-he hummed softly at the morning light blinded his close eyes, making an attempt to sit up before he felt a sudden heaviness on his torso; when he looked down, he saw a little body, snoozing and drooling on him. he smiled at the cuteness, not even bothered by the wetness- Mm.. Good morning. -his words were soft before he peered over to his side, eyeing another body, but bigger than the one on his, and more feminine; his arms wrapped around the child’d body first, holding him secure against his chest as he sat up, freeing a hand to gently shake the girl’s body- Love.. It’s morning.. 


After such a tiring week of random tests, filing, moving, and getting up early, Kai had never thought he’d miss his apartment as much as he did. But he couldn’t deny the fact of how great his classes were and how his schedule just perfect suited all of his needs and wants. Thankfully, none of his classes had started before 9, allowing him to sleep passed 7 everyday. That was the only good part. The down side was the fact how he still didn’t talk to anyone, nor did anyone make an attempt for him. This just gave him a great amount of time to get all he needed done.

Despite the ups and downs, Kai had his mind set on one thing and one thing only; Suzy. Oh how he missed her smile, touch, smell. Even if it was only five days, it seemed like forever. He could admit that it was his fault for not being able to get in touch with her for the past few days, but with her being an idol, and him busy with classes, it was going to be hard to find time for the both of them to talk. Besides the weekends, the weekends were theirs.

The hallway seemed to go on and on, hands shaking to find the right key for the slot as he approached the door. Feet tapping as he tried to keep his black bag on his shoulder while turning the key. Click. The child-like smile grew on his face.

“Suzy?” he called out as the door flew opened, bag hitting the floor and shoes slipping off.

As he stepped into the living room, no sight of Suzy was there. Kitchen? Nope. Bathroom door was opened. No one ever went into the guest room. There was only one place left.

Fixing the black tie that matched the pants of his uniform, to followed the way to his room. Kai took a deep breath as he faced the door, hand reaching over to turn the knob.

“Suz-” he jaw had dropped at the wonderful sight in front of him, his eyes not moving one inch.