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I feel like warning you that fandom's reaction right now isn't pretty, but justified. (really, if you come across any wank, read this article www[.]dailydot[.]com /fandom/ supernatural-destiel-fans-wb-exec-twitter / before believing that it is only because of April like some are saying...). Fandom is divided, and I'm afraid it will stay that way. Oh well. Sorry for bothering you xxx

Thanks for the article! Interesting… I did know the upset would not be simply about April though x It’s a continuation of the whole issue of fans feeling queerbaited and that queer representation is being wrongly denied.

Which I’m not going to deny IS AN ISSUE - hence my open call for people to unfollow me if they want, because I understand this stuff is upsetting for many fans and the fact is… my blog may well not be the place for those fans, because, not being part of the queer community and having argued all along that Dean/Cas AND bi!Dean (or bi!Cas for that matter) was never a route I believed the show was going down (or intending to go down, or even realised was something fans would think they were going down), I don’t feel queerbaited and can still be satisfied with and enjoy and squee over the show.

Intellectually I can see the problem, but it doesn’t hit me emotionally like it is hitting a lot of others. Instead when I watch the show all I see is Dean frantic with worry about Cas, which makes me happy, and then Cas about to enjoy sex for the first time which… *shrugs* also makes me happy! Leaving my emotional state as ‘awwww’ and *melt* and me smiling. I can’t… I can’t change that :/ And my happiness is intensified by the fact that everything happening is very much in line with what I personally EXPECTED to happen, so I personally do not feel led on at all.

So, yeaaaah, there’s that.

What I find curious about the article is the way the two members of the crew were so UNAWARE of dean/cas and even shipping - was it even Guy Bee it quotes as not understanding what a 'ship’ is? That… kind of supports my belief that TPTB, even those very deeply involved in the show, just DON’T UNDERSTAND they are queerbaiting (or even WHAT THAT IS) and believe the way the show is written is simply giving fans what we want.

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Am I weird for not thinking Ruby was totally evil? She acted out of loyalty to her king, after all. Besides, good or evil or neither, Zeke is still “codependency and Dean’s wish to control and for perfect little brother Sam” in a character form imo.

You are not weird! Personally I think Ruby was quite nicely complex and morally grey. We never see her enjoying torture or expressing a desire to hurt innocents, for instance (like Meg, for example), and she seems to me to genuinely have Sam’s best interests at heart, truly believing that what she is doing to him will be something he will benefit from.

But I do think that the show in general reduced her to ‘evil manipulator’ with her reveal at the end of S04 and has simplified her character since. So if I ever label her 'evil’ I’m just using shorthand to express how she is generally portrayed or accepted as by the show, as opposed to how I personally consider her character.

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I don’t think so, it seems to be a new show that happens to be set in the same universe (it’s quite common in book franchises tho).

Yes, I love it in books and comics - my god, that’s how Hellblazer started! As a spin off from Swamp Thing. I love multiple stories/series set in the same universe in literature, and it’s been working v. well for the Marvel film franchise as well :)

I’ve not been involved in many TV shows that do the same thing, though, so I guess I’m weary. The only TV universe I’ve been involved in that had multiple shows was Buffy, and I liked that well enough, but I never really got deeply into Angel, and besides, this is different, because the spn spin off has no known character to spring from…

Oh, no, I’m lying, there’s DW and Torchwood too - but I really REALLY didn’t like Torchwood, so… :/

I’m still working through Xena and have dipped into Hercules recently however - that’s multiple show in the same universe that seems to work REALLY well, I’m enjoying that.

This certainly has potential to be cool. I’m just worried the focus might be on the wrong thing (ie. on attempting to squeeze more money from SPN fans more than making a good show). We’ll see!