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hi im confused what's wrong w calling jin mom? i personally don't do it but is it that bad jdfhsdkg

jin isn’t a woman so you shouldn’t misgender him, he expressed before that he feels ucomfortable when people do so
in addition they only call him mom because he can cook and takes care of other members… as if men aren’t capable of doing this
and don’t even let me start on nam*in shippers who are doing this to bring other ships down, calling jin x maknae line ships “incest” or writing comments about jin cheating on namjoon :/ labelling them as mom and dad is also a heteronormative bullshit, because apparently two men can’t be in relationship without one of them acting as a woman??
it’s 2017 for fuck’s sake, when will people stop calling him mom or princesss

NaLu Fluff Week 2016

Day 1: Flowers

                                               Under the Rainbow Blossoms


Inubaki: Well, Natsu and Gray went crazy all because neither know how to check a pulse. Geez, guys. You really do need Wendy for everything. 

Anyway, rant over. I made this with Natsu and Lucy getting married under the Rainbow Sakura Tree. This week was basically invented to help us cope with the heart-dick kicking Hiro will put us through, so why not. 

@ayumichi-me inspired me to draw this. I was having a horrible couple of days and her drawings made me feel better, So thank you.  

I don’t own Fairy Tail or the characters within, only the unhealthy obsession to see them together.   


“…but I have to admit, his chest and shoulders are impressive.”

“I may have noticed. Once or twice.” Diana (Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #2)

We know Diana loves Clark’s soulful eyes but here is a Clark Chest and Shoulders appreciation post. I think she noticed more than once or twice.

Henry Cavill’s training pic  from IG earlier today seemed super suited to edit and add to my super chest/shoulder’s post. lol. 


Couch talk: Ab Soul + Princesss Nokia on Feminity in Hip- Hop

i’d just like to get this out in the open right now, in the new mummy movie i will 100 percent be rooting for my girl Sofia Boutella’s mummy princesss. i dont care if she is trying to destroy the world, i want her too, let her. i have icons made already and everything i’m ready to watch her rain down destruction and i will cheer her on as she goes.

I hope everyone’s having a lovely Thursday 💗

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