Some of the photos that I took at Dapper Day in Disney World

Some people repeat on here because I didn’t know that I was going to see them again all day. Goes to show that you make new friends at Disney all the time!

Tumblr Folks in this Set:

Abbey deleted her tumblr. I’m so sad. It was deff one of my favorite blogs. While we only spoke a little bit (and saw her once at hollywood studios), she made her followers feel really close to her. Anon hate is really serious people! You don’t know how people will take it. You don’t know their past or their problems. I don’t give a crap what people on the internet have to say but Abbey shared lots of times about her self esteem issues. Like the Disney fandom that we are, we should have lifted her up and not pushed her down. I know exactly what happened with that mean anon that commented about her personality because I had friends that were there when it happened. I thought by now people would know that bullying is wrong.


So let’s talk about my weird evening. I talked to cool people about really weird things though. I want to list them all.

Alex, Emily and I discussed our upcoming saturday plans and how we should burn a sacrifice for the great overlord, Duffy the Disney bear.

Ephriam, Brittany and Abbey discussed the plans for my birthday party in which we will be seeing the film Planes and then going to dinner.

Brittany and I also discussed about how we’re going to get everyone in the gang matching jackets and sunglasses.

Clayton and I spoke about the wonders of WDW food and the Cult of Cornbread.

Kevin and I spoke about a giant Mable (from Gravity Falls) taking over his blog and Monorails.

Zack and I spoke about my personal life and I basically have no self esteem.

Megan and I spoke about logistics and Spaceship Earth projections.

Then Dylon and I spoke about pretzels and sprite, which led to a google hangout.

(I probably missed a few people. Sorry. I talked to a ton of people.)

Then I met Jana and the three of us talked for a really long time about life in general.

…and then my roommate came back and I had to get off.

But this evening was really fun (even though I didn’t do anything) and I really enjoyed speaking to everyone! 

and basically if you follow me you should follow everyone I talked about in this post because each and everyone of them are awesome.