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Rare Egyptian Rock Crystal Sphinx Ring, New Kingdom, Rammesside Period, 19th-20th Dynasty, 1295-1069 BC

To date, there are virtually no examples of rings with three-dimensional representations of sphinxes on their bezels.

It is likely that this was believed to possess protective qualities, given that the ancient Egyptian sphinx was quintessentially one of the most powerful, protective creatures in the ancient Egyptian pantheon.

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How Stan Became Mercuriat

“And what’s your demonic pseudonym going to be?”

Ford sat in the living room, a pile of books in front of him, while Stan floated above him, wobbling a bit. Damn if getting the hang of these stupidly-placed wings wasn’t hard as hell.

“My demonic pseudowha?” Stan said. Even though he knew what a pseudonym was, especially with that whole ‘infinite knowledge’ perk he had now, he would never miss the opportunity to get his brother to speak like a normal human, like Stan. Or, well, not like Stan, anymore.

A flicker of irritation passed Ford’s face. “Your nickname, Stan, your nickname.”

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This sublime example of Turn of the century jewelry features a compelling motif that presages Art Deco. Visually intriguing, it combines a principal graphic element with delicate kinetic ones. The use of opals with their strong play of light match the concept of the metal work beautifully. This integrative approach at every level reveals the genius inherent in the design ethic. The construction is a silver mounting over a 14k gold frame work,the execution is excellent. Note this piece is marked for Faberge however we do not believe it to be their work.

Butterfly effect

You can read it in spanish here

“Just the simple flutter of a butterfly can change the world”. In short, this is the principle of the Butterfly Effect, the principal element of the chaos theory. A small change, a little effect can cause bigger consequences. A big and important repercussion. Can, simply, change the world.

And that’s all about, after all, change the world. Remake the way that the ghouls are view for the human beings. Be able to change the paradigm that they don’t feel, they can’t love.

They cannot live, because they are wrong creatures.

The balance of the world is based in that. That the people continue believing that the ghouls are monsters, and the CCG keep doing their work, erasing them. That’s the status quo. And that is the same balance that Eto is trying to break. That’s  same balance that is locking them, like a cage. 

That is the cage that doesn’t let them live peacefully. That forced them to live hidden, alone and with a latent fear of being murdered in pro of “a better world”. Be a martyr of the cleaning of “this wrong world” because they are the ones that are corrupting it in the first place.

That’s what Eto is trying to end. With her revelation, with she being the public figure of the known and loved Takatsuki Sen. She, like the famous autor with thousands of fans and millions of selled books. She is who revels her true nature to the press, no just for the cameras but in front of the whole world that’s watching her, astonished. Humans, maybe fearful, other curious. Ghouls maybe also fearful but hopeful. Because Eto is now the visible face of a silent and invisible population, she’s the icon of a possible transformation. She, with her book, will the fruit of a possible and amazing revolution. The books are more than words printed in paper. Are ideas, values, thoughts that move masses and they’re the fulcrum which, like Archimedes say, moves the world. There are books that, really, have changed the way that society moves, from the Bible, the Koran or the Torah to books like “ On the Origin of Species “ by Darwin or “The Communist Manifesto“ by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

This are the books that leave a mark in a person, this are the ones that changes you, the ones that make you reconsider everything you knew and you took like the truth. This is what Eto is doing with her writting. She, with her dark words and corrupted characters, reveals a grim realities and the true nature of the human being. This is why, a book from her, a text written with the point of view from the ghouls, is so important. Because i doubt that this was made before, because i really doubt that, beside from the books like Ogura’s, there’re others written about them. But about them, not “what they are”, but rather about them. What they feel, what they live. The things that many time had been denied, so many times questioned and labeled like something imposibble, there, printed in paper and written by the best contemporary autor in Tokyo.

We know that Eto was working in her books since years.

And, it’s very likely, that her idea of revolution had started since the moment that she read Ukina’s notes, and her desire of a different world was born inside of her. A world where her “fellow comrades ghouls” didn’t have to live terrified. And this is the perfect way to start a revolt.

“Just the simple flutter of a butterfly can change the world”  The simple fact that she confesses in front of a million of people, in front on her fans, in front of people that loves her is the tiny flutter which will start to form big storms and maybe an hurricane. And the CCG, little or nothing can do. Because it’s public, because Takatsuki Sen is a public figure and they cannot make her disappear (Well, they can but i don’t think that move will end well) Because she just confess, and more than one will want an interview, more than one will want to read her book. Even if the CCG wants to forbid that, they won’t be able to do it, because the power of the masses is too big. The containment that they will do or attempt to give to a theme like this, will put in testing all we know about the power of the CCG. And not only them, but V too. Because the balance between ghouls and humans maybe will break because of what Eto did. With a confession like this, more than one will change their vision about ghouls. More than one, at the moment to read Eto’s words, will see from a different perspective, from a point of view that they never were able to think it was possible. After all, this is the gift that biggest authors have.   

And without doubt, Eto is one of them.  

The wings of the butterfly has begun to shake, and the winds are changing. Whatever happens from now on, will change the world. And nothing will ever be the same.

tobsjpalfrey  asked:

If the principal SWL characters had elemental powers (a la Bionicle), who d'you think would control what element?


Dean is Fire. Hot-headed, impulsive, not always a technical genius but he gets the job done and leads by talking the loudest. He’s violent and destructive but also loves so fiercely it hurts and he blames himself for every failing he makes as a leader.

Sam is Earth. Level-headed and calm (for the most part) and constantly getting hung up on the past.  Tries to reason through things but when he does lose control and get angry it’s tectonic.

Cas is Water. Fickle and changeable, easily swayed but also incredibly powerful and unstoppable once it chooses a path, flowing over and through any obstacles.

Sherlock is Ice. Cold, collected, logical, pretty sure he has all the answers, not fond of feelings. But also fiercely loyal to the people that manage to get past the chilly surface.

John is Stone, the Pohatu to Sherlock’s Kopaka. Grounded and sturdy and loyal to a fault. Solid in a fight and clever enough to challenge those more book smart than he is.

The Doctor is Air, always on the run and on the move and talking fast and thinking faster, trying not to stop for introspection. He belongs in the sky.

Bad Wolf Rose can be our Toa of Light too. :)

And thank you very much, now I’m dying to draw this.

anonymous asked:

hey, you might be annoyed by these fashion questions but could you describe V's style and how to make it a little more feminine. thanks! :)

We’ve received some more of these questions so I think I’ll just answer for the remaining members altogether. I would honestly give pretty much the same advice I’ve already given for any boyish to feminine look. You just have to think about the principal key elements that make a look feminine:
Good makeup, pretty hairstyle, and an emphasis on body shape.
The rest, you can play with as you like; you can pick out key style points from any member you like, and concentrate on them once you’ve got the rest covered.
Small tips that would work well most of the time:
- Altering a streetwear brand t-shirt into a crop or a tank,
- Replacing pants with skinnies or shorts,
- Wearing high waisted pants,
- Replacing dress shoes with heels.

You basically just have to think about what the point of the boy’s outfit is. What strikes your attention first? It is the shoes, the weird printed tee, the cool snapback? Is it an all-black outfit? Is it more classy, or more laid-back? Focus on the details of the outfit you like, and adapt the rest. It’s hard to be more precise because effective styling changes from an outfit to another, but these are, in my opinion, the basics to remember.

Admin Shae wrote a style guide for each member some time ago, so if you have difficulties with grasping one of the members’ style, read it > OVER HERE ! < and hopefully it’ll help with some of the process.

If you want to have a particular outfit styled, I wouldn’t mind doing it, but would of course not post them on here to not spam everyone’s dash. If you want tips on how to make a specific outfit more feminine, please send a link to a full body picture either here un-anon, or anon or not at my personal account .
(If you send it here anon, it will be deleted!)

Hope this helped at least a bit!

*Admin Mochi