Three types of dudes in Williamburg/Bushwick (from left to right) 

1. The super good-looking, well dressed friend with nothing to say.

I believe it was Gertrude Stein who said, “there’s no there there”. This guy’s friends all seem to be seriously into him for no reason, once you start to pull back the layers of this onion. His only saving grace is that he comes off as well put together, unfortunately all of his brainpower goes to choosing what shade of Clark’s desert boots he’s going to wear tomorrow. 

2. The overanalitical narcissist intellectual who will claim he’s a feminist, but then never call you back.

He’s really great with conversation, usually holding court over whiskey sodas at Lucky Dog and once he lets you get a word in edgewise, is usually supportive of your views on life. He’s a gentleman, well cultured, will light your cigarette while talking about Max Ernst, but you can bet your new Herschel backpack that if you sleep with him he’ll never call you back. 

3. The super goofy friend who has listened to Wu-Tang’s “36 Chambers”

Visually a little more urban inspired, this guy has left his horn rimmed glasses behind for a life devoted to the front page of Not as refined as the two previous friends, he’s probably the one most likely to get a ticket for public urination. 


We’re ALL Stars Now 


Never Forget.