Pippa Fenn works as the costumer for the company. She’s bright, bubbly, and always full of energy. When costumes started going missing all fingers were pointed at her. Though she insists that the costumes aren’t missing and that they’re simply ‘misplaced.’
  • Vivianne Godfrey is the ballet mistress of the company and it’s her life’s work. Originally a dancer, as she grew older she took on the role of a teacher and started teaching the choreography to the company. She very much wants Nancy to find the root of their mishaps.
  • Dimitri Volkov is a guest dancer who is testing the waters in New York. Famous in Russia for being a spectacular dancer, it seems odd to more than a few that he’s now dancing in America. His holier-than-though attitude rubs more than some the wrong way.
  • Ciaran Brannon runs the technical aspects during the show. Everything from the lights to sound are under his dominion. He says the only reason that he’s stuck around is because he doesn’t trust anyone else with the thousands of dollars worth of equipment.
  • William Clarke is another principle dancer for the company, but oddly enough he doesn’t dance the lead male role. There are whispers that he’s being replaced by Dimitri, but William takes it all in stride with a smile and his happy-go-lucky attitude. Or is he?
14004) I started ballet classes again recently, and my tutor was a principle dancer with the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company. Whenever I'm with him, surrounded by mirrors and the pretty girls in my class, all I can think is that he's looking at me and wondering, "Why are you here? You're too fat to be a dancer."

Fosterson Week: Day 3

Ballet AU

Jane Foster is the newly promoted principle dancer in her troupe, and Thor Odinson is the critically-acclaimed freelancer from London who is brought in to be Jane’s opposite in the company’s production of Swan Lake.

Jane is desperate to prove herself capable and worthy of her new title, and is annoyed by how clearly taken with stardom her partner is. Thor seems to constantly have his head in the clouds, and it drives Jane crazy that he doesn’t seem to be taking this as seriously as she is. Everything in her future is riding on their performance. It would be nice to know that he at least cared.

Meanwhile, Thor has had his faith and dedication to ballet shaken by the recent betrayal of his brother and the sudden death of his mother. Despite it being his only career path since he was six years old, he is uncertain about whether he wants to continue. He leaves London, hoping for a fresh perspective with a new company in Boston.

Thor’s attitude only lights Jane’s fire, and her fire reignite’s Thor’s passion for dancing.

It’s really only a matter of time before they fall for each other.