Friends: Trends.

Some victories

  • IDAHOT happened, which is great. We ought to add several every year until it’s all 365.
  • A lot of people graduated! This week’s forecast calls for lots of falling caps.

In the game of Risk, Ukraine is not a power-player. In the game of Eurovision 2016, Ukraine doesn’t h*ck around.

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Some droppings

  • Ghostbusters dropped another trailer, which has some angry people boycotting the film. Good news for people who don’t want to share a theatre with babies.
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon are dropping on November 18th, which makes their astrological sign Skorupi.

Chance The Rapper dropped a mixtape, and it’s so damn buoyant it bounced back up again.

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Some things that exist and are being discussed

  • Brunch: it’s just lunch.
  • Robots: they’re just Tamagotchis with sometimes legs.
  • Mythology: it’s just dudes making humans out of dirt and ladies eating the dudes.

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  • Camping: camping is good clean fun.

Now for some blogs:

Remember this little guy?

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