Abbey deleted her tumblr. I’m so sad. It was deff one of my favorite blogs. While we only spoke a little bit (and saw her once at hollywood studios), she made her followers feel really close to her. Anon hate is really serious people! You don’t know how people will take it. You don’t know their past or their problems. I don’t give a crap what people on the internet have to say but Abbey shared lots of times about her self esteem issues. Like the Disney fandom that we are, we should have lifted her up and not pushed her down. I know exactly what happened with that mean anon that commented about her personality because I had friends that were there when it happened. I thought by now people would know that bullying is wrong.


omg so today I was listening to the radio and the recent news is that there’s some sexual predator that asked a 10-year-old girl if he could suck her feet because he was a boy scout and he needed to earn his Foot Sucking Badge????

It was the weirdest thing

Then the lady on the radio was like “yup, this guy’s straight out of polk county”

that’s my county fyi

“he likes dark-skinned girls with nice feet between the ages of 10 and 32”





but anyway the real point of this post was to explain why I asked abbey that weirdo question on anon hayyy