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When He's In The Mood

Prodigy : Anything you do turns him on . It’s kind of entertaining to watch him bite his lip and grasp the arm of the chair as he watches you do your daily chores . As you bend over to finish dusting the table off he gets up and rushes over to you holding you close from behind so you could feel his manhood on your back . Then he whispers in your ear , “I need you, Now…”

Roc Royal : He’ll try to get you in the same mood that he’s in by rubbing up your thigh and whispering dirty things in your ear as he very casually kisses your neck . At first you’re strong . You don’t give in , until he blows in your ear . Then you’re just like putty in his hands .

Princeton : Knowing how weak you get when he starts speaking Spanish , his accent gets thicker when he starts getting thoughts of you in the bedroom . He’ll make his way over to you sitting peacefully on the couch and kiss all on your neck .You gasp , “…Jacob”. “Shhhh, call me Papi" 

Ray Ray : He won’t even hide his emotions towards you . He just simply asks you to met him in the bedroom . "No” you reply while sticking the dishes in the washing machine . “No ?…..What'chu mean "No” ?“ You just laugh it off and ignore him until he picks you up and puts you on the counter . Then he starts raising his hands up your shirt slowly . "Ray , stop” you growl . “No” he smirks while mocking you and continues to do his job. 



Haunted House (Part 1) [Princeton Imagine]

It was Halloween, and Princeton had convinced you to go with him to a haunted house. You hate being scared, but Prince assured you that you would be safe. As you waited in line you became more and more nervous. When you were next in line you reached over and grabbed Prince’s hand. He gave you a reassuring squeeze and smiled. Prince always knows what to do to make you feel better.

When it was your turn, you and Prince walked into the dark foyer of the house. There was an eerie chilling feeling in the air. You looked around to see that there was a hallway leading to the back of the house and candles on the wall.

“Prince, I’m scared,” you whispered unsure of what you have gotten yourself into.

“It’s going to be okay, (Y/N),” he replied reaching to grab one of the candles out of its sconce on the wall. “Come on I think we are supposed to go down this hallway,” Prince insisted, grabbing your hand again and leading you down the dark hallway.

In the hallway there was only one working light that kept flickering on and off. The walls of the hallway were a dirty white and the paint was peeling off. You were so scared you were shaking. You wanted to turn back, but once you entered the house you had to go through it.  All of a sudden the lights went out, and Prince and you were separated.

The lights cut back on and Prince was nowhere in sight. “Prince!” You called out into the dark hallway, but there was no answer. You tried to call him again, but there was still no answer.

“Jacob this isn’t funny!” You slowly starting to make you way to the end of the hall. When you reached the end of the hallway you saw blood. “Oh God,” you whispered silently hoping that wasn’t Prince’s blood. As you turned the corner there was a door. The door was illuminated by a white light. You were naturally drawn to the door.

As you stepped closer you began to hear voices. “Shit the girl is still out there,” the voice muttered behind the door.

“We have to go get her,” another voice replied. You heard footsteps coming closer to the hallway, so you hid in the shadows. Two masked men came out of the room, and headed down the hallway. When you were sure they were gone, you slipped into the room.

Prince sat tied to a chair in the middle of the room. “Oh my God, Prince!” You gasped unsure when the people who did this would be back.

“(Y/N),” prince moaned. As you stepped closer, you could see a large gash in Prince’s head. He had blood dripping down the side of his face.

You pulled out your Swiss army knife you always keep with you from your boot and cut Prince a loose. You threw Prince’s arm around your shoulder and helped him stand up. Prince was so weak from the loss of blood he could barely stand.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). I had no idea this was going to happen,” Prince whispered as you made your way out of the room.

“It’s okay, Prince. You couldn’t have know this was going to happen,” you replied. You were still trying to figure out what you were going to do next.

~ Dance Studio ~

Your P.O.V 

*Baby grind on me, Relax your mind take your time on me, Let me get deeper shawty, Ride on me…* 

I bit my lip, leaning on the door frame and peering into the dance studio. The boys rehearsal had ended hours ago and from what I was told he was staying behind to go over some moves. 

His hips moved in sync with the beat as Pretty Ricky - Grind On Me blasted through the open space. It was memorising to watch him dance; his teeth sunk into his bottom lip and his hand entangled in his hair. After a few minutes of admiring I chuckled, grasping his attention. His eyes made contact with mine through the mirror, snapping him out of his little dancing trance.

“Babe, what are you doing here?" 

He moved from his slightly squatted position, ambling towards me in his sweatpants and wife beater. 

Sweat lined his face, making it clear he had been putting in some work. His passion for dance was definitely a turn on, and all of that grinding had me feeling some type of way.

"Oh so you don’t want me here?” I joked, turning on my heel to fake storm out. 

“No, no, no" 

He jogged towards me, gripping onto my arm and pulling me into him. 

"Jacob, your sweaty!" 

His grip tightened as he chuckled, turning me to kiss my lips and draping his arms over my shoulders.

"I see you’ve got some moves though" 

His eyebrow cocked up as his heavy breathing slowly evened out. 

"Babe you know I have moves anyway…you experience them every night”

I slapped his arm as he gave me an amused smile, dragging me to the centre of the studio where he had been previously standing. 

“Well I know I aint the only talent!” he exclaimed, switching the song, another beat blasting through the speakers. 

“Show me what you got”


For Janiyag7230 - I don’t know your nameeeee :(

Help Me Understand: -Princeton Imagine-

Help Me Understand
          - Princeton
A/N: A bit of perspective for TM and Princeton fans…..I love you Afro puff……

*Not dedicated to anyone just a thought*

You are Pop’s Newest Princess and you are here to stay. You are loved, talented, and everyone knows who you are. You weren’t even considered in the category with Diggy, Jacob Latimore or the OMG Girlz. No, you rolled with the big dogs such as Chris Brown, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. 

You were deemed as the “Girl Chris Brown” “Beyonce Prodigy” and many other great titles. People thought that you and Justin Bieber would make the greatest couple ever. You both were really high on the charts and had the same success rate. It was like fate destined you two to be together. But you broke the mold on everyones’ expectations and dated Princeton from Mindless Behavior.

At first it was rough. You thought that Team Mindless would be the one giving you threats and mean comments but it was actually your fans throwing shade at you and Prince.

They wanted you to be with someone who on your “level,” but you didn’t care what they had to say. Prince’s golden heart was all that mattered and if he loved you and loved him that’s all you cared about. The 4 months of you relationship had been going strong except for this month.

April was always your worst month of the year and it was following it’s tradition in being a month of hell each year.Princeton was acting different. He no longer had that shine in his eyes or pep in his step. To be honest he looked really tired, like he was going to pop off at any second. He was becoming really distant and ignoring everyone. He just wanted to be by himself and you knew Prince and that definitely wasn’t like him. 

Right now you, Prince, Roc, Ray, and Myles were sitting in the living room of the boys hotel room. You were with them only for a week and then you needed to go to NYC for Good Morning America and your concert at Madison Square Garden. 

You were on Instagram when your Twitter notifications started to blow up. You logged on and saw that your fans were fighting with TM again -.-

“What now?” you thought.

You were just going to let it go when you saw a picture. It was an Instagram screenshot of a fan who wasn’t so happy about an incident that happened between her and Prince.You read what she had to say and honestly you felt bad, embarassed, and a little upset that Prince did that.

But you didn’t go pointing fingers cause you did need Prince’s side of the story. You looked up to see Roc outside talking to Kenneth, RayRay and Myles were watching TV and there was Prince…….on his phone…..


He didn’t look up at you so you just assumed he didn’t hear you. You walked closer and sat on the arm of the couch.

“Prince can I talk to you about something?”

Prince nodded his head with his eyes still glued to the screen of his white iPhone 5s. His fingers were moving rapidly on the screen and honestly it was making you upset. 

“Did you see the situation on Twitter??”

He nodded his head once again and now you were angry.

“Well you need to get your shit together with your fans Prince.”

That seemed to get his attention but not in a good way. He turned to look at you with a not so nice look on his face.

“And what do you expect me to do Y/N? It’s not that simple as you think it is so just do me a favor and stay out of it. Team Mindless will let it die down they always do, mind your fucking business damn!”

My eyes widened and I’m sure my mouth dropped a bit. Prince NEVER cussed at me. Not in a joking way or anything like that, so this was a new low for him. I chuckled dryly and went to the door and grabbed my Timbs. I slipped them on and grabbed my purse pulling out a tampon, pad, and two Midols and threw them on Prince’s lap. 

“Holla at me when your off your period boo”

I rolled my eyes and left that room cause I could see Prince wanting to start but I wasn’t in the mood for his attitude. I knew Prince had a mouth but when he was in a stank mood I couldn’t deal with it or words could be thrown and feelings could be hurt and then someones’ gonna be without a relationship. 

My phone beeped again noticing that it was Twitter.

@PeacePunkPrince You just don’t understand smdh 

@YTN @PeacePunkPrince maybe if you sat your fucking phone down and talked to me then I would. But I’m not gonna have you throw shade at me, when all I did was try to care and love you 

I put the card into the door and opened it with much force. I hated this and I knew that it was only gonna gett worse. 


This nigga has lost his mind. 


I quickly ran to the door and pulled him in. He looked at me with hateful eyes and I gladly returned the glare. 

“The only reason I pulled you in is because the couple next door has children and I don’t need them hearing you bitch at me.”

“What the fuck do you want from me Y/N?! Why can’t you just leave me alone?!!”

“Because I’m your girlfriend Prince. I love you and if your mad, sad, hurt, or whatever your feeling you should be able to come to me and tal-”

His phone beeped and he fucking picked it up while I was trying to have the conversation he initiated. I grabbed his phone and took out his Sim card. 

“What are you doing Y/N?!”

I chucked his phone far from the balcony and he became distraught after that. I think if he could walk away with no scratches he would have jumped off the damn balcony.

“Why’d you do that Y/N!!!!! That phone cost me alot of money!!!”

The phone. That stupid fucking phone…. 

I started to tear up. 

“Because that phone is tearing us and your relationship with TM apart. You want me to understand but yet you don’t talk to me. But I bet Siri understands all the shit you go through huh??”

Prince walked outside and just looked at the setting sun. His face was emotionless and he just breathed. I looked at him. My tears stopped but the hurt still there. He turned and opened his arms for a hug.

I can’t lie but Prince does give the best hugs but this was different. He was holding on for dear life and he actually got on his knees so his face was in my stomach and his hands grabbed my butt pulling me closer and I felt my shirt getting wet.


“Shhh just help me understand…..”

A/N: This shows that everyone has a bad day. We don’t know what the hell is going through the mind of our misfit but whatever it is, he’s gonna be alright. Everyone makes mistakes and I know that what Prince did or said he didn’t do it intentionally. Sometimes we have to put ourselves in others shoes no matter how big or small….But I’m not a writer </3

Crazy Kissing 💋


Y/n : Hey babe , can I show you something I’ve been working on ?

Prince : *smiles* sure babe , what’s up ?

Y/n : I wanna kiss you

Prince : *stands up and walks over to you* What are you waiting for then *bends down to your lips*

Y/n : *backs up and smiles* great now lay down on the floor

Prince : *opens his eye with a confused look*on the floor ?

Y/n : Yess , lay down on your back

Prince : ummm , ok *lays down*

Y/n : now put your feet in the air

Prince : Is this some kind of joke ?

Y/n : Just do it !!

Prince : okay *puts feet in the air*

Y/n : Great ! *sets up camera on the floor*

Prince : what are-

Y/n : hush , now….*turns around with your back facing him and bends backward* Kiss Me

Prince : *smiles & kisses you*


Haunted House (Part 2: Finale) [Princeton Imagine]

You made a left and found yourself in the living room of the haunted house. There was a couch in the middle of the room. You decided to leave Prince there, while you went after the guys who did this too him.

“I’ll be right back, Prince,” you muttered taking out your earrings out and handing them to him.

“Babe, don’t go,” Prince pleaded, but you weren’t listening. You just headed out the room.

You rounded the corner and heard voices coming from upstairs, so you headed up the stairwell. When you reached the top, you decided to wait in the shadows. You were ready. You had you hair tied back into a ponytail ready to fight. You kneeled in the corner waiting.

After waiting five minute, one of the guys finally came into the hallway. As soon as you saw him you went ninja on his ass. You tackled him to the ground and punched him repeatedly in the face.

“Oh you think your tough,” he challenged. “Well I ain’t afraid to hit a girl.”He then rolled over so that he was on top of you and began punching you in the face.

You kneed him in the balls making him scream out in pain. You pushed him off of you and stabbed him in the stomach with your Swiss Army knife. Then you pushed him down the stairs causing him to scream in agony.

“You bitch,” he screamed as he fell down the stairs. He hit the bottom floor and after that you didn’t hear another word out of him. You knew he was dead.

You looked down at the body and sighed with relief. One down one more to go. You wiped off the sweat forming at your brow and took one step down the stairs. Catching you off guard, the other guy came out of nowhere and pushed you down the stairs.

“That’s for Carlos,” he yelled.

You tumbled down the stairs and landed on top of Carlos. The other guy laughed at you as you wiped the blood from the side of your face. His laughter was agitating you. You couldn’t stand it.

“You little bitch thought you could get away,” he called to you from the third to last step.

His laughter was so annoying that you just wanted him to stop. You snapped and threw the knife at him. It hit him right in the chest, and he collapsed to the ground. You were so in shock that you just stood there for a moment. He tried to grab your ankle, but you kicked him in the face and broke his nose.

You ran back to the living room to get Prince. “Prince we have to get out of here,” you panted grabbing him from the couch.

“(Y/N), what happened?” He questioned a concerned look on his face.

“No time to explain.”

You took Prince’s hand and you and Prince ran out of the house and didn’t look back.

~ Her time to shine ~

Prince’s P.O.V

“And the award for Best Female R&B Artist is……Y/N!!”

The whole arena erupted into cheers, jumping on their feet to give her the standing ovation she deserved. Her smile lit up the room as she jumped into my arms, hugging me as her latest hit single blared through the speakers. She slipped her arm through mine as I kissed her cheek, walking her up to the stairs by the stage. Of course she could walk in her heels, I was just there for moral support. After all, that was my baby! 

Jacob Latimore who had coincidentally been announcing the award, grinned wide, wrapping her in his embrace as she approached the stand where a mic stood waiting for her acceptance speech. She gripped the award in one hand, scanning it’s gold and black design over in disbelief; she was doubtful of whether she was deserving and it took all I had in me to make her believe she was. 

I stood behind her, mirroring her excitement and staring out into the crowd of other successful artists. 

But before she cleared her throat, thanking everyone who had helped her on her journey, she turned to me, slipping her hand into mine and pulling me closer. I chuckled placing an arm around her waist and kissing her cheek as the audience chorused with ‘awww’s’. I could feel her shaking slightly as she tried her best to get a  hold of her emotions. 

“Baby I know it’s overwhelming but you’ve done it. Everyone’s cheering for you…you can do this" 

My whispered words of comfort seemed to boost her confidence and she leaned towards the mic, her beaming smile never dimming. 

"Ummm I….where do I start?..I never dreamed I would make it to the point I am today…never make it to an award show as big as this…let alone win the award. I want to thank God for this opportunity, my family for supporting me…my management. And of course…” she paused, turning around and crashing her lips into mine. 

“Get a room!” Ray called from the audience, making many burst out in laughter. 

“Mr. Jacob Perez…my love, my rock…the one who made me believe in myself. My true inspiration." 

I could feel my face flush slightly and I knew my cheeks were about to turn a bright red. I buried my face into her neck as she chuckled, the cheering from the audience starting up once again. 

"I love you Y/N,” I grinned as I led her off the stage, “You just have no idea how much”


Switched up a little 

Forgive me, it’s short 

Enjoy ;) 

What happens on tour, stays on tour...NOT! Pt. 1 (Princeton Love Story) (Rated M for Mature)

You & Princeton we’re high school sweet hearts & 2 years after graduating, you both moved into a cozy loft together in NYC. Your 5 year anniversary was Today & Princeton’s plane would land in 2 hours. He was fresh off the CTMD tour with MB in Europe. You were trying to set up a very sexy, romantic dinner, & on the menu was Sushi & Saki. You felt he needed some Saki after his long flight to loosin him up a little. Your running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, trying to make sure everything is perfect. Time is flying by, & before you knew it, it was time for you to go pick up Princeton from JFK airport…..pulling up to passenger pick-up, you see Princeton standing there wareing green sweat pants, a yellow shirt with a big mustache on it, & a jean jacket that had more buttons on it than you could count. He had the top half of his curls pulled up into a puff ball on the top of his head. He had his headphones on & his peace sign luggage next to him. He spots you & instantly the most beautiful smile lite up his face from ear to ear, & you felt those butterflies in your stomach like it was the first time you’d ever seen him….He threw his luggage in the back seat & jumped in the front, & without saying anything, he grabbed the back of your neck & collided his soft lips with yours, making you almost lose your breathe. He said “I have waited so long to do that! I missed you so much Mami!”. ….I missed you even more Papi! I was 5 more minutes from going insane!…. (Making Princeton Blush), he says “Let’s go home”, (Smiling at you & locking his fingers with your right hand).
You pull into the parking garage of the building you both lived in, & in the elevator you were telling Princeton you couldn’t wait for him to see his surprise. You told him to close his eyes, & you guided him into the loft & said…Ok babe, open!…Princeton opened his eyes & smiled so big. He saw rose petals everywhere & fresh Sushi displayed on the coffee table next to the fire place, huge pillows on the floor so you both could sit, you wanted him to have the full experience of a Sushi restaurant. There was a bottle of Saki chilled in a ice bucket & soft music playing in the back round. You walk over to light the fire place & Princeton says to you “Babe this is amazing, I can’t believe you did all this!” …I just want this night to be perfect, you deserve it Prince, you’ve been so good to me & after all these years you still take my breathe away… “ I love you Mami” …I love you too Papi, but I want you to come with me, let me cater to you tonight…Princeton gives you a smirk, & you grab his hand and lead him to the bath room…I know you had a long flight babe & I know your tired so let me help you bathe. Princeton smiles at you & says “Are you going to join me?” (Giving you a wink), & you say…Nope, don’t worry we have plenty of time to do “that”…Teasing him, you look him dead in his eyes with a seductive smile & you peel his jean jacket off of him & pull his shirt over his head. Then place your hands on both sides of his hips, grabbing his sweat pants & boxer briefs at the same time & slowly pull them down, but as you pull his pants down, you go down with them. You stand up, & Prince gave you a strange look, because you didn’t do, what he thought you were about to do, which was give him head. You tell him to step into the shower, it had tall glass doors that reached the ceiling & a shower head as big as a basketball. Princeton goes along with what you tell him to do. His back is facing you & you lean over & whisper in his year…just enjoy this, tonight is your night…You start to wash his back & every where else. Prince starts biting his bottom lip, because he never been teased so good. “Babe” …You shhh him & finish cleansing him….Get dressed Papi & come to dinner. You walk out the bathroom, throwing one last smirk over your shoulder before you exit.
Princeton is standing in the mirror looking at himself, puzzled. Surprised, saying to himself, “Tonight is going to be good! Ooh Man!”. …TBC…



The steaming tears still running down my face clouding my vision along with the night and hard coming rain as I sped down the road to my brothers Ray and Corahn’s house. 

The thoughts of my fiancée putting his hands on me….on MY BIRTHDAY ! Seriously ?

I’m so f_cking pissed . I don’t know what to do with my life at this moment. 

I pulled my Rover Prince bought me on my 19th birthday into my brothers drive way and cut the engine off. I snatched my keys out of the ignition and put my head on the steering wheel. I just couldn’t  stop crying . I don’t know why he did it . I never thought he had the audacity  to . As my thoughts got deeper I started to get even more frustrated with myself so I grabbed my suitcase from the back and got out slamming the car door behind me . 

I ran towards the doorstep trying to dodge the rain as much as possible . I rang twice and finally Ray came to the door…. (see what I did there…hehe…no ?…okay nvm) …He let me in with no hesitation and looked me in my bloodshot eyes . 

“Y/n , what’s wrong?” His voice sounding stern and full of concern. I opened my mouth to respond but Corahn’s footsteps running down the stairs cut me off. 

“Aye bro who was-“ He glanced at me , then at my suitcase , then back at my face .

 “Y/n !” He ran down and hugged me .

 “Owww !” He pulled back instantly . 

“What , did I do something wrong??” His voice got shaky and more tense than ever . I lifted my shirt to reveal the purple and greenish mark left on my torso from the brawl me and Prince just took part in . 

“Who did it?” They both asked in sync …


“GOD , What did I do !?” I held her engagement ring in my hand squeezing it and crying while pacing back and forth around the room . 

“Where did she go ? I gotta find her .” I walked outside in the pouring rain , ignoring my car in the garage I continued down the sidewalk then it finally hit me . She went to Ray and Corahn’s house . She always went there when we had problems.

*10 mins later* 

Even though my feet ached in pain I managed to step up to the doorstep . And 

I knocked multiple times until the door flung open to the furious eyes of Y/n’s brother , Ray . 

“N_gga , the f_ck you doin’ here?” He charged at my face with on coming punches . Blood pouring from every inch of my face . No matter how hard I tried to fight back every punch drew the life and strength out of me . Just before I was ready to give out when I heard the familiar angelic voice of my gorgeous fiancée , Y/n. 

“RAY STOP !” She rushed over and pulled Ray off of me . She looked at my face and body in horror while bending down to my level to comfort me . She took off her shirt and held it to my face . “Go to the bathroom in my room , you know where it is” I nodded and got up slowly with her help as I lead myself into her bedroom bathroom. 


“Ray how dare you !!!!?” I screamed at him . This was probably the worst thing he’s ever done . I mean I know Princeton put his hands on me and Ray was just tryna protect me but still he took it to far this time .”He put his hands on you Y/n ! He’s not a real man !!” His eyes swollen with anger . He spoke the words I never wanted to hear . Especially from my brother.

“He’s not a man?……Well , he’s my man.” And with that I left to my bathroom to help Prince clean up .

“Baby , I’m sorry” I gently drug the hot damp towel across all his cuts and bruises . 

“No , I’m sorry , I should have never put my hands on you . Y/n I love you with every part of me and no matter how mad I get , laying hands on you is NOT an option !” 

I looked into his red puffy eyes and noticed how serious and apologetic he was. I felt him slipping something on my finger and I looked down to see the engagement ring that I tossed at him earlier . 

The small smile on his face , ignoring all the pain he was in, he looked into my eyes and spoke….

“Marry Me…..again?” 


<3 *Requested* (Request ARE being taken at the moment)


Let Me Love You by Mario (Princeton Imagine)

“He cheated Prince,” you sobbed in Princeton’s arms. Prince tried to keep his cool, but he couldn’t any longer.

“(Y/N), I just don’t get it. How can you still be with him?” Princeton lashed out jumping up not even bothering to hide his frustration. You were sitting in your living room while Prince was pacing in front of you.

“He’s cheated on you many times before, and you always take him back. I know you could smell her perfume. The house smelled like it. And even I saw the makeup on his shirt. But the worst part was, you believed his stories. ‘Oh, I’m just working late.’ ‘Oh, it’s just a bruise.’ You knew good and well he was just telling lies,” Prince lectured stepping closer to you.

He turned away from you placing his face in his hand. “I can’t do this. Do you know how hard it is to love you and watch you date a guy that doesn’t even treat you right?”

You looked up at Prince. You could see the pain in his eyes. “You love me?” You gasped, looking at him in confusion. You and Prince have been best friends for years, and this is the first time you have ever even thought of him as more than that.

“(Y/N), I love you so much it drives me crazy. I love the way you bite your lip when you’re concentrating. The way you love to take goofy pictures. The way you don’t care what people think and aren’t afraid to act crazy in public. And I know I could treat you better if you just let me,” he explained. You looked away from him trying to understand what he just told you. Before today you never thought of Prince as more than a friend. You knew by the look in his eyes when he said he loved you that he was telling the truth, and you didn’t know what to say to that.

“If I was your man (Y/N) I would always be faithful. I would shower you with expensive things. A girl like you deserves to be rocking that Louis Vuitton,” Prince continued. You bit your lip concentrating on what he is saying.

“Why do you do this to me (Y/N)? I mean damn (Y/N) you bad,” he announced. “Everywhere you go people stare because you’re just that beautiful. And trust me every night I would come home and put it down on you. I mean it would be so good the next day you wouldn’t be able to walk.” You smiled at the thought of that.

Prince sighed, sitting down next to you. He leaned over and began wiping the tears from your face. “Just let me love you (Y/N.) That’s all you need.”

We don’t own any Lyrics. Song: Let me love you by Mario 

New Addition

Pairing: You & Luke 


Warning: sfw 

So a wonderful anon sent me a blurb about me n Luke first finding Princeton and so this is just me going into more detail about it - i hope you don’t mind anon!!

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When he sees you’ve moved on:

Prodigy: He firsts lays eyes on you backstage at one of their concerts. He’s nervous as the last time he saw you was when you ended it. He doesn’t notice the guy with his arm around your waist until he walks up to greet you. He’s noticeably uneasy through out the conversation and pauses briefly when your boyfriend asks how you know each other. “….We errm..were all good friends, just drifted a little because of tour.” You nod, mentally thanking him for not making the conversation even more awkward. When your boyfriend pecks you on the lips, you see his eyes gloss over. He looks away and excuses himself, not wanting you to witness his tears. 

Roc Royal: He’s out shopping with his cousin when he notices you walking into the food hall with another guy. When he sees your sat at the table alone, he tells himself to man up and walks over. After some small talk, he nods towards the guy who accompanied you, asking who he is. The one question you wanted to avoid. Once you say he’s your boyfriend, he tenses up and nods. “Oh” He refuses to make eye contact with you after that and stands when your boyfriend returns. “Treat her right” he mumbles, looking up at you for a second and walking off. The sadness was evident in his eyes, it was clear he still felt for you.

Ray Ray: He notices you at an amusement park, standing by a ride and waiting for your boyfriend and friends to get off it. He wants to speak to you but hasn’t got over the fact the break up was down to his wrong doing. He swallows his pride and approaches you. “Y/N?” He gives you a tight hug, holding on a lot longer, making it more than friendly. He asks you how you’ve been and talks until your boyfriend exits the ride, wrapping a protective arm around your waist. He purposely compliments you in front of your boyfriends face and hugs you close around the waist when he’s saying bye. He knew he was pissing your new ‘man’ off but he couldn’t care less. Deep down he’s jealous and wants you back but he knows that won’t happen. 

Princeton: He sees you on the beach, instantly recognizing your loud laugh as your new boyfriend throws you over his shoulder. Craig catches him watching you in the water and places a hand on his shoulder. “If you need to speak to her, then do it. Just..don’t expect to much” He gathers some courage and decides to go over and speak to you. He hugs and greets you despite your boyfriends burning stare. “Oh I’m Jacob, Y/N’s ex” he smirks at him and asks if you want to get some ice cream. You pass on his offer when your boyfriend scoffs, trying not to let his pleading eyes effect you. He hugs you tight and makes sure to whisper 'I miss you’. It kills him that he blew his chances with you and he’ll never forgive himself for treating you wrong.


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imagine being at the dance with prince, you come from the bathroom with your friend but after five seconds he’s manged to have two girls dancing on him. You decide not to even borther going over there and just walk out, but before you could get far you felt someone tugging on your arm.

“I’m sorry, just please come back inside” he said as “Fall for You” by Secondhand Serenade came on.

You looked up at him and he looked at you.

“My I have this Dance?” he said as you nodded wraping your arms around his neck while he wraped his around your waist.

“I’m sorry mami..”

Love Of My Life


I watched Y/n as she prepared herself for another day .Her purple and black laced bra and underwear set seemed to tempt me a little , but to my surprise I didn’t even budge. 

She was starring at her wondrous reflection applying red to the lips . Her hair was down , grazing the middle section of her back. The sun reflecting off of her delicious caramel skin making my view of her more clear . 

She looked at me through the mirror and stopped her actions of putting on eyeliner . 

“What?” she questioned playfully smiling back at me . 

“Nothing…you’re just…” I replied raising off the bed sauntering over to where she was . I stood behind her , taking in more of her beauty . 


“What now ?” she said setting her make-up down on the dresser still admiring herself in the mirror .

“I never knew someone could be so beautiful, so amazing , so….you”

“What do you mean “so you” ? You say it as if it’s the most marvelous thing in the world”

I shook my head and smiled . “Well , it is…you are….You’re Perfect . Too perfect for me . You make my days brighter . Just one thought of you sends my thoughts in a trance . I could never picture myself without you . You’re everything . You are the love of my life


Mirrors (Love Of My Life)-Justin Timberlake


New Kid (Part 2) [Princeton Imagine]

Princeton’s POV

“I’m so stupid! How could I run into her? She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and I walked right into her,” I thought as I walked to class. I took my seat near the back of the classroom as the teacher droned on about the class expectations. I completely zoned out. I couldn’t help but think about (Y/N). She was perfect! She’s like my misfit sent from heaven. I noticed her the moment she walked into the school door. I was so busy staring at her leather jacket and biker boots that complimented her misfits necklace perfectly that I didn’t realize where I was walking.

After class, I saw her again by her locker. I wanted to talk to her, but I had no idea what to say to her. I couldn’t get up the courage to speak to her, so I just watched as her fingers skillfully hung her NYU poster next to the Nirvana poster in her locker. I was about to turn to head to my next class when she spotted me. “Crap. Act cool,” was all I could think as she slowly approached me.

“I get the feeling you’re following me,” she questioned raising one of her beautiful eyebrows.

“N-no,” I stuttered trying to come up with some excuse to be looking at her. “I was just walking by when I noticed you Nirvana poster.”

“Oh yeah that,” she replied looking down at the floor. “My mom gave that to me before she left my dad.”

Immediately, I cursed myself for even asking. “I’m so sorry,” I consoled, trying to make up for my stupidity.

“No it’s alright,” she shrugged. “She at least taught me one good thing. She’d rather be hated for who is than loved for something she wasn’t. And clearly she wasn’t a mother. She was never really around for me. One day, she gave me the poster and said someday you’ll understand, and left.”

“Kurt Cobain,” I muttered. “You know the lead singer/ songwriter for Nirvana.”

She was staring off into the distance somewhere. “Oh yeah,” she said snapping out of her dazed state. “I guess so. I have to go.” She turned away leaving me still slightly confused on what had just happened. When I saw her finally turn the corner, I smacked myself in the forehead. How could I be so stupid? I blew it.

. Baby trouble / the perfect family. A Princeton imagine

On April 30th 2019 at 9:15 pm. A baby boy arrived named Justin. Justin Blair Perez was 5lb and 15oz . He was a pretty long baby but so small. My name is Y/N and I just gave birth to my beautiful handsome baby boy named Justin.  I am married to Jacob Perez.  You may as know him as Princeton from Mindless behavior.  And you probably wondering where he is right now. He is in the hospital as Well It’s actually a pretty funny story.
At 9:13
Push Y/LN Push.
Jacob - come on baby you got this!! 
Doctors - OK we see the head
Jacob - y’all SEE what…. It’s getting pretty hot in here.  (He begins to see blurry things.)
then he blacks out.
Y/n - Jacob!!!! 
Doctor - It’s OK Y/Ln we got him but PUSH!
you PUSH one more time and he was here.  It’s was exactly 9:15 and it only took 2mins. Jacob came back and cut the umbilical cord.  You were surprise that he didn’t black out again. 
Y/n - look at our beautiful son.
Jacob - he’s  handsome like his daddy ain’t that right Justin.
Y/n - haha very funny. But you now he got them gorgeous eyes from his mother .
Jacob - yeah he does have your beautiful eyes .
Y/n - how are you going to black out when your wife is labor ?
Jacob - well very easy . I saw everything like everything .
Y/n - you act like you haven’t seen it before.
Jacob- a whole baby didn’t come out though .
Y/n - O Jacob its going to be pretty more . Maybe like 3 more.
Jacob - says who?
Y/n - says me ,the women who has to carry it.
Jacob - well.. Have to do something to make another child.
Y/n - please Jacob !! We can wait 2 years please!
Jacob - ok ok!
Y/n - thank you baby . I love you
Jacob- i love you too
Justin starts whining .
Y/n & Jacob - we love you too Justin !

~ Drunk ~

Y/N’s P.O.V

I tightly gripped onto his waist, throwing his arm around my shoulder and helping him through the front door. 

“J-just hold on…we’re goIN HOMEEE”

He burst out with yet another song, followed by a fit of giggles. It was early hours of the morning and we were only just getting in from celebrating one of Ray’s cousin’s birthday. I sighed and chuckled a little, telling him to be quiet so he wouldn’t wake up the new neighbours. I led him to the couch and left him there, heading back to the door to lock it. 

“SLOW DOWN, g-grab the wALL!" 

"Jacob be quiet” I whispered harshly, making my way through the dark, moon-lit room. 

He dragged himself up, stumbling into the kitchen and leaning against the refrigerator for support. I shook my head and sat down to take my heels off, thankful that I could now finally rest.

I had only closed my eyes for a few mere seconds when I heard a crash followed by an ‘oooooo’.

Regretting letting him drink so much, I rose to my feet, rushing into the kitchen to find him bending down to grab some of the contents that had spilled from the fridge.

“Jacob!” I scorned as he picked up a tub of ice cream and some left over chicken, “Stop making a mess”.

He smiled a cheeky grin and laid the items on the table top.

“Your not eating my chocolate fudge brownie ice cream with chicken. Hell no. C'mon we’re going to bed" 

He frowned stepping towards me before smirking. "Oh I s-see, you w-want me in 'bed’" 

I frowned as he winked, pulling me to him by my waist. 

"Noooo, we’re going to bed to sleep. The boys were right w-”

“Have I ever told you I LOVE you? L-love LOVE LOVE YOU!” he cut me off, shouting at the top of his lungs through slurred words. 



His hiccuping silenced him and he laughed once again, amused by my serious facial expression. He hugged me before stumbling back through the front room, stopping to dance at the bottom of the stairs. 

That is the last time I let him drink heavily again, I thought. I could already tell the night was going to be even longer.