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definitely a poltergeist

tbh I can imagine my poltergeist self like…rearranging some messy kid’s room just so they could yell at their parents and be like “I TOLD U NOT TO TOUCH MY STUFF” “We didn’t touch your stuff” but then who was phone

poltergeists usually aren’t that coordinated but if we’re talking high level spoopies here I’d do worse things like swap the contents of opaque containers so when someone goes to drink orange juice from the carton they take a swig of milk and choke

amanda-123654789 replied to your postHey, I found a way to get a lot of followers and make your blog super popular!

okay but that weekly gif series tho

I have no gag reflex, so it could be quite lucrative. ~ princesstutuspoopy4u replied to your postHey, I found a way to get a lot of followers and make your blog super popular!

where’s my weekly ‘can she deepthroat it’ gif series damn it

You can access it for $4.99/month. PM me for details.*

*no not really please don’t

princesstutuspoopy4u replied to your post: i could make a lot of roundabout example text…

I’ve heard a lot of people express this feeling, especially hispanic people. And I think that the “not ___ enough” argument is problematic and culturally dismissive in itself and a lot of people on tumblr don’t get that.

*nods vigorously*

like it even applies to language too, i was raised with only a few spanish words spoken occasionally and now when i see a funny post with a caption in spanish or whatever and i understand it and go to reblog it i get this little voice that yells at me you’re not a REAL spanish speaker

i don’t know how somehow i can decry that argument yet continually apply it to myself though, i need to work on stopping that

knight-of-the-lake replied to your post: “i just got a (wrong number?) collect call from a prison and i didn’t…”:

trust me, not a good idea. Dodged a bullet myself with that.


well there’s another reason than the $3 charge i’m glad i didn’t answer then

princesstutuspoopy4u replied to your post: “i just got a (wrong number?) collect call from a prison and i didn’t…”:

it was me bruh i need u to bail me out of my mental prison SOS (jk but omg)

wait quick do they take jolly ranchers and paper scraps as bail money there because those are the only two things i have in large quantities

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Satsuki has surpassed waifu tier for me, I am in shock and awe of her perfection, she’s actually a great character on so many levels, a megalomaniac who willingly embraces her sexuality but is abrasive and violent instead of seductive…im in love

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She’s great! I need to find my own waifu title for her eventually hah

i honestly can only think of one other character i love more than Satsuki (coughs you know) but even those types of love are barely even comparable because this love is the type of love where i would instantly bow down and swear my life to Satsuki-sama and beg her to pull my hair just once please

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slut in the streets prude in the sheets. I used to wear the skimpiest shit on halloween and i am basically asexual I just took it as my one time of the year to be someone else, i wish there was more variety but homemade costumes are an option too!!

Yeah, but, I feel like costumes should always have a variety no matter how much or how little one wishes to wear. It’s not a problem for me because I’ve always loved dressing in little skimpy things just because I can. But still, just because I want to dress a certain way, doesn’t mean that all my fem-rants are suddenly invalid. Ugh. My family frustrates me sometimes.

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It looks like a really flattering shape, and I also think it can be a low-level piece for wearing on a more average day, or with a frilly blouse and bit petticoat for a full lolita look which is useful.

ah good ;u; i’ve been considering getting another skirt from bodyline when i go to order the shoes, in order to save on shipping, but i didn’t see anything i liked in the lolita section so i checked the punk section but i’ve been kind of doubting whether it was suitable for lolita since i found it

good to know it’s a little versatile!!

princesstutuspoopy4u replied to your post: oh god that reminds me there was this girl on the…

people who cant keep their internet powerlevel on the DL irl scare me. Like group nerdery is one thing but when you’re around people who have no idea wtf you’re talking about…why

ikr like. she was even talking about how whenever she was in class or anywhere she couldn’t wait to get home and get on tumblr and it was interfering with her work and causing her grades to fall

well then do something about it, it’s your own damn tumblr jesus crust