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These are all works of the talented @dorodraws who not only is here on tumblr but also has a TON more super pretty disney fanart for yout to drool at… so have at it guys! 

EDIT 2: The last one isn’t from dorodraws. The artist is @dc9spot and there’s more completely adorable and bullshit free Beau and the Beast here and here

Isn’t it weird that they aren’t all by the same person? great minds think alike or something like that. Don’t forget to visit both their blogs for more awesome art!

Does anyone know the artist of these? They are al found in google, but it’s all reposts and they are never credited and i really badly need to know who they are. Like i need more of them right away.

And really, could you please look at them? they’re all oh sooo pretty and dainty and so true to disney magic in general and can you please look at that ADORABLE and COMPLETELY HYPOCRISY/BULLSHIT FREE genderbend of Beauty and the Beast? That’s incredibly rare to see and i love it so much.

So this person really deserves the credit and also the fandom really needs more of this type of genderbends. Even if it might not know it does. 

Here’s another Beauty and the Beast concept painting I did! This knocks out two designs in one piece: Belle’s gold dress and the Beast in his human form. In the words of Glen Keane through Belle in a cut line, ‘Do you think you could grow a beard?’ I’m one of the people who wishes that the Beast remained in his non-human form, so I tried to keep some of his more “animal” features in this design (mainly those furrowed brows). Belle’s gown is perfect in the original film and if it isn’t Baroque, don’t fix it, so I tried to remain faithful to the original design. I imagined it being made of a more diaphanous fabric than the fabric in the animation, though. The overall style of this one is based on Gainsborough who to my understanding was one of the inspirations for the original film.

My theory...

So, before I get into this, I’ll tell you this question I’ve been asking myself: why did the ocean chose Moana?

Let’s take a look at Te Fiti:

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If you notice, she looks remarkably like Moana.

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I know people that think this is just the animators laziness, but I disagree.

As we know from the movie, the ocean saved Maui and brought him to the gods. However, as we know from the movie, Maui’s tattoos show his life story. Any time something big happens, a tattoo appears showing where he was from. But humans can’t do that, and he says: I wasn’t born a demigod. And we know that has lived for thousands of years. We also know that he is immortal. Since he has characteristics that gods do, does that mean that when his parents threw him into the ocean, he died? I mean, a baby that can’t swim, that would make sense. Let’s assume that he did die, who do we know would save him? Of course the goddess of life herself, Te Fiti. She would save a baby who didn’t have a chance, and give him a chance to live. But she didn’t stop there, she made him an immortal demigod and gave him the power of shape shifting through his magic hook.

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So, now that we have analyzed Maui, let’s bring back the original question: why did the ocean choose Moana?

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Moana in this scene saves a baby turtle from the birds. She made sure that the baby turtle made it into the ocean safely. And, if we already didn’t know from science, it is very hazardous for baby turtles to make it to the ocean because of the birds ready to eat them, this scene shows it very well too. No one came here to help the turtles, except Moana. She gave the turtle a chance to live. But does that sound familiar?

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Also, Moana befriends Heihei, and Pua. a pig and a chicken who wasn’t exactly smart. Heihei was threatened to be cooked for food, and Pua was a small pig. Not the obvious choice for companions. But Moana chose them, brought Heihei on her adventure, and made sure they were safe.

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If I were the ocean, I would choose someone to restore the heart of Te Fiti who had the heart of Te Fiti. Someone who makes life possible. Te Fiti gives life, Moana makes it possible. Moana makes all of the decisions for her village to keep it alive. As if the obvious looks weren’t enough to show the similarities.

Conclusion: the ocean chose Moana because she reminded it of Te Fiti. And if Moana was truly like Te Fiti, she would see that Te Ka was really Te Fiti and she wouldn’t run. Instead, she would see past the lava monster and see who she really is. Her gentleness will stop the monster and bring back Te Fiti. She would tame the heartless monster to bring the goddess full of love back.

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