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You’ll always have a home- Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: Angst, kissing, like a makeout kinda part? Is that even a warning?

Description: Jughead seemed off lately, with Jason’s death, and the drive-min closing, reader can tell something is off, but cant really pinpoint what


The first time I could tell something was off was when I mentioned the coffeemaker. It was funny how something as simple as the mention of a coffee pot was the spark of my curiosity towards the situation.
“I swear to god, you drink so much coffee, I’m just going to get you a pot for your birthday so you can save some money.” And there it was, the slight twitch in his shoulders and the split second of a tense look on his face before he began laughing along. It was so quick, I was surprised I even caught it, but I did.
 I never asked about Jughead’s home life. He always steered clear of it so I figured it was a touchy subject. I wondered why I hadn’t been invited over in… well…. ever. Then I started putting together the bits and pieces of information and realized: I hadn’t a clue what roof Jughead was sleeping under at night.
Obviously, it was time to investigate.
And I had the perfect opportunity one afternoon.
“Shit, I forgot my textbook at home.” Jughead muttered, his head ducked down and searching in his schoolbag.
“We can walk to your house and get it if you want.” There it was, the tense-up. Jughead froze in his tracks for a split second before regaining his composure and kept walking. To anybody else, it would have looked normal, but I wasn’t anyone else. I was his best friend, and he was the boy I was in love with.
“No, it’s fine. I can just use yours, right?” Jughead looked at me with almost pleading eyes, and I didn’t want to egg him on any longer. I wanted him to open up and tell me the truth, not shut me out.
“Yeah, of course.” I smiled up at my friend and he smiled back reassuringly. Deep down, I knew something was wrong.
And a week later, I began to confirm those suspicions.
“Can you believe they’re shutting down the drive-in?!” Jughead screeched at me one morning as I walked up the front steps of our school.
“Wait, what?” I gave him a confused look.
“Yeah! Apparently an “anonymous buyer” gave the mayor an offer she just couldn’t refuse” Jughead through his hands up in dramatic sarcasm before scoffing and folding them over his chest angrily.
“Juggie, I’m sorry you’re going to lose your job, but- “
“it’s more than just my job, y/n!” Jughead paused for a second. I watched his Addams apple move quickly as he gulped down words that were threatening to pour out of his mouth. “It’s, it’s, it’s a special place! It’s special to us! I took you there when you first moved here! Remember?!”
“Yeah.” I laughed, thinking back to the memories of Jug and I sneaking up to the film roll room and watching through the peek hole while Jughead made sure the tapes were switched out on time.
“hello?! Earth to y/n?” Jughead waved his face in front of me, and I brought myself out of my quick trip to the past, listening to Jugheads rambling about the drive- in.
Jughead brought it up later to our friends as we ate at pop’s, inviting Veronica, Kevin, Betty and I to the last drive in on Friday. Of course, they all agreed to go, and we all planned who we would drive with. I decided to walk with Jughead, and Kevin was taking Veronica. Betty was going to go with Archie.
“I’m going to go to the mayor again and see if I can convince her to keep the drive- in.” Jughead told me as we began to part ways that night. I grabbed his sleeve, pulling me back to him.
“Jughead, why is the Twilight drive-in so important to save?” I asked him, my voice soft and full of concern.
“It’s my job, y/n! I thought that might be an important thing to try and save!” Jughead’s words dripped with sarcasm as he yelled at me. He never usually got angry like this.
“Ok, I’ll see you at school tomorrow, good luck.” I spoke softly as I backed away slowly. I watched Jughead’s face go from angry to apologetic and walked away before he could say anything.
Jughead and I didn’t really speak much for the next few days. We still walked to class together, and he walked me home. He told me that the Mayor just wouldn’t listen to him or give his words any consideration, so I tried going to her myself the day after he did to change her mind.
“Hello, miss- “I opened the door to her office slowly, speaking with the politest tone I could manage.
“Miss y/l/n, I’m sorry, but the drive in is closing, and that’s final.” The mayor cut me off with a firm but somewhat polite tone.
“I’m sorry to bother you, this is just really important to Jughead. I just wanted to at least try and change your mind.”
“That’s quite alright, miss y/l/n.” The mayor smiled at me, staring at me for another moment before speaking again.
“Jughead is… special. He doesn’t have a lot of friends, certainly not any that would at least try to help him with something like this. I’m sorry I can’t save the drive in. I wish I could, for your sake and Jughead’s, but… “The mayor sighed, rubbing the side of her head with her thumb and forefinger.
“Thank you for your time.” I nodded, beginning to exit the Mayor’s office.
“Y/n?” I turned to the sound of the mayor’s voice. “Jughead is lucky to have a friend like you.”
“Thank you, Mayor.” I exited the office, my shoulders heavy.
The night of the drive-in, I rode to the lot with Kevin and Veronica, meeting up with Jughead. I found him by the snack counter and smiled as I watched him talk aimlessly with the boy in the booth.
“Hey, Jug.” I greeted my best friend and the boy he was talking to.
“Hey, y/n/n.” Jughead wrapped an arm around me, hugging me tightly. I wrapped my arms around his waist, my head leaning against his chest.
“How are you feeling?” I asked him, my voice muffled by his shirt. Jughead shrugged before looking down at me with a small smile on his face.
“Could be better, but you’re here, so I guess I’m not under a complete raincloud of doom.”
“Oh, so just a small one then?” I teased, grinning up at him.
“Yeah, it’s kinda just lingering somewhere behind me, ready to open up and strike me with a lightning bolt at any given moment.” I laughed at Jughead’s comment.
“Are you gonna come lay with us on the truck?” I asked him, a pleading look on my face. I grabbed his hand and began tugging him toward Kevin’s truck.
Jughead sucked in a breath before giving in. “Fine, Fine, I guess I’ll be angsty and depressed in the back of the truck instead of in the film room.” I jumped happily before intertwining Jughead’s hand with mine and pulling him towards the back of the truck. Veronica and Kevin sat curled up in blankets and scooted over so Jughead and I could sit next to them.
“Ah, it’s the official partners in crime, the tag team, the endgame, the- “
“I thought Archie and Betty were endgame?” I cut off Kevin before he could throw another couple reference at jughead and I.
“Yes, but that was before he got vocal with our music teacher.” Kevin grinned at his subtle pun and I rolled my eye.
“Ok, no Archie, no Ms. Grundy, no endgames, let’s just enjoy the drive in while we can, alright?” Veronica handed Jughead and I a blanket. I climbed in to Jughead’s lap and rested my back against his chest and he wrapped the blanket around us, his arms going around my waist under the cloth.
“Thank you,” Jughead whispered in my ear.
“For what?” I whispered back, grabbing the popcorn Veronica handed me.
“The mayor told me you stopped by to see her.” Jughead whispered to me. I turned around to face him and he was looking up at the big drive in screen, the lights reflecting off his face and casting shadows under his eyes and chin. He looked painstakingly beautiful. Jughead’s eyes flickered down to look at me and he smirked a bit before looking back up at the screen.
We stayed almost the whole night, watching movie after movie. The only time Jughead left was to go switch out the rolls as the credits came after the end of every showing. He would re-appear five minutes later, and I would lift the blanket as he hopped over the side of Kevin’s truck and resumed his prior position, his arms wrapped around me and his chin on my shoulder. At 4 in the morning, the credits to the last movie rolled, with only a few cars left on the lot. Veronica and Kevin were leaned against each other as they snored lightly, and my back rested against Jughead’s chest. I looked up at the mesmerizing boy. He had a hard look on his face and his jaw was clenched, his eyes glossy and shiny, the credits from the screen reflecting off his pupils.
“Jughead?” I spoke softly, my eyes on the raven-haired boy. He kept his gaze on the screen ahead of him. “Jughead, the construction people will be here soon, we have to go.”
“You guys go, I’m gonna hang around a little longer.” Jughead pulled away from me, climbing out of the truck and disappearing around the side of it. I turned to my friends, shaking them lightly to wake them up. Kevin woke first, carrying a still-sleeping Veronica around to the passenger seat and lying her in it. I grabbed my blanket and my backpack and swung it over my shoulder and waited at the driver’s side of the vehicle.
“Aren’t you and Jughead coming?” Kevin asked me, walking around to the front of the car where I stood.
“No, Jughead said he wanted to stay a bit longer, so I’ll wait with him.” I hugged my friend before he climbed in to the driver’s side.
“Hey, if you guys do it in the film room, I want details.” Kevin grinned devilishly before starting the car and driving away. I just shook my head, laughing at his comment. I made my way to the wall of the film room and leaned against it, folding my blanket. I pulled the bag off my shoulder, sticking the blanket inside.
 I waited for Jughead for another hour or so, playing on my phone mindlessly. I figured he was soaking up what he could of the film room before Mr. Andrews’ company teared it to shreds. The drive- in was his favorite place in town, besides the chock-lit shoppe.
I watched as the sky started to get lighter and I checked the time. 6:08 A.M. It wasn’t like I had never pulled an all-nighter before, and I wasn’t going to leave until I at least made sure Jughead was alright and home safe. I leaned back against the building, hearing birds chirping as the sun rose. Minutes later, I heard a voice from the other side of the building, and I turned my head, kicking off the wall with my heel and poking my head slightly around the corner. I saw the back of Jughead, and he was facing a man that looked familiar. Jughead had what looked like a camper bag hanging off his back, a poster sticking out of it.
“They’ll tear that booth down, too. Raise the whole place, send it to the junkyard.” The man in front of Jughead spoke, a smile playing on his lips.” And us with it.”
“Yeah, maybe they’ll save it. All the pieces. Store it in the town hall attic and rebuild it in a hundred years. Wonder who the hell we were.” I could almost picture the bittersweet smile on Jug’s face.
“Hmm.” The man smiled a bit more before his face became serious.
“So where are you gonna live now?” My heart stopped, a million emotions and realizations hitting me like a bus.
“I’ll figure it out dad, I always do.” I watched Jughead walked past him, walking towards the entrance of the drive in. I snuck around the other side of the building, making my way towards the entrance. I managed to beat Jughead to it and stood at the gate, my arms crossed as I waited for the boy I loved.
Jughead came around the corner, stopping in his tracks when he saw me. He had what looked like a busted look in his face as I stood there, a blank expression matching the hurt, worry, and concern for the boy.
“Y/n… what are you still doing here? I thought you-?” Jughead asked me, hoping I hadn’t caught on to what was going on.
“When exactly were you planning on telling me that you were homeless?” I cut him off, my tone of voice coming off as if I were a concerned mother. Jughead opened his mouth, trying to find the words to speak, but gave up, closing it instead.
Juggie? Really? I’m your best friend! We tell each other everything? Why would you keep this from me? More importantly, why aren’t you staying with your father? Is he homeless too? Did he kick you out? What is going on, Forsythe?! Tell me!” I paced back and forth as I rambled, before turning to look at Jughead. He looked down at the dirt underneath his shoes, His hand wrapped around the strap of his bag. I waited for an answer, my arms spread wide in front of me as I stared at him. Jughead said something that I couldn’t make out.
“What?” I spoke, encouraging him to repeat himself. Jughead lifted his head, the rims of his eyes a dark pink and tears falling down his face. My face dropped quickly, my heart clenching tightly as I looked at the broken boy in front of me.
“I said,” Jughead lifted his sleeve to wipe his running nose.” I don’t have a home.” His voice cracked slightly and more tears fell down Jughead’s face as he dropped the bag from his shoulder.
“Jughead.” I dropped my bag as well and quickly ran to the boy, trying to keep my tears from falling as I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. Jughead wrapped his arms around my waist, burying his face in to my neck and quietly crying. We stood there for a few minutes, my one hand rubbing his back and my other pulling off his hat so I could run my fingers through his hair, doing everything I knew in my power that could soothe him.
“Jughead, Hey, Jug.” My hands cupped his cheeks, rubbing the tears away from his eyes while mine began to fall freely.” Listen to me, you are not homeless, ok? And you will never, ever, be homeless, as long as I am alive and breathing.” I stopped for a second to inhale quickly, my nose stuffed.” You are going to come with me to Pop’s, and I’m going to buy us breakfast, and then we are going to go back to my house, and you’re going to take a shower, because lord knows how long it’s been since you’ve had one,” Jughead chuckled lightly at my statement and I also let out a breathy laugh.” And then you’re going to crawl in to the guest bed, and you’re going to get some sleep, because it literally exhausts me every time I see those bags under your eyes. And you’re going to stay with me, ok?” Jughead nodded silently, knowing that this was a losing battle.
“And this never. Happens. Again. You got it? God, Jug, something terrible could have happened to you. We’ve got a murderer waltzing around town, do you know how easily you could have been killed?” I scolded, more tears falling down my face. I backed away from Jughead, going to grab my bag. “I don’t know how I can ever survive without you, ever! I would have dropped dead if anything ever happened to you! You’re the most important thing in this entire world to me! I don’t even know how- “Jughead grabbed my arm, turning me to face him before leaning down and planting his lips on mine. I stood still for a second, processing the shock of the gesture before wrapping my arms back around his neck and pulling his body closer to mine. Jughead wrapped his arms around my waist, his lips moving against mine. After a few moments, we pulled apart, my chest rising and falling as I caught my breath.
“Jughead, I- “Apparently, Jughead wasn’t done, because he pressed his lips to mine again, taking my breath away once more. We stood at the gate of the drive in for a little while longer, Jughead pushing me backwards until my back was against the fence and his body was pressed firmly against mine. We broke apart when we heard a man clear his throat.
“Uh, we’re gonna have to ask you to leave the premises.” The man spoke politely.” Construction begins soon.”
“Oh, sorry sir.” I apologized quickly, fixing my hair that Jughead had his fist tangled in moments ago, and grabbed my bag. Jughead did the same, grabbing my hand and leading me away from the drive in and down the street towards Pop’s. We stopped at my house so we could drop off our bags and began our trek to the 24-hour diner.
“Hey, Jughead.” I looked up at the boy as we walked hand in hand to the diner. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” Jughead looked down at me, smiling warmly.
“No, Jughead, I- “
“I know, and I love you, too.” I stopped walking, causing Jughead to stop as well. Jughead looked down at me and I leaned up, pressing another kiss to his lips.
Jughead and I made it to the diner soon after, spotting Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin at a booth. When they saw us, they invited us to sit and Archie and Kevin grabbed chairs from another table.
“So, did anything happen in the film room?” Kevin wiggled his eyebrows at me as Jughead and I slid in to the booth. I slapped his shoulder before glaring at him.
“Nah, nothing happened in the film room.” Jughead paused momentarily before speaking again.” It happened outside the film room.” Kevin’s mouth dropped open wide.
“You kinky fuckers!” Kevin hollered. The table laughed as I turned red in embarrassment. I felt Jughead’s hand grab mine under the table and I smiled, my fingers intertwining with his.
He would always have a home, and it would be with me.

Fool For You (Ch. 12)

Read on AO3

Summary: Betty Cooper, the A+ student and perfect girl next door, who had been dating the school’s hottest jock since middle school, winds up with the notorious bad boy, Jughead Jones, the youngest leader of the Southside Serpents. Somehow, stars align for them, making them fall so deep in love, but are they able to maintain a relationship through their differences? How strong are they?

Chapter 12

Summary: As people saw them, everyone started to grow accustomed to the relationship between Jughead and Betty, realizing that it was real, honest love that couldn’t be interfered with.

Word Count: 3347

Notes: Okay, guys… this really is the final chapter. I hope you all liked it. Thanks for sticking with me and reading it :)

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Everyone knew about Jughead and Betty now… literally everyone. They weren’t shy about their relationship either, especially now that they felt free to show each other off and flaunt their feelings around for everyone to see. They’d go to Pop’s or the Bijou at times that they knew other teenagers would be around, not caring who saw them.

Monday morning, since Betty’s parents were still out of town and she was still sleeping at her boyfriend’s, Jughead took her to school on his motorcycle with his small trail of Serpents, including JB, behind them. Like always, Betty squealed and giggled as he drove through the streets of Riverdale, loving each detailed feeling that the speed gave, like the the pressure of wind and the zooming sound in her ears. She felt the vibration of Jughead laughing at her through his back, so she wrapped her arms around him tighter as a way to teasingly shut him up.

They pulled in first, as Jughead always did. He hopped off first, and then assisted his girlfriend who had crazy helmet hair. “Oh, gosh,” Betty tried to soothe it out. “Is it bad? Is it really bad?” She raked through the knots.

“You always look hot to me, baby,” Jughead said, holding back his laughter. Betty simply squealed in response, and that’s when he realized, she’s calmed down with the ‘thank you’s. They were so caught up in such craziness these past few days that he didn’t notice how strong she was, and how it was affecting her in all sorts of ways. He bit his tongue at the sudden realization, holding back a proud smile. For real, he was in public… he still had a reputation to maintain.

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Secrets and Love (Ch. 2)

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Summary: For as long as he could remember knowing Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones has had a hopeless crush on her, no matter how different they seem. His reserved and shy nature has kept him from ever talking to the intimidating Serpent princess, but one day, when he sees something he wasn’t supposed to, it all changes. With the heavy problems Betty is faced with within her family, is Jughead able to be her saving grace? Does she need his help or can she handle it on her own? Nevertheless, how deep do their feelings truly go? Do they build a foundation of love or does the commitment scare them?

Chapter 2

Summary: Betty’s angry… at more than just one thing. Once she winds herself in detention, sitting a few seats away from Jughead, she notices him. The next time they meet is not what she wants, not what she can handle. It’s everything she’s hid from all of her friends and other Serpent acquaintances on view for some stranger. Could this lead to something terrible?

Word Count: 1423

Notes: Chapter 2! I’m going to be starting the next chapter as soon as possible :)

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

The next time he saw her, Jughead didn’t notice Betty at first. He was zoned out, which wasn’t too odd, so in tune to his own thoughts; it normally only happened at home, in seclusion. He was one of those people whose mind either worked a mile a minute or shut down completely. Now though, he was out of it.

That is until Cheryl Blossom came at him full force, ready to demean him until he ran away. “Oh! Hi, bowlhead,” the redhead joked evilly as she approached him.

“It’s Jughead,” he corrected her, shoving a few books in his locker as a way to keep his gaze from her dark,  demon-like eyes.

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  • Archie: But why did they bury Bin Laden at sea though?
  • Mr. Weatherbee: They usually do that so people don’t find the remains and build memorials to them and whatnot.
  • Cheryl: My goal in life is to be so famous that the U.S. government buries me at sea when I die.
  • Mr. Weatherbee: When I said famous, I kinda meant infamous. Like, only the most horrible and cruellest people have had to have their remains be made untraceable.
  • Cheryl: Whatever it takes.
Hearts of the Divine~Ghoulie OC

((A/N: Chapter 2 everyone!! Hopefully you’re still sticking with me. Apologies for taking so long between updates, but I got super swamped with IRL stuff :) As usual, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment <3 ))

((Tag list: @theheavycrown, @sweetpea-cc, @srainebuggie, @mrfangsfogarty, ))

Chapter 1 here

Carrie pulled her helmet off, running her fingers through her hair to work out the snarls that had worked their way in during the ride here. She’d almost put her hair up in a ponytail before she left, but she’d wanted to curl it and leave it down. She sighed heavily, pulling one earbud out and shifting her backpack to one shoulder before pulling her phone out and typing a quick text to Mal, who had insisted that she tell him when she got there.

Carrie: Since you insisted I tell you, I made it to school. And for the record, I feel like a little kid texting their parent to say they made it safe and I hate you for that.

Malachi: Smartass. Keep your chin up and show those Northsiders who you are. And for the love of god please don’t pick a fight. I don’t want to have to deal with Northsiders today.

Carrie: And you think I do? I won’t pick a fight, I’m not that stupid.

Malachi: Says the one who almost ate cereal with a fork this morning because she was half asleep.

Carrie: Shut the fuck up, it’s not my fault I was up until 2 in the morning because someone decided to go get in a fight with Serpents and I had to take care of his ass.

Malachi: Get to class.

Carrie: See, you know I’m right.

Malachi: Sure, sure, whatever helps you sleep at night.

She slipped her phone back in her pocket, tugging her jacket tighter around her shoulders. She’d gone with the slightly less studded leather jacket this morning, and had stolen Mal’s wrist guards to make up for it. She slid off her bike and headed towards the front doors of Riverdale High, taking note of the eyes that were drawn to her and flitted away just as quickly. She couldn’t help the slight smirk that she could feel on her face, and she wore it like armor as she pulled the door open, officially sealing her fate. The first thing that struck her was the fact that there weren’t any metal detectors. She was so used to the sight of them at Southside that it threw her off for a moment.

There was sunlight streaming through the intact windows, shining warm and soft  over the walls and floors. The lockers was actually securely bolted to the walls, and everything was oddly clean. Carrie walked straight past the crowd of Northsiders who had gathered in the foyer to watch her come in, making a beeline for the front office, which she found due to the numerous signs pointing her that way. Her eyes took in her surroundings, from the door to the bathrooms to the cheerful billboards covered in bright flyers.

A pit of resentment settled in her chest at the thought of the difference between Riverdale High, with its shining, clean halls and Southside High, with its boarded over windows and lockers that looked like they were about to falls off the walls at any moment. The privilege of the Northsiders hadn’t officially sunk in until she was standing here, staring in disgust and awe at the trophy case right outside the office. With a sigh, she yanked open the office door and slipped inside, catching the eye of the kid standing in front of the desk. She was waiting for his eyes to flicker down to her jacket, and sure enough, they did. He still walked up to her, holding out his hand for her to shake.

“You must be Carrie Weylyn. I’m Kevin Keller, your peer escort.” She shook his hand, releasing him quickly due to the bandage still wrapped around her knuckles, which had split open again while she slept, but he barely seemed to react.

“Keller?” Immediately, she could see the flash of irritation in his eyes, so she didn’t finish her question. “Right. So you’re supposed to show me around this glorious building that screams privilege from every corner?” She was surprised when he laughed at her comment.

“Yep. Normally Betty Cooper does it, but she’s busy with the newspaper today, so I volunteered to escort the big bad Southsider around.” He was surprisingly blunt, something she couldn’t help but appreciate. She almost laughed, shaking her head.

“Ms. Weylyn. If I could speak with you for just a moment before Mr. Keller escorts you around.” Carrie turned to face the man who’d spoken. Everything from his clothes to his posture screamed ‘preppy high school principal’ so she nodded and stepped into his office at his bidding.

“You must be the principal, Mr. Weatherbee.” She observed him closely, watching his eyes, but he surprised her and held her gaze, his eyes not dropping to her jacket as she’d expected.

“I am. The administration down at Southside High spoke very highly of you, Ms. Weylyn. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to Riverdale High.” His mouth pursed for a moment, and he finally delivered what she’d been waiting for, his eyes lowering to her jacket. “They did tell me about the… unsavory influences down at Southside, however. One of which you associate with. They assured me you were nothing but a model student, but I am required to inform you that we will not stand for any sort of gang violence in these halls. As of now, I see no reason not to allow you to continue wearing your jacket, but if I hear of any issues, I will be forced to make you remove it. Understood?”

“Of course, sir. I have no reason to cause problems with the North- I mean, the students here at Riverdale.” He smiled warmly at her for the first time, reaching a hand forward for her to shake. She gripped his hand and shook it, giving him a polite smile back.

“Welcome to Riverdale High, Ms. Weylyn. Congratulations.” He motioned with a hand towards the door and she took her cue, slipping back out into the main office, where Kevin was still waiting.

“So, he’s still letting you wear the intimidating jacket? That’ll definitely keep people off your back.”

“That was the plan when I wore it. And this is actually tamer than the one I wore down at Southside, I figured I should tone it down. Don’t want to give you sensitive Northsiders a heart attack.” Kevin opened the door to the hallway, waving her forward. She followed behind him, moving next to him as soon as she was out the door.

“You could give some of the people here heart attacks just by looking at them. You look like you can murder someone 500 different ways with your bare hands alone, and the jacket just adds to it.” She surprised herself by laughing out loud, quickly closing her mouth so it died in her throat.

“You’re blunt, aren’t you Keller?”

“Call me Kevin. And yes, I’ve been told. I am both the token gay best friend and the token blunt best friend. Double sided coin.” She nodded, laughing quietly to herself again.

“I think I like you, Kevin.”

“My one great goal in life has been achieved, I can die happy now.” His voice rang with sarcasm, but he smiled, looking pleased. He took her around the school, showing her everything that Riverdale High had that Southside lacked. Working toilets, computer lab, a library (which she was excited about), lockers that actually worked, and walls clean of the spray paint that was all over Southside. Suspicious eyes were drawn to her left and right as they walked through the halls, and at one point, she caught sight of someone backing away from her like she’d threatened them.

“So. Who around here isn’t going to hate me just on principal?”

“Well… Betty for sure, and since her and Jughead Jones are dating, probably him too. Archie Andrews will because he’s a simple soul and if Betty tells him someone is ok, he listens. And that’s about it. Well… Me too.”

“Jones?” She recognized that last name from her work with the Ghoulies. Being as high up as she was, Mal let her in on a lot of the important meetings, and she’d heard the last name of the Serpent King multiple times. Granted, it was a common last name, but it seemed like too big of a coincidence.

“Yeah. He works with Betty on the school newspaper, the Blue and Gold.”

“Is it like a rule around here that school newspapers have to be named after colors?” Kevin laughed and Carrie couldn’t help but smile in response.

“Why, what was Southside’s newspaper called?”

“The Red and Black. And no, before you ask, I didn’t work on the paper. Not my scene.”

“I didn’t peg you as a newspaper type, don’t worry. Oh, crap… Watch out, here comes Cheryl Blossom, she’s bound to try to cause some trouble.” Carrie turned her head in the direction Kevin was looking, and her first reaction was anger clawing its way up her throat as she looked at this girl who was very obviously the definition of a Northsider. Clothes that were very obviously designer label, jewelry that Carrie could have sold and gotten a stupid amount of money for, perfectly styled red hair a few shades lighter than Carrie’s, and the signature sneer she was accustomed to seeing on the faces of Northsiders the few times she’d been unlucky enough to run into some of them. The Blossom girl walked with a gait that spoke of years of privilege and training, and when she stopped in front of Carrie, her smile was sickly sweet, and her voice was the same way, dripping sugar and poison.

“Before you get any ideas about using your status as a Southsider to gain you favor, let me warn you. Only one redhead can rule this school, and that position is filled. Even if it wasn’t, no way in hell it would go to a Southside trash, gang affiliated slut like you, clear?” Carrie almost laughed at the girl’s attempt at bravado, used to dealing with even more from Serpents, especially newer ones fresh through initiation who thought they could start shit with her and walk away unscathed. She didn’t rise to the girl’s bait, simply smiling at her.

“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, Northsider.” Cheryl’s mouth opened, but she couldn’t seem to come up with a reply, so she turned on a heel and stalked off, her posse following close behind. Carrie smiled in victory and turned to Kevin, who was staring at her with his mouth open in shock. “What?”

“You are the singular person I have ever seen shut down Cheryl Blossom that fast. My respect to you, Carrie Weylyn.”

“Why thank you, Kevin Keller. My one goal in life was to achieve the respect of a Northsider.” She almost worried for a moment that she’d offended him with her sardonic humor, but he laughed out loud. “Anyway, is she always like that?”

“Sort of, but she’s been a lot worse lately. Her twin brother, Jason Blossom, died a few weeks ago, just before school started. They never found his body.” Guilt instantly shot through Carrie, rapidly followed by the mix of anger and grief that rose up in her throat every time she thought of Kace. Her older brother by three years, he’d been a serious pain in her ass, but they’d taken care of each other. He had gotten into the Ghoulies when he was 14, joining with Malachi, who had been his best friend. A few years later, Carrie had followed suit, joining the gang at the same age as her brother and his best friend. It had been a normal night for them the night he died, wreaking havoc on the streets of the Southside when they’d run into a group of Serpents who had wanted blood. She hadn’t been there, she’d been busy with homework, but she would never forget the moment when Mal had come home, alone and covered in blood, bearing the worst news of her life. Pity flooded through her at the thought of Cheryl going through that, and in a moment of impulse, she turned to Kevin.

“Do you know where she’d be right now?” His expression was pure confusion, but he thought for a moment before walking off, nodding for her to follow him.

“Probably in the lounge with her ‘handmaidens’. This way.” He took her over to a small room off the main hall, filled with couches and vending machines. She shook off the slight jealousy and scanned the room for Cheryl, spotting her alone on one of the couches.

“Thanks, Kevin. I’ll see you later?” He gave her another confused look before nodding and turning to leave, promising to see her at lunch at the latest. Cheryl looked up with an expression of disgust as Carrie walked up to her, eyes assessing every item of clothing Carrie wore.

“What do you want, Southsider?” Carrie tipped her head to the side and observed the other redhead carefully. She could almost feel the pain in her eyes, and she quietly spoke.

“Kevin told me about your brother.”

“What, and you wanted to come to gloat?” The Blossom girl’s voice was as sharp as broken glass, but Carrie saw tears well up in her eyes and sat across from her, leaning forward with her forearms on her thighs.

“No. I wanted to tell you I know what it’s like to lose a brother, to lose the one person that you felt like was your anchor to this shit world. Like you were caught in a current, but your anchor was holding you in place, so you were ok. And then all of a sudden, it’s ripped away from you and there’s water all around you, tearing you in this direction and that direction until you don’t even know what way is up anymore.”

Carrie paused for a moment, clearing her throat and raising her eyes to the ceiling in an attempt to stop the tears from rolling down her cheeks. “And you fight until you can finally see the light, the surface that you know can save you. But when you swim up, fighting to breathe the whole time, your palms hit solid and you realize you’re still trapped under the ice. You can see the sunlight and the sky, but you’re screaming to be let out and no one can hear you. No matter how hard you hit, the ice never breaks. You’re just… trapped there, forever able to see the light, but never able to reach it.”

We’re opposites, that’s extremely obvious. You’re a Northsider who lives in a gorgeous mansion, and you have everything you ever wanted. I’m a Southsider who lives in a trailer with my dead brother’s best friend, and I get in fights with members from a rival gang because it’s really the only thing I can do. But in this? In losing someone close? In this, we’re the same. If you ever need anything, you can ask me and I’ll help you. For Kace and for Jason. OK?” Carrie had to admit, she expected Cheryl to laugh in her face, but she was surprised when the girl nodded, tears falling from her eyes. Cheryl quickly swept them away, careful not to mess up the makeup that had evidently taken a while to apply.

The first warning bell rand sharply, breaking the tension. Carrie stood, looking around for Kevin as Cheryl waved a quick goodbye and walked off, heels clicking against the ground. He waved from the doorway, jerking his chin in the direction of the hallway, “That was the first person I’ve ever seen be able to get through to Cheryl at all, let alone right after they met her.”

“Well, maybe things around here are starting to change,” Carrie’s lips curved into a half smile as she hoped to whatever Gods there were that things would really start to change.

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