Life is Strange Character Concept Arts

Max Caulfield

Chloe Price

Mark Jefferson

William Price

Warren Graham

Nathan Prescott

Victoria Chase

Kate Marsh

Logan Robertson (Probably)

Brooke Scott

Hayden Jones



Daniel DaCosta

Ms. Grant

Principal Wells

Arcadia Bay Residents

Source: Art by Eduard Caplain Art by Fred Augis

Note: This post will be updated when I see new concept arts.


The “Royal Mob” at the occassion of Ernst of Hesse’s marriage to Victoria Melita. 

“There exists a famous set of photographs that were taken during the wedding festivities. It seemed as if it there were more Queen Victoria descendants and crowned heads, crowded on steps at the rear of the Edinburgh Palais, in order to mark the occassion, than ever before…. The princial photographer was the Coburg court photographer, Professor Uhlenhut. He took many of the pictures and had about thirty of the guests sitting in all kinds of poses and combination.These photographs were circulated all over Europe…” (Ilana D. Miller, Four Graces)