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Emma’s Back

As I’m sure you’ve seen on my vlog (HERE), Emma Wilson is BACK! Well, sort of. She sent a letter to her “friends” telling them that she will reveal their secrets (yikes) and post them all over school. Very similar to the whole homecoming incident from last school year.

Coincidence? YES, of course! She’s pulling out all the stops to get to the bottom of the Diary Leak heard around the world. Or at least heard around the internet.

For those of you that need a quick recap you should 1.)  Watch my vlog  and 2.) Go back to the diary pages I uploaded here on my blog last year… I’ll repost them later, too, just in case! Ok, back to the letter… before Principal Lee took them all down, I got a quick pic of the one on the bulletin board.

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Hey Guys

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