“…but I have to admit, his chest and shoulders are impressive.”

“I may have noticed. Once or twice.” Diana (Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #2)

We know Diana loves Clark’s soulful eyes but here is a Clark Chest and Shoulders appreciation post. I think she noticed more than once or twice.

Henry Cavill’s training pic  from IG earlier today seemed super suited to edit and add to my super chest/shoulder’s post. lol. 

Daddy's Pledge


1. Daddy will look after his little
2. Daddy will always make sure his little is safe and protected
3. Daddy will only love his little and will not look at or pursue any other girls
4. Daddy will reward if little is good and punish if misbehaves.
5. Daddy will allow his little some control when he dictates if little has been very good
6. Daddy will love his little unconditionally



John loves Edward’s lips.

He loves how they fit perfectly against his, loves their softness and warmness, loves how their curve is so perfect and he loves the way they look like when Edward smiles, laughs and pouts. He loves their red color and oh god how he loves them when Edward is laying on top of him, placing kisses all over his exposed skin, nipping at it softly and smiling to himself. Yep, John really does love Edward’s lips. 

He have never really told it to Edward, though, he realizes. And suddenly he feels the burning need to get it out of his head. He feels the sudden need to share the fact of Edward’s lip’s perfectness with his twin who is tweeting to their fans, lying on his side with his eyes focused on the screen, and his lips, oh those lips, slightly parted. 

“Edward”, John starts, his voice coming out much quieter than he thought, but loud enough to make Edward to turn his head to face John. “I love your lips”, John says, sounding a little bit desperate.

Edward just stares at him for a while with a blank expression, and John feels frustrated. Doesn’t Edward understand what he just said? Doesn’t Edward realize how perfect his lips are? Just as John is about to repeat his words, Edward opens his mouth.
“Okay”, he says, sounding a little confused, and turning to face the computer again. “Thanks”.  

John hums happily at himself and focuses on Edward’s lips as they creep into a small smile. 


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Diana × Clark - Love isn’t only when the man saves his woman, but when the woman saves her man

Inspired by   smww_love  &   supercomicbooklover 

So I went to post something on mobile tumblr and I couldn’t quite reach the post button because I’m cuddling and I asked hollyann if she could for me and she just stuck her tongue so I made her post it by pressing my phone against her tongue. I am impressed.


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The Ultimate Power Couple.

Badguys, you’re about to get your ass kicked.

for the person who wrote the grinding prompt. :D ( it's not long though, i'm sorry of that ! i really do hope it's good enough tho :( )

It’s hot and he’s panting, it’s a bit too much and he’s a bit afraid that others might hear them… The noises his brother is making are not particularly quiet and his back hits the thin wall of the toilet cubicle. His brother’s lips make their way to his neck and it’s his time to moan out loud, his lips burning hot against his neck and his brother’s tongue massaging the skin between his lips. 

They are in the school’s toilet, their trousers dragged to their ankles and their clothed erections rubbing against each other. The floor is dirty and his head bangs against the wall as the rhythm speeds up, his knees nearly failing him. It’s quick and it’s what they both need, it’s a bit too much, even. He’s whimpering, his brother’s breathing is hot against his skin, his lips leaving his neck. 

He’s a bit desperate, his cock is aching and his head is spinning. They have never done this like this, normally it’s slow and sweet and gentle… They don’t have enough time to go all the way, let alone space, so they are grinding against each other, too far gone to stop even for removing their boxers. But as his brother sinks his teeth into his neck, close to his pulse point, and his knees finally fail on him and he would fall if he wasn’t between his brother and the wall, he licks his lips and realizes that he wouldn’t mind at all doing this again some day. 

They are close, their rhythm is faltering and his head drops to rest on his brother’s shoulder, his brother’s murmuring words like okay and close and please and all he needs for coming is the feeling of his brother tensing up against him, letting out a low, long moan and he’s falling over the edge. 

They collapse onto the floor into a mess of limbs and wet stickiness and they smile at each other, giggling quietly. 

The younger twin rests his head on his twins shoulder and as his brother wraps his arms around his back he leans in to nibble at his ear, and at that exact moment neither of them wouldn’t give a fuck even if someone did catch them like that.