princesses of disney


PAINTING ARIEL! I invited some friends over to help choose what to paint and this is what they came up with. Thats one way to kick off the summer 😂
Enjoy guys!!

A girl worth fighting for (Zelink)

(I was listening to the Mulan soundtrack and got an idea for a Zelink one shot)

Nights in the soldiers’ barracks weren’t always this fun. Tonight they had stayed up and partied due to one of the soldiers getting married the next day, hence he would take his leave to live with his new wife.

Link wasn’t usually one for festivities but he had been working hard with helping the Princess’ research. He deserved to have a carefree evening.

“Congrats, Benny.” Link smiled as he shook Benny’s hand.

“Well, she truly is a girl worth fighting for.” Benny replied wistfully.

Other soldiers began talking about their girlfriends, some began talking about their “ideal” woman. 

“She’ll be pale, with sparkling eyes,” one said.

“Mine will marvel at my strength” another joined in.

“I don’t care as long as she cooks good” a larger soldier chimed in.

Link rolled his eyes. How could they be so superficial? It’s not about looks, he thought. 

“What about you Link?” everyone turned to look at Link.

He thought about it. Honestly, he never considered love. Just wasn’t him. But lately…helping Zelda, he began to feel things. She was smart, and very opinionated. But she was a strong leader, and made him laugh. He smiled to himself.

“A girl who’s got a brain, who always speaks her mind.” He replied after some consideration.

“Oooh lads, look at that blush.” the soldiers laughed like school children, for Link had begun to blush.

“Who is she then? You were definitely thinking of someone.” the large soldier interrogated Link, pointing a finger at him.

“He never hangs around any girls, except… No. No way” one of the loud soldiers, whom Link had never actually liked, pushed to the front of the crowd. They all stared at him because he started laughing, pointing at Link.

Between gasps he shouted, “Our boy Link, has got a crush on the Princess. On Zelda.” he almost keeled over on hysteria. The rest of the soldiers began laughing to, all except Benny.

Link knew saying anything was futile. He couldn’t deny it because they would just insist he was lying, but he couldn’t agree either because… because… Did he have a crush on Zelda? I mean she’s great to be around, I certainly care for her a lot, but…love? Link wondered. He thought back to that time in the meadow when she found that frog. How her green eyes lit up like emeralds due to her excitement about her discovery. Link felt his heart skip a beat. Oh man, maybe he did love her…

Someday when spring is here, we’ll find our love anew… THIS DRESS. It took a lot of creative thinking to get it to look the way I wanted it to. As much as I love Snow White, her dress in the animation is hopelessly placed in the 1930’s (I mean, look at any Shirley Temple costume ever and you’ve got a dead ringer) but it was fun to find some historical influences and then create something that was both elegant and fit for a princess.